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The Pitt Family Plane Ride

The Pitt Family Plane Ride

A little blast from the St. Thomas past! Brad Pitt carries baby Shiloh aboard a private jet as he leaves the Caribbean early last month with Angelina Jolie and kiddies Maddox and Zahara.

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    Good Morning, Jared and Audrey!!!

    Thanks for the new pics and the NEW THREAD!!!!

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    Good morning everyone.Thanks Jared for the new thread,it was getting a little boring to go through seven pages to find the other one.
    The pictures are old but seeing them made me realize how much i miss them.I know it’s good for them that we don’t have new pictures but i have to be honest.I miss them.I wish that at least they will show up at the Oscar’s.

  • think positive!

    briseis Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 6:32 am
    Morning briseis!

    Thank you Jared and Audrey for the new thread. The last one was getting terribly big!!

    Bless the BAMZS family!!

  • love

    credited Head Snoop McSneak

    (((((((((((BREAKING NEWS)))))))))))

    Snoop McSneak Celebrity Magazine has obtained a note that will give its readers a rare look-see into Mr. Pitt’s heart. The note was written by Mr. Pitt to Ms. Jolie on her birthday. We were able to get this note with the use of The Telescopic Lens 9000. Here’s how it all went down….

    First Mr. Pitt wrote the note….He seemed to be having a hard time expressing what he felt. After the 11th try, he got it.

    Then he called his Son Maddox, who had been playing on the living room with his Grandpa Pitt and Little Sister Zahara, Grandma Pitt took in the scene with love.

    Mr. Pitt handed the note to Maddox, whispered something in his eyes and pointed at Ms. Jolie who had been seating on the couch with Little Shiloh in her arms.

    Mr. Pitt stood at the doorway and watched with pride as his little cupid delivered the love note.

    Maddox handed the note to his mom. Ms. Jolie opened the note and read it. Since Ms. Jolie had her back to us, we were unable to see her expression.

    Mrs. Pitt tapped her husband on the shoulder and they both looked to Ms. Jolie’s direction. Mrs. Pitt got up and went to Ms. Jolie. She carefully took Shiloh from Ms. Jolie.

    The older Mr. Pitt, taking his cue from his wife picked Zahara up and beckoned for Maddox to come with.

    Maddox resisted and said something to his mother…fortunately, we had our Expert Lip Reader with us, Maddox said “Mommy why are you crying?”.

    Ms. Jolie, who still had her back to us, said answered…fortunately, we also had our Body Language Expert there. According to our expert, Ms. Jolie said “These are tears of happiness, sweetie. Mommy is very happy” to which Maddox replied “I love you mommy…thank you for giving me two sisters and happy birthday again”

    Ms. Jolie hugged Maddox, kissed him on the head and released him. Maddox left the room with his grandparents. Mr.Pitt and Ms. Jolie were alone in the room…although they weren’t talking, we could tell they were speaking with their eyes.

    Unfortunately, Our Eye Language Expert had quit last week…after calling our magazine third rate. He went to work for In Touch Magazine but the Joke is on him…In touch is a wack magazine AND they don’t have the Telescopic Lens 9000. How does he hope to read eyes when he can’t see the subjects? We all basked in the knowledge that he will soon come crawling for his Job.

    But that knowledge did little to solve the predicament we had found ourselves. Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie were now sending messages in rapid succession…Suddenly, moving like a panther Mr. Pitt was by Ms. Jolie’s side. She opened her arms to him and he went into them.

    They held each other for what seemed liked eternity. They both cried softly as Ms. Jolie whispered “I Love you” over and over again, while Mr. Pitt said “Thank You for giving me life”

    When the image through the lenses became blurry, we realized we’d also been crying with the two. So caught up in the moment were we, we lost all sense of Objectivity.

    We took a moment to compose and urge ourselves to remain cold and detached. Soon we returned to our spying.

    ALAS! Instead of the beautiful image we had been looking at, we saw something else. It was a man with body built like a tank barreling his way towards us.

    We did not need the Body language Expert to tell us it was time to RUN.

    At that moment, we had a decision to make…Our Lives or the Telescopic Lens 9000

    Suffice to say, we are here and our Eye Language Expert WILL not be crawling back for his job anytime soon.

