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Gisele Bundchen: Stepmom-to-be

Gisele Bundchen: Stepmom-to-be

Gisele Bundchen is going to be a stepmom!!!!

Well, not quite yet. News just broke that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s ex-girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan is 3+ months pregnant with his child. Now that Tom is dating Brazilian supermodel Gisele, I’m sure things just got a whole lotta complicated.

Tom and Bridget dated for about three years, ending their relationship in late 2006. Tom started dating Gisele back and December 2006 and were last spotted in each other’s arms this past week. The new couple are currently in Paris over the weekend.

Pictured is Tom and Bridget at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala “AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2006 in New York City. This was one of the last public appearances they made as a couple.

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  • geniass

    Payback is sweet.

  • coalharbourqt

    Holy crap! No wonder she was so upset when they split up – wonder if she knew then or not though?


    If it’s true… that’s big. Kind of know them & don’t think this is a good situation for them.

  • Meg

    Gisele – can you say HOME WRECKER.

  • wth?

    WTF? Why is Gisele getting blamed?

    Shouldn’t Tom Brady be called an a**hole if he knew Bridget was pregnant and still dumped her?

    How the hell was Gisele supposed to know Bridget was pregnant?

    How does the woman always get blamed?

    Maybe Bridget didn’t even tell Tom she was pregnant or mabye he knew, and in that case, he’s the jerk. Not Gisele. I’m not a fan of hers but please, use some common sense.

  • Andrew

    That’s gonna be one attractive baby, thanks to those beautiful parents.

  • gossippup

    She never has to work again.

  • Amy

    Tom is sexy as hell. A jerk, but smoking hot.
    I don’t think anyone’s really losing anything in this situation. I doubt that Tom knew that she was expecting before they broke up. Bridget, a very lovely, but aging woman, knew that her biological clock was ticking, so why not get something out of the relationship before they broke up? Not only will she be having Tom Brady’s child (something that I know many women would like to be doing, ADMIT IT), but she’ll be reaping lots of dough from his ass. Brady’s rep will most likely be most hurt by this since it’s tarnished his image of the good ol’ Catholic “Golden Boy”. Gisele’s probably the one most uncomfortable by the situation. While I don’t like her so much, I feel her.
    But hey, this kid will turn out to be hot as hell. Would “People” be willing to shell $4 million for this kid’s first photos, ’cause I sure would if I were that loaded (alright, not really, but still).

  • AddictedtoBAMZs


  • http://wow checkers

    they are beautiful couple.. I bet they both didn’t know.. probably the cause of break up is hormonal.. gisele is pretty as well, I hope they get back together.

  • Carol

    i don’t about you guys… but to me, looks like she got pregnant on purpose… you know, to “keep the man”… a lot of girls do that, to make the guy married them…

  • Jessica

    {Start Rant} NOoOoOoO. How could this happen to the “All American Boy?” {end rant} Well, as proven by the Brangelina offspring, since Tom and Bridget are both gorgeous, their child will be beautiful.

  • haha

    But hey, this kid will turn out to be hot as hell. Would “People” be willing to shell $4 million for this kid’s first photos, ’cause I sure would if I were that loaded (alright, not really, but still).


    If the money goes to charity and not Bridget’s bank account, sure why not.

  • angelah

    dun dun dun dun

  • sotrue

    Matt Leinart is also a babydaddy, he and his ex had a little boy a couple of months ago. Life happens, at least these kids will have more than adequate resources unlike many others.

  • Allyson

    Tom and Gisele will stay together forever!!! They need, they are too gorgeous. It’s like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They were mad one for another. BTW, They are in Paris right now.

  • Amy

    sotrue Says:

    February 18th, 2007 at 8:27 pm
    Matt Leinart is also a babydaddy, he and his ex had a little boy a couple of months ago. Life happens, at least these kids will have more than adequate resources unlike many others.

    Yeah, but I think that Leinart’s scum (ditching his baby mama to go partying with Hilton/Spears), whereas I’ve always thought that Tom was above that. I also agree that despite being illegitimate, this kids will be very priveleged unlike many other poor children in this country and others. So no need to feel sorry for them.
    All-Star tonight!

  • s.s.

    that guy is so freakin HOTT!
    i’m sure that they’ll have a gorgeous kid!

  • Amy

    Pregnancy doesn’t show until the fourth month, and then very little until month 5. It’s entirely possible, especially if she hasn’t had a pukey pregnancy, that they didn’t know. They’ve been broken up for weeks. I doubt they knew.

  • Ella

    No wonder Gisele & Tom are in Paris, they knew this news was about to get out. So to look like they are ‘COOL’ with it, they are putting on a show in gay Paris.



  • Ella

    No wonder Gisele & Tom made a quick dash for Paris, because this news was about to break and they wanted to look ‘COOL & LOVED UP’ about it all.



  • fur sucks

    Another Hollywood bastard…….so sad for the kid.

