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Brad Pitt Shirtless in 'Interview Magazine'

Brad Pitt Shirtless in 'Interview Magazine'

GUH!! In one of the sexiest photoshoots ever, Brad Pitt takes the March 2007 issue of Interview Magazine. Check out the full interview after the jump but here are some great excerpts:

  • What movies do your kids want to watch over and over again? [The Adventures of] Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D [2005] is real popular in our house.
  • What do they think about your movies? Oh, they don’t — they’re not really old enough. Got to keep some distance. Though I wonder what their perspective of the world is — go to the store an there are 20 cameras all fighting for a shot. They just think that wherever you go there are these random bands of crazy people with flash photography.
  • How do you feel about that? Truthfully, I think it’s really invasive to kids. There ought to be some kind of law.
  • Though there’s a good side, too — when you guys go to a place like Darfur, you get the same kind of coverage. Yeah, we drag that spotlight with us.

Interview by Elvis Mitchell, Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth

(Scans via SimplyBrad)

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  • wow

    Thanks for the new pic!

  • zaza

    omg…he’s soooooooooooooo HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT….Brad!!!!!!!!!i love YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy, that man is all that, a bag of chips and a pickle on the side!

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    BIG SIGH! What can you say but HOT!

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    Jared thank you so much for the new thread and pictures! I think if you read the previous thread it was greatly needed! You and Audrey are the best. I’m glad I found you!

  • Sheri

    asaragena Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 11:52 pm
    I second that emotion!!

  • Tabitha

    Wow! Brad Looks Great. It is a great interview as well. Its too bad that Angelina did not show up in one photo like Brad did in the Vogue pictures.

    Well, I need to get back to work.

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    Holy Shit. We should be warned, ya know.

  • kearnie

    Kudo to Brad for going out to the local street vender for a haircut. Now THAT is a sign of a non-Hollywood movie star.

    :lol: :lol:

  • kearnie

    love the cow

    and bad manners…what a man what a man…HOT. :-)

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    He looks good in these pics.

  • ploypaphat

    Angie is such a lucky girl…hehe xD

  • kearnie

    And thanks Jared and Audrey

  • NEW pics and interview with BRAD

    Thank you Jared!!!

    Hey guys, it’s me, stranger

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    Sorry for the shout out, HAPPY GOLDEN PIG NEW YEAR 2007


  • Estelle

    OK…..He’s hot, I have to admit. For the first time I feel that AJ is a lucky woman, :)

    because for the last 2 year, IMHO was that BP was the lucky one.

  • kearnie

    Thanks Stranger for bringing over this good interview to JJ.

    Happy New Year – Estelle and you too. :-)

  • angelah

    Hello guys!
    Those are some nice pictures, thanks j@red!
    g2g read the interview..

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    He looks greeeeeeaaaat. So sexy and ruggedly handsome. A sexy southern, hot, hot.

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    Love it. :D

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    NEW pics and interview with BRAD Says:
    February 18th, 2007 at 12:02 am
    Stranger thanks for giving the heads up on the interview!

  • stranger

    God, I am buying that issue.
    He looks so hot. Even when he is smoking he is hot, hot, hot.

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    The interview’s really interesting…

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  • cheddar

    Ohhh man, thank you!!!


    I literally squealed when I saw this thread. :-) ((((THUD!!!))))

    I wanna know what else he says!!

    …and great news about the cast of TGS winning the ‘Silver Bear,’ at the Berlin Film Fest!!

  • Say It Already

    Brad’s PR have been working hard to establish him as an entity different from Brangelina. All the interviews he has given has been about his roles and his production company. The most personal he ever gets is talking about his children. For once I wish Angelina had a PR person to advise her and keep the interviewer from asking about Brad, maybe she really need to be saved from her honesty.

    True, he has been by her side through it all, but also interesting that all the promotions he has done he have never been vocal about his feelings for Angie, meanwhile she has told the world how she loves him, and he was the one that was married and Angelina has been slammed for the demise of that marriage.

    You can slam me all you want but this is the point of view of a fan, I just feel that Angie has borne the brunt of all the fall out and Brad keeps sailing along.