    Without further ado, we present you with the note that had everyone who’s read it crying like a baby

    Darling Angie,
    There are things I’d like to say
    to you my love on your special day:
    I am forever thankful God sent you my way.
    Like a gift from up above,
    you showed me how it is to feel real love.
    I know many mountains we’ve had to climb
    and sometimes forever has seemed like a very long time.
    Yes, we’ve endured our share of pain,
    but together we have so much to gain.
    Bigger mountains may lie ahead,
    but together there is no hill we can not tread.
    So always remember my love for you,
    and there is nothing together we can not do.
    I’ll be here forever – my love is true.
    The person beside me, that would be you.



  • Tabitha

    Thank You , Jared ! I hope this thread is a peaceful one.

  • love

    credited African girl

    A Child Soldier’s Story

    After being conscripted into the Sierra Leone army at age 13 and learning to kill as a way of life, Ishmael Beah emerges to tell the tale in his eye-opening memoir ‘’A Long Way Home’’

    By Gregory Kirschling

    Ishmael Beah killed his first man when he was 13 years old. Born in Sierra Leone, he was recruited by the government to fight rebels as a child soldier in a civil war that raged throughout the 1990s. Shortly before Beah began his stint as a child soldier, his entire immediate family was murdered by rebels, and that — along with a hard diet of Rambo movies and ‘’brown brown’’ (a sniffable mixture of cocaine and gunpowder) — fueled the bloodlust of a formerly very gentle kid.

    ‘’The corporal gave the signal with a pistol shot and I grabbed the man’s head and slit his throat in one fluid motion,’’ reads one shocking sentence in A Long Way Home , Beah’s new memoir about his experiences as a boy soldier. ( See the EW review. ) But the book is not just a harrowing confession of past atrocities. Beah was lost for a time, but after an intervention by UNICEF got him into a rehabilitation center when he was 16, he’s turned his life around in a major way. Since 1998, the Oberlin College graduate, now 26, has lived in New York City and done activist work related to his experiences in Sierra Leone.

    His profile is sure to be boosted by — of all things — Starbucks, which began selling Beah’s memoir in stores today. After Mitch Albom’s For One More Day novel from late last year, it’s only the second book Starbucks has shilled (and it’s donating $2 for every book sold at Starbucks to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF). EW talked to Beah about his book, the power of Starbucks and celebrity when it comes to Africa, and his future.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you amazed to be alive today?

    ISHMAEL BEAH: Yes. I think about that a lot. I feel that either there was some other thing — God or something else — looking out for me, or I’m just really lucky. Because that war was such madness. Surviving a minute of it didn’t have to do with whether you knew how to fight, or whether you were smart, or whether you knew how to run fast. It had nothing to do with any of that.

    How long were you a boy soldier?

    About two years and a few months. From 13 to 15, or so.

    In the book, you talk about having flashbacks about the war. Do you still have them today?

    Yes. Those memories of the war are now part of my makeup. But I think I’ve been able to transform them, so that I can use them positively, rather than focus on their harshness, because that would actually kill me — there’s so much bad stuff. But I still get flashbacks. When I look at different things, it triggers memories for me.

    What’s an example?
    Walking down the street and seeing an entire family — Mom, Dad, and things like that — reminds me of what I missed, of what I will never have. Or I hear a sharp crack on the street, it reminds me of a day in the war. Things like that. But I’ve learned to not lose myself in these instances.

    What do you think about Starbucks picking your book to sell in its stores?
    I want this book to be read by so many people, by ANYONE who can lay their hands on it. So I’m very excited.

    Lately it seems like Africa is getting a lot of attention, but I feel like it’s only because people like Brad Pitt — and now companies like Starbucks — are drawing attention to it. It doesn’t feel like politicians or the media are talking about it. It’s celebrity power. What do you make of that?

    Yes, it’s a strange thing that has happened in the United States, but at least celebrities are using their fame and their power to do something, you know? I think that’s absolutely fabulous. If there aren’t huge atrocities being committed, it’s not newsworthy for a lot of people. But when a celebrity speaks about it, then it becomes newsworthy, because the celebrity is newsworthy, so I’m glad that they’re using that. Now it almost seems like if you were to call a conference and say, ‘’I’m an expert on genocide or human rights,’’ no one would show up. But if you have Angelina Jolie be a part of it, then all of a sudden, [all the] media will be there.

    Yeah, I hear people say, ‘’Brad and Angelina should stop talking about Africa,’’ and I always think, ‘’It’s GOOD they’re talking about Africa, because nobody else really is.’’

    Yeah, exactly! Thank God they are, because they might actually lead somebody to go online and learn something. No one else is doing that, not the politicians.

