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Eva Mendes: Halle Berry isn't "All Natural"

Eva Mendes: Halle Berry isn't

Did Halle Berry have a little work done? Eva Mendes says, “YES!”

Eva, 32, spilled the beans on pal Halle, 40, while discussing her eating and exercising habits on TRL this afternoon, saying that only most of Halle was natural. Here’s what the Latin bombshell said exactly:

“I hit a point last year where you can’t really live off pizza and beer for too long. I hate to tell you guys that. There comes a point where you gotta chill with that. So Halle was looking really great and I worked with Halle during Revlon. And I said, ‘How do you have this?’ MOST OF IT IS NATURAL. She’s amazing. She gave me the name of a trainer and I’ve been a little more health conscious but I’m not a gym rat or anything. I just work out harder and I do less of the pizza and the beer.”

OOPS! And there you have it. Eva Mendes says ‘Halle Berry isn’t all natural!’ Now the question is, what isn’t all natural? Watch the video below!!

Eva Mendes dishes on Halle Berry not being “all natural”

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  • http://justjared Rose

    There is no story here. Mere hearsay and speculation…move on!!

  • YY

    It doesn’t sound like she is alluding to plastic surgery at all. I thought she was talking about exercise. She’s saying Halle’s body is mostly all naturally fit but the rest is due to training. Saying that Halle Berry has had plastic surgery is pretty big and random.

  • NoNameActress

    Rose says:

    I second that!

  • rick

    Well not everything on halle berry is natural that’s a fact.Get it sraight.You’re so naive.She has done her nose and probably some other things.

  • Stella

    Her nose shrinking is NOT natural.

  • YY

    rick: I wasn’t disputing whether or not Halle Berry has had plastic surgery or not. Looking at those pictures, it’s probably true anyway.

    I’m just saying that Eva Mendes wasn’t talking about that.

  • YY

    Oops, I said “or not” one too many times! Yes, a shrinking nose is not natural…unless there is an exercise for that. That would be cool!

  • Fifi

    Halle used to have a BIG NOSE, she had a little help from a surgeon. She is so overrated, that’s why she never became Miss Universe, she wasn’t naturally pretty enough. From the looks of Eva, she had a little nose shrinkage herself, she isn’t ALL NATURAL either!

  • Nicdiva

    There is no story. She was talking about staying fit. I also disagree Halle had plastic surgery. I have seen the older photos of her and she has trimmed down and matured. She still looks the same structural wise. TMZ needs to stop trying to create something from nothing…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Halle is the picture of perfection. bottom line. no matter how many dislike her. the little surgery rumors, all of it means nothing. at the end of the day people look at her as being classy, hot, and damn near perfect.

    It would be impossible for a black women to reach a certain level with out there being conflict or rumors to tarnish her.

  • bladu

    i agree with YY.. since she was talking about staying fit i’m pretty sure she meant Halle is mostly naturally fit but does have to work out a little. I think it was meant as a complement to Halle but it came off wrong.

  • :-/

    I HATE when ever you criticize someone who happens to be black, and then someone always pulls out the race card saying people are hating on her cause she’s black. Just because you think like that Fug Face, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

  • WTF

    Eva wears some fugly clothes for such a pretty woman with a good body.

  • A Certain Smile

    Racism is not a myth it is a reality.

  • jaromir

    I just figured that Eva was talking about Make Up.

  • syelle

    I love Halle’s eyes and her tiny little waist. Everyone in Hollywood has something done sooner or later. I lost some respect for Eva. You just don’t say those kind of things. Eva isn’t in Halle’s league with or without surgery. By the way I’m white.

  • prison break fanatic

    i love both halle and eva and if halle did get a nose job i dont blame her becuase there is alot of pressure for these beautiful ladies to be perfect especially from the public. for example if halle didnt have a nose job everyone would be saying her nose is too big and to wide blah blah blah but if she got a nose job people would be saying shes to fake and shes not real. its a no win situation

  • André

    i don’t care about Halle Berry nor Eva.
    They are lame.

  • ( | )

    ghost rider looks like the worst movie e-v-e-r.

  • Olivia

    Re: FugFace Maniston #10

    Um, maybe it has nothing to do with race, just has to do with Halle. Ever consider that?

  • sidra

    I just watched Ghost rider due to peer pressure and it SUCKED SOO BAD…it was like a kid’s cartoon minus the fun…it made NO SENSE and it was so FUqIn JUVENILE!!! i am soooo mad for watchin that shitty movie

  • Sophia

    omg…how dare she…she had a nose can tell.. if you see side by sides of her from 2002-2003 to now…her nose was huge back then…I keep hearing that she is soo againt PS…she is frontin! See her in the movie all “about the benjamins”.

  • Sophia


  • Breast Augmentation MD

    Plastic Surgery is for inner as well as outer beauty

  • Jessica

    I agree with andre says. Who cares fake, real, real, fake.

  • mar

    I believe Halle Berry is very beautiful and pretty darn perfect. But, I also know that she is not honest. She said stuff on Oprah about how awful it was being black growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland. That’s bull, the high school she went to was half black, half white. It wasn’t like she stood out being black. My sister-in-law went to school with her, cheered on the same team. There was some hoopla about Halle stuffing the ballot box for homecoming or prom queen, don’t remember which one. Halle said it was because she was black, not true. There were a couple of girls that had issues with her, but they had issues with EVERYONE, black or white. She uses the race card and how tough it is. It bothers me because she was raised by her white mother, abandoned by her black father. Not saying one is better that the other, just the fact she should acknowledge she is both.

  • Kathy

    I’m disappointed halle denies having work done, ITS VERY OBVIOUS SHE HAD HER NOSE DONE!!! look at her pageant day pictures.

  • Jan

    Oh Please Halle is at least more beautiful than eva just look at eva’s face she looks like tranny eww


    I don’t think she meant that…. I think she meant that Halle was saying she had to work hard for what she got, meaning like she wasn’t NATUALLY THIN. DUH! Reading a litle to far into things. Although Halle Berry has had a nose job. But who hasn’t in hollywood?

  • http://JustJared Gina

    Most Hollywood celebs are plastic, inside and out. It is the nature of the game…Who cares…It is not “if” we all get old and die, it is “when”…We all have the same end in the end…Just keep God first in your life…For what is it to gain the entire world, and lose your soul? I choose GOD over any of the Hollywood celebrity drama and chaos…Get married, and stop running from one person to another for simple, uncaring sex…There will only be true satisfaction with Christ…Except what God has given us…Some of the most beautiful woman are truly ugly on the inside… and visa-versa…God Bless, Gina