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Nicolas Cage Goes Shirtless in 'Ghost Rider'

Nicolas Cage Goes Shirtless in 'Ghost Rider'

Those abs are sick!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Ghost Rider, a shirtless Nicolas Cage shows off his impressive (too impressive?) abs as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. How many hours in the gym did that require?

Ghost Rider is out in theaters today! Thanks, hsmythe!

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20 Responses to “Nicolas Cage Goes Shirtless in 'Ghost Rider'”

  1. 1
    LV Says:

    His stomache almost looks fake.

  2. 2
    Jorge Says:

    Those abs may be the only reason I’ll watch the movie when it finally hits Showtime.

  3. 3
    Danii Says:

    I just got back from seeing it and his abs did look a little fake…. but it was nice!! Oh, the movie was pretty decent too :)

  4. 4
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    I just got done watching Ghost Rider, and his stomach did look a little fake. But with months of training preparing. who knows.

  5. 5
    lurker opinion Says:

    How many hours in the gym did that require?
    Is wasn’t worth any time in the gym if in the end his abs are going to look like that. Now how Daniel Craig (Bond) or Brad Pitt (Fight Club) turned out was worth every second IMO.

  6. 6
    Michael Says:

    When he was in Chicago, what, 2 years ago now? Filming the Weather Man, we were talking with one of the security guards and he showed us Cage’s travel gym. He actually brings a portable gym with him to all of his shoots. That being said, abs ugly or not, he seems to try to keep tip top, regardless.

  7. 7
    macheath Says:

    Like other said, they seemed a bit fake on the big screen! Not to mention that they didn’t seem like that the whole time.

  8. 8
    A.J. Says:

    in hollywood they shoot the “Shirtless” scenes during to 1 to 2 weeks while the stars are in prime condition. (after they’ve been starving themselves and working out for hours a day) because there’s no way they can maintain abs like that through the whole shoot.

    (in the same vein: they shoot the love/sex scenes at the very beginning – in case the actors start working together and realize they cant stand each other).

  9. 9
    JoeyB Says:

    Apparently none of you are familiar with the word “CGI” and the wonders it can pull off.

  10. 10
    megan Says:

    clearly he worked only on the abs and not at all on the chest… he has 80-year old man pecs!!

    also, he must have had a ’40-year old virgin’-esque waxing session… me thinks this guy is VERY hairy in real life.

  11. 11
    Michael Says:

    That shot resulted in audible gasps from the audience I saw it with. It does look fake and watery and CGI-y — yet if you look closely, there are flab pockets and wrinkled patches even on that ripped torso. I wonder if anyone remembers a film he made called Kiss of Death in the 90′s. He was rockin’ the roids in that one for sure and the juice appears to be having strange effects on his mind AND body.

    Ghost Rider’s a good movie though. So was Wicker Man. Hey, 2 out of 817 ain’t bad.

  12. 12
    Celebrienne Says:

    I agree with JoeyB and Michael on the CGI-thing (CGI => Computer-generated imagery – for everybody who isn’t familiar with the expression).

    The abs look too chiseled to be all-real. It’s pretty obvious that the scene has been “digitally enhanced” – whatever.

    I liked him in Lord of War.

  13. 13
    gally_gal Says:

    OMG….. HE’s so hott. I wanna do something really naughty to those lickable abs.

  14. 14
    dildos Says:

    I think his body is a good surgeon’s work…

  15. 15
    prettyasian_gal Says:

    OMG…whether those abs are fake or not, i still love nic cage! he is an awesome actor and did good movies! he is still hot, despite his age! i like ghost rider, it’s a good movie! fits perfectly for Mr. Cage!…

  16. 16
    prettyasian_gal Says:

    OMG! whether those abs are fake or genuine, i still love nicolas cage! he is a good actor and did good movies! he is still hot, despite his age…ghost rider is a good movie, perfectly fits for Mr. Cage! he’s wife Kim is a pretty asian…their son is cute!

  17. 17
    babygirl88 Says:

    OMG! i love you nic! u r so gorgeous!

  18. 18
    Rrc Says:

    Nicholas Cage is very hairy. In several other scenes, you can see his dense thatch of chest hair poking above his shirt. If it’s not totally CGI, it’s at least body double.

  19. 19
    chk Says:

    OMG! What happened to his mat of torso fur? That doesn’t look like Nic at all …

  20. 20
    Gray Says:

    Is Kiss of Death that film where he is bench pressing a woman in the strip club in one scene? If you want to see Nic Cage with shredded abs then that is nothing, check out Birdy or The Boy in Blue when he was much younger and see how lean and cut he was in those films!

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