    During the war, what was the most horrifying thing you witnessed?

    There are so many. The entire war was a long terror — one after another, a long nightmare. But before I was in the army, when I was still running away from the war, I had seen an old man have his head bashed with a huge rock. That memory stuck with me, because I just couldn’t believe his brains were on the rock. Having grown up in a culture that was so friendly and loving and kind, caring to strangers and everyone, seeing this kind of thing was very difficult for me to stomach. My world changed rapidly overnight, and everything became brutal and violent.

    I read that you don’t now how many people you killed, and you didn’t just kill rebels. Is that true?

    Well, in the context of the war, and the kind of war it was, [killing] was what everyone did. But, you know, the point of the book is not for me to be proud of myself for what happened. And it’s not like I was in the war and I was thinking to myself, ‘’Ooh, five down! I want to write a book so I need to keep count of who I shot.’’ Also, the point of the book is not to glorify or romanticize war. The number of this or that is not the point of the book.
    I was impressed by the book’s very calm tone. Is it much easier to kill, or watch somebody being killed, than people think it is? Do you get used to it?

    One thing I tried to do in the book was write it as I felt then, not how I feel now, because during that time we were in this context of madness. What happens is you accept your reality, because if you don’t, you’ll die, basically. You accept it, and become desensitized to things. For example, toward the end of the war, people would say, ‘’Oh, don’t go out, because guns are being shot over there.’’ But then two or three days later, people will accept that they must go out and find food, and risk all those bullets. So it’s a choice that you make. You either stay home and die, or you go out and look at bodies. Over time, you accept it.

    How long did it take you to assimilate to life in the U.S. after you moved here in 1998?

    One thing I learned in the war was to adapt very quickly to wherever I am, so that helped me here. But it was very difficult in the United States, because everything was very different. First of all, I didn’t know the names of the food, so I couldn’t even go out to a store and say, ‘’Let me get a roast beef sandwich.’’ I didn’t know what that meant! [ Laughs ] I couldn’t order any of that kind of stuff. So it took me a while to learn these kinds of things. And one thing I didn’t like very much was that when I made friends, I had to call them to go see them, make plans. In Sierra Leone, you just show up at your friend’s house, because you’re friends. I had to get used to calling somebody before I showed up at their house here.

    When did you decide to write the book?

    When I was in college at Oberlin. But I didn’t take it seriously until my junior year, because by then I’d been going around speaking out about the issue on U.N. panels and for Human Rights Watch and all those places. Then it really struck me that getting 15 minutes on a panel wasn’t really enough for me to describe how this happens. So I realized that writing a book could actually be a much more powerful way to talk to people.

    And you took creative writing courses in college?

    Yeah. I had a professor at Oberlin [Dan Chaon, a novelist himself] who pushed me to do it [as a memoir]. Because when I wrote the first few pages under the pretense of fiction, just to test it out, my professor said to me, ‘’Either you have a really sick imagination, or all this stuff is true.’’ So I told him it was true, he pushed me to finish, and before I finished college I had a draft of it.

    At one point in the book, your interest in rap and hip-hop literally saves your life. Are you still a hip-hop fan now?

    I listen to all kinds of stuff. I still listen to hip-hop, but the hip-hop nowadays is basically nonsense. It’s people rapping about, you know, the tires of their cars and things like that. I started listening to hip-hop because of the poetry. I still listen to hip-hop, but just the MCs who are still holding it down, like Common, OutKast, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def. I listen to people who have substance in their stuff.

    What’s next for you? Want to try fiction?

    Yes! I’m actually working on a novel right now about the war and Sierra Leone and families and things of that sort.

    Want to write another memoir?

    It depends. I’m gonna try fiction, but [ A Long Way Gone ] ends when I get out of Sierra Leone, and there’s a whole lot that happened after that. If people are interested, perhaps I can write another memoir. And I haven’t given up the idea of going to law school. But I’m only 26, man. I’ve had a rough childhood and everything, but I still have to learn about life! I’m just like any other American kid who’s confused about what they want to do.

  • anustin

    thankz jared!at last!got a new thread.


    Yawwn she is so boring and ugly look how huge her head is , i wonder what she could look like if she shaved her head ,it weill be a freak show LOL ,andBTW what are they promoting now ??????those freaking loseres had the worst two movies in the past year ,YES i saw both films and im not impressed u know what its a good thing they have each other they can play the real life MR and MRS A$$hole AND the ugly kids….

