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J-Hud Takes Cover of Life Magazine

J-Hud Takes Cover of Life Magazine

Ladies and germs, may I present to you Miss Jenny Hudson on the cover of Life Magazine with photographs by Peggy Sirota. I absolutely love this one but could have done without this one. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Check out some choice quotes from Jennifer‘s interview with Life:

  • On serving at Burger King: “The only nonentertainment job I took was at Burger King [as a teenager]. My older sister, Julia, was the super-employee. I made a mess of everything: Burgers would go flying out of my hand. I’d drop the cheese. It made me realize I better find a job doing something completely different.”
  • On loving The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: “It was while watching an episode of the ’90s Will Smith sitcom that she first heard “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” Dreamgirls’ signature song. “Will was lip-synching to it, and I was like, ‘Who is that singing? I have to sing that song.’ I never would have guessed. . . .”
  • On her one true love: “My boyfriend, James Peyton, 27, and I have been together since 1999, so he watched me struggle to get here. There were some dark times when I’d say, ‘I can’t sing anymore. I’m not right for this.’ He’d say, ‘Jennifer, there’s no way you’re not singing. Keep it up, girl, keep it up.’ ”

Read Jennifer Hudson‘s full Life interview here.

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  • Open Entrance

    The sky is the limit! It is nice to see someone who is humble get so many opportunities. Hopefully she stays that way.

  • LOVE

    Take THAT vogue!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


    I feel sorry for her. Soon everyone who help hype her up will forget all about her. Then what.

  • http://justjared Rose

    HER talent should be able to take over from there. The trouble is the media can’t wait for her to peak so they can start tearing her down.

  • http://justjared Rose

    Her talent is supposed to take her the rest of the way. And it will. The trouble is the very media which hyped her can’t wait to tear her down.

  • VB

    I am so f*$king shocked!

  • NikkiG

    She has Life Magazine! I think Beyonce’s head just blew off her shoulders!

  • FreeHolly

    She has entered another demographic once again! First Essence, then Vogue, now Life Magazine. Gosh I hope she is getting paid!!!! Or she needs to fire her agent! And I hope Clive didn’t shaft her with his record deal!

  • GidgetWantstoSurf

    How in the H&ll is she going to top this AFTER the Oscars? I guess the only cover of importance is Time magazine.

    Jennifer Hudson for Woman of the Year!

  • Cocobuttr

    I am so happy that she got the cover, but don’t like the photos they took! She looks sort of tired on the cover. I wish they would use pic #5

  • DroolingforGerard

    Ha! That’s funny how in the article she said didn’t think about Simon.. I guess his feelings are hurt because he’s always thinking everything revolves around him!

  • Aisha

    GidgetWantstoSurf Says:

    I second that motion!

  • ZaleClinique

    I am not really feeling the set of pictures they took. I’ve seen her look a hell of lot better. But I’m still proud of JH. You rock the kasbah girlfriend.

  • Xeus&Hera

    She has topped every single Idol winner in only six short months and she doesn’t even have an album out! This is absolutely insane!! At this point it seems like she can’t even drop an album because she has too much to live up to now!

  • Paulnewmanmyhero

    This girl is the shiznit!

  • Greta


    You are always so negative!

  • Bootylicious88

    Great article and photos by Life! You go Jennifer!

  • Dreamgal

    At least this is one Jennifer who is receiving rave reviews and coveted magazine covers because of her talent and NOT because she has a big booty!

  • MMom

    Don’t like pics either-God bless her-BAMZS Rock!

  • Betch!

    I predict that she will be forgotten soon. She does have talent but this overexposure will make the public grow tired of her, presumably after she wins the Oscar.

  • Dinaispissed!

    Papa Knowles is losing his touch! Beyone 1 vs. Jennifer’s 3 covers for March!

  • Smackadocious

    I was in total shock when I saw this post and had to put my two cents in. How is she going to be able to top this? Almost feel bad for her because she has pretty much reached the zenith of her career.

    Well since she’s conquered movies…I guess she’s going to have to blow up the grammys as well. Which shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to knock Mary J off.

  • HaterAide

    Although I am estatic for her I hate the picture they chose!

  • Exotika

    Go Jennifer! Go Jennifer!

  • Queen Bee

    Well this will surely put a little more wind in the sails of Dreamgirls ticket sales, even though it really doesnt’ need it since it’s already well over the $100 million mark.

  • Moonman

    An oscar is nothing…She deserves a moon man!

  • Hotlanta

    This sister is HOT!

