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Tyra Banks, Sports Illustrated, Take Two

Tyra Banks, Sports Illustrated, Take Two

Tyra Banks is commemorating herself for being the first African American supermodel to appear solo on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition by donning the same red polka dot bikini she wore 10 years ago.

Said Tyra of the swimsuit’s adjustments: “”I was about 140 pounds on that cover … and I’m 161 now. I’d say I looked like a stripper when I put it on. They covered the sides of my chest so that it wasn’t so much hangin’ out. And they put some extenders on the sides of the bikini bottom so it fit. I think there’s more power in embracing what I am now and showcasing that. I’m thinking that I should probably do this every 10 years. So, in 2017 maybe I’ll get in the swimsuit again and I’ll have to get them to add a little more fabric.”

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  • Riley

    When is she going to go away?

  • g121

    i love tyra..she is lovelya nd very intelligent too!

  • http://deleted in truth

    You need to put Tyra’s face on Naomi Campbell’s body. That would be the perfect model. Tyra has really nice boobs and had a pretty small waistline years ago, but her butt and legs have to go. Her legs are terrible. Her thighs are a lot bigger than her calves. They are not balanced. Plus she has the worst looking feet. Naomi’s feet are pretty bad too -they’re really big, but if she wears pumps you don’t notice them.

  • tanique

    thank you riley. we get it. now, go sit down somewhere.

  • magnus

    They’re only photographing her head now. That’ll show everyone that’s she’s not fat.

    It’s too bad she didn’t drown.

    She’s not commemorating herself so much as she’s taking a dump on whatever reputation she once had.

  • Dennis

    Tyra has been an example of someone who is not afraid to work hard for what she wants. I respect her.

  • jabbers

    I went to the taping of that show. She recreated the whole photoshoot with the same photographer and everything. She pretty much looked the same. She really is gorgeous.

  • Foxy

    please she is so full of herself. On her damn show she only talks about herself all the fking time; it’s sickening. When everyone was saying her breast is fake she made a big deal about it and had an ultrasound done to prove they are real. When the tabloids called her fat she made a big deal about it on her show. She is a self-obsessed b1tch; i’m so sick of her. She’s only doing that because Beyonce is on the cover of SI. She’s a washed up has been. She need to sit her a$$ down somewhere. She’s not pretty and I always hated her body, her legs are funny looking, and she needs some calf inplants. JMO

  • zee

    love her. She’s keeping it real. People’s perceptions are seriously warped now. Tyra’s fat. Beyonce’s fat etc etc etc. Guess every woman who’s bigger than a size two should just commit suicide now right?

  • Rod

    I love Tyra…she is so beautiful. Awesome face and chest. Not a “toothpick” model.

  • ME

    You are supposed to commemorated. When you commemorate yourself it don’t mean a damn thing! This just highlights how everything Tyra says, does and talks about are all about HER. She is the most self centered person alive and she needs to just go away!

  • Lelu

    Spare me. When she was at her model weight I never saw her advocating anything about healthy weight and excepting your body and yourself for who you are. Now all of a sudden since she’s packed on the pounds and is gettin’ a hell of a lot of scrutiny from the press, she’s become some sort of women’s advocate…..bite me.

  • Ann

    I agree with Lelu. Now that she’s fat, she’s making a big deal of being “healthy”. When she was skinny, you never heard a word come out of her mouth about that. She needs to shutup and stop having forkitis. Lose some weight, not because you were a supermodel, but because you’re too heavy & look awful.

  • mari

    There is no way that she weighed 140 lbs. when she was on the cover of SI. Maybe 120 tops.

  • http://justjared Rose

    Tyra IS NOT commemmorating herself. She does not own SI. SHE DID NOT MAKE THE DECISION TO PUT HERSELF ON THE COVER. SI did that. Someone at JJ wrote that line to stir up controversy and you fell for it. You have got to learn to differentiate between facts and subjective commentary by writers editors.