  • angelah

    “…his family- Angelina Jolie and their three children- have added to his perspective on that mutation process”. 8-)

  • stranger

    kearnie, Sheri,
    you’re welcome.

    I saw them at SimplyBrad and couldn’t wait to share them!!!

  • sotrue

    He knows who he is and is clearly a happy man. Great interview. He’s sexier than ever.

  • peace

    Thanks JJ. Thanks stranger.

  • Mr and Mrs. Smith

    Say It Already Says:
    February 18th, 2007 at 12:16 am

    All I’m going to say to this post is that Angie is a big girl. She personally CHOSE/CHOOSES to talk about Brad and her feelings for him. She has ALWAYS been honest and I like that she is not going to start changing just because she’s getting a bad rap. She already tried to have a PR person and it wasn’t for her. Angie has ALWAYS had critics in her life, this is no different. Whatever Brad chooses to talk about is his right to do, just as it’s Angie’s right to talk about what she wants to. For me, I love them both and whatever they want to say or not say is up to them.

  • Sheri

    Good night all loyal BAMZS fans! This was the perfect way to end the night! Thank you Jared, Audrey and Stranger!

  • http://justjared anonymous

    That boy is hot…..

  • cheddar

    #29- I’d like to know who the person is who came up with the idea of combining celeb names. It drives me nuts.

  • Jade

    Thank you, Jared and Audrey.Brad is so gorgeous and he is such a good man.
    It is refreshing to see pictures of him,instead of the other news going on.

  • yum

    imagine wrapping your arms and legs around that sexy man.

    i’m tired of that tossled hairstyle though. Slick it back w/a lil falling over his eyes in in the old Redford style.

  • Peaches

    Say It Already Says:

    February 18th, 2007 at 12:16 am
    Brad’s PR have been working hard to establish him as an entity different from Brangelina. All the interviews he has given has been about his roles and his production company. The most personal he ever gets is talking about his children. For once I wish Angelina had a PR person to advise her and keep the interviewer from asking about Brad, maybe she really need to be saved from her honesty.

    True, he has been by her side through it all, but also interesting that all the promotions he has done he have never been vocal about his feelings for Angie, meanwhile she has told the world how she loves him, and he was the one that was married and Angelina has been slammed for the demise of that marriage.

    You can slam me all you want but this is the point of view of a fan, I just feel that Angie has borne the brunt of all the fall out and Brad keeps sailing along.

    Angie has borne the brunt of the fall out IMO because we as a society historically blame the so called other women for the break up of a marriage instead of the married person. For almost a year both Angie and Brad said nothing and still she was the homewrecker. Just when doing her promotion for TGS has she ever spoken about her feelings for Brad. Not one other time besides during that promotion. Even when she was interview in Africa by Ann Curry before she had the baby she said nothing about her feelings for Brad or them as a couple. But she had to address it, she just wasn’t going to get through the promotion of TGS without talking about it and so she did.

  • ntt

    Beautiful interview. Thank you Jared&Audrey. And thanks Stranger for alerting Jared.

  • Passing Through

    The Weekly Tabloid Report- OuttaTouch: I know I said the OuttaTouch gave them the week off and they did not write their usual 2 page fictional story. However, they have a supposed interview with Billy Bob Thornton. From the stories that have been posted here about this interview you’d think it was a whole honking story…but it ain’t. It’s a 1/3 page at the bottom of their little “round-up” section where they have miscellaneous gossip items. According to OuttaTouch, BBT told them that, “We were always good friends and still are. In the papers they always try to portray breakups as real nasty. I talked to her a couple of weeks ago. I see her when she’s in L.A., but she’s rarely in L.A. I don’t think anybody sees her back home. She’s always going. But she keeps in touch, and it’s nice.” (Sidebar: I believe someone else has already pointed out that this is NOT a new quote from BBT. This is taken from an old interview from 2004 or 2005. However, OuttaTouch ain’t gonna tell you that because then they wouldn’t have an Angie item at all this week and apparently that’s illegal, so…they ended up going with this asinine insinuation that Angie was still tied to BBT in some way! Yawn. Next.)