  • bluemoon

    Thanks Jared :D

    OT, but to see that tabloids are bullshit.

    A Win For Diaz

    CAMERON Diaz is $80,000 richer thanks to the National Enquirer. That’s the approximate settlement we’re told the blond beauty accepted from the Enquirer’s parent company, American Media, yesterday to settle her suit against the mag for saying she had a “smooching session” with a producer who worked on her MTV show, “Trippin,” in 2005. In addition, the Enquirer “apologized unreservedly” for any distress it caused Diaz, her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake, the producer and his wife.

  • love

    “Since her appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina has more than fulfilled my expectations. She has proven to be a close partner and a genuine colleague in our efforts to find solutions for the world’s refugees. Above all, she has helped to make the tragedy of refugees real to everyone who will listen. Angelina’s interest in helping refugees, her personal generosity, and her truly compassionate spirit are an inspiration to us all.”
    ( By Ruud Lubbers, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Notes from My Travels: Visits with Refugees in Africa, Cambodia, Pakistan and Ecuador, Foreward (2006))

  • love


    Thanks for the complement you are welcome the fan love her and we will continue to support them.

  • think positive!

    love Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 7:05 am

    love Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 7:07 am
    Thank you for bringing these too posts here! :)

    bluemoon Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 7:10 am
    If NE continues to get lawsuits with their nonsense and havig such low sales they will soon be out of market. And some group of people will be very disappointed.. :lol:

    Good morning everyone!!

  • green lettuce

    Hello BAMZS fans hope we will all *peacefully* enjoy this thread!!!
    Awww little Zee looks all grown up! What a doll! Little Mad is a rock star! He seems so full of life!! Unfortunately we don’t see little Shi she must be sleeping!! Aww those kids are cutie pies!! Btw where are they going to? Anyone knows?

    #8 => Moronic comment. If those kids are ‘ugly’ you must be a scary ugly beast, inside and out. How can you tell kids are ugly??!! Insane hater! (Btw Check your eyes!)

  • Zen

    February 17th, 2007 at 7:08 am

    God! why can’t you just leave this thread alone..

    Bamzs fans – ..

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    Whoo hoo!!! A new thread. Thanks so much Jared and Audrey.

    Good Morning all my fellow BAMZSers…..

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    thank you #8 if your done,get the hell out of here!BTW brad loves those kids and so do i!to be honest with you,i will babyset them for free!as long as i can see angie and papa pitt!now kill yourself!

  • anustin

    im sorry ZEN! they’re my breakfast!lolz

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    Insecure women hate Angie

    The Orange Grove: Why Anna Nicole mattered

    Watching her train wreck of a life made us feel better about our own lives


    The more erudite among us have spent the week mourning not the passing of Anna Nicole Smith but the media reaction to it. I don’t watch television news, but I suppose it’s possible there was a bit of overkill. The smart set wonders why so much was made of a woman “famous for being famous.” That’s easy: Anna Nicole Smith made us feel better about our own middle-class lives. She didn’t incite envy, despite her (at one time) glamazon beauty and her tenuous grasp on hundreds of millions of dollars.

    She created relief. When we watched her slur her way through the simplest statements, we felt smart and together. When we witnessed her oversexed lusting after even inanimate objects, we felt as classy and clean as Audrey Hepburn or Princess Grace. When we watched her bawdy interactions with her poor shy, late son, we kissed our children and told them we loved them.

    Anna Nicole Smith, God rest her, was a miserable human being: She was stunningly ignorant, and she was cruel. She wasn’t one deadly sin; she was all of them, wrapped in a layer of pork fat.

    I was an avid watcher of “The Anna Nicole Show,” an early entry in the reality television universe on cable’s E! channel. One particularly elegant moment showed Anna on her balcony, hamming it up for the cameraman: “Please, please throw me some diamonds, Romeo. Or just a kiss! Upon my cheek! What art thou, Romeo?” She was so disgusting – passed out on the gauche sofa with her face in the cushions and her rear in the air, playing “bouncy” on her assistant, Kimmy, licking the obviously infatuated Kimmy’s lips and then dispatching her with a slurred put-down until Kimmy, once again, cried her eyes out while Anna looked on with a mean little smile.

