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Jennifer Hudson Brings Down The House

Jennifer Hudson Brings Down The House

Dreamgirls‘ Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson takes on the Power cover for the March 2007 issue of Vogue. Big news because Jennifer‘s a full-figured black woman and Vogue has featured only two African-Americans on its cover since December 2002 — Halle Berry and model Liya Kebede. (Oprah was on the cover in October 1998.)

Photographs by: Annie Leibovitz. Interview by: editor-at-large André Leon Talley (also Jennifer‘s stylist of late). You can watch a video interview with Talley on Hudson here.

My favorite shot so far is of Jennifer, 25, leaning against the grand piano wearing a Burberry London trench, Escada dress, Hat Attack beret, and Roger Vivier heels. It was photographed at Harlem’s famed Apollo theater.

Jennifer Hudson‘s March 2007 cover of Vogue hits newsstands Feb. 20.

And to make it interesting, here’s a brief rundown of some notable covers in Vogue‘s recent history:

  • March 1966: Donyale Luna (first African American model to appear on the cover of Vogue, not sure if this was the US edition)
  • March 1980: Sheila Johnson (America’s first Black female billionaire)
  • January 1981: Beverly Johnson (first African American model to appear on the cover in the US edition?)
  • April 1994: Brandi Q is featured alongside two white models
  • May 1996: Naomi Campbell is given the inside flap of a special foldout cover
  • July 1997: Kiara Kabukuru (Ugandan supermodel)
  • January 1998: Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) shares the cover with her fellow Spice Girls
  • October 1998: Oprah
  • Novemeber 1999: Iman shares the front cover with three other supermodels in special foldout cover
  • December 2002: Halle Barry
  • May 2005: Liya Kebede (Ethiopian supermodel)

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  • IKHO

    Loves her. I hope all of this attention doesn’t ruin her. She looks beautiful!

  • geniass

    In yo face Beyonce!

  • tanique

    fabulous. thanks jared.

  • K from philly

    Nice photos yes, but the one with her leaning on the piano would look classier if her legs were closed a bit or if she were sitting down…

  • Sonia

    JHud is looking good ! I liked the photos =) I agree with K that photo would def look classier if her legs were closed.. but still it’s very good ! Thanks Jared

  • magnus

    Who is that?

    No idea why she’s getting her picture taken at all.

  • erin

    Love Jennifer Hudson, but Anna Wintour did not pick the best pictures; they don’t look too Annie Leibovitz to me.

    But why is Cristiano Ronaldo’s name on the cover?? Did I miss something, are European soccer players now in Woman’s US Vogue?

  • Frenchy

    Sheila Johnson is the first female billionaire (not Oprah) but she was not on the cover of Vogue. That was supermodel Beverly Johnson. Do an image search. She’s beautiful.

  • alice

    Congrats to her. Agree with IKHO I hope that she remains true to who she is. She doesn’t need to change at all!

  • mercredi

    You go Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Jared
  • anustin

    the only jennifer that has the talent.the other jennifer who just changed her nose wer,eeeewwwwww no talent at all!

  • elizabeth

    It’s a shame that you can literally count on one hand how many times a black female was on the cover solo for Vogue US.

    A damn shame.

  • gossippup

    She is quite a fatty. I like her better than fake Beyonce, but they are both putting on quite a lot of weight. She looks like the EM in Norbit.

  • link

    Looks like she is losing weight and becoming more hollywood type. She is pretty thought and I thought she was great with the poundage.

  • alexander

    sorry but naomi was on the cover of American voge in the late 80′s that was one of her big breaks.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Jennifer Who?? American Idol loser Huh…. Wheres Beyonce??

  • Queen Bee

    Yeah Jennifer! I guess Beyonce is sitting at home eating one of her House of Dereon sandals!

  • Nostradamus

    Absolutely beautiful cover! She is finally crawling from under the overkill of media blitz of papa Knowles.

  • DirtMGirt

    Whoever here stylist is is doing an awesome job! There are people who have been in Hollywood eons longer than this young lady and they still look a hot mess!

    Absolutely divine girl!


    Well at least she got the cover before winning the oscars instead of after like Halle.

  • politically correct

    #16 says

    Beyonce is sitting on her daddy’s lap smelling the funk up under his arm that’s where she is, while the true talent who made it on her own and didn’t have to use a group of other girl’s to make her famous is on the cover of Vogue!

  • Caliente

    French says:

    I agree with you Frenchy! I would have definitely remembered Sheila Johnson on the cover of Vogue…

    JH looks Fabuloso

  • Bigbumpus

    This girl is a true inspiration to anyone!