    * Someone on the last thread very nicely provided a link to a NEW interview with BBT where he mentions having talked to Angie “a few weeks ago”.

    - OK!: OK!’s burning question this week? “Brad’s Worst Nightmare: Will Angelina return to her dark past as she mourns the loss of her mother?” (Sidebar: Y’all know where this story is headed…yep, a rehash of Angie’s “wildchild days”! Cuz Lord knows no one’s thrown that in her face in a whole 10 minutes.)

    * According to OK! intrepid fiction writer, Marcheline’s death has left a big void in Angie’s life (Sidebar: Who fcukin’ told?”) and Brad is concerned about her because, as a friend says, “This has hit her harder than anyone realized. Brad is terrified that Angie might find comfort in some of her dangerously dark ways of the past to dull the pain.” (Sidebar: Yes, they really are going there. Your mother dies and I guess you’re supposed to go to Disneyland. Apparently no one told Angie about the Dead Beloved Mother Tilt-a-whirl ride.)

    * Brad should’ve known something like this would happen because there have been signs that Angie’s new halo was slipping – the first “omen” was her behavior at the GGs with Ryan Watercrest. (Sidebar: Insert your choice of Watercrest’s whiney complaints about the RC interview here.)

    * In an attempt to bolster their claim that Angie’s on a slippery grieving slope OK! includes a quote by Angie from a 2003 interview with Baba Wawa where she says she’s been suicidal off and on her whole life and how she used the cutting to release her inner pain and used drugs to hide from herself. (Sidebar: After reading this sh#t I could’ve used a heroin speedball myself!)

    * Off to one side of the article they have the Calvalcade Of Angie’s Wildchild Days In Photos: Shimizu, JLM wedding bloody t-shirt story, a photo of her getting her GG for Gia where she noted, “She was not unlike me.”, Angie & Jamie at the 2000 Oscars, the BBT blood “vial” lie, and the 2002 split with her father. (Sidebar: The most recent example they can come up with is a 2002 split with her father? What’s so “wild” about that? I wish I had a dime for every child estranged from a parent…except X’s dime. She can keep it. I wouldn’t touch anything of the stupid cow’s. I’d be too afraid to catch a bad case of insecurity and mediocrity.)

    * Another omen that Angie could slip back to the darks side is that the poor thing is “learning to cope” with raising 3 young children while Brad is off working. According to a soon-to-be ex-friend, “Ange is not Lara Croft. It’s impossible to save the world, feed the kids, and be the PERFECT WIFE. Something has to give.” (Sidebar: Hopefully the something that gives will be her temper and she’ll borrow Lara Croft’s guns and head over to the OK! office and put me out of my weekly misery.)

    * Just when I thought all hope for Angie was lost, OK! chimes in to say that Brad’s fears are offset by the strength of Angelina’s “extraordinary bond” with the kiddies. (Sidebar: Uh, I’m pretty sure all that “bonding” with Brad on a daily basis puts a little pep in her step, too.)

    - Star: “Brad & Angelina: In Danger In New Orleans?” – I had such high hopes when I heard about the Star’s story this week. Pfffft. Turns out it’s nothing but a tacky little poke at the crime rate in New Orleans and an attempt to make it seem as if Brad and Angie are needlessly putting themselves and their children in danger. I guess they’re upset that Brad and Angie won’t stay put in LA where the Star can get as many razzi photos as they want and can more easily manufacture stories about them. Damn those Jolie-Pitts for foiling the Star’s weekly sales numbers!

    * The Star starts out by saying that on Feb 6, as Angie was returning to NO from Austin, Texas where she was completing the AMH shoot, she must have been appalled that there was yet another murder in their new neighborhood and it was not the first one this year. (Sidebar: I’m sure Angie was stunned by the murder. Because after all no one has ever been murdered in any of the cities she’s lived in before…LA, NYC, London, Phnom Pehn, Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Mumbai, Ho Chi Mihn City…)

    * Someone who lives two blocks from B/A’s new digs says, “I feel more scared now than I ever have.” (Sidebar: This may have been in reference to the murder rate in NO, but I prefer to think the person is afraid of friends and family finding out they voluntarily spoke with a “reporter” from the Star mag.)