    Back then, the E! channel had to constantly invent “reality” for the show: Anna hires a stupid decorator. Anna goes to the dentist. Anna feels herself up and screams at people. Anna has an eating contest. But if the show had just come along a few years later, the network’s cameras could have captured some of the most mind-boggling actual reality of our times: her precedent-setting appearance before the Supreme Court. The cameras also could have answered the mystery of whether she actually had a romantic relationship with her oily lawyer, Howard K. Stern. They could have watched as the truly horrifying final year of Anna’s life played out, with her baby daughter (of disputed parentage) born just days before Anna’s son, Daniel, overdosed in Anna’s hospital room.

    Anna’s judgment, never particularly sound (see the teddy-bear-strewn funeral she held for her 90-year-old billionaire husband, where she wore her wedding gown and veil and croaked “Wind Beneath My Wings”), became even loopier, with the world mocking her “commitment ceremony” with Stern on a boat in the Bahamas before she managed to bury her son. (It was 39 days after his death that he was finally laid to rest.) Without E!’s cameras, we forgot how nastily she treated her entourage and were moved instead to amused pity.

    And when Anna died, we felt guilty for having endlessly used her for our own cheap laughs, but we still laughed, if ruefully. “Hopefully she’s with Daniel, and she’s mortifying him in Heaven as we speak,” a commenter wrote on the beloved gossip Web site Defamer. “‘**. Peter, I waaant a reaaally big cloooooooud.’”

    Angelina Jolie doesn’t make anyone feel better about themselves; Angelina Jolie makes us feel poor and ugly and unadventurous as she climbs into the cockpit of her plane to master flying on her way to yet another continent to save more babies. Also, she is with Brad Pitt.

    But Anna, with her trans-fats-soaked body and her ear-splitting whine, her entitled demands and her small-mindedness, embodied the worst parts of the stereotypical Ugly America, and we got to feel superior and above it all.

    Maybe we’re indifferent parents, but we’re not as bad as Anna. Maybe we’re lazy and flabby and spend a lot of time on the couch, but we’re not passed out on it, grotesquely, before the cameras.

  • love

    beautiful family with beautiful heart long live and prosperity,,20004178,00.html

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    Come on guys those kids puts the u in ugly and im not leaving because in case this is the first time 4u here u can go to any ja threads and see 4 ur self what BAMZS fans say, and believe me if you guys stopped going 2 ja threads and stopped saying all these hateful things about her and us (her fans) then I promise you right now and right here I would never post a single comment about those two and there ugly kids.peace out

  • love

    Greeting to the entire Bamzs fan keep up the good work and let us learn to correct in a good way and also to tolerate each other we are one.

    Thank God the Jolie-Pitt are having wonderful time

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    i was waiting for P.T.s wacky weeklys tablies!and cliniquas intellectual pleasure.

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    You need to understand that is not everyone that go there and i can only speak for myself i have never been to her thread because am not born to say hateful thing. But for God sake don’t write hateful thing concerning the children.
    Please for God sake respect the Jolie-Pitt kids they have done nothing wrong.
    Are begging you because am for peace and i am a proud fan of BAMZS and i want things to go normal let forget about the past.
    Life is too short to hate


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  • bluemoon

    green lettuce Says:
    Is from Star magazine, enough said.

    I think after Britney’s kind of meltdown(rehab, bald head, acting really off) the tabloids will give the Brad and Angelina next week off.

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  • love
  • Grace

    Good morning all BAMZS fans!! Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for the new thread Jared and Audrey!!! Love and peace to all!!!

  • dragonfly

    love Says:

    February 17th, 2007 at 7:32 am
    Insecure women hate Angie

    Angelina Jolie doesn’t make anyone feel better about themselves; Angelina Jolie makes us feel poor and ugly and unadventurous as she climbs into the cockpit of her plane to master flying on her way to yet another continent to save more babies. Also, she is with Brad Pitt.


    Yes, I had seen this before and didn’t have a chance to comment on it. I think it is very true. People like Angie tend to attract others to her who also have a certain level of self-confidence, independence, and certainly a rebellious streak. I would say alot of posters on this site fit that description. Alot of us are not ones to take any amount of abuse or injustice laying down. We’re gonna speak up, for sure hahha!! I’m proud of that and it makes it interesting around here.

    And this constant harping about Angie not having any friends…well, for one thing, who really knows who any celebs friends are? Who are Gwen Stefani’s friends? Who are Madonna’s friends? Kate Winslet? Meryl Streep? And another thing, people who are self-assured and confident in themselves, are rather self-contained and tend to enjoy their own company….they aren’t always calling up a gaggle of girlfriends to come over because they don’t want to be alone with themselves. I myself enjoy my own company and am capable of entertaining myself for hours with a good book, my artwork, or just sorting through piles of “stuff” and having a brain-storming session with myself. Yes, I have friends, but I am selective and I don’t want them up my a s s 24/7. Didn’t Angie say Brad could do the same thing? Go in a room and stay there for hours getting lost in his architecture books and his own thoughts? That’s a sign of a healthy psyche, so I think I am in good company.

