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TRL Canceled!!!!!!!!

TRL Canceled!!!!!!!!

Believe the rumors, yo!

Just got word from an MTV employee that TRL officially got the ax and will definitely not be renewed for another season. I still can’t believe it… TRL was a classic!

Enjoy the TRL countdown while you still can, kiddos.

R.I.P. T.R.L. (1998 – 2007)

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  • woohoo

    WOW. i wonder whats going to replace it….

  • Chloe


  • tanique

    WHATTTTT? i must be honest, i left when carson did. it was his show, and it lost something, or maybe i just grew up. either way, that was my show when he was host. good times.

  • nameless

    FINALLY! I HATE MTV. Like eveything else that used to be good, it was defintely over after the 90′s. I miss those days. I think its so stupid though that they haven’t cancelled Sweet 16, Date my mom, and all of those other useless shows. I also hope I can figure out why that stupid L.C girl is famous. She seems to be like evry other dumb naive girl in this country.

  • macheath


  • http://justjared anonymous

    That show was boring as hell…..
    Hmmm…….but that was really the only music left on MTV……..MUSIC television
    Seriously…….I’m all for TRL gettin the ax…but where did all the music go?????

  • gia

    the end of an era.

    god, but i’m so old, i remember in the late 80s when mtv was all music…

  • mickey

    “TRL was a classic” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! That has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Steve

    MTV is the suckiest suckfest on Television. Back in the 80′s and early 90′s, it was great. But now it’s a reality show channel mixed with tween-programs that suck the most vile ass in the world.

    I swear, I wish I could decapitate the ass who came up with “My Sweet 16″ and all of that other sh_t. Real World? Please. Don’t get me started on their craptastic dating/lie detector shows. It makes me want to go to their studios with a machete and a couple of blocks of C4.

    MTV doesn’t even show music videos or music-related programs anymore. It’s a steaming pile of excrement and a shadow of its former-self.

  • Q

    because they have been lying about what songs are really hot and really not. The whole countdown has been fake and bullshit 4 so long ‘dat I saw this coming. Since they hardly play videos anyway, The question is what will they fill the time with?

  • Carson_Blows

    TRL totally sucked ass! They should’ve axed it loooong ago. Come to think of it, they should’ve axed Carson live on the air back then. It would’ve made it a much better show.

  • André

    I like TRL.
    Brazilian’s TRL got cancelled too.

  • André

    Mtv Brazil is full of stupid shows like Super Sweet Sixteen (i just can’t believe soem american teenagers can be so fake anf hollow), Pimp my Ride, My Own, Roomraiders and s*** like that. And some local productions which are also s***.
    And to top it off, Mtv BR only bought 8th & Ocean 1st season..¬¬..and that was a nice show…
    Laguna Beach and The Hills were bought by another channel..
    I guess Mtv is dumb everywhere in the globe.

  • Queen Bee

    nameless Says: /Steve Says/Anonymous says

    Amen ya’ll!

    In my opinion, MTV was more interesting when they only had about 20 videos in rotation and Grace Slick’s daughter Chynna, as a summer VJ. Hell that teenager had more personality in her pinky than any of those paper weigts from MTVs line up.

    The execs should have seen the writing on the wall years ago, when they started getting their a$$es kicked by 106 and Park, which began to top them in ratings.

    I guess you can’t continue to be bubble gum pop culture and not eventually become hard and stale. TRL you are thankfully in the trash.

  • Queen Bee

    nameless Says: /Steve Says/Anonymous says

    Amen ya’ll!

    In my opinion, MTV was more interesting when they only had about 20 videos in rotation and Grace Slick’s daughter China, as a summer VJ. Hell that teenager had more personality in her pinky than any of those paper weigts from MTVs line up.

    The execs should have seen the writing on the wall years ago, when they started getting their a$$es kicked by 106 and Park, which began to top them in ratings.

    I guess you can’t continue to be bubble gum pop culture and not eventually become hard and stale. TRL you are thankfully in the trash.

  • Thirty-Three


    Now hopefully MTV will go back to actually showing ROCK MUSIC VIDEO’S like they used to. MTV has sucked since about 1997.

  • anustin

    i want seacrust show get ax!

  • ( | )

    now if they just canceled the rest of the station they might just be doing something right. they generally show only about 30 minutes of videos anyway and trl… what a trainwreck. song starts… oh my god oh my god i just want to thank my big and say whaddup to all my peeps… completely and utterly disgusting.

  • Mary

    Hahaha…I only have one thing to say. With TRL gone will MTV ever actually be playing music videos? I think they have definitely lost the initial purpose of their television station. Now the lineup is going to be only crappy reality shows like My Super Sweet Sixteen, The Hills, and the Real World and even more crappy dating shows like Next. They should just change their title to RTV (Reality TV) cause they aren’t playing music anymore!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    TRL is MTV’s best show. thats bad business. no one watches underaged & engaged

  • Nando

    TRL got really sucky just after the turn of the millenium.

  • Jorge

    Everyone is complaining about MTV not playing music videos anymore. That’s why MTV has five channels: MTV, MTV2, MTV Jams, MTV Latino, and MTV Hits. MTV and MTV2 are for reality shows. If you want music videos watch MTV’s other three stations.

    TRL was only good and “classic” the first coupe of years it was on.

  • No I’m not like that

    Not all of us pay $90 per month and receive every fucking channel on the face of this earth.

    Limited basic cable here – 27 channels and feeling pretty damn good that I can’t name 5 shows on MTV .

  • mtv trl sucks


    will MTV PLEASE play more videos! only place to watch videos now is youtube and shit. TRL sucked.