  • kae

    Wow, some of you people need to go see a shrink. At 5’11″ 161 lbs., Tyra is not fat. That is so ridiculous. You may think that she’s fat because you’re use to seeing skeletal looking models who don’t take care of themselves. Sounds like some of you need to take a look at the Body Mass Index and learn a little bit about healthy body weight. No wonder this woman feels the need to defend herself. A couple of bad pictures are taken of her in a bikini and people are all over her calling her a fat ass. Ladies, stop being so judgemental about other women’s bodies. Would you like to be called a fat ass? I don’t think so. Grow up!

  • babygirl

    Tyra is not fat, but she is too damn self-centered and full of herself. She need to get off of her high horse. I agree with Foxy. She went on this rampage about her weight drawing more attention to herself. The tabloids make fun of other celebs and the way they look, but hardly any of them seems to care. Her looks are gone, and pretty soon she’s going to bee a has been beging to be on Dancing with the Stars to get back in the public eye.

  • tex

    She is soooo hot. Has been. You people who think she is fat are one step from delusions. Get away from your monitor and look at some real people once in a while.

  • kyt

    gorgeous lady. and i respect her a lot. she seems to be one of the few people in hollywood that can get famous and not have things stuck up her ass. congratulations girl.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Tyra ~ you have my vote!!!! lol

  • guitar

    nice cans

  • coalharbourqt

    Posters 15 & 16 nailed it.

    Lelu – Maybe Tyra wasn’t a spokesperson for eating disorders when she was modelling because she was too busy working her butt off so she could get to a point (now) where she has the success, power and platform to speak her mind. Shooting your mouth off when you’re a fledgling model and have no credibility in the industry would just be shooting yourself in the foot.

    Tyra’s a great advocate who in fact was ridiculed for years when she was younger for being TOO skinny, even though she didn’t HAVE an eating disorder. The fact that she is ridiculed NOW for being a HEALTHY weight is just as absurd. I’m sure she’s seen EVERYTHING with having been in the industry for so many years, and I’d rather hear about it from her than an observer who’s never been in her shoes.

    Why you want to tear down a woman who is trying to expose stereotypes and backward thinking that affects ALL women of every shape, colour, race, and religion is beyond me, but if you don’t like what she has to say – change the channel or skip the thread ladies. Tyra is here to stay and this chick loves her!

  • http://Justjared smartgirlmel

    First of all, she probably was 140 maybe even more, take in to account her height, and the fact that she always had curves. No matter how happy you are, as a woman, as a person, you still wouldnt say you are heavier than you are. Second, i think she sounds self centered because she uses herself as an example, to get all her well thought out, self helping, self esteem building points out there. And a good example she is, for everyone. Way to go Tyra :)

  • Mariana

    She is a hypocrit period. No man in her life and food is her substitute, her mum is damn annoying too – Tyra go suck on a lifesaver and spare us.

  • Mariana


  • Doll

    Ok. Why are they only photographing her from the neck up! Love you Tyra but give it up. We’re getting annoyed.

  • Jonas

    i use to like tyra a little. but have always loved Naomi. But she is going over board with this weight thang. u use to be skinny, now u have gained some weight, give it a rest.

  • Chocolate

    Tyra is an unique individual and of cours if I met her I would just be blown away! Ok. If anyone saw a celebrity, they would be hyped.

    However, I do think that Tyra is too self-absored and is very depressed about not being able to model anymore. She sucked at her singing career and now she is trying to be the next something on TV.

    Of course, her reality show does well because there are nothing but skinny azz white girls trying to model. But the talk show is garbage and is just a unit of the reality show. All she talks about is modeling.

    Modeling is over!! Pls. just stop making everything about yourself!!

  • g121

    i love tyra..i think she is very smart and she is the perfect example that we, and i mean all of us, evolve in one way or another, maybe physically, emotionally, spiritually etc… and if it means her being fatter that doesnt mean she is any less as a person..what is important is her attitude as a woman.

