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Christina Aguilera @ Grammys 2007

Christina Aguilera @ Grammys 2007

Everyone loves the whole three different outfits idea, huh?

Christina Aguilera arrives at the Grammys in an Emanuel Ungaro white strapless gown with purple trim around the bust and a beige ribbon around her waist topped off with jewels by Lorraine Schwartz.

Aguilera also gave a knock-out performance of the late James Brown‘s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s World” instead of her own nominated songs. On the red carpet, Aguilera announced her next venture — acting! “I’ve been reading scripts for a number of years now … I really am interested in that in its own art form,” she said. “While I’m on tour – ‘Back To Basics’ I will be reading scripts on the road.”

Aguilera picked up Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her mega-hit “Ain’t No Other Man.”

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  • Letishia

    dayumm girl got soul. im impressed. that was the best of the night.

  • mickey

    Subtlety is not her strongpoint. She has power but unfortunately she over sings to the point of rendering that power impotent. It’s just screaming. It’s a song, don’t lyrics count? I couldn’t make out any words because they were imbedded in all that over vocalizing.

    I know this will be touted as “amazing,” but I can’t agree.

  • Heidi

    How come nobody ever mentions Christina’s obvious implants?

  • Bliss

    I love Christina, but I have to agree with MICKEY, she was screaming and scratched up that song in parts of it. Mind you, I still thinks she’s on of the best out there.

  • steven

    thing is, she was tributing to James Brown, if you listen to any of his music, you’d get it.

  • Kool

    She’s a great singer but her performance wasnt good. It was BLAHHH..bad.

  • caxposed

    She truly was amazing huh, LoL! Well Jare, I am GLAD to see that you’re giving some positive feeback on my gurrl’s appearance at the GRAMMYS! She honestly WAS the main attraction of the show, despite the huge amount of bashing most people will give her. Come on people, cut the girl some slack. I didn’t see any other artists who was “influenced” by James Brown, giving any kind of respect or appreciation to him. You’re all just jealous, LoL! Well bitches, I’m out!

  • caxposed

    OMG, I didn’t know P30PL3S was a bad word! Why did I get ***??? Anyway, good night every1!

  • hanna

    Greetings from Holland

    Christina good, I bet even Britney or Maddona can’t sing as good as Christina

  • mialy

    sorry people but I can’t stand her voice. sure she can hits high but her vooice is too much aggressive for my poor drum ears. she doesn’t have the swing, just like a sound robot to me

  • Team Jolie-Pitt

    AMAZING. Simply AMAZING. This girl has soooo much talent.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • Jessica

    WOW! One of the best of the night!

  • creativegirl

    Anyone who says that girl can’t sing is out of their minds. Get your ears checked. She totally blew that James Brown song out of the water, if anyone could live up to it she could. Like someone said earlier, if you listen to James Brown that’s how he sang powerfully. She takes it down when its called for, but in this case she just blew everyone away. And note there is no ego, no diva – she just came out unannounced and did her thing. What a gift that girl has, amazing.

    Overall I think performance wise, this was one of the best Grammy’s ever. All the performances rocked.

  • Fabry

    O.o … Amazing! What a HUGE voice!


    Now—- I like Mary with all her struggles!!!!!
    but Mary can—-not—-sing [sorry IMO]

    Christina can sing rings around Mary and a lot of others—-[IMO]

    Hey sueme!!!

  • Chachados

    ditto SUEME, ditto Steven…

    Xtina got pipes…she can blow. Let’s see Britney get up there and do that (I can actually feel the blood coming from my ears by thinking about that)…no one could pull that ish off like Xtina. She was doing a dead on JB!!

    Again, lots of grammy folks musta hit that pipe because Mary *can not* sing. I’m sorry. She is drama and jumping up and down and running around on the stage like you wanna be Patti LaBelle don’t count. Diddy even said that his whole point in ‘discovering’ her was to prove that he could pull any girl out of the hood and make her a star. (Don’t look at me for Making the Band or Danity Kane…strictly MJB right now).

