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Britney Spears: Bald and in Rehab

Britney Spears: Bald and in Rehab

Extra TV has the first image of the bald Britney Spears in rehab at Malibu’s exclusive treatment facility, Promises, which she checked into late Tuesday morning. Let’s hope she makes it past day one! Two thoughts:

  • Shouldn’t quitting to smoke be part of the the $33,000/month rehab?
  • Poor girl still has the size sticker on her pants!! What size do you think it is?

And this should shed some light as to why Britney shaved her head:

According to a stunning new report in OK magazine, Kevin Federline was at the pop star’s Malibu mansion on Friday when she arrived home from rehab, and a blowout between the exes broke out.

“They had a huge argument,” revealed OK’s Rob Shuter. “Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she’s been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved.”

THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE! Well, sort of. Poor, Britney

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  • blogelina

    Good luck to her. I hope she lasts more than a day.

  • Vera

    I think you can smoke in rehab…..not sure though never having been in rehab myself.

  • michichi

    1st :-)))

    great that she start to seek and get help, lets hope that her wounded psyche will regenerate

  • sar


  • mel

    Smoking is the least of her worries. It’s disgusting they are taking pictures of her when she’s clearly trying to get better.

  • arghhhhhhh

    Here’s the second picture:

  • me

    she looks SO badass blad

  • Capriciousdiva

    I hope she makes it through this…

  • Vic

    This girl is nothing more than a child – a child with children! Give her a break – lay off the pictures and give her a chance to heal. And yes, you CAN smoke in re-hab (usually in a designated place outside). Rehab facilities don’t take EVERYTHING away from you… would make your recovery too difficult!

  • silly

    So glad she FINALLY in rehab. I hope it sticks and she gets it together – those 2 little boys have been through enough and so has the rest of her family.

    Quitting smoking is NOT part of rehab – in fact I believe it is informally discouraged. Having had family members who went through rehab, I can tell you that they were told to just tackle one thing at a time. I think it would be great if Brit quit smoking, but I don’t think it’s a realistic expectation at this time.

  • Crystal

    Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leave her just alone!

  • liz

    stop posting candids of her! This is the last thing she needs! Shes TRYING to get help people! She’ll wanna leave soon if you guys dont leave her alone and youre adding to it Jared. You should take it down out of respect for her, her family, & privacy. Shes REALLY not in a good state right now :(

  • Mediterranean

    I hope that she is not in rehab because everybody wants her in rehab.

    I hope that she is in rehab because she want to be in rehab to get rid of all things which waste her life.

    You have everything that everybody dreams of. Why do you do this to yourself, girl?

  • Britney Fans Are pathetic

    Britney fans need to shut up with the “leave her alone” she is a spoilt attention whore. Most normal people can’t afford rehab, and people to look after their children.
    Britney is an ungrateful whore who doesn’t know how lucky she is. The fact the she shaved her head in public proves she loves the attention. She is worthless.

  • Ha

    Nobody likes her. She’s a fat, selfish, drug addict pig! TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS YOU LOSER!

  • Britney Fans Are pathetic

    For you Britney fans saying “leave her alone” you’re all here looking at the pics too, you’re supporting what you claim to hate. Hypocrites.


    I hope she actually shaved her head to rid herself of all the negative crap in her life, and moves forward from here. But no one needs to pay that much money for rehab. That place is a rip off.

  • dlisted sucks!

    Let’s see how long she lasts.



  • Sara

    If she didn’t want attention why did she shave her head IN FRONT of her paps. She could have did it at home. Boo hoo.

  • Excuse me?!

    Who said she’s a child with children??!!!! omg. A 25 year old is NOT a “child”. She’s a WOMAN who can’t handle responsability. In 5 years she’ll be 30 and u say she’s a child??!! LOL

    I am 20 years old and have twins. I haven’t gone nuts and i take care of my kids and yesss i had postpartum depression as well.

  • tanique

    this is RIDICULOUS. if ever there was a time to not see pics, it’s in rehab. let the girl get well.

  • pathetic

    the reason why she shaved her head: “Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she’s been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved.”

    hahahahaha… COME ON…so she shaved her head and left it there…so they could sell it on eBay????????? i mean: ??????? yeah yeah she was too scared…come on….we are not idiots.

  • Charlie Carter

    Britney is headed for the same fate as Anne Ncole.

  • b

    good job britney! be patient though cuz it will be tough! best wishes to u. i hope you get better,but i know u will. God bless.
    Hey, I think we all have left some sort of a tag thingy on our clothes at one point, or atleast I have. haha it happens

  • skb!!!

    I think the other poster meant to say that she ACTS like a child not that she still is a child. But anyways i agree with the people who say that she craves the attention because she does, If she didnt she would have shaved her head in the privicy of her own HOME and not in front of the paparazzi. And the horrible blonde wig attracts more attention to her because you could spot that ulgly thing a bloody mile away!!!. Not exactly the actions of a person who wants to be left alone.

    Its obvious that she LOVES the attention, you just have to look at all her pervious publicity stunts. Now young girls realise that her attention seeking efforts are pathetic and she getting the blackclash. This chick just wants sympathy, alot of people are far worse off that her, so i not going to “pray’ for her because it would rather not waste my efforts praying for girl who has 100 million in the bank and absolutely no sense at all. Think about the people who have NOTHING.

