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Justin Chambers Saves a Life

Justin Chambers Saves a Life

Scalpel sharp Justin Chambers plays smart-ass surgical intern Dr. Alex Karev on ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. But in the March 2007 issue of Men’s Health, TV doc Justin swaps his scrubs for strong suits. Check out Justin ChambersMen’s Health photo shoot below!

Justin, 36, also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Thursday. He chats up his kids a lot and their rock ‘n’ roll band called “NYLA”. (Um, wasn’t that Britney‘s failed NYC restaurant?) What I would love to see is his entire family (wife + 5 kids) in a photo shoot together. Yes yes?

Justin ChambersJimmy Kimmel Live, 2/8
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  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    No comments? I’ll give one… he is smoking hot! And seems like a nice guy, totally unaffected by fame. MMMMMMMM

  • klsdfjs

    He’s fucking hot. I can’t believe he’s 36. I thought he was 29. Damn he’s hot.

  • Canadian Chick

    Which means he had his first kid at 24.

  • bdj

    He is cute. His wife is pretty. They have been together a long time with 5 children.

  • http://deleted Emma

    Justin Chambers stated on The View that his wife is a very sexy lady.

  • Carolina

    He his beyond hot. His wife is beautiful. I have seen pictures of them together. She is black… I LOVE that Justin is a fan of the flavors!!!! Down to earth, family man. LOVE HIM. Okay, I am calm now.

  • Cinnabana

    What a man? What a mighty good man? smoking…..

  • Vanessa

    Just because a person marries outside of their race does not mean they are a “fan of flavors.” I could date one black guy, but it does not mean I am suddenly into only black men. Some people do that, but I think that’s stupid and proves that you have somehow stereotyped people or put them into a box. It is my guess that Justin Chambers fell in love with the ‘woman’ and that it had nothing to do with her race. He fell in love with the person she is, who happened to be black.


    New crush for me! I really think he’s a nice guy, and he’s definitely easy to look at. He’s just so hot. I see why his wife gets pregnant over and over again. I’d keep him in bed all day too! WOW!!!

  • Martica

    I was just watching an interview on youtube of Justin “my wife is latin. . . her family is down in LA. . . her mom’s is the best . . .cooking beans,rice and make great gumbo”. So Keisha is a LATINA!!! Oye Como Va!

  • http://none Lisa

    Latin is an ethnicity – not a race. She is obviously Black and there are Black latinos.

  • Radiance

    Keisha is a Black name. Not Latina – make no mistake. In the end, it doesn’t matter. They met, fell in love, had children, have a home and are in a relationship. It’s called committment. I like it.

  • Robert Harmon

    I am not impressed. I only watched Greys Anatomy since it is reruns. I couldn’t believe you ever were a model no body no man….. and I guess you settled when you got married with the black woman. Although she is better looking than you at least she has a reason for looking the way she does. Your character is skank and I can see how it wasn’t hard to play. Man before I found tonight you were married to I am turned off both of us. Me and my wife. Get fit man….

  • Kari b.

    Justin is Hot. Keisha is Hot. Their children are beautiful. Great family.
    Race doesn’t matter but it is beautiful to share cultures and mix cultural backgrounds whether it be through friendship or romantic relationships.

    Take notes people… Keisha is not a “black” name. Many African Americans are named Keisha but people of all races and nationalities are named names of other nationalities. That’s why there are baby name books and sites.

    There are Afro-Latinos/black Latinos, Euro-Latinos/white Latinos, Mestizos, Latinos of other ethnicities and races. Including Asian of all asian backgrounds. Guess what, there are Caribbean Asians, too. Yes, the world is that divers. Check out the stats for different Latino races here:

    Some Afro-Latinos have lights skin. Because of the mixed background they may not appear Afro or black. Examples are Adriana Lima and Hugo Chaves. Lima’s mother is Afro Brazilian and her father is a white Brazilian.
    Some Latinos are of Afro decent, hailing from Africa, Jamaica, America and other places. They may not have “Spanish blood” or “Hispanic blood” but they are either decendents or the first generation of their family born in a Latin American country. This makes them Latino. They may speak the language, cook the food, and are fully engulfed in the culture, and are even citizens.
    Latinos are many things. They’re a beautiful people. They have many nationalities and even people that are citizens of certain nations may have parents that are citizens of another nation thus making them claim that nationality their parents claim. Example: Jennifer Lopez is an American citizen. Her Nationality is American. Her parents are Puerto Rican. Thus she is American and Puerto Rican.

    Race is a subtype of ethnicity. People of an ethnicity may share common race, language, religion, cultures, or nationality. People of common Nationality may share the same nation/country of Origin or have common ancestry of the same nation/country of origin. An example of Nation may be sub-saharan which includes many African countries. Within that Nationality people may or maynot identify themselves of a certain Race. Such as black, white, mestizo, NativeAmerica/American Indian. Nationality is also used to describe race such as Chinese, Korean, West Indian, East Indian, Irish, or Greek. Continents can also describe one’s race for countries or continents that are more “monoracial” countries like Japan and Korea. Although interracial relationships have lead to people being multi racial and being able to claim more than one race like Korean and African American/ Korean and Black/ Asian and American or Asian and black. To sum it up nationality, ethnicity, and race can be mixed things or the same thing. You can’t sum people up with one because we are beautifuly diverse. You cannot just go by skin color or where someone is from. It too beautifully complicated. This is to much to double check so ignore all typos and errors.