    On another note-did anyone notice how fat John Legend’s face got? The triplet with him, Corrine and John Mayer was cute though.

  • anon

    O.M.G. Thanks for the video. She nailed it. I mean S***! She absolutely killed it! Incredible. What an absolutely amazing performance. Christina Aguilera just created an instant classic. Over the years, there are performances that are memorable. People talk about them long after the event is over. This is one such perfromance. James Browne would say “Amen!”

  • carrie nae

    DAMN!!!! THAT GIRL CAN BLOW!!!! She has got a lot of soul in her.

  • mariootsa

    no one is disputing that she can sing. i just wish she was not constantly trying to convice everyone. when you build up to those more powerful notes, rather than going off blasting from the beginning, they actually have more impact. she needs to relax, and show more restraint. and james brown DID show some restraint in his singing. if you listed to his version of this song, he is holding back quite a bit.

  • JL

    Ok… christina is a great singer. She did NOT do a great job with this song. I actually felt like she showed us her limitations on this, when usually I’m ‘blown away’ by her. WTF was that SCREAM, just a regular SCREAM in the middle of the song? Some people can pull of a ‘scream’ like JAMES BROWN.. she can’t. She sounded like she was being attacked. They should’ve given the song to Jennifer Hudson. Damn, even Beyonce would have done a much better job. There was a lot of moving and twitching for not enough sound.

  • realme

    wow she is amazing! the best of the night

  • Lola

    The girl has pipes and she will never ever lip synch a song. Always a pleasure to see her sing live.

  • http://justjared Rose

    Britney wishes she could sing half 10% as good as Xtina. Britney is all student enhancement. girl can’t sing!! Dang, even Shakira sounds better than Britney. However, I had to mute my TV last night. Xtina got a little carried away with herself and ruined the song. Was that even a song??!! Gosh girl, you are way too good a singer to fall for the power rush. Pity.

  • http://justjared Rose

    Britney wishes she could sing 10% as good as Xtina. Britney is all STUDIO enhancement. girl can’t sing!! Dang, even Shakira sounds better than Britney. However, I had to mute my TV last night. Xtina got a little carried away with herself and ruined the song. Was that even a song??!! Gosh girl, you are way too good a singer to fall for the power rush. Pity.

  • http://deleted I’ve noticed

    Why does it take a relationship for these female stars and singers to shape up? It’s like so many do so many idiotic things. Then they get a boyfriend or a man and overnight they are adults. They start calming down, acting mature and don’t care to be photographed as much.

    When Britney got with K-Fed, she was into marriage, home life and having babies. She didn’t care about losing her figure and gaining weight or giving up her career. Now that her marriage is over, she’s partying with Paris Hilton, leaving the babies at home, trying to revamp her career, and desperate to hook up with a new man. It’s disgusting, immature behavior.

    The majority of these women must not love themselves. Underneath all the glamour, they have a poor self esteem and don’t feel like a whole person without a man.

    I love Aguilera’s changes. Physically, she is looking better than ever. She’s not trying to shock the public and her style has truly improved. I hope it is a sign of true growth from getting older and not an act because she gained a husband.

  • Joanna DeVoe

    Thanks for posting this riveting performance. It gave me all kinds of chills & now I can watch it again & again. Brrrrr…
    Joanna DeVoe

  • Deidre

    Christina is a great singer, but her voice is not powerful enough–not like those 300 -pound black women who throw down in church. Their voices are deeper and louder. They are throaty.

    I love Patty Labelle, but she sings through her nose and she would have ruined that song too with her screaming. A better choice for singing that song would be a woman with a thick, powerful voice. Think Gladys Knight or Joss Stone. Gladys Knight moreso because she doesn’t have to try so hard and strain when she’s singing. Joss is a little too showy. I get distracted by her barefeet and showiness. I just wish she would hold the mike and belt out the song. Stop with the hands and body language. She should perform more like Carrie Underwood and she would do just fine.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    I looved her performance!!!!!
    There was only one part I didn’t like where it actually sounded like she was screaming….but other than that it was perfect!!!!!!!!!

