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Britney Spears Strips Down To Her Bra

Britney Spears Strips Down To Her Bra

Britney Spears parties at One Little West 12 Sunday, after a wild night Saturday at Tenjune. Britney apparently traded clothes with a dancer after bring dissatisfied in the little red dress she was wearing and spent the rest of the night grooving in a bikini and coat.

Does Britney forget that she’s a mother of two now? Le sigh…

(Screencaps via
Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears bra 01
britney spears bra 02
britney spears bra 03
britney spears bra 04
britney spears bra 05
britney spears bra 06
britney spears bra 07
britney spears bra 08

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  • bc

    What the hell is wrong with this girl?

  • JoliePitt

    britney is completely out of her mind! she needs help!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    poor idiotic girl drinks, party’s and has sex cope with her divorce. Dis-Gus-Ting, self conscious train wreck. I feel bad for her kids.

    Every time I come on JJ and see people of her caliber I get disappointed. That’s [x17] stuff.

  • Mediterranean

    Before she was separated from her husband, I kept on saying that she would not and could not getter better without him. So far, it seems that I was right unfortunately.

    The boys will be better of with their father, instead of their mother. Actually, the boys will be just fine without both parents.

    She has been in this sh..y situation with her own will, why should I feel pity for her? She is just annoying.

    Her voice is not exceptional, not very talented but earned millions of dolars.

    She is a rich young woman. But she is also trashy, stupid, disgusting, alcoholic, drug addicted, very low looser.

    She is doing all these for an attention. She should have got her lesson from the death of Anna. She is so dumb.

  • Jules

    Here is our next ANS for sure. I wish that she would just go away. She has lost even her most supportive fans by now, I’m sure. Nobody could support that thing. She is a disgrace to all of us mothers out there. Most of us love and cherish our babies and spend every available second with them.

  • jq

    Never thought she was at her best behavior with her x husband.

  • cindy

    this woman is a tramp what more can be said here. First of all she is fat now and looks terrible in that bikini. She clearly would rather spend time being a whore then being with her kids. I hope Kevin gets custudy and yes she has lost alot of fans for her slutty behavior.

  • heather

    does anybody else think that the girls with her look like they’re tolerating her being there?? they don’t look like they’re enjoying her company at all…

  • jooniper

    Keep it up Britney! You’ll be partying with Anna Nicole in no time!

  • MMom

    Where is her mom? Maybe somewhere with Dina Lohan shopping and buying the things they wouldn’t be able to afford if their kids weren’t famous. How much sadder can a situation be? Sean Preston and James literally have no one. What kinda granparents sit by and allow this to happen. Now we know why SPF fell out of the high chair. His mom was probably drunk and forgot to put the tray down. It’s a shame. We could educate thousands of kids with the money she has. She is sooo out of control and unfortunately will NEVER make a comeback (unless she goes to rehab of course)

  • IKHO

    Where is your family????????

    I dont know you…….. but I am SERIOUSLY worried about you. There is a sadness/vacancy in your eyes. It was not there before.You need to take care of yourself and your babies. Move away. Be secluded. Go just be. Take your family to bumf**k no-where and just live free from criticism and the like.You need to do what Demi did years ago.

    L.A. is sucking out your soul.

    Don’t forget, you’re BRITNEY F**king SPEARS and no one can touch that!!

    I believe in you and cannot wait for you to be bigger and badder than ever……..but only IF and when YOU’RE ready.

  • mora

    she is destroying herself she used to be loved but now it is going to be hard to come back for her and

    a come back is only possible if she gets her beauty and body back since she lost that everybody hate her
    she needs ADVICE and where is her mom she used to be with her ALWAYS saying what she had to do

  • danida

    She is white trash with money, why expect more? And why does eveyrone blame everyone else and feel sorry for this piece of trash? She has babies, they are the ones who should be pitied, not some trashy drunken ho. She should have her babies removed and should have months ago when she kept endangering them. She is disgusting.

  • Lindy

    low self esteem. that’s all it is.

  • bdj

    It is a shame that hanging out with Paris Hilton made Britney look more classy compared to these pictures. Britney needs an intervention/treatment fast and not the Lindsay Lohan’s day spa, “check out” when you feel like it kind. It does not say much when kfed is looking like the better parent.

  • stacy

    Blaming Paris or others is bull. She is disgusting. She endangered her babies before she met Paris. She needs her kids removed and not to get them back until she gets help. BTW why is it she gets pity but Lindsey who is younger gets no pity when she also has a horrible family? Britney is trailer trash.

