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Britney Spears is Bald -- Video

Britney Spears is Bald -- Video




This shocking report just in from ABC in Los Angeles:

Britney Spears is back in the U.S., and she’s sporting a brand new look. Spears was photographed at the valley tattoo shop “Body and Soul” in Sherman Oaks, getting a tattoo reportedly of a pair of red and pink lips on her wrist. But the biggest change to the pop singer’s style? She shaved her head bald.

Spears could be seen inside the tattoo parlor with her head fully exposed, but as she left the shop she was led by her bodyguard straight to a waiting SUV. Spears had her head covered with a hooded sweatshirt to hide her new noggin.

The sidewalk outside the shop was filled with fans, onlookers and paparazzi. Some fans that were interviewed after Spears departed declared the new look less than flattering.

Sigh. Britney should have just stayed in rehab…

Video footage of a bald Britney Spears at the tattoo parlor
Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears bald 01
britney spears bald 02
britney spears bald 03
britney spears bald 04
britney spears bald 05
britney spears bald 06
britney spears bald 07
britney spears bald 08

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  • patty

    whoa what the hell??

  • Breanne

    eeewww what the hell OMG no way

  • WHOA


  • hen

    She hate washing her hair, so she goes bald. That’s reasonable.

  • Stephi

    She was such a beautiful woman, and now? I don’t know what to say about this than omg.

  • WHOA

    She’s doing it for drug testing reasons. She’s probably detoxes from all the drugs in her body because then the only way to find drugs in a person’s body is by testing their hair. Atleast, that’s what someone said on X17.

    This is probably so when she has to go court and if the judge orders a drug test, they won’t find any traces of drugs in her system if she detoxes by then. It’s all about the custody battle going on over the two kids with Kevin.

  • WHOA

    I feel bad about all the horrible things I have said about her. I’m not a fan and never was and probably never will be but this behavior is really disturbing. Please Britney, just get your act together for the sake of those kids.

  • MadLau

    WHOA… what about her hairs ? I’m sure that there are little blond her somewhere on her…
    She’s just getting more publicity with that act, maybe she’s not as dumb as we think she is, she’s got a good sens of publicity…
    Or maybe she’s just the next David Beckham for razors advertisements lol

  • carrie nae

    Oh my…. wtf is her mother doing????? This girl surely needs some help.

  • WHOA

    I don’t want to bash her anymore. I’m tired. I just hope she get better soon for her own sake and her kid’s sake.

  • nikki

    They could get the hair sample from anywhere. Think about all the places in her house or car or brush. I doubt she shaved it for that reason that would be more dumb than actually shaving it for no purpose.

  • patty

    Maybe she just watched V For Vendetta where Natalie Portman shaved her head and got inspired. Or she shaved her head to shed all the drama in her life, as her hair grows out it will be a new beginning. I hope she turns her life around, for her kids and for herself.

  • shimika

    hahahahah. she actually looks better than when she had hair.

  • WMFan
  • coalharbourqt

    Well now I have seen everything. Next thing we know she’ll be cutting herself – the girl is self-destructing.

  • anony

    I feel so sad for her. She is a lost soul spiraling downward and I am not even talking about her career. I was truely hoping she’d have a great come back after leaving K-Fed. Now I am just hoping she can get herself together for the sake of herself and her kids.

    Don’t let the fame get you. Know when to get out and away, life is much more important. Fame is not worth it.

  • *sigh*

    The media and the paparazzi need to find a soul and leave this girl alone. If she’s craving attention, then don’t give it to her by chasing her everywhere.
    She doesn’t look bad at all. Britney has done many wrong things in her life but maybe going bald is a cleansing experience. The person in ABC news youtube video said that Britney was “sick of it all” and “not happy about the cameras being there”. I like her better this way. She’s shed her pop tart image and that’s a step in right direction. She’s obviously going through a very tough time in her life and much of it was brought on by herself but the constant scrutiny put on her every move is not right. Her mother is not a good influence on her because she did a horrible job at raising her daughter. She needs to be surrounded by people who are not enabling her self destructive behavior and are not in it for the money.
    I know she does some crazy stuff but I’m sending out positive thoughts towards and her kids because she really needs it.

  • Kristine

    I approve of this more than Daniel Radcliffe’s nudity *shudder*

  • Mediterranean

    We have been saying that she is losing it, she is losing it… Finally, she lost it!!!!!

    If it is true about a drug test, oh yeah the judges must be really stupid and not be living on this earth last 2 years.

  • Missouri Fan

    nothing to worry, hair will grow back. I just feel sorry with her.

  • Jimmy Thing

    She just had 2 kids – her hair was probably fallin’ out from a change in hormones so she decided to just shave it all off. But of course it has to be more scandalous than that….otherwise what else would we all have to talk about tomorrow?

  • Sandbitch

    Puke friendly hairdo. Now she can stick her head in the toilet.

  • Poops

    I remember, years ago a show on germen RTL2 said it had exclusive news and video of Britney`s new bald hairstyle. It was 1st of April, nobody believed.
    But now ….. I don`t think today is 1st of april…..

  • TskTsk

    Here is hoping that Britney will have the courage and strength to put her act together.

  • bubbles

    Oh dear! Someone shopulda intervened on this.
    I think she may be vulnerable? What would they have done if she slit her wrist instead? Let her? No woman would shave all their hair off unless it was
    1. For a movie
    2. To pre-empt the ravages of chemotherapy
    3. For buckets of money(possibly)
    This gal’s in trouble and needs help…NOW!

  • faithinher

    I feel so sad for her. She is a lost soul spiraling downward and I am not even talking about her career. I was truely hoping she’d have a great come back after leaving K-Fed. Now I am just hoping she can get herself together for the sake of herself and her kids.

