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Aiken For Love

Aiken For Love

Former American Idol Clay Aiken makes a hilarious Valentine’s Day appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, singing off phrases from pastel-colored candy hearts like “Love Me,” “Fax Me” and “You’re A Tiger!” ROAR!

Sweetheart Clay brought along a huge balloon heart for Jimmy for V-Day and a t-shirt with whowse face on it? Clay‘s, of course! (Clay wore a t-shirt with Jimmy‘s face on it to the show.)

Clay did show up with a new haircut and admitted to having some work done on his teeth. He pointed out his “blindingly white” teeth and said he had his top two front teeth fixed (they were slanted in before). Clay will also be doing UNICEF work in the near future…

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  • Jules

    Love Him! That was cute. I’m so glad that he doesn’t let jerks like Perez get him down.
    Go Clay!

  • uh

    uh, i’m kinda out of the loop (pun intended) and i can’t remember if gayken has actually said he’s gay or not?? or is he still trying to convince everyone and no one that he’s straight?

  • wow

    loser. couldn’t even wait what minutes before you storm the comments with your hate? obsess much? Clay was awesome! does that bother you? he was makin fun of idiots like you who think he’s gay. He was talking up a storm with Gabrielle during commercials. and having a good time. He looked great too.

  • oar

    OMG, funniest thing evah……….Clay looks great, he and Jimmy are a hoot

  • labrynth

    The conversation heart song was hysterical.

  • Brie

    Loved the Kimmel show tonight! Clay looks great and Kimmel always has a good time with Clay on.

  • Heidi

    Clay was the funniest one on the show. He has great comedic timing. He sure seemed to like Gabrielle as they seemed pretty focused on each other during commercial breaks.

    Too bad some of the comments here are made by people who have absolutely no life and waited all night for Clay’s appearance so that they can quick scramble for the blog to begin their dissing. Do you people actually ever leave your computer
    screens and do something of substance with your life? While you are obsessing over him and cyber stalking him, he is going about leading his life as though you don’t exist. You are pathetic losers.

  • afan

    He looked wonderful, and sounded even better!Lovedthe Candy hearts song. Great, funny interview. LOVE him!

  • Pammy

    Oh lordy here we go. Same old shiite.

    Let’s keep the comments about CLAY why don’t we? Arguing serves no purpose, and defending Clay does nothing but stoke the arguing.

    Clay doesn’t discuss his private life, period. He’s taken a stand, and that’s just it.

    Whatever man. He’s funny! And when he sang those candy hearts, I admit I wanted him to go through the entire bowl, because man! Whatta voice.

    He had his teeth done though, what’s up with that? You’d think he wants to do movies or sumthin…. ; )

  • minimeeee

    Looked gorgeous and very funny. He and Kimmel are always a treat, both very quick witted.

    Wonder where the UNICEF trip will be this time.

  • jemma

    Has he ever had a girlfriend?? He reminds of Ian thorpe(aussie swimmer)… so famous, yet never seen intimate with a woman. They have lots of female friends, but not girlfriends – which is very odd if they were supposedly “straight”.

    Clay is a nice guy – but I feel sorry for him, he shouldnt be ashamed of his sexuality.

  • abbysinger

    Clay was great last night! He was so funny and looked great too!

    jemma and the rest of you that race to any site Clay is mentioned on to post negative comments. What a waste of time to be negative. Try finding a little joy in your life, huh?

  • anustin

    they look good together!lolz

  • miss barbara novak

    He is so annoying! The t shirt thing was such a set up!!!!!

  • Justinia

    Why do people watch other people who are “annoying” to them?

    Yeah, everything we see on TV is sooooo spontaneous and unrehearsed!!!

  • Jenn

    Love him! how adorable he is!

    Haters are so lame.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Entertaining Episode.
    He is one of the Gayest men I’ve ever seen. [Let me rephrase that]. He is one of the Gayest men who wont admit he’s Gay.

  • gemma

    its funny some people lecturing other people about wasting their time and havin no lives. Its Claymates who spend their time obsessing over someone overboard and trying to argue with anyone who thinks Clay is not the greatest thing on earth who are pathetic. Did you see Kimmel’s audiene? They were mostly middleaged fat women who have obviously have very poor gaydar or are in serious denial.

  • jemma

    abbysinger obsessed much??

    I am a fan of, not Clay and can comment on whatever story is posted! Gemma you are so right! I find it hilarious some women seriously think he’s straight. Take the rose-tinted glasses off and turn on the gaydar. Maybe clay hasnt come out because he’s afraid of “fans” like abby getting all homophobic on him… homsexuality is not a “negative” thing.

