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Hayden Panettiere is Butt Ugly

Hayden Panettiere is Butt Ugly

HAHAHA! Who could have imagine Hayden Panettiere could make herself look that ugly? I guess frizzy hair and pigtails can do that to a girl! Thank goodness she glams up for events like her interview from this morning’s edition of The Today Show (inset, below). You can watch Hayden‘s interview with Matt Lauer here. (It gets a little creepy when Lauer repeats, “I’m your daddy, I’m your daddy.”)

Pictured: H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) has a heart-to-heart chat with her indestructible cheerleader daughter Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) in a Heroes episode two weeks from now. Looks like a flashback to me… Heroes episode “Company Man” airs Monday, Feb. 26 @ 9PM on NBC.

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    The Next Lindsay Lohan.. Sadly

  • Bob’s Waffles

    Haha I can hear Chris Hanson coming around the corner. Someone needs to buy you this t-shirt:

  • sultrydame

    Hayden looks so young in first picture… was it taken during the early start of Heroes’ series development?

  • Becky

    with loads of make-up, stylist and hairdresser we all look beautiful… anyway she isn´t that pretty

  • Kristen

    They probably just didn’t put any make-up on her to make her look younger and then frizzed up her hair. She’s a pretty girl, she’s not “butt ugly”. She’s suppose to be a little girl in that picture.

  • jared’s father


  • leah

    I think she looks pretty actually

  • lux

    I bet that’s what she looks like naturally (if she wasn’t an actress and didn’t have people fixing her up all the time)

  • kmillz

    oh be nice

  • Jason

    To be honest she’s one beautiful women with or with out make up.She not even close to being ugly.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    She’s far from ugly. I’m sure [whoever] said she was ugly was just kidding.

  • Rick Hatman

    Hayden is f*cking gorgeous. Even with the messed up hair in that picture she isn’t that bad. I mean people are always like “Oh that girl’s ugly” or something like that when they see some celebrity that is popular and most people think is hot. I guarantee you people who think Hayden Panettiere is ugly haven’t gotten any tail as hot as her. I’m sure some douche will be like, “No she’s ugly and my girlfriend is hot.” or something gay like that and if you really saw his girlfriend she’d weigh like 300 lbs. and have bad skin and sh*t but they are think she’s hot because they have an ugly fetish. Hayden Panettiere is hot, end of story and even though she’s like 17 and a half, I’d still hit it and she’d love me for it. B*tches!

  • Bitch

    Hayden is ugly without makeup and other enhancements that require money. She belongs to the same class as Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, and more. If she wasn’t blonde people wouldn’t look twice at her.

    Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, may be trashy and wild, but underneath her fake tan, she has a gorgeous face. The bone structure of her face is completely different from Hayden’s shapeless, bland, pudgy potato mug. Also, Hayden is a better dresser, though Lindsay is the real fashionista. Lindsay takes risks with her clothes and wears crazy things, whereas Hayden pretty much sticks to toned-down trends and dresses like the typical Abercrombie-loving suburban teenager (with a little more money).

    I don’t particularly “like” Lindsay or Hayden, but at least that ensures that I’m not biased, unlike the ditchpig Rick Hatman who goes to extreme lengths to protect Hayden’s “honor”. To use his tactic–making assumptions about someone who disagrees with you–he is most likely some fugly loser who posted his whole name and linked to his blog in the hope that Hayden might read it and post a short thank-you comment on one of this worthless posts. He’ll probably look at the comment and drool over it while jacking off in his hippie skirt (they don’t stock his pants size at WalMart). At night he’ll work his corner, two pennies per job in the attempt to save up enough money for penis enlargement pills, but he’ll never succeed because he always blows his money on beer to feed his already-engorged mass and to help him forget his pathetic existence…

  • Ben

    Um, that’s probably what Hayden actually looks like without the hair or makeup done.

  • Penny Lane

    actually i think that pic was taken when she was on malcom in the middle

  • mademoiselle

    pudgy potato mug… ha! yeah got to agree

  • Cindylover1969

    Hayden Panettiere is NOT ugly. She’s sexy, cute, and almost certainly a lot more attractive than most of the people ranting about her here.

  • Panda

    oh wow… I forgot we lived in a country where if you’re not pretty every second of the day, you’re just a trashy movie star. Hayden gets major respect points for doing that – she’s really pretty, in a calm plain sort of way without make up and stuff. But most people can’t see past their noses, so if someone does something to make the characters look ugly (you do remember that in that picture, she’s playing a character, right?) they immediately crucify them. God, I’d hate to think of what ya’ll said about Charlize Theron in Monster. People are so shallow.

    *side note: Lindsey Lohan HAD a gorgeous face… all of her puking/lack of eating ruined that for her.

    And I love how Bitch attacked Rick, when she did the exact same thing he did. Way to go, hypocrit. But, using your logic, I don’t particularly “like” either of you, but at least I’m biased.