    Don’t let the fame get you. Know when to get out and away, life is much more important. Fame is not worth it.
    ITA!!! This poor girl seriously needs help and nobody seems to be helping her. It’s like watching a drowning woman but nobody is throwing her a life preserver. The most horrilble part is that the media is taking advantage of this situation. I hope for the sake of her kids she doesn’t end up like Anna Nicole Smith.

  • nop

    keep up to date with the latest on bald britney at
    I just cannot believe she did this.. think she was nutty before.. this is just insane!!!

  • André


  • kuala

    ever since she had Jayden, she’s been wearing a lot of wigs. maybe her hair fell out during pregnancy and she’s been bald for a while.

  • Andrew

    FedEx is gonna have fun with this, so will tabloids.

  • anony

    If she doesn’t want any attention why did she shave her head in public? She could have done it at home.

  • help her

    hi, if you realy care about britney – than you should read a little about anxiety and burnout symptoms, before you write, that she is willingly destroying herself and the business….

    i guess postpartum depression (going on sind sean prestons birth), burn out syndrome (she was sold as child to the music business, the pressure of public, the husband that just used her for her money and left her all the time alone with the kids, cheated publicly on her etc. etc. – that would psychically kill everybody), non existent self-esteem (she never had a chance to learn, that she is a valuable human beying just because she is, she is valued only as britney the star…)

    read the articles on how these things can lead to suicide (slow self-destruction is also suicide) without the ability of the victim to stop it alone

    i am sure, she cant just now, she is not able, because her brain and body chemistry, the psyche have been systematicaly destroyed over the years AND the horrible posts and tabloid are helping to kill her further

    look at whitney, nobody cared what happened with her after her husband took almost the last drop of life and coin from her…

    destroyed psyche through pressure cannot renew through pressure and bashing, it just makes it worse and can lead to extreme behavior, just to escape that pressure

    BUT ALL THIS SELFDESTRUCTION IS UNCOSCIOUSS, the ill person, cant feel it, because she lost the ability to feel her body and psyche, to prevent getting insane….

    help her, dont drop her, when she needs help

    but as usual, women, when they are down, they get kicked, instead of helped

  • ISLANDmama

    ok I am worried she may have post partum psychosis

  • ISLANDmama

    wanted to add, after going to X17 and seeing the photos of her doing it herself, wearing a Star of David, and obviously crying or looking strung out, I just can’t make fun of her. I think something is very wrong too.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Oh my god !!

    I swear It feels like I just woke up in the twilight zone. [lmao].
    She has completely lost it. I cannot see a comeback happening for her.

    She has gone crazy.. I’m sure Fed-Ex is very happy they arent together.

  • Pobre Britney

    Well, Britney certainly makes Christina look that much hotter by comparison.

    My prediction is that she’ll follow in Anna Nicole’s shoes very shortly. Sad, really.

  • Elenia

    wow this is definitely not what i expected from her :))

  • bdj

    Brit’s hair was probably falling out with the various weaves, glue, extensions and processing. She probably decided to cut it all off and start over. It happens. I suspect that Brit is not as lost and crazy as the paps/tabs want her to be. She may need rehab for excessive drinking but she courts to an extent all the media attention. Hopefully, her children are being well taken care of.

  • Erin

    Good Lord! This girl has finally hit rock bottom. Will SOMEONE take those kids until she gets her act together?!?! I can’t believe even her own MOM is ok with her behavior lately!

  • shimika

    good move by Brit, now she could just to go to some Buddhist temple and stays there.

  • wierdo that wants Jude pix

    I think everyone should try and leave this poor humane alone! She’s obviously having a nervous breakdown over the stress of the public eye. It’s a sad story.
    She can do what ever the hell she wants with her hair just like everyone else in the world.

  • hmmm

    shimika Says:

    every comment you write on every thread is hateful and mean. You are not a happy person are you.

  • luv

    I feel sorry for the kids. Britney out all night (while the babies are asleep) then goes home and sleeps (while the atleast the oldest is awake). I hope Britney mom is with the babies but I have not seen any pics or read anything about her being around.

    K-fed the “sane” parent? PLEASE BRITNEY GET HELP NOW.

  • krungkrung

    oh common she can get x10tions anytime anyday hehe…..

  • cindy

    holy crap I think britney needs help NOW..before she kills herself or something. Clearly she is unhappy and suffering depression. Her poor babies I hope Kevin gets them .

  • lopu

    i ‘m not a fan but this is sad she needs somebody to take care of her

  • Mariana, New York University

    She is depressed period. For some depressed people not having to worry about your hair, or having to wash it is just one less thing to deal with and therefore shaving it all off seems the right option. Drastic? Yes. A sign that she needs help? ABSOLUTELY – a woman’s hair and what she does with it and TO it is THE NUMBER ONE SIGN OF HOW SHE IS FEELING.

  • susie

    ITA, I sthink her hair was so overprocessed that she needed to cut it all off. Hair tests can be taken fron anywhere but the hair needs to a, inch long at leasst and since she’s female there probably isn’t any long hair on her now! But I really think it’s b/c her hair was dead.

  • Dancer

    She needs help. She is so desperate for attention that she will do anything. She is going to lose everything unless someone intervenes–her kids, her money, and probably like Anna Nicole, her life. What a waste of talent. What a waste.

  • shimika

    hmmm Says:
    February 17th, 2007 at 9:28 am

    shimika Says:

    every comment you write on every thread is hateful and mean. You are not a happy person are you.


    So, you’ve read all of my comments?

    Don’t you know that temples are very peaceful places? Ever been to one?