    I do wish her all the best in rehab for the sake of her kids but i hope afterwards she disappears for good and moves out of LA to raise her children in a normal enviromnent. Hopefully she will forget about that comeback!!!

  • yara

    she needs some space more than everything some respect she became a sort of bubble gum from the media everybody uses her image to sell even when she’s on the down part of her life!! she’s a human being commit mistakes like everybody else in the wordl respect her because she’s a person not because she’s britney.

  • Down To Earth


  • Zana

    you guys are gayyy

  • skb!!!

    She probably informs the paparazzi that she going to the toliet so that when she comes out they can take pictures of her. All celebrities do that. Paparazzi dont just magically appear out of thin air at the exact place as a celebrity (because that would be too much of a coincidence) . They are TOLD where a celebrity is normally by a PR person or sometimes by the celeb themselves. It wouldnt suprise me if Britney was one of those celebs since she not the type of person that likes to lead a quieter life.


    I agree that she is basically a “Child” yes technically she is an adult but where are her responsibilities. Everyone does everything for her. She is like a little girl lost in an adult world. Can you even imagine being STALKED by Paparazzi 24 hrs a day and then sites like this and many more picking you apart constantly. Celebrity isn’t what it used to be. I think the media is out of control and something needs to be done about it. I truly hope that Britney finds the help that she needs for herself and her boys.

    Leave her alone, geesh she is in rehab and they are stalking her!! Why is this legal?

  • Adam Brooks

    I think she’s pretty inspirational right now.
    Here’s a song about her recent head shaving and rehabing.

  • Tango

    Actually Promises Malibu is closer to $42,000 per 30 days.

  • superkawaii

    Britney’s a celebrity. Of course she’ll get attention from the media all the time. U can’t blame her for wanting the attention. She needs them to stay on top or she would hv been just another singer. Every celebrities need the paparazzi to pay attention to them or else they won’t survive in the business. And I agree that media is getting out of control nowadays.

    I really hope britney will stay in rehab n make a great comeback for herself and be a better and responsible mother for her children. Good Luck Britney.

  • Be Adequite!

    I’ve been through rehab and it’s one step at a time in relation to the smokes (at least where I was…) they practically shove coffee down your throat as well-which is a drug too (damn good one!)…I feel for her and I think people can mature at different rates (I’ve known a couple 25 year old teenagers), but I think her chances for the GRAND COMEBACK are over…Plus with the kiddos she’s got more to worry about-


    Good luck Britney! And poor people who needs to watch other people’s life to have something to do with they empty brains…loosers…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Lex Luthor! hahaha

  • Shauna

    She feared having her hair tested, so she shaved it all off on video and left on the floor of a hair salon? It would have been safer on her head, and at least on on Ebay.

    She got off of the plane after fleeing rehab, drove to a hair salon and cut her hair off. The first thing out of her mouth was that her mother would really be angry with her. Hmmmm, sounds like she was trying to get back at her mother for the first rehab ‘intervention’.

    Funny, if she just stop doing spectacular stunts like this she would actually have a chance, and the respect , to be left alone.

  • Sway

    No, she SHOULDN’T stop smoking and no, that’s NOT part of the rehab, she’s there to quit drugs and alcohol… not smoking. Many people smoke and I don’t think it’s nice to judge her for that TOO.

    I started to feel sorry for her, I almost sympathize her… She’s alone now, she’s chased every minute of every day by people who want nothing more but laugh at her, she’s been abandoned by her family and husband (obviously) and I think that she’s pretty much reached the bottom. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine her getting better but I sure hope she does… for the sake of the little ones.

    I just hope she stays in rehab more than a day now…


    I hope she recovers soon

  • anne nonymous

    the whole “drug testing Britney’s hair” theory holds no water. They would take hair from your leg, arm eyebrow – anywhere else to conduct the test if you are badl. This happened to a co-worker, it’s true.

  • LJ

    Sweetie, let’s get the illegal drugs out of her system before tackling the legal ones.

  • Jules

    All the sites are blaming Keving for Brittney’s mess. Im sick of it. It’s no one’s fault but her own. She’s a spoiled coke head.

  • SimplyMe

    Don’t want to hear anything about B. Spears anymore….it’s worthless….
    Let’s just focus with something better and not depressing like her life.
    She is hungry for our attention and we give her what she wanted.
    She doesn’t have any good thing to do or a new song…so she made all this publicities to keep her in our radar.
    She dig her own hole, and now she fell into it. Leave her in the hole, and we will she if she can help her self out or she dig it even deeper and bury herself.

  • ragin cajun


  • http://justjared anonymous

    She’s not pretty enough to be bald..

  • NUTT

    She is just looking for attention . Quite frankly I am sick of hearing about her. I wish she would just dissapear.She is a sick , sick person who needs to be seen by a shrink. She is an attenton grabbing whore whose music was VERY overrated.Bye Bye Britney.

  • http://myspace (*)RoXy(*)

    oh my gosh why did she cut herself bold

  • Holih