    * The Star says that B/A moved to NO because they were looking for a “more normal life” but life in NO has been far from normal since Hurricane Katrina. “People are desperate. It’s not the same as when Angelina’s in Bel-Air.” (Sidebar: Uh, it’s not the same as when Angelina’s in Bel-Air because….Angelina DOESN’T LIVE IN BEL-AIR! Okay, I’m splitting a hair, but puh-leeze, she’s lived in dangerous places before and didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.)

    * According to the Star B/A seems to have dispensed with all the security people they had in LA. An eyewitness says, “They just come and go like everyone else. They seem really relaxed (like) they don’t have a care in the world.” (Sidebar: The operative phrase here is “seems to have dispensed with”. I’m sure that should a tab reporter care to approach either of them on the street they’ll soon discover that the bodyguards are still on the job.)

    * The Star also says that Brad & Angie are not taking any precautions in dropping off and picking up Mad at his new school. A security expert says, “Picking up maddox at school in plain view with no obvious security makes me shudder. High-profile people are targets and should take every precaution to protect themselves and their loved ones.” (Sidebar: I’m sure the only reason this “expert” is shuddering is because he’s thinking of the income he’s NOT making off Brad and Angie.)

    * In a sidebar photo caption Star also notes that Angie is frequently seen out and about with the kiddies sans a bodyguard and the security expert says, “It doesn’t take much to kidnap somebody. It’s a crime of opportunity.” (Sidebar: So kidnapping is a “crime of opportunity,” huh? Hmm…kind of like publishing a weekly celebrity tabloid, wouldn’t ya say?)

    * Since the Star obviously doesn’t have anything REAL to report they spend a few paragraphns rehashing previous lies, er, stories of theirs, including last week’s “Angie needs a couple of hot meals” story. They say Brad is STILL having a hard time getting her to eat anything. (Sidebar: Shhhh! Don’t tell Star about their dinner date last Friday night. Let that be OUR little real-world secret. And by-the-by…I still say she’s having some Bradley-flavored protein shakes.)

    * They also say that Brad is having a tough time getting through “the famously stoic actress’ defenses”. Yet another soon-to-be-ex-friend says, “There’s only so much of what she’s feeling that she’s willing to offer anyone, including Brad. She doesn’t want him to pity her.” (Sidebar: Gee, why would she tell anyone other than Brad anything? They’re only going to run and sell it to the Star!)

    * Getting back to this week’s tale the Star wonders if them living in the “tinder box” of NO crime is a good idea for the “stressed-out” couple and the tots. (Sidebar: They act like Brad’s not there to WORK, too!) Another soon-to-be-former-insider says, “How successful they are in dealing with this is going to chart the course for the future of their relationship. (Sidebar: That’s a rather melodramatic ending for what was essentially a fluff piece, don’tcha think? I would think the future of their relationship is going to be more dependent on whether or they can keep from killing a tab reporter and stay out of the hoosegow.)

    - Lifeless & Styleless: For this week’s story L&S has returned to a familiar theme – the bickering Jolie-Pitts. Obviously they’re in been-there-done-that territory…again…so they have to come up with a new angle…”Angelina & Brad’s Tearful Fight Over Jennifer” aka Brad cops a peek at X’s new beak which causes Angie to freak.

    I think I said this a few weeks ago, but I’ll say it again…Lifeless & Styleless is my new favorite guilty pleasure. Honestly…who else but the truly desperate would invent a scenario of Brad getting caught looking at internet photos of X’s new schnozz? Could they be anymore pathetic? I think not. Therefore, L&S is my new favorite tabloid. This is a story that even the National Enquirer would be ashamed of publishing.

    * L&S says our favorite intrepid duo is once again bickering incessantly and the latest battles was sparked by Brad finding out that X finally did something about her bulbous barker. They say Brad is one of a few people who’ve been allowed to see childhood photos of the birth nose and he was curious about what her new one looked like. (Sidebar: Brad, being a modern kinda guy, did what any curious person of the internet age does…he Googled it…”Jennifer Aniston’s new nose” and up popped all kinds of fun photos.)

