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Britney Spears Entering Rehab!!!

Britney Spears Entering Rehab!!!

Isn’t she lovely, this Hollywood girl?

BREAKING! Britney Spears is entering rehab!!!

Britney Spears is entering a rehab facility. Spears was last seen leaving New York City two nights ago on a private jet with her two young sons heading to Miami. Then, she disappeared off the paparazzi radar. Spears entering rehab comes after months of hard partying and friends having reached out to her to seek help.

Who else saw this coming 50 miles away?

UPDATE :: But apparently, she has already left after just spending one day at Eric Clapton‘s Crossroads Centre in Antigua.

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  • LV

    Who’s the source?

  • Capriciousdiva


  • kezie

    about bl$$dy time!
    you can see plain as day.. that she isn’t happy..
    glad she is finally admiting to herself that she needs some help.

  • b

    well nothing is official yet wasnt the source extra and tmz not the most reliable..but if it was for one day maybe she just had an appointment with a therapist? i’m sure britney will get through whatever shes going through. but she has to realize that, not everyone else. best wishes to her.

  • lol

    TMZ is the source. They say she checked in and a day later, SHE WAS OUTTA THERE.

    I’m amused by how many naive people there are in the world. Everyone pretends to be so cynical about Hollywierd, then they hear news about Britney entering rehab and they actually are so naive to think she’s going to be all better now. HA!

    Brit and her fans have an abusive relationship going on. No matter how many times she abuses your loyalty, the fans keep coming back. Britney isn’t the only who needs her help. Her fans do too.

  • WTF

    lol–I think the fans actually need MORE help than Shitney. Talk about denial. Damn.

    One day!!! Haaaa haaaa I’m surprised it was that long. Wonder where she’ll party tonight?

  • bdj

    Those day spas can be rough on a celebrity. Brit probably didn’t like the program interfering with her parting. Hopefully, she can get it together for the sake of her children.

  • LMAO!

    Spending one day at a treatment centre is not called entering rehab – it is called bolstering her denial. I hope nobody is fooled by this and thinks she has now received help. Rehab is an extensive process and she should do 90 days.

  • Susan

    Well, so much for that. I hate to say this but she’s heading down the same road as ANS. For the sake of those 2 beautiful children, check into a damn rehab and stay there! You’ve already blown your chances on rehabilitating your career, Brits. Don’t blow it with your life and your kid’s.

  • ISLANDmama

    oh please. that seems to be such the trend, party hard, go to rehab, make an apprearance there, exit and claim to be CLEAN and then use that to try and sell your work. This is obviously a stunt to push her upcoming trash-fest of an album. Save it.

  • Cyndi

    who gives a crap and what’s with this ‘she’s betraying her fans’. Bloody hell, since when artists were expected to lead an exemplary life, most of the dead legends died of overdose and other unmentionable diseases. Stop looking to these people as a family member that’s accountable to you!!

    only reason I wish her to get help, is for her kids and a better life for herself.

  • Linda G

    I detest her.

  • sarah j

    WOW big f*king surprise, what did u think?? she will not stop unless her ((rehab)) entering came along with a big scandal and im not talking about going out without panties or drinking too much etc etc…….
    im talking about a high scale scandal mel gibson or anna nichole kind of scandals

  • Jeannie

    I can’t believe I’m actually commenting on this piece of white trash, but like a train wreck, it’s hard to take your eyes off her life going down the tubes.

    So here it lies… she’s been given a chance, she didn’t have the courage or will to give rehab a try. Maybe she thought she was going to a Lindsey Lohan window dressing type place where you’re basically free to continue your partying ways. Eric Clapton’s place is hardcore, serious kick your butt and fly right rehab where you have to face up to your problems.

    Brit is such a disgusting coward… but worse, is what will probably happen to her kids. They should be taken away NOW for safety.

  • http://justjared BRIT IS A TRAINWRECK

    You can take the —– out of the trailer park, but you can not take the trailer park out of the —–, loser!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Blah. nothing can help this lame. Its over.

  • nameless

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you for letting me post as many comments as I like, and for not completely filtering me everytime I post…unlike some. Cough Cough Perez!

    For some reason Perez seams to think that its super cool to let millions of people visit his site, but he won’t let half of them post.

    He also thinks its cool to let Paris get away with using hateful words but hates it when others call people fags.

    To the downfall of Perez..Cheers!

  • valerie claiborne

    Her behavior is that of someone bi-polar, she is self medicating with pill’s and achole. I am starting to see a things in her that almost always points back to bi-polar. Her handlers or her family should have her to sit down with a conselor or even a MD to determine whether or not this could be a the reason for all the acting out. I know because I had it for years and acted out of control just like her, then I would look back what I had done and could barely lift my head up to face another day because of the shame. Then I would go right back to drinking to cover the shame and when you start adding drug’s to the mix of self medicating it becomes a spin and you can’t stop you spin out of control. I did this all through my 20′s and I still look back at the thing’s I had done and quilt takes over the shame. I hope for her sake and more so for her boy’s that she consider seeing someone who can help her, before it gets any worst. I went into a spin in fact it was my last where I shaved my head to thinking all right I am comented to starting over new begining’s, luckly for me I did see something staring back at me and it scared the $hit out of me and I sought out help. On the proper meds she can pull through but she need’s someone around her for suport her family maybe….or all the horse’s a$$’s she pays to take care of her. The time she is wasting with her boys, no-one can get back mainly her boy’s their young enough now that if she got the help she needs she could recover and have a chance to make it better and jump start on her new release CD and concert’s but until someone step up to her and makes her hear the truth she could loose year’s if this is her problem, personally since I have Bi-polar and live with from day to day. I can see it in other’s, God Bless her heart, I hope someone will step up and do the right thing.

  • Ha

    She’s O-V-E-R!!!

  • Brittany Murpyh fan respect video

    I loved brittany murphy :*(