  • Justinia

    I “homsexuality” is not a “negative” thing, why do you and some others use it as attack mechanism …….. if it is truly not a negative thing to you why do you feel the need to point at someone and comment. You are lacking in logic. You say one thing and behave in another. You use it to label people, and it seems you use it as a label for people you do not like. Hmmmm, wonder why that is?

  • -

    i can look past the fact that he is a complete and total flaming queen, i just don’t get why people consider him to be musically talented. he is just so damn annoying and it’s quite embarrassing that people actually think that he makes good music. probably more annoying are the gaymates that come sweeping into his rescue, yet would immediately turn their backs if he ever admits he is gay. then again it doesn’t seem like he’s admitting that anytime soon. anyone that keeps claiming he is straight are about as delusional as one can get.

  • dawn

    There is no such thing as Gaydar. Every person has the right to identify their own way, and not to have others make that choice. Anyone who assumes that right for someone else really should get a clue.

    I really enjoyed the kimmel show last night. Both guest were very likeable, but that woman who sang at the end I could have done without. Funny skit with the candy and making up that song.

  • Kate

    Clay was hilarious on the Kimmel show last night and the song was great. Probably the reason he is one of Jimmy’s favorite guests. His smile was beautiful, and just what any of us with enough $$$ would do, too.
    Clay has seriously dated girls since hs (see “Learnng to Sing”) and since Idol has preferred to keep his private life just that, as he has never wanted his friends or family to be subjected to the tabloids and haters as he has been. It’s a matter of privacy for them and his desire to protect them. He should be applauded for that.
    Those making the homophobic comments should look into a mirror themselves.

  • tst

    mm…didn’t seem like Jolene was a ‘middle-aged fat woman’ did she? Any celeb in their right mind would give their eye-teeth to have the fan-base Clay has; whether they are 3 years old or 80 years old. Clay’s fans run the gamut of those ages and all in between- nothing wrong with that! Don’t see too many ‘teens’ going ape over Josh Groban. Harry Connick, Jr.’s fans were mostly middleaged when he first appeared as his songs were COVERS of 40′s songs. Would those who keep making fun of Clay’s fans be happier if they were all drugged-out teeners, like those who embrace the idiot rap crap??? (Jimmy, whomever booked Madeleine must of had a tin ear-sorry, she was horrible- Clay should of been the musical guest.)

  • Dennis

    How strange that Aiken didn’t mention his love songs CD on Valentine’s Day. I saw it displayed at Borders for VD. I know with the recording of vintage rock ballads his fans stopped chanting…..he can sing anything, he can sing anything….but if he wants to look desirable to any record company he needs to look willing to sell his product. And Kate….have you seen Clay’s latest blog?? He no longer seems to care about keeping his friends and family protected from tabloid stories.

  • Kate

    Dennis, how did you come up with that conclusion from the blog? He is talking about bull$#@& journalism, not fact. Don’t you get it? It’s a joke on the tabloids and “outlandish” stories.

  • Dennis

    Hey Kate…here are Aiken’s own words:

    “Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy/tawdry/scandalous/shameful story. ”

    That is how I came up with my conclusion. I hope this is a joke. But if you are a Clay Aiken fan you must know that many of his fans (and nonfans) are taking this challenge seriously.

    I voted for the guy on AI, but I think I must have been wrong about who he is.

  • MMom

    He sounded great. He sounded better than when he was on AI. Good luck to him. Oh Yeah-Rock on BAMZS!

  • Mondo Bongo!


  • http://myspace jordin

    Dear Clay Aiken, I was wandering if you will be comind to North Dakota some time soon. If you do tell me. I am a huge fan of yours. I really want to sing in real life, go to your concert, and I really want to meet you. Or give me a call at 2201867

  • Jolene

    Clay is my ideal man!

    I skate and I have many gay friends and coaches. I have no problems with that. To me Clay is a ladies man! He’s a wonderful guy and I have enjoyed our times together.

    As far as young fans, many of my college friends are clay fans. They just don’t have the time to go to TV shows in the middle of the day. College students are night owls – we do all our socializing on the weekends or late at night LOL!

    But I do go out of my way to see Clay because he’s worthwhile seeing.

    Do unto others what you want done unto you. If you bash people someday you will get bashed too.

    I will never understand why people attack people they don’t know anything about.

  • siaolin

    people, people! please….stop questioning clay aiken’s sexuality. No one should care whether he is gay or straight. As long as he makes good music and remain the Southern guy he really is, who really gives a damn?

  • leandra

    clay i would totally want to meet you
    i love your music
    you rock
    it’s my dream to sing to and dance and write
    it’s a blast i sing at home all the time
    good luck in all you do