  • Joy

    What an amazing performance! You gotta give her kudos for her performance and as well as singing live. This gir have some pipe. She did a fantastic job. I can understand some people may not like the way she sang it, however, when singers are doing renditions of other singers, they try not to copy their style and do it on their own way. In a way, it’s refreshing to hear her rendition of James Brown, also good for her for doing a tribute for him.

  • mike

    Her hair was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen!

  • sex

    she’s the best of the night!!!!
    what a true great performer!

  • Penny Lane

    Really great performance, but the next time she wants tanned skin, she should try out sun and not some creme, because it looks so fake and at the skin between her hairs is embarrassingly white!

  • Angela

    She looked awful!!!!!!!!! Her fake tan is ott, and her hair looks like its in terrible condition, too much bleaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny Lane


  • Trevor

    you can’t even understand what she is saying.

  • ji

    Sorry but she lacked the essence of james brown… She sang that song as though it were her own, which is a nono… She was totally screaming her lungs out, not singing, and i couldn’t make out a single word at all, thumbs down

  • Nita

    Christina Aguilera gave it a good shot, but of course she doesn’t have the essence of James Brown. She’s a white girl. She tries to sing like a black woman and her voice is good, but she doesn’t have the “soul.” White people will never understand what it means to be a black person in this world, no matter how kind or empathetic they may be. It’s something that comes from inside. It cannot be manufactured.



  • http://deleted what????

    None of them can top Whitney. Sorry.

  • amber from tulsa

    Christina does have an amazing voice, although she did lose key in that “scream”. But hey..I’ve only heard Mariah do that effortlessly. She still rocks. And BTW, I don’t think she’s trying to prove she can sing, quit hating, HATERS!!!

  • amber from tulsa

    Nita, your an idiot if you think she’s trying to be black! Get a clue!

  • nicky

    ok so i just want to say to all of those poeple out there that where talking down about x-tina;), if you have ever sang or ever been involed in anykind of music you know that it is all about the feeling that comes with the peice… if you know anything you could see that it wasnt about singing the song or making you happy it was about tell us its a mans world but it dont mean nothin with out a women and if there is to much power in her voice its because that is a strong point and you cant get it across without alittle yelling… now if it is to much for you to handle there are other song on her album that are softer that you might like better… but you should never talk bad about anybody until you have been in there shoes and know what they have been through…love, and peace for everyone

  • sandrabright

    i thought she did a great job….yea she did it….most people wud think she was screaming but its perfomance u know….dat made her a star….dat screaming and all dos actions….for me she actually gave justice to the song…critics gave a very positive review to dis and even named dis performance a legend….she nailed d song….beyonce won’t give any soul to dis song…britney either….only christina cud pull off dis song wid a big impact…period…neweiz good night…

  • shopboy65

    Does Xtina have a lot to learn – yes!!! Considering the generation and age that she is I have to give her 5 stars for even attempting to pull of a James Brown. Beyonce couldn’t touch that without getting her fingers tangled in her weave. Jennifer Hudson – sorry not impressed. Knowing the small size of Xtina, knowing where her musical roots are and knowing how the industry likes to frame artist to be a certain way, the fact she even knows and loves the songs speaks volumes. I would have her on Kennedy Center Honors any day instead of some Carrie Underwood, or Jessica Simpson for that matter. Xtina, keep your head up that was awesome!!!

  • xthina

    I think that britney madona they can approach you can not compare you are wonderful Xtina

  • Khristi

    People that want to get on this thread and be a music critic should do so after doing some research. Some of you just don’t like her personally for whatever reason-if she couldn’t sing she would be panned for that but becasue she actually can people need to tear her down for that very reason and that she’s “trying” to be black or that she lacks soul (which she clearly doesn’t) . In fact, no one in popular music right now could have gotten on that stage and sing half as good as she did that night. Oh and for all of you so called music critics, you should definitely go and listen to some James Brown because subtlety was not his strong point. He did not sing pretty.

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