    * It was Brad was transfixed staring at X’s new schnozz that Angie caught him off guard and walked up behind him and “freaked out” when she saw what he was looking at. (Sidebar: Get real…Angie freaked because X is paid good money for a new schnozz and is still fugly enough to scare little kids.)

    * According to L&S Brad tried to explain to Angie that he just wanted to see if X looked any different, but he made the sitch worse by teling Angie that he’d also left X to phone messages that he hoped to speak with her soon. (Sidebar: ROTFLMFAOPIMP! I swear to God…they actually wrote this! It’s like they’re trying to make Brad the dumbest mofo on the planet…AND…continue to pimp their fictional Brad-wants-X-to-meet-Shiloh story.)

    * Brad was shocked (and the whole world was shocke!) when Angie burst into tears. An “insider” says, “She told Brad she was sick and tired of his fascination with Jennifer and that he needs to move on.” (Sidebar:BBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What fcuking riot! GMAFB! Is there any doubt whatsoever left that L&S is on Huvane’s payroll? This continued non-sense that Brad is still harboring feelings for X has gotten out of hand in it’s ridiculousness. The man hasn’t said the woman’s name publicly in almost 2 years. You can bet your ass the only times he mentions it in private is when he absolutely has to. Brad is NOT a guy who spends a lot of time looking back at failed relationships!)

    * A family friend says that Brad quickly reassured Angelina that he was over X, “He told her that she’s the one he loves, and he wants to be with her and the kids.” (Sidebar: This would be L&S’s attempt to pander to the B/A fans who were offended by their previous statement….I know y’all are out there lurking, so I just wanna tell ya…it didn’t work. You people are fcuking lame!)

    * Yet another friends says, “Brad feels bad that he and Angie are arguing.” and the overly talkative family friend says, “Brad keeps telling Angie that he doesn’t plan on being with anyone else. He says, ‘I just want a normal, happy family.’” (Sidebar: Let me see if I’ve got this straight…according to L&S Brad feels bad for arguing with Angie about wanted to see X’s new schnozz, but wants her to know it’s her that he loves and wants to be with…but he STILL deliberately went looking for photos that he knew would upset the poor, weak, needy, easily upset and jealous Angelina? Anybody else shaking their head at the sheer ludicrousness of this story? Wait…it gets worse…)

    * According to L&S “multiple insiders” say that B/A have been fighting a lot lately and their biggest bone of contention is whether or not to attend the Oscar ceremony. Brad wants to go to support Babel, Angie doesn’t want to go and doesn’t want Brad to go either….because he’s hoping to have his “long-planned” meeting with X. One of said insiders claims, “Brad thinks putting the Jen stuff behind him should finally allow him to turn a corner with Angelina.” (Sidebar: Do I need to mention that bit about Brad not spending a whole lot of time worrying about failed past relationships thing again? YET…L&S has been saying for damned near a year that Brad is hoping to meet up with X to put a closure on their relationship. Methinks he had his lawyers do that sh#t for him…)

    * Luckily for all concerned there is good news – Brad and Angie have agreed to compromise on the Oscars – Brad has agreed that he won’t go to the Oscar night parties. (Sidebar: What you’ve no doubt noticed is that I didn’t say whether or not both of them are going to the ceremony or just Brad and that’s because L&S doesn’t say either. Gee, could it be because they don’t know? Nah…I doubt that’s it. They just want us to be surprised on Oscar night…yeah…yeah…that’s it…)

    * L&S concludes their story with this little gem, “Despite all the recent trouble, Angie – who has a history of leaving relationships when the going gets tough – wants to be with Brad for the long haul.” (Sidebar: Uh-huh, yeah, they went there. I guess they missed that part where she and JLM BOTH said they were too young to have been married and then slept through BBT being an absolute cad and basically refusing to be a father to Maddox…)

    * In an attempt to throw the B/A fans a bone L&S’ final quote gives us a little hope that these crazy kids will work things out in th end. An insider says, “She, Brad and the kids are family.” (Sidebar: God, this mag is sooooooo lame!)

