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The Aiken In Between

The Aiken In Between

Attention, Claymates! Wearing a Burberry bucket hat and a UConn hoodie sweatshirt, Clay Aiken leaves LAX airport on Morning evening with a copy of Rory Stewart‘s “The Places In Between” in hand. The paperback is Stewart‘s travel writing from his trek through Afghanistan a few months after the Taliban were deposed.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Jamila

    Huh? That doesn’t look like him…

  • Jenny

    ha sadly the only things i like in this photo are the UCONN sweatshirt (due to the fact i live in CT) and that lady’s purse but that’s it..

  • Just Jared

    At least he’s covering his hair?

  • Branna Leigh

    who’s that girl with him?

  • Mrs. Chexxxy Paige

    God his face is fat now. Is he on some kind of steroids or other meds? Creepy looking jerk.

  • Justinia

    Bwahahah, you people are a hoot! Do you hang around places so you can bash Clay Aiken?

  • nastyhero

    He’s looking more butch.

  • Anonymous in Florida

    Absolutely not Clay Aiken. Check your facts first.

  • Justinia

    And just WHAT would those “facts” be?

    Of course it’s Clay Aiken.

  • sadsadsad

    Sheesh, the haters get here before the fans. Guess they don’t have lives, either. Bwahaha!

  • robin

    That’s Rick Schroeder.

  • afan

    Yep, That’s him. He looks great! He’s a cutie!

  • Poochie

    The girl is his cousin, Jamie. She is also his hairstylist, I think.

  • Anonymous in Florida

    Geesh, now I see the ring on his right hand. Maybe it is him. Sure doesn’t look like him!

  • Poochie

    How does it not look like him? It looks exactly like him.

  • devilgirl

    That’s Gayiken? Nope,s orry. This guy’s bigger and MUCH butcher.

  • Siobhan

    OMG! Clay had a haircut or he’s hiding it all under the hat. I can’t wait for tomorrow night when he goes on Jimmy Kimmel. I freaking LOVE CLAY AIKEN!

  • Poochie

    He looks bigger because his arms are out slightly from his boddy because of his bunched up sweatshirt sleeves and backpack straps. It’s just his posture and the closeness of the picture. I can assure you that’s Clay Aiken.

  • Jesse

    Kelly Clarkson’t fans are such hateful bitches. Go away and go talk about how fat and ugly Kelly is and stop saying such mean things about Clay. OK we get it, you’re jealous of how popular Clay is, now get over it.

  • dee

    Beefed up Clay on his way to kick slimey pond scum’s ass. You can run PH but you can’t hide.

  • anonymous

    Looks like all the jealous people are out in force today…He’s a milionaire and the little people are so envious of his popularity…so sad but get over it!!!

  • jeebus o’connor

    Looks more like Lance Bass with that fat face

  • afan

    Some people just don’t seem to realize Clay is a pretty big guy, he stands 6’1. He is not the little geek that stood next to 6’4 huge Ruben Studdard, Ruben would make anybody look small.

    That IS Clay Aiken, he has gained a little weight he looks GREAT! WOW!

  • geniass

    Someone got chunky ba-funky.

  • Jules

    Love him. I don’t care what Perez says about him. He is a very talented young man. Do you really care whether he is straight or gay? I mean really. How does that affect the haters personally?
    I’ve seen him in concert a few times and he is the real deal!

  • Ryan J Schultz

    Clearly not Clay…..hey look everyone, somebody wrote “gullible” in blood on the ceiling

  • Del

    Nah. This guy is “buff” to a certain degree, as opposed to Clay being simply fat with a double chin. Sorry.

  • abbysinger

    That’s Clay for sure. I can tell by his rings, the backpack straps and the bucket hat. He looks great!

  • Ryan J Schultz

    I would rather have my nuts tightened in a vice than have to endure “multiple” clay aiken shows….you must have skin like leather

  • Dennis

    I think it’s him, but isn’t he getting a bit old and laden with scandal to wear those college sweatshirts? It just doesn’t seem right. I hope he takes a UNICEF trip to Afghanistan and gets his life back on track.

  • Perc

    Could it be that he is trying to reshape his body so that the webcam pix look less like him?

  • annie

    Looks like the haters have nothing better to do with their time. Its definitely Clay! And he looks great! Yes he has “beefed” up a lot and looks absolutely wonderful! He has also matured….I see most of you have not. Can’t wait till KIMMEL!!! He is my Valentine and I can’t wait!!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    It looks like Rick Schroder to me.

  • Pammy

    Gosh, that’s Clay aiken?

    He looks…..good.

  • Justinia

    Heeee Ryan …. be careful what you wish for …… Bwahahaha

  • Mary

    Holy Cow!! THAT is Clay Aiken? Nerdy Geek Clay Aiken!? Niiice. (did I just say that?)

  • Renee Fitzgerald

    Look at his big fat stomach sticking out! He’s out and proud!

  • Sharon

    He looks like boo.

  • afan

    Just haters drinking the cool aid again. Sad.

    I can’t wait to see Clay On Kimmel. Looks to me like he has cut his hair, either that or he has it pulled back in a pony tail.

    He’s my Valentine too.

  • Lora

    Just what makes a person “too old” to wear a college sweatshirt? I’ll be sure to tell my husband he can no longer wear his Ohio State hoodie and I, too, will retire my Notre Dame one!


    And just what “scandal” is he in that makes it a freaking crime to wear a freaking college sweatshirt!?

    Perfect example of why I use a coffee cup daily that says “I see dumb people”…..

  • katt

    I gotta admit, Clay is lookin good.

  • Heidi

    Any Clay fan knows that it is him. I also recognize the pretty gal.
    Anyone that has seen Clay recently knows he is not fat. During AI, he weighed about 145 which is quite thin at 6 ft. 1. So he puts on a few pounds, matures and grows into his looks quite nicely. Most of you Clay haters hiding behind a number of screen names wish you looked so good. But then, that’s the crux of the matter isn’t it. He’s young, handsome, has model looks and is wealthy and you are sooooo
    jealous you can’t stand it.

    Still boggles my mind that people who dislike him so immensely spend all their waking hours finding any discussion thread about him. And they say the Clay fans are obsessed. These people are obsessed in a “sick” way. Grow up.

  • Misty4Me

    How funny is it that the hater don’t think it is Clay because this guy is buff and manly. Ha on them. This IS Clay and you haters are just mad that he looks so good.

  • Jen

    Definitely Clay. Definitely HAWT!!!!!!!!!!

  • cubbie

    Jesse, you’re an asshole. Why do you have to drag Kelly into this thread, it’s about Clay you moron.



  • Mamalin

    This is both sick and funny. Yes it’s Clay. Yes, he’s on Paxil, as he told Diane Sawyer a few months ago. Yes, it causes some weight gain. But as also mentioned, he was quite thin back in the day and has now grown up and filled out. The hair looks like it’s down the back of his hoodie. Frankly, he has more charm and class than a truckload of these ‘haters’ and it will carry him long after they have been sucked into their own swamp.

  • duh

    becuz cubbie the kelly biotches are nothing but a bunch of haters that won’t leave Clay and his fans alone. Go away!!

  • NoWay

    What is the world coming to? I actually think Clay Gayken is hawt.

  • Melanie

    Scandal schmandal. Any tabloid rag can print a ridiculous story and label it a “scandal.” Yawn

    So, Del, if it’s confirmed that the pic really is Clay, I guess you’re admitting you think he’s “‘buff’ to a certain degree,” right?

    And if it’s not Clay, it’s someone who looks a lot like him, wearing the same clothes, hat, and rings he’s very often seen in.