  • nevermore

    Godlike discusssion, really *rofl*

    btw: She definately IS cute. And thank god she isn’t as thin as most girls of her age …

  • Bitch

    If Hayden is a trashy movie star, it’s because of her bad acting. I do think she belongs in the same class as Kristen Cavalleri, Mischa Barton–celebrities who are famed more for their paparazzi photos taken with talentless socialites rather than their actual talent.
    I never said anything about Hayden’s talent (or lack therof). I was merely expressing my opinion of her face.

    Lindsay does look a little bit faded and thin nowadays, but that doesn’t change the fact that the structure of her face remains classically beautiful. Just like Charlize Theron’s extra 30 pounds and “uglifying” makeup in “Monster” didn’t change the fact that she’s beautiful. (Though I have no idea why you brought Charlize Theron, who is a series actress, into this. To demonstrate how shallow we all are? Perhaps, since we all seem to be engaged in a discussion about how celebrities LOOK)

    It seems to be you’re also biased against Lindsay and for Hayden, because while you ardently defend Hayden’s “ugly” pictures, you seem to be judging Lindsay’s face with the thousands of unflattering pictures of her. As for the reference to bulimia–tsk. Using a semi-moral standard (oh! Her thinness is ugly because she achieves it by vomiting! or dieting!) when discussing how a person looks just further demonstrates bias.

    Even though I don’t live in the States, I’ve noticed how a lot of people form certain “attachments” to certain celebrities (comes from keeping your nose buried in tabloids all the time) and will go to all sorts of lengths to defend them. I’ve noticed also that ugly, chubby people form attachments to ugly, chubby celebrities (relatively speaking, of course). For example, people who aren’t stick-thin are excessive in their praise of celebrities who aren’t stick-thin, bestowing them titles like “role-model”, “she isn’t bulimic” etc. Who knows if Hayden diets or doesn’t? Maybe she’s bulimic too, only she binges more than she purges. It really has no bearing on what they look like. Both Lindsay and Hayden smoke, but they don’t have yellow teeth: they have Beverly Hills practioners giving them whitening treatments to prevent that sort of thing.

    Anyway you have to admit, at least, that Lindsay looked gorgeous in her Miu Miu campaign, with special lighting and lots of makeup–just like Hayden can look pretty with makeup.

    Haha, as for your accusation concerning my hypocrisy–you obviously missed the (rather obvious) socratic irony. Using your logic–oh wait, you weren’t logical. Enough said on this point, since you seem to be laboring under the delusion that your catching me in the act of “hypocrisy” seems such a sharp observation that it justifies your silly mirroring.

  • Cindylover1969

    *rolls eyes at the above rant*

  • Jason

    Lindsay lohan face is hardly attractive and this coming from a guy.hayden face is more attractive than lindsay’s.since men look at beauty different than how women do.And as i guy to me hayden is more attractive than lindsay’s.

  • -_-

    She look nice.. ^^

  • =]

    She look all normal to me…

  • me myself and I

    Hayden actually is a very beautiful girl, sha has a pretty pixie face. If i could look like any one i would choose her, she has such a nice body too! Lindsey lohan was pretty till she went anorexic and put a buttload of makeup on!!! I really like Hayden! She’s Unique, unlike Lindsey! SO THERE! HA!

  • me myself and I

    that also was a bad angle of Hayden and i saw that episode last night and i thought she looked cute!


    Wow Bit** id like to see what your face looks like cause seems to me your one of those people who see prettypeople and start to diss them cause your jelous

  • Eden

    No denying it- hayden’t bone structure has no shape.
    Nice body?
    She’s five-three, has large thighs and flabby triceps… not to mention nothing going for her TALENT-wise.

  • Ellen

    It makes me really really sad to read when I hear people criticizing Hayden’s body. What is wrong with it? First of all, you people complain, stars like Duff and Lohan are TOO skinny.. Anorexic, unhealthy, crack whores, unattractive. Then I hear people complain that Hayden is fat, has no shape.. etc. Honestly, what do you people want?

    She’s perfect the way she is. She also doesn’t send a negative message to teenagers that obsess about their weight. I think it’s awesome that Hayden has a average build, I think she’s perfect. She has alittle baby fat, but what do you expect, she’s only 17!

    She doesn’t look butt ugly, she look like 15 year old with no make up.. She’s SUPPOSED to look that way. Their purpose was to make her look ordinary and not as attractive, and they succeeded. Look at your guys’ reactions. I wish people would just stop criticizing people that are only doing their job.

  • ccvbvbn

    The chick’s a troll. An ugly, trashy, moronic slutty troll.

  • Cassifire :o

    Hello, my name is Cassi, AKA cassifire, and omg jared you are such a slut, why are you sooo mean lol. Well I’m gonna bash you at school on monday, and dooo you know how i know it is you? Because you talk about her everyday, write about her and you can photoshop. Jared maceee. you better run foool :D

    Anyway hayden panettaire is soooo gorgeous, lol well i’m bisexual soooooo I’m actually attracted tooo her, sorrry but you know how you guys are attracted to pete wentz lol thats me and hayden panettaire, plus hayden said in an interview she was either bisexual or lesbian sooo i have a chance donchathink? LOL I’m babblinf xD and don’t diss sexuality coz I will blow your fucking head off!