  • Courtney

    Yet another way for Tyra to make a big deal out of herself. Notice how so many of her shows have everything to do w/ her? She’s in love w/ herself and this self importance, notice me, notice me crap is getting old. She makes a big deal out of everything the media brings up about her. Move on Tyra, you’re not that big of a deal!

  • http://justjared Queeney

    This is to the haters talking about how when Tyra was modeling that she wasn’t talking about being healthy. Basically, you need to do your research! When Tyra came back from France at the age of 19, she went right into mainstream runway modeling because she was very small. However, she hated the way she had to eat and she hated the fact that she had to be so small.. so she quit mainstream modeling and went to Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated. Her reasoning for that is because she wanted her body to be full and not so skinny. So, before you haters say something, do your research. Or better yet, read her biography. HAters!!!!

    PS. When did a six foot person who wieghs 161 become fat????? I bet the ones who wrote that she is fat is pushing 300 pounds.

  • Luv2luv

    Everyone that dissed Tyra need to sit down and shut the f^&% up!!!! Yall just hating. She’s still getting PAID and yall not. And for the person who said her thigh’s are bigger then her calfs is a BIG IDIOT and they need to be check for having an EATING DISORDER!!!! YOUR THIGHS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BIGGER THEN YOUR CALFS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND…..LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE IN THE OLSEN TWIN CATEGORY!!!!! TYRA IS NOT A WHITE GIRL SO SHE IS GOING TO HAVE CURVES. And for you who DON’T GET IT: GET A LIFE CAUSE SHE HAS ONE!!!! THAT’S WHY HER NAME IS IN YALL MOUTHS AND YOURS IS NOT IN HERS!!!! I LOVE TYRA, I think her show is great and that she is coming along just fine!!!! She’s got good topics and she’s “real” unlike some of these other hosts who’s shows are the same every week!!! I never seen so many haters on one post in my life!!! Yall need prayer!!!

  • tiffany

    u gotta love tyra

  • Setsunna

    I won’t knock Trya for getting where she is, but I too, agree that she talks about herself a bit too much on her show. I understand that it’s called the Tyra Banks Show, but that doesn’t mean a whole hour of “ME ME ME ME ME” coming out of Tyra’s mouth.

    As someone stated before, she is not happy with not being able to model… and I agree with that one as well. This is the same woman who will have overweight girls as guests and tell them, “you’re beautiful the way you are etc.,” and in the same show give them a make-over and tell them to strut their stuff because they “look slimmer.”

    The whole “compare my bikini shot to 10 years ago” show was not needed. She is a talk show host, not a model and she’s even said that on her show, so there was no need to showcase something like that on TV.

    As a talk show host, you have guests, and the show becomes involved of your guests and the topics at hand. For some reason, Tyra will have guests (some that seem to be there for no reason at all but to help Tyra admire herself) and somehow take what they say and turn it into an experience that SHE’s had herself.

    Next time you catch an episode of the Tyra Banks show, I challenge you to pay attention to how she speaks to her guests. Count, I mean, COUNT how many times she will take a guest’s statements and bring up something about her. You’ll be amazed. The camera man may even forget about the guest alltogether and eventually you will see Tyra talking directly to you with a guest right next to her!

    I, personally, don’t like her show. If she could be more guest oriented and not so “how do I look, me, I, me, I,” or “being fat is beautiful-but I wear this to look smaller and sexy,” her show may just have longer airtime. But for now, she will flood the airwaves with herself.

    Because Tyra said so.

  • Valerie

    Ok. So I’ve read every post here.. and here’s my take on it.

    The reason that Tyra talks about herself so much is to explain to these ladies that she has been through what they are going through.
    Have you ever noticed how people don’t believe advice taken from people who haven’t experienced their problems first hand? Why take advice from someone who doesn’t understand?

    Tyra understands because she has BEEN there, DONE that. And she explains that to these girls. I, personally, like the fact that she explains this to them.

