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David Banda and his Band of Madonna

David Banda and his Band of Madonna

Madonna arrives at LAX airport on Saturday night via a flight from London with her hubby Guy Ritchie, 38, and kids Lourdes, 10, Rocco, 6, and David Banda, 17 months. Looks like Madonna and Guy really are hands-on parents!

Madonna, 48, is said to be spending time in L.A. promoting her Confessions Tour CD/DVD and possibly working on her new album!! How exciting!!

Check out more pictures of Madonna, Guy, Lourdes, Rocco, and David here!

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  • bdj

    Cute family. It is nice to see little David settled with his new family. Guy Ritchie seems to be a hands on dad with all three children. Love the Movie, “Snatch” and his earlier work. Hopefully, he will get back into directing more. Madonna and Guy appear to be committed to making their marriage work. Good for them.

  • MadonnaNation

    Awesome pics! Thanks from MadonnaNation!

  • coalharbourqt

    I wonder if Madonna will make time to pay a visit to Britney – I think that would mean a lot to Britney at this point and, if there’s any woman who could help her make the decision to get the help that she needs, it’s Madonna. Ironically it is often not close family members, but a third party that the person looks up to that can get through to them. Madonna helping Britney in her darkest hour – maybe wishful thinking on my part but it would be a compassionate gesture on Madonna’s part.

    As for David – what a little cutie – and he is looking so happy and healthy. Of course Lourdes and Rocco are adorable too – nice to see this family together and looking happy.



  • green lettuce

    What a beautiful family!!Those pics make my heart melt!!Aww… Little David is a sweetie!!Good cheeks you want to cuddle!!Rocco and Lourdes (what a beautiful girl!beautiful hair!) look adorable too! Sweet kids! I agree with you coalharbourqt it’s nice to see them together and looking happy!

  • kilby

    I can’t stand Madonna but those are some cute kids! Lourdes is just stunning and the baby, David, is too adorable.

  • Junky

    I like how Madonna doesn’t wax Lourdes’ eyebrows.
    She’s a kid still and should be able to not have o worry about such things.
    Just mentioningit because everytime I see pics of her, other people are mean about that.
    I really like that Madonna is letting her children be kids.

  • Bamzs

    I use to hate Maddona adopting a kid like angelina and I thought she wanted some publicity but now think that she really wants to help and if she is doing in it for publicity than sshe would not have adopted a kid and it seems that she really loves little David she is a great mother with her first two biological kids and she is going to be a great mother to her new adopted kid

  • mercredi


  • Jess

    Aww, they’re such a cute family!

  • amara

    For the love of God! Angelina is not the first celebrity to adopt a baby. I find it amazing that you cannot mention a mother or show a family without someone mentioning Angelina. Calista Flockhart, Michelle Phifer, not to mention Tom Cruise all adopted children when Angelina was running around kissing her brother, wearing vials of blood, and likcing the Jennie chick.

  • Linda G

    Beautiful family! LOVE them.

  • Give me a break!

    #11 amara,You need to calm down!Also what is the purpose of bring up what someone did 5+ years ago?Angelina is the most famous adoptive Mom that’s why people bring her up alot,just that simple!I wish the Richie family the best.

  • Wiki

    Ok have to admit; I love her!! Can’t help it. She’s the ultimate in my eyes. This said from someone who hates most celebreties.

    Cute pix, thaks JJ.

  • Capriciousdiva

    I love the fact that Lourdes and Rocco love getting there picture taken unlike other celeb children who throw thier dummies out the pram. There both true stars!

  • maya

    absolutely loathe, attention grabbing whore madge but david does appear to be settling in well so good for him.

  • Amy

    David is sooo precious. Rocco is growing up real fast, but he’s still adorable. Lourdes looks so much like her mother when she was younger. Lovely family.

  • http://justjared b

    They are beautiful.

  • http://htt// belle

    David looks great.

  • Meshi

    They seem so loving, I like that family a lot.

  • Cindy

    Madonna and family ALWAYS look happy together. Both Lola and Rocco have similarities to M. Glad to know that the little David is surrounded with sweet

    I noticed M wearing her “M” sunglasses! You probably heard of her “M” line with
    H&M out in March 2007~

  • Elenia

    don’t get me wrong but the kid’s face says “what do these white monkeys want from me?”

  • Luk

    Elenia- could you be more racist?! You idiot.