    * In a sidebar L&S trots out their relationship expert to tell us if B/A’s relationship can be “saved”. Amazingly enough…it can, but it’ll take some work, y’all, “The first thing they should do is go into couples counseling. They need a thrid party to help them sort out things.” (Sidebar: BBBBWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! L&S is a real trip. I’m sure the fact that Brad and X did couples therapy never occured to them. They probably think this is amazing insight into how to prolong the life of their cash cow.)

    * The relationship expert says that while it’s nice that Brad wants to keep in touch with X, “he needs to pull back and respect Angelina’s feelings.” (Sidebar: Now their’s a piece of advice that L&S themselves should take and stop writing this obsurdly bad fiction every week!)

    L&S is kind of known for their sidebars, the little photos with captions that contain vital bits of information that bolster their story, and while they needed plenty of “evidence” to try to prove their point this week…er, if they had a point, that is…they really should hire a fact checker and a researcher. The fact that they apprently don’t have one is made patently obvious by the following two EMBARRASSING sidebars:

    Sidebar: Signs of Trouble in Brad & Angie’s relationship -

    1. They haven’t had another baby. (Sidebar of my own: They say that like B/A can just pop one out any time they feel like it! “Hey Ange…where’d this baby came from? I thought when you were in the bathroom so long that it must’ve been a number 2!)

    2. They’ve recently spent time apart – Brad went back to NOLA after Marcheline’s death while Angie stayed in LA with her bro. (Sidebar of my own: I know, I know…and just to illustrate how stupid these twits at L&S are, the week before they printed the photo of Brad smoking on Marchelin’s balcony!)

    3. They’re talking to their exes – Brad is trying to get in touch with X; Angie has been talking to Colin Farrell & JLM. (Sidebar of my own: Hmm…let me explain to you folks from L&S that are lurking out there how this sympanthy thing works. Let’s say somebody close to you dies…like, say….your MOTHER. When that happens people who know you and want you to know that they’re thinking of you and want to help you if they can…get in touch with you to express as much to you! HELLO!)

    4. They’re fighting over going to the Oscars. (Sidebar of my own: And no, they still don’t go out on a limb and say whether or not B/A will attend. Ya can’t tell what ya don’t know, but since that’s never stopped them before…)

    5. They can’t agree on where to live – Angelina wants to leave NO and go abroad, they bough an apartment in Berlin, but Angie wants to live in France. (sidebar of my own: ROTFL. These people need to stop reading their own mag and start reading some other NEWS sources…if they did then they’d know that Angie has already said, on record, that she LOVES NO and was looking forward to living there. It would also behoove the L&S to make note of the fact that they BOUGHT A HOUSE AND ENROLLED MAD IN SCHOOL in NO. They wouldn’t have done that if they hadn’t ALREADY made the deicision to stay there for awhile. I swear, these people are just lazy. They’d rather make up a whole story than do a little research!)

    Sidebar: Because L&S doesn’t know when to quit…as if their “signs of trouble” weren’t silly enough, they then decide to show us “Why Brad LOOKED Happier with Jen”…and I’m serious here…

    1. Brad & X – They laughed on the red carpet (Sidebar: Yeah, this was so nobody would look at them too closely and see how miseralbe Brad was!)
    Brad & Angie – With Angie he appears “serious and even angry” (Sidebar: He’s serious because people are ogling his woman, something he didn’t have to worry about with X; and he’s “angry” because…people are ogling his woman!)

    2. Brad & X – They had fun date nights, includes a photo of them in Italy (Sidebar: This would be one of the few times X wasn’t afraid to fly so they could actually leave the country!)
    Brad & Angie – When in public togehter they often walk apart (Sidebar: Uh,yeah, cuz is they get too close to each other I’m gonna get my PORN VIDEO…ya freaking idiots!)

