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Russell Crowe Smokes 'Em

Russell Crowe Smokes 'Em

Russell Crowe makes a daily habit of biking through the streets of Woolloomooloo, Australia, with his mates on Thursday morning. The 42-year-old Academy award winning actor stops off for a cell phone chat and a cigarette.

I would have never known these were different pictures than yesterday’s if it were not for the different gloves.

And there is much irony in using biking as a form of exercise and then stopping to break for a ciggy…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • angelina_mmm

    that “irony” is called Aussie lifestyle :)
    that’s what ‘we’ do (and as a nation we’re pretty fit go figure)
    Melbourne smells like an ashtray heh (and it’s not just the pubs, our airport has a distinct smell of booze and smoke)
    you don’t realise how ‘bad’ it is until you make a trip oversease and come back and there it is that ‘smell’ of home

    Sydney is hilly + hot (well, parts of the city…) I can ‘hear’ his lungs giving up on him
    smoking is bad for ya

  • Jeannie

    Crowe is wearing the same gloves in both sets of pictures… it’s what he’s wearing [or not] under the hoody that’s different.

    As for the smoking.. too bad… he’ll probably die young. But at least he’ll die fit.

  • http://deleted Lisa

    He’s so happy with his wife and kids now. I don’t think he cares about stardom anymore.

  • coalharbourqt

    errr, not sure how you can consider someone “fit” when their lungs are black, but to each their own. This goes beyond irony – it’s called STUPIDITY! :-)

  • Boo!

    ugh! Russel makes smoking looks so damn hot!

    It’s a bad habit. He needs to quit before it’s too late :(

  • Bebop

    Oh, please, if he were happy, he would not be showing so much bad behaviour, punchin people and such.

    Yep, he will die youn. Way too much smoking (not just normal ciggies….) and drinking going on.

  • Musicalady

    Quitting smoking is even worse! Nicotine is the strongest diuretic known to man! If you quit using a diuretic, they will have to remove the gallbladder! You cannot live without your gallbladder! I know! I tried to quit smoking, and now I’m dying from not having a gallbladder! And there are millions of people out there who are learning the same lesson!

  • coalharbourqt

    Musicalady Says:

    Funny, I quit smoking and never had that problem. But then, I also drank coffee which is also a diuretic. I have never heard of this problem by the way – wouldn’t a diuretic affect your kidneys first? The gallbladder has to do with digestion and produces bile.

  • Musicalady

    Now that you’ve quit smoking, do you have heartburn? That’s your gallbladder. It has stopped ridding your body of bacteria! Now, your stomach is producing more acid in an attempt to neutralize the bacteria, hence the heartburn. The gallbladder is responsible for circulating the water in your body, it also keeps the water pressure equalized in all parts of the body! As it circulates the water, it picks up toxins, and flushes them out. NO OTHER ORGAN DOES THIS! It’s your liver that produces most of the the bile. Some people can go longer than others before the heartburn starts! Your doctor will tell you it’s GERD, and prescribe Prilosec OTC. This will only take care of the heartburn. When you smoke, the diuretic in the nicotene flushes the water, and toxins from the body, and the gallbladder forgets how to do it. So, when you quit smoking, the gallbladder fills with all these toxins, and becomes inflamed. There is NO CURE for this. I wish you luck, and hope that you are one of the people who goes a long time before they have to remove that gallbladder because, you have no idea what life will be like without it! I wish that I could give you my e-mail addy, so that we could discuss this further! There are a lot of things that you should know, that your doctor will not tell you!