  • Ga. Peach

    I wonder if Clive Davis is behind all of this media hype?! Seems like nobody touched her until she finally signed a recording deal with him. There even calling her the Next Whitney Houston.,CST-FTR-hudson03.article

    I just hope her boyfrined isn’t a loser like so and so

  • NoNameActress

    Well her man has one thing going for himself he’s a real cutie, which Bobbie never was not even when he was with New Edition.

  • backspace

    forget the fashion rags, this is monumental

  • Notorious

    True talent really speaks for itself in this business. Look at J-ho her 15 minutes of fame lasted for four years and only because of who she was dating. Move over Jennifer and let the Real Jennifer reign!

  • Bonnie&Clyde

    Love Love Love picture # 5. That has my vote as well for cover, but oh well.

  • ShakaZulu

    Finally some postings that have some merit instead of two people taking their kids for a boat ride in India or playing ball in the park.

  • Dosha

    JH Rocks!

  • Raw Digga

    Can anyone tell me what she placed in American Idol. Sorry probably the only one in America who doesn’t watch the show:P

  • GaryGanew

    Not really feeling the pics did photoshop get erased off the hard drive?!

  • Bikini Wax

    Who were they trying to channel with picture # 3? Chicago? Gypsy Rose Lee. I agree with you Jared horrible.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Some of these statements are absolutely ludicrous. I mean these are some of the most idiotic and unfair statements I’ve read on JJ. How could a person compare Jennifer’s one role as Effie, a role she only got because she was fat, if Beyonce was 30 pounds heavier, she would have got that role [Fact]

    But comparing Jennifer’s One movie to Beyonce’s Whole Career is Ridiculous. Jennifer has to GET A RESUME FIRST.

    Dream girls was a good movie. But some of you are speaking as if JH is the Best Actress in Hollywood. Lmaoooooooooooooo

  • GG

    Life Magazine!!!!! This is truly unbelievable. She’s an inspiration for so many young Black girls. Black, beautiful and talented. I don’t want to hate on Beyonce…but Sports Illustrated vs. Life!?

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Life Magazine:

    I am so proud and happy for this girl, as all should be.. UNLESS you are a professional HATER.. If so do your job!!

    As for feeling sorry for HER i think you should save that pity
    for yourself.. STARS ..don’t need pity they need (((((applause))))))

    So hate on- but move out of the way, JH is on her way

  • A Certain Smile

    J Hudson earned her celebrity because of talent. She is not a size 2 but she has the kind of charisma people are born with. If she picks the right management and is willing to work hard she will have a lasting career.

    I told my brother last year that she had it. She nailed it take after take on the set. I had never seen American Idol so I saw her without any bias. She just has it and a great voice.

  • AndrĂ©

    Beyonce is on the cover of Sports Illlustrade and lots of others.
    cause..besides being talented, Beyonce is baeutiful and thin.
    Yes, I’m being mean..LOL
    i’m just so fed up with J Hud.

  • AndrĂ©

    And..when there’s all this fuss about an Oscar nominee…the Oscar just goes the other way.

  • Beg@differ

    Andre says:

    I beg to differ this time…she has it in the bag!

  • ashylarry

    I glad that J HUD is getting the recognition she deserves (I saw her on idol singing “Imagine”), but does anyone think her singing in the movie was a little over the top?
    I mean, she has come from very humble beginings etc., and her story is pretty amazing and I’m not denying that she doesn’t deserve everything great coming her way, but I thought her singing was a little much in the movie. Just my opinion.

  • http://deleted nope

    I wasn’t impressed with Dreamgirls. I just didn’t like it. I don’t like those kinds of movies anymore. I can only watch the old musicals. I didn’t like Chicago either. There is too much going on – too many breaks into something else.

    Hudson was great, but I do not see a flourishing career. Girls gotta have something “special.” Usually they must be really pretty. Especially a black woman.

  • Jasmine

    I love JHud but she is sweeping everything awards and magazines and she is so beautiful with so much energy,charisma and a personality to match. I hope she stay humble. Because she is one talented woman and her voice is so powerful she reminds me of the old Whitney with that voice. But if she wins the Oscar and is Time Magazine women of the yr. I will scream!!!!! And thats not literally but of course I will scream in a happy way!! Go JHUd!!!!


    FUG FACE MANISTON: He says that about everybody. I think he’s afraid his family has forgotten about HIM! Poor thing!

    Just pray for him! LOL!


    Oh – and these pictures aren’t new. They first appeared in Essence Magazine months ago (maybe even a year ago, right after the Oscars).