  • green lettuce

    Thanks. It is always nice to see those beautiful family pics! Like your name, it says it all, you appear as a nice person ;)

  • Lady G

    dragonfly Says:

    February 17th, 2007 at 7:57 am

    Thanks dragonfly for your post. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    I have been knocked down so many times but I got right back up and dust myself off and carried on with my life and raising my two sons.

    As they say when life hands you lemons make lemonade!

  • FYI

    Angelina’s charity focus
    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Despite having it all – fame, beauty, wealth and success – it seems Angelina Jolie is uncomfortable with celebrity status and would rather focus on her charity work.

    “I make a point of not letting it change the way I live my life,” she says of her fame.

    “I plan things so that I’ve got quality of life that’s private and nice for the kids. We just don’t let it affect us.”

    The star, who is in a relationship with actor Brad Pitt, also puts her money where her mouth is. She’s famed as much for her charitable work around the globe as for her screen success, and says that’s where her true motivation lies.

    “I will continue to work with refugees and will never shift my focus from them because that’s where my heart lies,” she says.

    “We’ve just come back from Cambodia. We’re supporting a huge area of protected forest for many, many villagers. It’s a huge project but I’m learning so much.

    “Brad has also been working in New Orleans with the victims of Hurricane Katrina and we want to do something in Ethiopia, Zahara’s birthplace – maybe support an orphanage there. We hear about something that’s going on and we just want to get involved.”

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the new post. I hope and pray that Jolie-Pitt family are safe and that they getting the peace they need. God Bless them and hopefully, just maybe, they’ll be at the Oscars next week…even if they skip the red carpet hoopla.

  • once in a while

    Good morning BAMZSer, a new day,a new beginning for all BAMZSers.
    on behalf of Missouri Fan, please vote.

  • dragonfly

    Lady G Says:

    February 17th, 2007 at 8:11 am
    dragonfly Says:

    February 17th, 2007 at 7:57 am

    Thanks dragonfly for your post. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    I have been knocked down so many times but I got right back up and dust myself off and carried on with my life and raising my two sons.

    As they say when life hands you lemons make lemonade!


    No pity parties for us, huh? Yes, I can identify with Angie’s ability to get right back up and keep going, no regrets, no grudges, no blaming others for your hardships, no living in the past and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s a much better way to live.

  • Lady G

    For those that are helping me vote for Halle.

    Here is the link again. Big shout out to MF for helping me. You are the best!!!!!

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    Good Morning Everyone. A new thread!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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    they must be silently paying respects to Anna Nicole and Britney for taking the limelight of late, and allowing them some privacy. What a conflicting feeling that must be!

  • Elenia

    whoppie!! finally the new pictures of beloved family!!

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    geeeezzzzzzzzzzz, is this news? maybe the fans are dying to see old pics of them again so that’s why u put their old pics up. so pathetic.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    What a Spectacular morning it is.

    Wow.. The life of Jet Setting must be amazing. Could a Hollywood Family possibly get any Cooler? [Rhetorical Question]

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    shimika Says:

    but yet you are on the thread?

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    How old are these pictures ? Havent seen them before, but people keep saying its old. How old ?

  • malibumom

    Dragonfly u r so right. I have NO TIME FOR gaggling hens telling me about how their husbands treat them and how they gained 10 pounds and need to lose it-thank god for caller ID! there is sooo much to do. i don’t think angie has a full staff and although she has said she is not very domestic, I am sure she does a lot. By he time you take care of te kid’s needs(24 hour job) you have to make sure the house is back together, the clothes are prepared, all assignments and homework are completed, signed and in backpacks, make sure tomorrows meals are done or planned, make sure you’ve returned all phone calls to clients, make sure all packages are sent to fedex, reply to all elecronic mail and messages then star the madness all over again! I am lucky if I can read a book. last one I read (second assistant-good read to understand Holly’s first jobs) took me four months because I had to keep putting it down. Some women just never have plan B-What happens if this happens. . .In this world, you have to ave plan A-b-c-d-e-f- and G!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [msguidedmama] I dont even think they know who Anna Nicole is/was