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The Bald and the Beautiful

The Bald and the Beautiful

Now that Britney Spears has been inducted into the Bald Hall of Fame, let’s see… WHO OWNS IT?

Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, or Tyra Banks?

I just noticed that all everyone but Britney shaved their head for a film or TV show. And Tyra didn’t even really shave her head, it was just a bald cap and lots of Photoshop. Demi for GI Jane, Natalie for V for Vendetta, and Tyra for America’s Next Top Model. So what’s Britney‘s excuse?

Any other female celebrities shave their lovely locks?

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  • Fleasha

    Umm… what the hell is going on with her?

  • bailey

    didnt angelina jolie shave her head for gia?

  • Just Jared

    Really? I just did a Google Search for Angie and found this:


  • Mediterranean

    to Jared,

    I can’t open up the page :( pleaseeeeee……

  • Missouri Fan

    Hey jared I can’t open it

  • Missouri Fan

    Natalie is one of my favorite actress. I like her in bald !

  • Just Jared

    I replaced the link. It’s really nothing to see, haha. Just a funny Photoshop manip.

  • someone

    i think she is just fed up with everybody bashing her, because of everything

    it usually a sign of revolting or outcry, when a women drastically changes her looks, especially hair

  • xen

    It’s a sign of serious depression.

  • bailey

    thats funny jared.

  • comb over

    When it comes to sexy bald women, it’s all about Sinead O’Connor and Sigourney Weaver.

  • Bohemian_me

    Cate blanchett shaved her head for HEAVEN

  • Andrew

    Wow, she finally lost it, can’t say I’m surprised, I am, however, amused, VERY amused.

  • VictoriaH

    I think Britney looks good. We all ought to pick an age and keep our heads bald all year. Why on earth would you need a reason?

  • A

    I like it! She looks good. :o)

  • A

    :) *

  • Fleasha

    Let’s hope Sean P didn’t scream and scramble away from his own mother :s

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • melindawarren

    With all that she has been doing with her hair lately, she probably had huge bald spots that we didn’t know about. It was just earier for her o cut it off and start over from scratch. She doesn’t look bad – at lease her head isn’t shaped funny. It’s just the shock of it.

  • bdj

    I would like to see some bald pictures of Beyonce. Now that would be a look. Ms Thang would start a new trend; put a wrap or some ribbons around her head (created by the “House of Dereon” O’course) and cause a new sensation. You know girlfriend would work it and be on the cover of every magazine.

  • cindy

    OMG I think britney has lost her mind seriously what would possess a woman to do this? She has been acting weird as of late and I think she finally lost her mind! oh my ……

  • cindy

    I forgot to add remember sid Barrett from pink floyd he went crazy and shaved his head and eye brows remember?

  • sarah

    I like it! It is super cool.

  • kidi


    Baldness is the least of her problems.

  • Emily

    Natalie Portman!

  • Lo

    Nataliie totally owns iit!

  • nm

    she looks great! not get to rehab and attend parenting classes. the only person who can fix britney is britney.

  • nm

    oops. i meant “now get to rehab”.

  • april

    Britney better get that check book open. KFed has all the ammo, he needs to get a huge settlement from their upcomming divorce.

    She is obviously crying out for help, hopefully she is not another ANS.

  • jenny

    Natalie makes it looks cute while britney makes it look trashy… not a good look for her

  • enano


    please get well… I still love her

  • http://justjared b

    Jaread and Audrey, please I don’t want see Victoria Beckham, she becomes to me sick of her.She’s looking for attention like Paris at leat Paris is a beautiful woman. I kown this is not her tread but I don’t want write anything her tread please stop give too much of her.

  • Kate

    brit is horrible in this way

  • b

    some thing is very wrong. I hope but i know britney will get it together and get through this rough time! I just hope the media and haters will go easy on her right now. britney you can do this you still have a lot fans and probably a some outsiders that are hoping for you to get through this!

  • anon

    What’s Britney’s “excuse” for shaving her head??? I think she’s having a major melt down. It’s very scarey and very sad to watch. I think she needs to be hospitalized. The fact that paps and others are documenting her strange oddessy across the country, is evidence to me that she really needs help. What is her family doing about it and where are her kids??? She left NYC with the kids going to FLA where she allegedly checked into a rehab facility, then checked out. Since she went to FLA where are the kids? She then took a plane to LA sitting in coach all alone. Now this latest escapade. She is in very bad trouble. I think she has been binging on drugs and alcohol and needs help immediately. If she doesn’t get it, she’ll be dead soon.

  • domfan

    Britney needs to pull her head out of her arse and get some help. Serious help. It’s not the bald thing that worries me, it’s the entire package. She’s a parent and needs to think of people other than herself.

    Those poor kids.

    Speaking of which, where are they and who are they with?

  • gia

    Chick has been seen rocking a receeding hairline – no doubt re it. People have commented on blogs – maybe she’s seen it, and this is her way of reacting. Also, hair is a major part of one’s image/even identity, and her dark/light/dark/light changes of late speak volumes re herstate of mind.

  • Amy

    Natalie Portman for the win

  • angelah

    Ah I remember last summer that I was going for the vendetta one but opted for a diff one (more hair than this where i can spike my hair) at the last min.
    And To answer your query jj, it’s NP!

  • michele

    get off the drugs brit

  • Lily

    Brit, what is going ON????? Those beautiful locks…………….

    She needs to get her head put on straight, something is seriously wrong here.

    While she was with K-Fed, she might have become trashy, but at least she was there for her children. Nowadays, it seems she’s always partying and doing stupid and outrageous things like this. Forgive me for the thought, but maybe she was better off with Kevin………………………..????

    Please get well, Britney, for your children :(

  • http://none Matt Kerr

    brit is ugly as fuck..omg thats grose

  • Eddie

    It must be really depressing to be a world famous pop star and worth over $100 million. I totally understand why she’s feeling down. Someone needs to tell her to quit being a lil whiny bitch and get on with living her life. Not being in the news for doing something dumb every week!

  • Tom

    Hey Jared, quit being a douche bag and let people post their honest opinions w/out censoring them. U Ass Clown!!


    Off course that natalie is the best looking chic with no hair i’ve ever saw in my life really. She just has the right proportions

  • conehead

    brit the trainwreck is now offically the president of the mama loco club. lets break out the cheetos and toast her.

  • JLD

    Britney totally looks like a guy! Wash off the whore-paint and she might as well be a supremacist going hunting with the buds.

  • kae

    Portman all the way! Natalie is the best. She could make a tablecloth look good!

  • Diana

    Cate Blanchett (and Giovanni Ribisi) both shaved their heads in Tom Tykwer’s “Heaven”.

  • Sirene

    She diyed her hair black
    then she went back to blonde
    she diyed her hair black
    and then she went bald.

    She is the queen of dumb stupid and idiotic hormonally imbalanced people suffering from some kind of cronic disorder, I feel sorry for her kids.