    Beautiful family!

  • Lili

    David has a very impressive and expressive face. beautiful child indeed.

  • walter

    Guy Ritchie shooting a pilot called “Suspect”, thats why they are all here.
    Its his turn to work !
    Its a cop crime drama like CSI.

  • truth

    I can see in the next few weeks that Just Jared will be posting photos of Little David, Rocco, Lola, Maddox, Zahara, Romeo, Brooklyn, Sean Preston and Jayden James playing together.

    I think Madonna will pay a visit to Britney. She needs help desperately – before it’s too late. We’ve just seen ANS die in front of our very eyes – we’ve seen it from the moment she uttered a word in that show and we stood in front of our tv transfixed. We have always known the ending from day 1. I’ve snapped out of it.

  • BAMZS not welcome

    It’s bad enough that any blog with Brad or Angelina subjects us to your obsession with this family.
    Let us enjoy the ARTIST Madonna and her GORGEOUS daughter and adorable son with her equally talented husband. This couple have class!!! They don’t talk about fixing coffee machine’s and what color their next child will be. Madonna is a class act hard working women & an inspiration to all.
    I am in total agreement with amara- Give me a Break- Give us a break!!!!!!!

  • http://UK to AMARA

    Amara I agree with you.There were other people who adopted when Maddonna was sleeping with men and women and running wild

  • bdj

    I love how people rewrite history and put their spin on celebrites. One day Madonna is being run out of town by a mob and the next she is on a pedestal. All celebrites, whether Madonna and Guy or Brad and Angie are just living their lives and taking care of their children. Both couple have decided to bring children or a child into their family of a different race. Each couple and all couples who adopt whether in the USA or overseas, different race or same race, are doing a good thing if it comes from the heart. Whether you are a BP and AJ fan, Madonna fan or both, it is all good.

  • Colleen

    they’re adorable!

  • this site is for everyone!!!

    O.K. fine. i am sick of the way BAmZs fans talk, i wish they would leave their obsession for that family at that sad little forum.

  • Sandbitch

    Junky Says: I like how Madonna doesn’t wax Lourdes’ eyebrows.

    Keh? I like how Madonna doesn’t inflict such intense pain to a child’s face!

    Gotta admit though – that’s some eyebrow.

  • black

    That´s the problem with these people- you shouldn´t have a child because you want to help.

  • Mango

    Lourdes has quite the unibrow going on!!

  • Amy

    Did anyone else notice that, when the cameras aren’t looking, it’s the husband carrying the African baby, but then it’s Madonna, and then it’s the husband again? Still not believing it, Madonna.

    And Lourdes looks like she’s got a unibrow to me.

  • STFU

    What an adorable family, so cute!

  • Aviv

    too cute

  • Ben

    Amy, you an idiot, stfu.

    The kids are so beautiful.

  • The real lou

    Why are certain people insulting the childern?That is so WRONG!All 3 of the childern are beautiful.David looks well bonded with his new family,I wish this family much happiness.It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Madonna or not, just be happy a child was saved from a rather bleak life in a orphanage.

  • iky

    they are magnifique Madonna as hot

  • iky

    like your last DVD confesssions tour great!!!!
    and the picture of the family here is just MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • The Real Deal

    What a cute looking little lad!

  • sara

    Why is David riding on Guy’s lap? and not in a car seat???

  • sotrue

    They look like a family, period, with three beautiful children. Hope David’s family in Malawi see how healthy and settled in he looks, and any concerns they have had as to the adoption are addressed. Wish them the best.

  • lula29

    Madonna picked a real good man to marry. He loves the baby.

    It’s so sweet to see.

  • anon

    Cute family. oh and you don’t adopt because you want to “help”. Help what?
    You adopt for the same reason you get pregnant, to have a child. Madonna probably is at an age where she can’t have any more children and unwilling to do the science fiction way of getting pregnant. But she desired another baby. Race obviously didn’t matter to her.

  • green lettuce

    There are no races. One human race. The ‘races’ concept bugs me.

  • Purple lace

    Rocco is probably the cutest kid I’ve seen, he always looks so happy.

  • Miss M

    I can’t stand Madonna but I think it is great that she gave David a home. I just wish she wouldn’t dress Lourdes as a mini-me of herself. And sorry to disagree with Junky, she should wax her eyebrows, it doesn’t look good. There is nothing wrong with this even at a young age.