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Charlize Theron Looks Golden

Charlize Theron Looks Golden

Charlize Theron looks golden at the 21st Annual American Society of Cinematographers Achievement Awards in a boatneck, high-waisted, flowy grey dress with a loosely cut silhouette, elbow length puff sleeves and gold accessories.

The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday evening in Century City, Calif. Children of Men‘s Emmanuel Lubezki was honored for in the feature film category. Pictured below: cinematographer Allen Daviau, with his Lifetime Achievement Award. For more pictures of Charlize and Allen, CLICK HERE!

And can somebody please explain to me why there are rumors floating around that Charlize Theron is going to play Anna Nicole Smith in a biopic? No, seriously?

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Photos: Getty/Bauer-Griffin
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  • http://justjared brenda

    Boy did she have alot of work done (PLASTIC) the girl is phonyyyyy But Hot…

  • Andrew

    Looking good, Charlize! Don’t care for the dress, but looking good.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    She is so GorGeous that someone is calling her [plactic]. Thats how good she looks.

  • Mediterranean

    Some are born with it! She is one of them who has THE BEAUTY.

  • Mediterranean

    She can still look gorgeous in a ugly dress without make-up and hair-do.

    Calling her plastic???? I believe that you’ve never seen the photos of other celebrities.

  • monica

    true BEAUTY don’t exist in hollywood they are all fake SORRY IT IS THE TRUTH

  • beautiful

    she’s so gorgeous and talented i just love love her !!

  • Mink

    Cripes! She must be gorgeous if she can even make that terrible dress look okay. Love the shoes, though!

  • Pete

    Are you jealous monica?

  • christy

    i love this woman she got a natural beauty a real talent she’s brave down to earth and has a lot of sense of humour

  • jolie

    She’s a striking beautiful girl but an idiot: she said the restictions on artists in Cuba and the US are comparable. dumbass, and someone from South Africa shouldnt’ really criticize the US.

  • Pete

    “dumbass, and someone from South Africa shouldnt’ really criticize the US.”

    And that’s supposed to mean what exactly? Choose you words carefully… There are South Africans who come here too. And I’m sure neither of them would care much for what you’re saying, because you’re being brainwashed by the media. Did you even pay attention to the fact that the CNN clip was edited in such a way to make Charlize look bad? I guess not…

  • jolie

    The part where she tried to change the subject by saying to the reporter “I want to make out with you now”? That part? Yeah, I saw that part, too.

  • Pete

    ““I want to make out with you now”? That part? Yeah, I saw that part, too.”

    It’s called sarcasm. She obviously saw that Rick was going to continue interrupting her and putting words in her mouth, so she changed the subject.

    You still have no reason to make any implications about South Africans. The US isn’t perfect…I hate to break it to you.

  • the real dumbass

    jolie Says:

    she did’t say that the restictions on artists in cuba and the us are comparable what the hell get the real fact before judjing someone cuz the idiot here is you she said that there is no absolute freedom of speech in any country it’s impossible there is “no perfect country” she gaves an exampel by this poor journalist who has been fired because of his comment about the irak war ! not about this created lie “about the artist” god some ppl are so desprate with hate to bash someone i can’t stand theme especially whene they lie ..and she didn’t try to change the subject the reporter cut her and put his comment on it he didn’t even let her finish he edited

  • sofia

    bla bla bla
    who cares?
    she is just an actress ,ex-model(she didn’t made studies)
    not a politician
    who cares of her opinion

  • Pete

    Sofia, it’s ironic that you bring up ‘studies’ and yet your grammar is poor.

    Another thing, she left South Africa at a young age because she wanted to contine modelling and had a desire for acting. She did well for herself.

    Sure, she’s not a politician – but what the hell does that matter anyway? Everyone is allowed an opinion and is allowed to speak the truth, not so?

  • love me some charlize

    charlize with susane sarandon are one of those few actresses who i really respect theron is talented, private ,class , smart and famous by her hard work i love her !

  • sofia

    pete fuck you are you her publicist?
    i used studies on purpose

  • lurker opinion

    I liked her with the dark hair. Not so much this hair color.

  • jolie

    “she did’t say that the restictions on artists in cuba and the us are comparable what the hell get the real fact before judjing someone”

    You can read the full transcript at CNN. Here’s part of what she said. I didn’t pull this stuff out of my ass, you know. She should stick to acting and modeling, that’s what she’s good at.

    SANCHEZ (voice over): OK, fair enough. But does that mean Cuban and U.S. freedoms, or lack thereof, are parallel?

    I wanted her to explain. So I asked. And then it got a little testy.

    (on camera): Do you think the lack of freedoms in Cuba are parallel to the lack of freedoms in the United States.

    THERON: Well, I would — I would compare those two, yes, definitely.

  • steven

    her nose is strange

  • anony

    Oh, well, another hollywood star “dixie chicked”

    Some, don’t remember the recent election that backlashed on them just a few months ago.

    I got the four popular words for you: “the People have spoken”

  • the real dumbass

    jolie Says

    she was explaining that there is no freedom of speech in any country even on the powerful ones especially on the wars and the mistakes they done there is no perfect one charlize knows cuba that’s why she made that documentary because of the situation there and she knows us that’s why she’s living in and she said it herself and if you’re putting stuffs( cuz on the first time u said THE ARTISTS RESTICTIONS) at least finish it whene he asked her if she didn’t have a high opinion of us she said “OMG , OH NO YOU’RE SO WRONG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ..WHY DO U THINK IM LIVING IN US ?” there is nothing to do with the people she was pointing on some “hypocrisy ” in the government that we find in all the countries and that is right and then he cut her he didn’t let her finish what she was saying he was constantly doing that he wasn’t objective it’s a shame from a journalist but this one is famous for that it’s not his first time…yes she’s good on the acting and good on the production she bringing us here a wounderfull humain being story not a political story a lesson of life something that i ignored before i can’t thank her enought for bringing the light on it and for her generous work on her causes and she did that way before having an oscar or being famous…..some outrageous bitches in hollywood should take some notes from her private life and career

  • Pete

    “You can read the full transcript at CNN.”

    No actually Jolie, you can’t… Even that transcript (I hate to break it to you) is edited. It’s the transcript for the edited interview. Yes, they are allowed to do that being the “high quality” news station they are. Rick Sanchez wanted to look good, so he found an opportunity and clip, clip, snip, snip you’re done.

    Some people are clearly brainwashed by the media.

  • ?

    The real dunbass

    Just because she went to cuba for a few months to make a documentary, that does not mean she knows about cuba or its history.
    And the part when she said there was a comparison between the lack of freedom in Cuba and in the US was not edited.

  • Pete

    “And the part when she said there was a comparison between the lack of freedom in Cuba and in the US was not edited.”

    Sure, but Dick Sanchez tried to make himself look good – if that’s not obvious, then I don’t know what to tell you… Charlize was speaking her mind and he didn’t like that.