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Sienna Miller Curses Up a Storm

Sienna Miller Curses Up a Storm

The charming Sienna Miller drops by NYC’s Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday afternoon to tape her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Sienna, 25, gets made fun of for accidentally saying “****ing Hell!” on The Today Show when she thought she was on a commercial break.

Sienna and Dave play off each other very well and by the end of Sienna‘s interview, Dave winds up dropping the F-bomb himself! Watch Sienna Miller on David Letterman below!

Sienna MillerThe Late Show with David Letterman, 2/15
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  • JoliePitt

    guess, am the only one here!:) OMG, i am so sick of seeing sienna, britney, j-low/marc anthony and TOMKAT on the news daily now of these days! they are working VERY hard to gain publicity….it is darn annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody

    No matter how many appearances she makes, her movie will not get any better, and she won’t suddenly develop class.

    We have enough of our own home-grown trashy harlets here. Do we really need to start importing them now? Go back to England, Sienna, buy a bar of soap and wash your mouth out.

  • James

    Lol that’s was actually a really funny interview
    And i must admit Sienna looks quite adorable

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    someone has a serious crush on sienna.

  • viki

    god shes so cute

  • wierdo that wants Jude pix

    poor baby they made her sit for 10 second, not 3 seconds! 10 bloody seconds OH THE HUMANITY! Well, Of course she going to curse. i’m surprised she didn’t eat Katie Couric.

  • wierdo that wants Jude pix

    she did look cute though

  • LondonGirl

    She is the absolute model of lady-like grace and manners. NOT! We have a term for this type of girl/woman in the U.K.: a chav. And she is a chav, through and through.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    People call her the English [uk] version of Britney Spears. I wonder why that is, lol

  • Joe

    Because you have opened this… you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life… if you don’t break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. . Good Luck!

  • H

    She seems charming enough sometimes, but she also comes off as stupid at the same time. Not to mention she looked like crap on Letterman and in general lately she just looks like crap actually.

  • ellie

    she is adorable! i’ve never seen anything live of her before. only photos of her looking miserable after she got dumped by somebody with captions from snarky bloggers talking about what a bitch/slut she is. but she is very cute and likeable! who knew!

  • http://deleted Cecille

    a nobody…

  • bdj

    Wow!!! another picture of Sienna. Talking this time. What will that girl do next?
    Stay tune on Just Jared. (just kidding Just Jared).

  • Cyndi

    I only see Sienna out of a club, shopping in Chelsea, on the arm of her on-off sleazy boyfriend. This is the first time I watched her on an interview, surprisingly quite interesting and funny. Also, Factory Girl was a decent movie, she can actually act!

  • !

    Fug Face Maniston – go back to Dlisted. You just repeat everything MK says on his blog. Get some new comments of your own.

  • Jillian B

    This tired looking hag is so-over-rated. She has nothing going for her, but her potty mouth.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I hate being loved.

  • macheath

    Amazing how people complain about someone getting attention for promoting a project! Or that a British girl cursed (gasp, they actually are less prudish about such things across the pond!). Factory Girl was okay, but God damn, she acted the hell out of that role! And I rarely give out such genuine compliments in acting. She’s lovely.

  • test

    hi ;)

  • Whatchano

    This broad is hideous. Now I see why Jude law cheated on her with the nanny. Is that her on the View?? This broad is U_G_L_Y. Never really thought abour the reason why before but now I see why these girls tan up their skin, and plug up their lips and stuff looking like that. At first I was like Jude is a cheater but imagine waking up to that especially that pic of her o the View. Porbably scared the crap out of Jude not I feel sorry for him. She’s ugly. Why is she a celebrity anyway?

  • KeepingItBubbly

    OK so Sienna swears but you can’t really grill her for being a chav!!! shes got a public school education, her dads a banker and her mum was a model, that doesn’t really fit Council House Associated Vermin mould now does it? Oh and you say she doesnt belong on the A-list but everyone who comments on this is obviously interested in Sienna Miller hence why she is a huge celeb. She wouldn’t be famous if people didn’t care but THEY DO therefore she has made a name for herself. good for her!