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American Idol 6: Top 24

American Idol 6: Top 24

Ladies and germs, here is your American Idol Season 6 Top 24 . Who are you rooting for?? I honestly don’t have an obvious favorite at this point, which I don’t think is a good thing. If I had to choose a favorite, despite his uncanny resemblance to Jack Osbourne, I’d choose Chris Sligh. It’s all about personality, people! Well, at least on American Idol.

THE GIRLS :: Alaina Alexander, Antonella Barba, Melinda Doolittle, Stephanie Edwards, Gina Glocksen, Leslie Hunt, Lakisha Jones, Amy Krebs, Haley Scarnato, Sabrina Sloan, Jordin Sparks, and Nicole Tranquillo.

THE GUYS :: Rudy Cardenas, Jared Cotter, Jason “Sundance” Head, Paul Kim, Blake Lewis, Sanjaya Malakar, Nicholas Pedro, Chris Richardson, Brandon Rogers, Chris Sligh, Joel Phil “Phil” Stacey, and Adrian “AJ” Tabaldo.

And what happened to Jenry “Easy On Paula Abdul’s Eyes” Bejarano?? Judges?? An explanation, please??

For the next three weeks, this is how life will be for those obsessed with American Idol:

  • Tuesday: Guys sing
  • Wednesday: Girls sing
  • Thursday: 4 contestants sent home (2 guys, 2 girls)

Subsequent weeks will boot off one contestant per week of the 12 remaining.

UPDATE :: She didn’t make it to the Top 24, but Sanjaya‘s sister Shyamali Malakar worked at HOOTERS? Say what???

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  • tanique

    i’m very disappointed in their picks. there are a couple of people i like but no one i love. by now, i have people i love. they played themselves with a couple of people tonight.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Out of 12 girls there’s only 1 good looking one. I already know who will be the final 3 guys. I’m disappointed with this seasons 24

  • Jones

    I can’t believe they picked Alaina. She was BAD in the Hollywood part.

  • Gale

    A few weeks ago, Randy Jackson was quoted as saying “Nobody from Alabama will win American Idol this year”. Well, two extremely talented young men from Birmingham were cut tonight making sure of that. Thanks a lot, Randy. Y’all surely weren’t going to allow that to happen again, never mind if one of them deserved to at least be voted on by the public. Now my Tuesday and Wednesday nights are free.

  • john

    I cant believe this seasons top 24, i honestly think they are not great singers. And those that are fantastic like sundance, have total attitude problems which makes him seem overly cocky and weird. The only person i think should win is dolittle chick (the one who was overly nervous to sing in front of the judges and she was a background singer). She seems genuine and has a great voice. I think this year people are going to vote based on personality and looks, unfortunately.

  • Jessica

    I have a few favorites(Brandon, Rudy, Melinda), but still not motivated to vote. The talent this season is disappointing.

  • john

    yeah! melinda is her name! Melinda doolittle i think!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    If this contest was all about looks Melinda Doolittle wouldnt even have been allowed to try out.

  • Bob’s Waffles

    Yeah Alaina kind of roughed it up. You can tell the judges are getting a little bored with it too. Simon that jerk- I’m gonna buy him this t-shirt for Paula:



  • Lori

    I thought the guys sounded great with the exception of Sundance. The girls? I’m in shock. They weren’t very good at all.

  • tanique

    i’m glad i’m not alone, in thinking this is not a good bunch.

  • Amy

    Savannah news is all about the girl in the middle with the red top. She’s from Savannah GA, though I don’t know if she’s any good.

  • Alan

    I think this is gonna be a good season..there is no clear front runner….so it’s gonna be interesting to watch them each grow and improve. A guy will def will this year.

  • Shea

    The South has been black-balled from the competition this year!!! (except for the SC guy)

    Before the Birmingham auditions were held, Simon said he was positive the winner would not be from Alabama this year. He guaranteed that by refusing to put anyone in the competition from that area. (Previously, Ruben, Bo and Taylor were all from B’ham.)

    In fact, it looks like the states where there have been previous winners were excluded this year.

    Perhaps that is fair……… you decide.

  • creativegirl

    I was so upset that the girl Bailey got cut, all because she was with those two witches, one of whom made it through. And what happened to that blonde southern girl whose father was handicapped and she took care of him or something?

    Right now, I love Chris Sligh and that beat box guy – that group who all made it except one who sang How Deep is Your Love – that was totally amazing! I’d buy it as a single right now if it was out, they were great!

  • Brian

    I’m glad to see so many people are disappointed, I thought it was just me. Nobody in this group wows me. Some of the singers from season 5 could have run away with this one if they had only waited a year. Hell I think Chicken Little could have won this season with these people. If I had to pull for somebody it would be Chris Sligh. I like his tone.

  • kmillz

    I don’t think it will be good this year. i so mad they got rid of that country singer who was in the same group as antonella and her best friend. she was good. they got rid of some good people

  • Shut-up

    I can’t believe that Sundance got in. He was horrible. I think he even forgot the lines of the song.

  • ceeusbeeus

    I was sad to see Bailey go – very pretty girl and nice voice. Positive side she is only 16.
    Was shocked Sundance made it over the other guy – and the judges rationale, what rationale???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then there is the red-head chick who looks crazed when she sings….

    All that said, once the show really starts I’ll get a better look at the contestants. The editing this year sucked. In previous years the audiance got to know the final 24 before the selection, this year I feel like we were given the worst snippets, and NO insight as how the judges made some of their selections.

  • john

    i posted earlier that sundance had a good voice, i take it back! lol um, i also want melinda and chris sligh in the top

  • Gale

    Since the two guys from Birmingham were cut, I’ll never tie up two nights of my life on this stupid show again.

  • chuky822

    u guys dont kno anything te best 24 because its hard and confusing whose gonna make the top12 thats y

  • Thema

    It’s no surprise that this this year doesn’t live up to last year’s. NOTHING could live up to season 5. And Simon and Randy’s bitter, drunk-with-power attitudes don’t make for some interesting TV. Taylor won, get over it. All you’re doing is giving the very same people who hate you fodder to get others to hate you.

  • chelsea r