  • good point

    You would think if he found that he was going to be a daddy he would not be in NY hanging with Gisele. He would be with his baby’s momma seeing what THEY are going to do about this. Maybe try and work things out. But that what real gentlemen do not jerks like T Brady

    He is a jerk. A self centered Jerk.

  • or …..

    Maybe he didn’t know.

    Maybe Bridget trapped him. I heard she was the one who couldn’t move on from the break up and she’s way older than him.

    Maybe she’s the bad one. Either way, this must be an uncomforatble situation for all.

  • http://justjared anonymous

    Is Bridget the girl from I, Robot??
    If not then..disregard that question cuz I’ll feel stupid.

    I don’t follow their relationship…but that’s sad….

    I really liked Giselle with Leo DiCaprio…why didn’t they last???
    I behind on Hollywood gossip….
    But then again I have better things to worry about….

    I should get off this site…
    I’ll probably be back….I always come to Jared….well…I’m off…
    I shant be long…LOL
    I miss F.R.I.E.N.D.S.=(

  • blogelina

    Be interesting to see how this all plays out. Hopefully it won’t be one man screwing over two women and a baby.

  • Leontyne Price Fan

    Tom Brady is average looking. I met him once. He’s so plain. The only reason these beautiful women are interested in him is because he has two superbowl rings and has money.

  • Karen

    Tom Brady is average looking. I met him once. He’s so plain. The only reason these beautiful women are interested in him is because he has two superbowl rings and has money.

    The boy is far from average. He is smokin’. It’s three rings if you are going to insult at least get your stats right ;)

    I bet that neither knew. Neither seems to be a horrible person. But now it is up to Tom to stand up and be a good man. Not saying that you have to have a relationship with the mother. You have to realize that you are in this womans life and she is in yours. Period. You need to be there for the baby that is all that matters. I feel bad for Bridget. I would never have survived my 2 pregnancies without my husband. Let alone my first.

  • jr

    maybe the baby got conceived during their break-up sex

  • Goss UK

    HOT pic!

  • Ginger

    When they broke up, I’m sure she did NOT know she was pregnant. Because she’s only three months right now. They broke up back in December or November. So it was too early to tell…

    Or mayber Bridget found out, told Tom Brady and he broke up with her because she wanted to keep the baby and he wanted an abortion???

    Or she could have slept with someone during the time they broke up. It could have been someone else’s baby too.

    But I like to believe it’s Tom’s baby. Oh, the baby’s gonna’ be so darn cute!!

  • Katie

    B. Moynahan looks familiar; did she play Big’s wife in Sex and the City?

  • crybabyAniston

    geniass Says:

    February 18th, 2007 at 6:11 pm
    Payback is sweet.

    That stupid! A baby is a gift, not a payback. I hope she didn’t didn’t get pregnant to trap the man into loving her again because that is so stupid and irresponsible. A baby should be brought in love and not use as a weapon to force someone to do your will.

    As for Giselle, if Tom was done with the relationship, then he was done…and he moved on…I don’t blame Giselle at all and I don’t blame Tom or Bridget. They were not married and I’m think it’s strange that Bridget is pregnant now during a time when the relationship was rocky.

    I hope she didn’t plan this because it will not help her get him back if he doesn’t want to come back to her.

  • secrets

    Let’s use some common sense here people. A desperate 36 year old who knows her relationship of 3 years is coming to an end? I am a nurse, look at the medical books people. It’s harder for her to get pregnant than to not get pregnant. She is totally is guilty of doing this on purpose. Shame on her.

    Personally, I feel bad for Gisele. Not only did she have a relationship of five years that ended in heartbreak, but now she might have to deal with some psycho who obviously got pregnant on purpose. As for Tom Brady, who is 29 and obviously not an idiot, he probably had no idea that his ex was not using some sort of birth control at the time of pregnancy. Nice deceiving move again by the 36 year old actress (who knows she was proably taking hormonal pills to even up her chances!)

    Also, I have got to say not only do I feel bad for Gisele, but also for that poor baby. He/she will have to grow up knowing that they were a planned mistake to break up a new relationship. Not to mention a baby that will be hounded by the media, and let’s be honest, it might not be in a very positive light.

  • dave

    Can we stop assuming things we know nothing about? Matt Leinart is not scum. Tom Brady is not scum. This is the 21 century. We can have children out of wedlock nowadays.

  • Jane

    Gisele is stupid. Why date a man that has a knocked up girlfriend? She should do the right thing and stop dating him. He needs to take resposibility and go back to his pregnant ex.

  • http://fastpaypapers Monica 69

    In my opinion, Tom was already planning to leave this aging beauty.And why would a man that really love u, and respect you jump directly into a new relation so quickly, unless he was already seeing that Brazilian women in the first place.

  • http://fastpaypapers Monica 69

    Tom Brady is a Playboy ! Bridget Dumped her ex to be with Tom , and Karma is a bitch. – Ask Britney Spears ! She is just White Trash with a drug and a fondness for gay sex .

  • http://fastpaypapers Monica 69

    Monica , i love u !