  • Sandbitch

    And to top (bottom) it off – she’s got one of those awful tattoos that looks like bum crack, or worse, poo-stripe. Take a shower Brit, you look like you smell.

  • Mikkey

    The girl is a picture of self destruction…..

    Her career is over, she will never be taken seriously again!!!

    I would not be surprised that the next announcement will be that her management team and record label kick her to the curb.

  • LV

    Next thing will be pics of her on her way to rehab.

  • wth?

    You all are asking where her mom is? Um, did you forget, Brit’s mom was the one who decided to pull her out of school at age 15 so she could become a pop star and get old perverts to fantasize about her. Her mom is the one who didn’t mind her marrying K-fed. Her mom is the one who enabled her to become the type of person she is today. She’s always been stuck in the lost little girl mode even when she was at the height of her popularity.

    When people see stars dressing well, smiling, and looking sexy, then they think those stars so classy or sexy. Britney’s handlers sold you all an image and her fans and the public bought into it.

    It was fine when K-fed left Shar and their two kids to hook up with Britney. Britney pursued Kevin. That didn’t seem bad to her fans then. It was ok when she cheated on Justin with his backup dancer. It was ok when she drove her son around without a car seat or in her lap. It was ok when she got married in Vegas and annulled it after two days. It’s ok when she showed her privates to the world…..three times.

    But now that you see her like this, NOW you are offended? WTF? The Girl has always been a lost cause and just now people are starting to wake up to this. I have pity for Britney for having such sucky parents that couldn’t realize what kind of path they were setting their daughter on, but I certainely don’t have any pity for her fans or former fans who suddenly feel outraged or betrayed for buying into an image.

  • Carol B.

    She is still young, she is still salvagable..she can still be saved..lets give her our prayers and hope she wakes up and realizes how precious her life and babies are. I think she has just got caught up in it all and like Whitney Huston is being brought down by it all. GOD is good Britney, get HIM into your life and wake up before it is too late.

  • Onsalegirl

    Trashy! Trashy! Trashy!

    It is very sad that she has no self-esteem. What exactly is she trying to prove?

    She is too stupid to realize the difference between fame and success.

    So very sad!!!

  • bubbabooya

    What she does has no impact on my life, so I could give a crap about what she does.

    Does everyone want her to go to church and wear high-neck collar dresses? Sit home, bake muffins and knit booties & scarves?

    Apparently her kids are being taken care of when she goes out. I’ve seen no pics of her smokin’ rocks.

    She has to have some kind of sense – she has money coming in all the time, and she’s worth millions. And people call HER stupid? LOL………..

  • Capriciousdiva

    poor Britney at first i was really against her but she is obviously doing all this to drown out the hurt i feel really sorry for her she’s lost she needs strong people around her to help her go the right way her mum used to butt her nose into all her affairs before where is she now?

  • kae

    Seriously, what happened to this girl? She is obviously not coping with her divorce very well.

  • cheddar

    Shouldn’t she wait till she is in her 40′s to have a mid-life crisis?

  • Angela

    Britney is a mess. I feel sorry for her kids. She is always out partying. How can she mind her kids when she oonstantly has a hangover. The nanny’s must be working overtime.

    Fame and too much money ruins people. Britney is the latest victim. She needs help, fast.

  • Agnes

    Her bra is from h&m(sale-50%)

  • stillhavehope

    It’s very easy for others to judge but that is just the way it goes. People like kicking other people when they are down because that is the only time they can get them. I have been a fan of hers since the beginning and will continue to do so. I am dissapointed with her behavior, but this is the only way she will learn and become a better human being. Go Britney! I’ll be waiting for your comeback whenever that might be.

  • sultrydame

    Could she be any more pathetic. Stay home with your two kids, they need you more than your partying…. what a pathetic, PATHETIC bitch. It’s no wonder her popularity has gone through the floor.

  • patsy stone

    Wow, what a great mom.

  • b

    i agree stillhavehope…her behavior isnt the best, but i really dont think its that big of a deal now…cuz she has toned the party down this is like the third time i’ve seen her party in like over a month but haters have selected seeing and hearing they will only believe the negative..but when britney is with her kids they will say oh thats a set up, she doesnt even look like she loves them…ARE U KIDDING me come haters do u have to be retards?
    I’m not just saying that as a fan, cuz there are some people i dont really care for that party a lot but i’m not hating or judging. if any one is pathetic its the haters that come online look at her pictures read tabloids about her and believe everything you see and hear and judge her and insult her. THATS PATHETIC!!

