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The Beckhams' House Hunting Continues

The Beckhams' House Hunting Continues

A few paparazzi can’t keep Victoria Beckham from continuing her search for a house in L.A. on Thursday afternoon. Vix, 32, ate at the Ivy for lunch and spent the afternoon house hunting in. Looking hot in them Siwy Denim Slimfit jeans (in Rain Wash) and red high heels…

Victoria Beckham clearly has fashion in her jeans. This just in from Women’s Wear Daily:

Beckham is expanding her budding DVB lifestyle brand, which is currently launching at retail with a collection of sunglasses, by adding denim to the mix. Beckham has inked a manufacturing deal with Western Glove Works to develop and distribute a denim collection, according to a statement by 19 Entertainment Ltd., the London-based media and branded entertainment firm that manages David and Victoria Beckham.

And why not, Vix wears her jeans well! And who wouldn’t want to own a pair of Beckham-branded jeans?!

And remember that awesome photo of David Beckham as Prince Phillip? Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the great interview below of Becks talking about Disney, his kids, and riding a mechanical horse!

David Beckham talks about being Prince Phillip from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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25 Responses to “The Beckhams' House Hunting Continues”

  1. 1
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Po$h will soon be the flyest chick in hollywood

  2. 2
    Dana Says:

    isn’t there any more pictures of Victoria? and what about the pics of her with the boys jared??? thanx for the ones u posted so far!

  3. 3
    krungkrung Says:

    they should buy the house of Courtny Cox isn’t it 4sale? that house is humongous, ridiculous even, y would u have a house like that when there’s only like 3 pipol living on it? 3 pipol, that’s Courtny, David n Coco living in a mall aka house hehe..

  4. 4
    Mediterranean Says:

    This is not a body of a mature woman. The only thing shows that this a woman body is her breasts which are completely FAKE!

    She is either travelling or going for a shopping or fashion shows. When is she at home with her kids, specially the sick one?

  5. 5
    Dana Says:

    Mediterranean, her son Romeo has epilepsy and he IS IN America with Victoria right now….and if David is okay with Victoria being away, i don’t understand why it bothers you???

    She is away from her home beacause she has to find a house and enroll her kids to a school.

    Her job is to go to the Fashion Shows sinces she is a designer herself!

  6. 6
    André Says:

    She doesn’t look hot..she looks crazy.
    But it’s nice to know she’s getting a job.

  7. 7
    Queen Bee Says:

    Poor thing she’s been afflicted with that awful disease, NOASSATALL.

    Maybe while she’s in Hollywood, she’ll have those two globes done as well…then take someone to court for exposing her, then be humiliated again because she lied about having a surgery.

    She is so gun ho about running over here, but I hope for her sake when she runs back to the UK, she still has a man! She has 10 times the competition in keeping David’s eye from roaming over here in the states than over in Europe!

  8. 8
    viki Says:

    Queen Bee, probably, there so much more hores in us than europe…

  9. 9
    viki Says:

    in America, i meant

  10. 10
    JoliePitt Says:

    sorry in advance to fans of POSH, but she’s is soooooooo SKINNY! her head is BIGGER than her body, making her look like an alien! she needs to gain, at least, 10 pounds to match her age and/or to avoid, making her look anexoric!!! yes, i know it sounds mean, but REALLY, she looks VERY skinny………………………

  11. 11
    Chrissi Says:

    Ohh…She looks not skinny She looks always skinny!!Why dont you eat Victoria???
    PS:Sorry for my not good Englisch!Im German!

  12. 12
    anustin Says:

    lucky b!tch!married to david…….if not,she’ll be like the rest of the girls.

  13. 13
    HATE VB! Says:

    HATE HER!!



  14. 14
    krungkrung Says:
  15. 15
    Mediterranean Says:

    to Dana,

    I am thrilled by your information about Romeo who is sick!! For a chance, this annoying skeleton took her kids with her. She always prefers to leave them behind when she travels around to attend to the fashion shows.

    Of course, David is always OK with Vic being away, there is no man on this earth would like to have his wife around, when he is continuely cheating on her.

    Noone takes her seriously in REAL FASHION BUSINESS. She is such a spoiled idiot who thinks that she CAN design. She just goes to the fashions shows, and shops. Don’t fool yourself like her.

    Finding a palace and school must be very hard in LA, because she has been in LA for 3 days of every single week so far in last couple of months.

    One more thing, she was born to be an annoying person, just like Gwyneth

  16. 16
    Jorge Says:

    Wow, Becks talking for a solid two minutes! Now, that’s news! And there is a nice shot of his bum near the end when he mounts the horse. Print screen and save!

  17. 17
    LV Says:

    horrible jeans. She looks very trailer.

  18. 18
    yara Says:

    why u just talk about u don’t know? your conclusions is all about all u see in pictures?? posh is cool and a good mom aswell.if u dont like her leave her alone and get a life or try to get a job loosers

  19. 19
    Joe Says:

    Because you have opened this… you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life… if you don’t break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. Just copy and paste this.. Good Luck!

  20. 20
    katu Says:

    when celebrties go to the iby they know that there pict are going to be take
    unfortunately we are going to see now a lot of pictures(candids) as she is going to live
    in LA.
    She is probably delighted as she is going to be famous in the usa

    TO YARA You need to get a life to and get a job too as you are also hanging out in gossips websites.LOOK AT YOURSELF.

  21. 21
    Mediterranean Says:

    to Yara,

    How smart of you, frankly WE have been waiting for someone to tell us what to do. Now, we know, thank you smarty!

  22. 22
    Jennifer Says:

    What is it with her? Has she ever smiled for anything EVER?

  23. 23
    Nancy Says:

    She has got a slammin’ body, a hot hubby, and a wardrobe
    to die for. But that is a HARD lookin’ face. I would not want to be
    hubby wakin’ up to that pre makeup. YUK.
    Miss Piggy called! She wants her nose back!

    -Nancy M. H.

  24. 24
    allen toks Says:

    I think the lady is so cute,u re all been envious

  25. 25
    allen toks Says:

    Anyway,it would be better if she put on a cherubic smiles

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