  • Cassifire :o

    omg i just watched hayden on tv and she like said some random s.h.i.t about her heavy lesbian past and nude photos between her friends, and shes coming to my town soon, sorry if you call me sick but I’m gonna blow that f.u.c.k.i.n.g head of yours soooo run s.l.u.t

  • Cassifire :o

    omg i just watched hayden on tv and she like said some random s.h.i.t about her heavy lesbian past and n.u.d.e photos between her friends, and shes coming to my town soon, sorry if you call me sick but I’m gonna blow that f.u.c.k.i.n.g head of yours soooo run s.l.u.t

  • Haydensbiggestfan

    ok i’m sorry to you cassifire lol but you know that I was part of the “lesbian” past with hayden sooo don’t no one diss this. You guys are suck that you make her think its wrong well its not :o

    Yessss I gotta say shes a sexy b.i.t.c.h lol but don’t diss her it was fun you dont even have a chance to do it, but everyone should doooo it atleast once lol.
    Paris hilton sex tape transcript just exaggerate haydes and I lol

    TV (in background): Yo honey’s shot! Proud African black man motherFUCKer!

    PH: Ohhh. Mmm. [Sluuurrrp]

    TV: Shit! [Laughter]

    PH: Mmmm-mmm …

    TV: Call me Steve!

    PH: [Quick slurp]

    TV: Call me Todd! What’s in a mothafuckin’ name? ‘Cause blame will make you forget shit. That’s alright Caucasians, yo time is coming. [Laughter]

    PH: Mmm-mmm.

    TV: Look around. We ain’t gonna use no whips. We just gonna knock y’all the FUCK out! Bowwww! [Uproarious laughter]

    PH: Tee-hee.

  • Tila, amy, che and dale


  • shell

    anyone who trashes on Hayden is a fucking dumbass….she and hilary duff are really te only teen stars besides i guess christina A. to actually come out of teen stardom positively. Shes a huge activist for save the whales and yet people make out to be the next lohan or brittany PLEASE GROW THE FUCK UP YOU DUMBASSES!!!!

  • dee

    maybe your the troll don’t be mad becasue she looks better thne your mother maybe ur the ugly one calling other people ugly because u are ugly u maybe just wish you were her

    so you people stop calling her ugly fat and i saw a site said she looked like a skinny chuwaha lol and i wen’t to the pic she’s doesn’t she is hot

  • Ada

    How can you say she’s ugly!?
    She’s gorgeous even without makeup.
    You guys are so damn superficial, lighten up, I bet she looks better than you anyways.

  • Justme

    @Jason probably you’re right.
    I’m a girl and I will never understand why she looks so gorgeous to so many people. She looks just average to me. Especially without make up.

  • Hayden Pannetroll

    She’s a fat ugly little troll. If it wasn’t for her million dollar stylists she’s look like any other fat, short ugly troll you see at the mall.
    I don’t understand the facination with her. She is ugly and she can’t act. Someone get rid of this girl, I’m tired of seeing her fat face and caterpillar eyebrows all over the internet.

  • Alan

    Sorry all but Hayden is a butt ugly Paris Hilton. Think about. She was hanging out with Paris until Heroes came along. She has nothing but a trink of bad movies. She was an average Kid actor. Paris changed her, but truth be told she isn’t hot. She is sweet, but butt ugly sweet. I’m not mean. I’m just truthful.

  • Alan

    So I am saying Hayden is a ugly. version of Paris. Nothing wrong with that I guess. But she is no Amy Adams. Hayden is very Average and even a bit below average.

  • Dont hate

    Actually she is one of the prettiest celebrities I’ve ever seen. Everyone I know thinks that!!

  • Tiffany

    @Jason: She’s ugly. Seriously i can not stand her looks. kathy griffin, oprah winfrey, they’re prettier. i prefer to look at their face than her. their is something about her face and body that’s so unattractive.

  • Fred

    To all those who say Hayden is ugly without make-up, I say, wtf?! She’s absolutely gorgeous without make-up, I’d want a Hayden with or without make-up ANY DAY. To Bitch who said Lindsay Lohan has a better face structure or whatever, this is about how they look like without make-up, it’s called general aesthetics, not facial structure. Because lots of people can look great with make-up, but off-camera they treat themselves like shit and look bad and all that. Hayden definitely looks healthy outside the camera time and all that shit, I honestly bet she goes to the gym more than 3/4 of all the commenters here.

    Come on, I’m a straight guy with an unbiased opinion. Grow up people, if you people think this is ugly, I really don’t think there are all that many women who you would say are beautiful.

  • justin

    she’s really young on that picture, but she’s beautiful anyway. look at that beautiful face! she kinda hot!