    She’s just a real woman who doesn’t try to hide all her flaws. I like that. I believe that America has become too caught up in promoting the image of too-tiny, hairless, flawless girls. There are way more children with eating disorders these days than there were, say, 15 years ago.

    So what if Tyra says being fat is okay and then gives them slimming clothes. It boosts their self-esteem in 2 different ways. It’s a positive. She’s a positive. And I wish more people would promote the healthy image that Tyra does.

    I saw her 10years commemoration show today. And I must say, that between her two pictures, this most recent one looks the best. They did NOT just take face pictures, that’s just all that was posted on this site. And Tyra looked way better now that she actually has some meat on her bones. She’s not a stick thin girl anymore. She’s a woman with curves and I find that incredibly attractive. I wish more girls would be happy with their weight. You can have a BMI of 24.7 and still look great. You can be at the end of your “weight spectrum” and still be gorgeous.

    F*** modern day media and what lies they feed us about what is beautiful and what is not. If this were still the age of the radio, we, as human beings with our OWN opinions, would actually be able to form our own opinions about what is attractive, and I can guarantee you, that just like when Marilyn Monroe was famous (at a size 14.. not a size 2!), we would find the “heavier” girls more attractive.

    Please, everyone, think for yourself. Don’t let the media trick you into thinking that 5’8″ and 120lbs is the only thing in this world that’s beautiful. Women have hearts and minds as well as their bodies.

  • Alessandra J


  • Pamela A. Hairston

    I admire the hell out of Tyra and true, she may talk about herself but hell, who doesn’t? As a black model, she had to work 3 times as hard as most of those skinny, bony, scary looking white models. TYRA BANKS, you the BOMB! And if you ever read this, google “Martinsville Seven” Sad, sad American story. Peace.

  • janae

    Tyra Banks is awesome! i love her and her show americas next top model! she is the coolest!!

  • the truth offends

    alot of you guys are so negative and probably just jealous because you all may not be as beautifull as her and as successful. If many of you guys did some reading then probably you’ll realise that Tyra did not just end up at the top but she worked damn hard to get where she is today. Yes she has a show, and on that show she addresses many social issues that affect people today, especially young people. that whole episode where she had the ultrasound to prove that her breasts were real was not because she was vain but was to prove to people out there that that you cannot believe everything the media says.. you know .. because it may not be true.. as proven in that show….think deeper people!.. if anything alot of you guys should be gratefull that she is who she is.Many people/stars when they have reached a high status simply just ‘live up’ the glamourous life, Tyra has been trying and is contributing alot of good and positivity to society……… Maybe alot of you guys have some issues within yourselves and just pounding on Tyra to soothe yourselves…..or maybe the negativity she is getting maybe the result of some sort of deepset racialism……. come on people grow up….
    and give Jack his jacket…..

  • jackie

    i wish i looked like tyra!!!


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  • yomo

    why they not take photos of the tyras´ butt???

  • mellymel

    The Tyra show used to only air at midnight. Now she’s on all the time, promoting herself one way or the other. She needs her old time slot back, because I’m sick of her talking about herself ALL the time!! Whoever said she takes what the guests say and turn it into her own experience is dead on! How is this show still on the air? Why haven’t the critics seen this for what it really is and crucify her? She does the same thing on Top Model. And don’t you just love her own shots that she has to throw up there–you know those are only taken for the show & not from her past portfolio. She’s a self important, conceited woman who is concerned with her guests and aspiring models only to the extent that she can somehow bring it all back to herself. I will not watch anything produced by her ever again. I don’t want my TV falsely contributing to her ratings!!


    Tyra is a cockroach. Where’s my can of Raid?

  • lovingdownunda

    OMG! I’ve been over Tyra like the prunes I ate yesterday. She is sooooooooo full of herself. I can’t watch her anymore. Used to but no more. She talks “at” people not “to” them only to hear herself speak.