  • Dave

    “Wow. I have always dreamed but never, ever this big. This goes far beyond anything I could ever have imagined.” – Jennifer Hudson @ 2007 Golden Globes

    You work it out Jennifer!!! Great photospread!

  • IKHO

    geniass – You’re too funny!

  • bdj

    Congrats to Jennifer. She is living the stuff of dreams. I wish her all the best. Stay humble, strong and faithful and you will go far. Great photospread and to be photograph by Annie L. is a great honor. Go Jennifer!!!!

  • holl

    Beyonce is probably jealous

  • green lettuce

    Isn’t Halle Berry just half AA? Her mom is white. Whatever that’s great J.H is on the cover!!Big progress.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    lmao @ [Holl] what a joker you are. that was funny. you’re always good for laugh

  • The real nose

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, this girl lost American Idol, but, she’s probably a lot more famous than any of the winners of AI.

    She did it on her own, in a supporting role in Dream Girls, and stole the show! And, she can sing! She a BBW and proud of it. Please don’t let these people who only admire skinny-minnies take away your spirit! People need to learn to look on the inside, not just the outside.

  • Frances

    She got a cover BEFORE Beyonce? Wow. And B’s dream was to be on the cover but she only got a spread!

    Go JHUD!



    Fug Face:

    Get over It!!!
    Jennifer is not show and tell, she is pure talent with a capital *T*

    Hey sueme!!!

  • Mohican

    Go Jennifer! Two magazine covers in the same month. She’s also on the cover of Essence magazine

  • kerryd

    Ha love the cover photo it’s like she’s saying Ha! Simon you pompous bag of s&8t!

  • Class Act

    Beautiful spread…but I do agree I don’t really like the pose on the piano. It looks like she’s sliding off!

  • Angela

    Well done Jennifer! But poor Beyonce, she is beautiful and talented too, she should have made the cover of Vogue by now.

  • blue

    Jennifer is gorgeous.

    But only 12-15 african americans on Vogue cover…that’s pretty
    embarASSing for VOGUE. RASCISM MUCH?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    What is the idea behind having so few black women on covers on Vogue?

    On the one hand, my instinct is to suggest that black women not buy Vogue if they are not represented on its cover yet on the other hand, Vogue will not represent black women if black women stop buying.

    Tough call.

    I say Vogue needs to start celebrating the world we live in. The world is getting smaller. Races are intermarrying and cities are getting more diverse. I am a White woman but I don’t see a need of only putting on magazine covers women who look like me. My world is surrounded by all kinds of people. Why can’t a women’s bagazine reflect that?

  • Tina

    Awful just bad,Anna Wintour has lost her mind.They could have done so much better with her.

  • Harrison

    I don’t know if you were trying to be complete with your Vogue cover list, but Marion Jones was on the cover of the January 2001 edition…

  • anon

    TLC #39 I think you make a good point. I’ve yet to agree with anything you say regarding BAMZS but seriously….cmon vogue. Put some black women on your damn covers. You put Sienna Miller on there. Lord knows SHE’S a waste of space.

  • toni

    I believe that dreams can come true. JH proved everyone wrong on AI. Even Simon had to eat crow on Oprah. He now admits that she is truely a great singer. only love to JH.
    Don’t let them tear you down. Beyonce is only jealous and wishing she had your spirit and voice. You are blessed, I look forward to your first album.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    anon Says:

    February 13th, 2007 at 7:27 pm
    TLC #39 I think you make a good point. I’ve yet to agree with anything you say regarding BAMZS but seriously….cmon vogue. Put some black women on your damn covers. You put Sienna Miller on there. Lord knows SHE’S a waste of space.

    A compliment of sorts but I’ll take it :) It’s Valentine’s Day! I have refrained from commenting on BAMZS lately as this is a time of mourning for them given Marcheline Bertrand’s passing.

    On topic, I also daresay, it seems the black women that do end up on covers are often biracial or close to a European ideal of what a black woman should look like. Again, don’t bite my head off – just my opinion. I have black female friends who are stunning and dark skin and I just don’t think their beauty is represented on the covers of magazines either.

    Just another thought. But heck, hard enough to get a woman of color on the cover at all huh? Let’s start with that, I guess…

    Then again, maybe it’s just not Vogue – I mean look at the movie “Norbit” produced and starring Eddie Murphy. What an awful portrayal of black women so I suppose everyone is somewhat guilty of not celebrating black beauty in the way it needs to be celebrated. For that matter, I don’t always agree with the White beauties that are celebrated either……so the fashion industry is somewhat disconnected…

  • Marcia

    these dates are completely wrong for the models. Beverly Johnson graced the cover of Vogue in 1974, and was the first Black model on American Vogue.