  • Mediterranean

    Come on! We are the ones who are haters! Give me a break! Look at her and then talk.

    Nobody is forcing her to drink alcohol until she passes out or vomit!

    Nobody is forcing her to take drugs!

    Nobody is forcing her to show very private parts to the world 3 times!

    Nobody is forcing her to party until early in the mornings!

    Nobody is forcing her to got married and divorce!

    Nobody is forcing her to do anything to live like a piece of sh..

    She has everything in her life to live perfectly, health, fame, money, beautiful kids. But what does she do? Waste of them willingly.

    Then you just shut up, right?

  • Carlea

    Is Britney the next Anna Nicole? This girl is headed for trouble.

  • Luísa

    Insane!! a person who have it all!!! she has (or had) beauty, fame, success, money, who likes her… and now tell me what she deserves! nothing!! not even her poor kids…!!!

  • http://deleted not her fan

    I’m admitting that I have never liked Britney Spears. She’s cute and some of her songs were good, but there is so much about her that is superficial and pretentious. She’s like some people from the country who are insecure about being from the country. I have relatives like that. They’re more obsessed with the atest crazes and fads than those of us who grew up in big bustling cities. They dream about Hollywood and being famous and are trying to pretend they have so much class, but when you see their ridiculous style and getup, you know it’s all a facade. Britney’s life was not all that. I think there were problems between her mom and dad and the family wasn’t all that happy. Britney needs to admit something about herself, accept it, and grow up. She has no peace because she’s still determined to stand out and convince the world that she’ has something special. Britney is a whore for attention. Agree, low self-esteem issues.

  • http://deleted not her fan

    missing word above is wh*re.

  • Mimi

    She makes trailer trash look swanky. What a skank.

  • Jeannie

    My nephew was a back up dancer for Brit about 8 years ago. He predicted she’d wind up in the back alley eventually because of burning out too soon. I see she’s on her way. Good prediction neph…

    I think her kids should be taken away, as soon as possible, and put in custody of someone responsible. If they aren’t, They’ll wind up as too many drink and drug addled show biz kids do… in the sewer.


    Forget about aj britney is the one who suck , i just would like to know WHERE IN THE WORLD IS HER FAMILY???????would someone please slap her so maybe
    she can wake up and take a look around.

  • sarah j

    Its true u can get the girl out of the dumpster but u can never get the dumpster out of the girl BRITNEY IS OFFICIALY A TRUE WHITE TRASH.

  • Melissa

    The truth about Britney Spears is that she is a big sham, a fraud. It’s so true. She had those babies because she was JEALOUS of Shar Jackson because Shar had 2 of Kevin’s kids. Britney couldn’t take that because Britney always has to be THE BEST! If her pregnancies were for honest reasons, she wouldn’t be acting like this. Whether or not her marriage lasted, a good mother does not waiver in her duties. The well being of her kids comes before any wild parties and getting involved with losers who can molest her kids. She was not ready for marriage or motherhood. I hope the other young women in Hollywood are watching this train wreck closely.

  • krungkrung

    the only difference between Britney, Paris n Lindsay? the laters have no kids, Brit Brit u suk big time, bahahahaa

  • Sandbitch

    I tend to agree with #42 Melissa about B being jealous of KF having 2 babies with Shar. Shar on the other hand seemed very gracious about the whole thing. However, having your (louse) spouse take off with a millionaire has benefit$, yeah? Child support goes through the roof. Be nice, be gracious, and GET. Didn’t last long enough though eh?

    She may be a skank but Brit still owns the bank.

  • Sandbitch

    Oh C’mon – what’s wrong with s-k-a-n-k

  • André

    Poor Britney.
    Anna Nicole in the making.

  • http://deleted mishika

    Just so you know, Kevins ex Shar wasn’t that gracious. A lot was said but not in mainstream mags. Black mags interviewed her and got plenty of negative quotes. She was devastated by the split especially bc she was pregnant and had no idea K was having secret rendezvous with Brit.

  • krungkrung

    i think Shar is a better mother than Brit Brit hehe, Shar don’t show/xpose her gina 2 the world and she don’t party hard like Brit Brit of course i understand Brit is famous n w/money but still, she’s not a very good role model na ah….

  • Sandbitch

    Yeah, that foul shot of Brit’s gooey still plagues my mind… I bet Paris had to get her upholstery steam cleaned to get rid of the DNA splodge.

  • britney spears

    I love how I look! I look sexy!