  • Joe

    Because you have opened this… you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life… if you don’t break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. . Good Luck!

  • Fifi

    Never liked that show, good.

  • mouseygirl

    I just hate the hosts! Damien Fahey, Vanessa Minnillo, Susie Castillo—they all have personalities of a rock. A very boring, decaying piece of rock! Carson made things interesting instead of just completely reading off prewritten material. TRL was a great platform for viewers to make their votes count. Until it was found out that any video could make the count down as long as there was payola. I say bring it back with different hosts. Ones who are passionate about pop music and culture and not trying to be a part of it.

  • Felipe


  • MonkeyShines

    It was on tv 9 years and 11 months too long. Glad its going now can MTV cancel The Real World, Road Rules and all other shows (except the delightful Laguna Beach and The Hills) and resume playing actual MUSIC VIDEOS for at least 23 hours a day?!

  • MC.Lee

    Well it definately wasn’t the same after Carson left but it is still very sad to see it go. It helped make alot of todays A listers famous. Heres to the memories, music video’s and special guest apperances. R.I.P. TRL 1998-2007

  • sexymf

    Those FIVE MTV channels are not here in the US-that’s Europe…when I go to London I can actually see videos on MTV since they have so many channels. They will NEVER bring those channels to the US.

  • nameless

    God I am so glad that I wasnt alone. How can those of you even think that Laguna Beach and the Hills should be in existance? I live near a bunch of stuck up bitches and I could have made that show myself!


  • Brandon

    TRL was horrible anyways. It was about the only show that played music on MTV, but they didn’t even show the video. I went tot a tapping once in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock and it was all scripted. It used to be okay when Nine Inch Nails and KoRn where on it, but now it blows the big one, along with MTV. MTV sold out in the late 90′s and doesn’t seem like it will ever make a comeback. But hey, most of the music made now a days sucks anyway.

  • http://deleted Pessimist I am

    I HATE MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I’m old enough to remember its beginnings. Wow! How low can people go? MTV is playing a big part in the failures of young people. It makes no sense to me. They are the ones who are making young girls unhappy at home because they aren’t beautiful and their parents aren’t rich enough to throw them $1 million birthday parties. When I watched some of their shows, I said there must be an evil spirit working in this world because instead of pushing young people toward things that will help them in life like education, they influence them to have terrible characters. They push them to expect the world to dance to their tunes instead of pushing them toward hard work and its payoffs. Totally the wrong message to send the youth around the world. No wonder so many kids today don’t have a clue about life. Parents aren’t raising their kids anymore. They’re not teaching them the proper values and morals. Then they leave them at the mercy of My Space predators and MTV. I’ve decided I don’t want to live forever on this earth the way its getting. Seriously. things are going downhill quickly. It seems to be getting worse every day. I hate to be pessimistic, but I fear for the coming generations. If kids are not being raised by responsible parents, they’re not going to be worth much to society. The world is not going to be a happy place.

  • Daniel

    YES!! Annoying fucking show GONE….

    i HATED IT since the first show…. and that shit better not rerun on MTV HITS like it does every once in a while…

    The only channel that plays music videos all the time is MTV hits…

  • tkirby

    WTF!!! I couldn’t stand the show but at least we actually saw some of those things called Music Videos. I always wondered what Music Television was for but over the years it’s hasn’t had anything to do with Music. Just dramas. Hopefully they will start playing some videos.

  • marymi

    the best thing MTV should’ve did last year, was arcknollege their 25th anniversary,

  • Sandra

    T.R.L was a classic with Carson Daly once he left it all went down the Drain……. Bye Bye new cast shall not be miss only Carson…

  • Suzi

    wow! I am shocked! NOT!!!! I hope something good replaces it like MUSIC VIDEOS!

    Jesus MTV where did you go? I may remember when you began but now……..either go back to the basics or go off the air.

  • Cami

    I used to love the music videos. Now I watch a lot of country music television (CMT) and I wasn’t a big country fan, but hey, it’s decent. Carrie Underwood is right. Country music has real talent. The singers have great voices. I still like a variety of music. I like certain rap every now and then, but most of it is too nasty.

    I miss good music. We’ve lost something very dear over the years.

  • Nick Piro

    Damn Skippy! That show needed to be canceled a long time ago. What happened to MTV?!? That show sucked so bad…You had a count down that you didn’t actually get to watch ANY of the videos…TRL used to be the show where you could watch some videos in the middle of MTV’s long boring programing because they weren’t an actual music station for sometime before TRL came on….I am glad it is gone!

  • Torie

    I’ve never really liked MTV, the shows on there are so STUPID!!!! And people wonder why American’s are stupid….look what they put on tv. Seriously people, and that guy up there that says that every girl in the country is stupid, I take offense to that. Not all of us are stupid, you just have to look behind what girls wear. We have minds to you know, but I will say a lot of girls are on the slower side, but that’s because of the MEDIA!!!! Personally they should just not have invented tv.



  • Zac

    AAAGGGHHHH!!!! MTV SUCKS. Bottom line. Thats why I watch VH1 instead, because they actually play MUSIC!! And they have the Head Bangers Ball, so they play rock unlike they’re faggish cousin MTV. Yeah. VH1 FTW!

  • yawp

    wtf? i just went on another site, they said that the show is taking a “break” sometime in nov. and it’s NOT being off the air FOREVER.
    damn. ppl need to find out the real shxt.

  • michael

    wow you guys are all gay. pay for satellite or cable sheesh. if you had mtv mtv2