    3. Brad & X – They were romantic on the beach. (Sidebar: ROTFLMFAOPIMP!!!! The photo that accompanies this assertion? It’s one of the Angilla photos. Any self-respecting BAMZS fan knows what that means – they were fcuking faking it!! They announced their separation not 3 days after that photo was taken! L&S…you people are too fcukin’ stoopid to live!!)
    Brad & Angie – Never show PDA at the beach, the photos are B/A/M on the beach in Kenya (Sidebar: Did I just say L&S was too stoopid to live? If not, let me say it now…L&S, you people are too fcukin’ stoopid to live!! First you use the LAST photos of Brad & X’s sham of a marriage…and then you use the FIRST photos of Brad & Angie’s NEW relationship to prove your “point”? You people need to take your asses back to journalism school. These are rookie mistakes born of NOT doing your research and winging it and counting on your readers to be as stupid and uninformed as you are!)

  • JoliePitt

    oh my! i signed off to work and now i am back, we have the HOT brad….WooooHooo!

    good interview and he didn’t mention a word of angie :( i wish he did mention a little bit of angie though, but i’m sure his publicist is steering him away from doing that. i “somewhat” agreed with one of the poster that brad could have, at least, mentioned angie cuz it seems as angie is the one whose been telling the world she loves him, this and that about brad. angie is such a good person with a good heart and so honest. yeah, i guess they are somewhat different so if brad chooses not to speak of angie is cool, but if angie chooses to tell the world about brad is cool too. well, they both can’t be alike at everything, i guess. at least, it’s good to know brad loves angie and are tight basing on his actions!

  • Sheri

    ntt Says:
    February 18th, 2007 at 12:37 am
    I had planned on going to bed, but kept gazing at the pics! Thanks for yesterdays post and are we going to sing on 2/27 and vote?

  • jamie

    So sweet:

    Q. Has it happened before that you were told you made choices that weren’t written into the part?

    A. Yeah, Angie [both laugh] And we’ll let that lie right there.

  • hey

    You can see his tatoo on his left forearm. I’m sure someone will disect the chain he is wearing. I don’t see it credited so it must be his own.


    Say It Already Says:

    February 18th, 2007 at 12:16 am
    Brad’s PR have been working hard to establish him as an entity different from Brangelina. All the interviews he has given has been about his roles and his production company. The most personal he ever gets is talking about his children. For once I wish Angelina had a PR person to advise her and keep the interviewer from asking about Brad, maybe she really need to be saved from her honesty.

    True, he has been by her side through it all, but also interesting that all the promotions he has done he have never been vocal about his feelings for Angie, meanwhile she has told the world how she loves him, and he was the one that was married and Angelina has been slammed for the demise of that marriage.

    You can slam me all you want but this is the point of view of a fan, I just feel that Angie has borne the brunt of all the fall out and Brad keeps sailing along.


    Thanks, er….ritzygal – is it??

    We’ll ponder this theory of yours AFTER we read his interviews…or are you telling us you’ve had a sneak preview and know what it contains?

    Gee, I never knew that Angelina was the type of woman who wanted to devote her life and future to a man who didn’t love her….Oh wait! That would be MANISTON – SHE was the one who was hanging to to Brad’s pant leg as he shook her off and slammed the door in her face.

    Now is the time we remind you that Brad was willing to give up EVERYTHING in order to be with Angelina, you know…the woman who he’s been almost inseperable from for the last two years.

    Ditch the ‘wishful thinking’ hon – you’re awfully transparent.

  • jjoy

    angelah Says:
    Estelle Says:

    kung hei fat choi to you ladies and to all the real loyal BAMZS fans!!!

    thanks jj and audrey for this new thread and news/pics of Braddy….

    Mr and Mrs. Smith Says:

    ITA…..though i feel bad/hurt at first for angie coz of those mudsling lies thrown at her…..she is my chickie babe but i know that Braddy loves her and their kids….it’s all in the ACTION not TALK… as fans of this FAMILY…..please just be HAPPY for them and ALWAYS SUPPORT THEM no matter what…..PEACE!!!


  • Mondo Bongo!


    What a Man – What a Man – What a mighty Fine Man!!!! Oh Yeah!!! lol

  • JoliePitt

    man! the tabloids criticize our angie everywhere. bastards! thank god, brad and angie live their lives and don’t focus or read about themselves. poor angie getting criticized every day and they aren’t even true. JUST WRONG! these tabs need to cut her some slack and they need to go take a chill pills or something!!!!!