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Little Ryder Robinson

Little Ryder Robinson

Male bonding!

Little Ryder Robinson and rocker father Chris Robinson bring in a good catch while fishing with sticks around Malibu, Calif. Momma Kate Hudson was noticeably missing — her divorce with Chris is still under way.

The father-son duo was accompanied by 30-year-old hunkalicious Oliver Hudson, Kate‘s brother. Uncle Oliver!!!

Ryder just turned 3 the week before last (the age Kate promised to cut his hair). So don’t fret my pets, the haircut is coming soon! Just cross your fingers…

And according to one gossip report, the first pictures of camera-shy Hollywood lovebirds Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson together were snapped on the Gold Coast yesterday after the pair were reunited on Valentine’s Day. (View picture here.)

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Awww. Adorable, Oliver with his niece.

  • kidi


  • T-Shirts

    Dude looks pretty cool. I wonder how old he is (?)


  • Andrew

    Awww cute, but I’m not feelin’ the hair.

  • hmmmm

    So wait, let me get this right. Kate hudson met Owen Wilson on a movie and soon after separated from her husband. Even before she filed for divorce, there were rumors she was dating Owen. And they have been photographed together a few times.

    Boy, she sure moved on fast. Isn’t Owen Wilson a homewrecker? And isn’t Kate a cheating, lying slut and wh*re. She must have been missing a sensitivity chip.

    KARMA WILL GET THEM!!! Poor little Ryder has a b*tch for a mom!!!!!!!!


    Sorry, I’m just following the logic of American public and the American media who think it’s okay to villify some people for moving on after their marriage ends but it’s perfectly ok for others to do the same and not get blamed for being a wh*re or a homewrecker.

  • Laura


  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    So, so true, hmmmm. No one knows any more details about Kate’s failed marriage than they do Brad’s. Yet even though Kate’s break-up involves a child which should make it even worse, not a word is uttered against her. Nope. No outrage at all. None for Julia Roberts, happily waiting for her third child with her husband, whom she met while he was very married and living with his wife, either. No one cares. Only Brad and Angelina are wrong to try and find happiness. Oh, and yeah, cut the hair, and get off the cell phone, Daddy…your little guy needs your attention.

  • ryder

    i am afraid that he has already gotten his haircut, as this is actually a lot shorter than it has looked before…

  • Ashley

    Seriously, why do you people care if the kid has long hair? Live and let live.

  • WTF

    Actually, I agree. Cheating on her husband with Owen Wilson is a nasty thing to do. And there is a child involved who needs his father around.

    And she is a whore for not waiting until the divorce is final before dating again. But, that’s how they roll in Hollyweird. Don’t let the bed get cold, when you kick one out, move the next one in super fast.

  • ryo_girl

    Ryder’s a cutie…he gets cuter as he gets older, and I actually think his hair looks okay on him, at least compared to how long it was before.

  • thanks

    I don’t like it when men and women get called homewreckers skanks, hos, whatever. What I do find interesting is how Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson both skated through thier “situations” but Brad and Angelina have been cursed at, mocked, and even told to die because they found happiness. I suppose if Oprah is on your side that’s all that matters. Also found it amusing that JA was seen comforting Kate Hudson after Hudson broke up her marriage for another man. Way too hypocritical. So thanks to posters hmmm and addictedtobamz for pointing out what a lot of us are thinking.

  • angelina_mmm

    the kid is damn cute

  • Different Days

    The difference is Kate’s ex husband is not rolling around half-naked on magazine covers, trying to earn pity points to promote his band (movie)

  • Sir-Cocks-Alot

    He’s even wearing a girl’s shirt! They should take him away from his parents.

  • good point

    So Ryder is a boy?

  • g121

    even though i find kate hudson cute,, im so sorry for her husband chris.,, i cant believe she left her family for think that just looing at them one can probably conclude that chirs robinson would be the one would be having a third party,, no offense meant but kate’s looks is really very innocent,,,well looks can indeed be very deceiving,,,poor ryder…btw, oliver is sooo hot=)

  • wake-up

    Kate is with Owen in Australia!


    THIS is how i see it…

    Kate had a FUG husband and everybody thought she could do dare that dirty hippi touch the california girl???? Both Kate & Owen are “golden” so they “deserve each other”….which is very superficial….

    Julia R. at the time was America’s sweetheart so she could do no wrong…but then she has turned sorto nasty looking (karma)…i wouldn’t pay to see her…she HAS lost fans…she’s just not getting death threats.

    In the Brangelina saga….the fug girl next door (Aniston) caught the hotest man alive (Brad) so she gained the sympathy of EVERYONE..add to that her “friends” fame…the girl that deserved to be loved and the best friend everybody wished they had…IN comes BEAUTIFUL Angelina to steal frog girl’s prince charming……thus breaking the hearts of other frog girls everywhere because the reality is that a somewhat cute woman cannot keep her man….or so Angelina makes them think….

    If the woman that “stole” brad was uglier than aniston….people would have just swept this under the rug too under the label “is Brad’s loss”"JA is gorgeous”….HOW …tell me HOW…are her fans or the public in general going to justify that Brad made the right move by dumping JA for a GORGEOUS woman?????

    Oh the shame, oh the cruelty….in a way people (aniston fans and supporters) have taken this too personal…and by “defending” their girl….EVERY SINGLE TIME they’re calling her ugly! unwanted….the girl with issues….

    think about it….

    It all boils down to looks….

  • Blah

    Wow, did his dad get any genetic say at all in that child?
    I’ve always wondered what it must be like for divorced parents whose kid looks exactly like their ex… a constant reminder.

  • Crystal

    Oliver Hudson is freaking hot.

  • Jinxy McDeath

    Not only does he have the girly hair, but she’s let him use pacifiers and he’s got a mouth full of nasty, crooked baby teeth. He’s not cute in person at all. What could be called a neurotic kid in public and acts up something awful.

  • m

    I like the hair long – and it has already been cut. To each his own… and it isn’t like his daddy has a crew cut or anything!

    I also don’t care why/how the marriage broke up, it is between them…

  • So judgemental

    I have never seen so many people concerned about something that has nothing to do with them. The childs hair is fine. There’s nothing wrong with his hair’s length other than your narrow minded attitudes and the need to say something negative. It’s sad that we as a society must find something to pick apart and even a child isn’t off the hook. I bet many of you could lose a pound or two, whiten your teeth, tone up your bodies, not be a nag with your mate. Look at your own selves first to improve than start on the kid, but start with yourselves first.

  • Lisa

    Both Chris & Kate have moved on. Chris has a girlfriend their have been a few pictures of them on the internet. And Kate is with Owen. Both parties seem happy and good for them if they are both in new relationships. Don’t think Ryder will be affected much if both of them spend time with him.

  • The Other K. Hudson

    I’ll take both, Chris and Ryder, I already raised 3 boys of my own, they are all very fine gentlemen.

  • Kalpurnia

    I wouldn’t be able to leave such a husband.