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Tyra Banks: New Sports Illustrated Cover

Tyra Banks: New Sports Illustrated Cover

What do you think of Tyra Banks‘ new Sports Illustrated cover?

Sports Illustrated: Tyra’s 10 Year Anniversary

In honor of Black History Month, Tyra celebrated the 10th annivesary of becoming the first Afircan-Americ an model to be fatured solo on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Editon. She recreated the groundbreaking photo in the Bahamas while wearing the same polka-dot bikini witih the same photographer she worked with a decvade ago. Here are the amazing photos from that shoot!

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tyra banks sports illustrated cover 01
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 02
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 03
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 04
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 05
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 06
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 07
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 08
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 09
tyra banks sports illustrated cover 10
tyra banks sports illustrated remake 01
tyra banks sports illustrated remake 02

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  • gia

    airbrush much?!

  • Amanda

    that airbrush on the stomach is too much

  • Capriciousdiva

    I agree theres been airbrushing going on. She atleast should have done something with her hair

  • katie

    That is not the same suit. I do think “Fat Trya” looks better than “Skinny Tyra”.

    And I thought she did this to prove she still looked good not for BHM.

  • valkiria

    It’s not even the same bikini!

  • Amy

    Umm, I know that Tyra’s been through airbrush/photoshop heaven, but she doesn’t look half bad. She’s definitely not nearly as toned, has a bad weave, and I don’t even think that’s the same bikini, but she looks pretty good. Of course, back in the day, she was smoking hot. She and Naomi ruled the catwalk then. Too bad that though she’s psycho, Naomi’s still doing real good physically. Tyra’s slacking, but that’s why she’s retired.

  • http://deleted Nikki

    I hope it doesn’t really look like that, but her boobs are too saggy in the second shot. Ugh! Of course the first photo looks the best. Her skin is tight and toned. Her stomach looked really good. Her hair also looked much sexier.

    Oh well, remember you pretty ladies: This is what all of you have to look forward to! After a certain age, it doesn’t matter one ounce what you used to look like. We are all on equal playing field once age sets in.

    Tyra still looks pretty good, though.

  • cpt obvious

    should be called the 10th anniversary airbrush edition. besides the shitastic hair, what HASN’T been airbrushed on her body? fat tyra needs to decide if she’s going to believe her rhetoric of being fat and proud, or just admit she’s fat and bitter and single-handedly keeping an army of photo editors in business while screaming, “i love my fat ass!” through twinkie-stuffed cheeks.

  • tanique

    does this mean we are finally past the “look, i’m not really that big” portion of her life? i’m so over it.

    not to be rude, but does anyone really care that she posed twice in this bikini?

  • Andrew

    She looks somewhat good. She’s not fat at all.

  • krungkrung

    the pic on the left, looks like Jessica Alba’s body hehe, those pics r xtremely fotoshopped, c’mon, not that stupid duh?

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    When Tyra [black] takes pictures she gets airbrushed?!?
    But when a white person takes pics their gorgeous. Lmao.

  • dlisted sucks!

    If the look on her face wasn’t like that and the weave was better, it wouldn’t look so bad. The pose is really bad too. She looks scared. I think she was going for the sexy but innocent looks but she failed. Even if photoshop helped, her body still looks good.

  • shoelover

    Why does her belly button look like a black hole in the 2nd one? Other than that she looks good with the curves!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    lol @ Jessica Alba’s body

    Jessica is about 20 pounds less than Tyra was in that photo on the left 10years ago. And Alba has no breast. [lol]

  • magnus

    Tyra Banks is black?

    How come she has hazel eyes and blonde roots?

    Look at this and then look at the pics there

    That is some SERIOUS air brushing. Why didn’t they just have someone draw her from scratch?

    suck on that.

  • blue

    Why does Tyra go on and on about her body, if that’s not even her body in the
    photoshopped cover?
    What a liar.

    Her thighs dont look like that there is no gap. Nothing wrong with that, but
    don’t lie about your body and say you are a role model for girls. Be honest.

  • Joyce Stewart

    Black people have hazel, blue, brown eyes just like white folks. Tyra’s is well known for her hazel eyes.

  • Queen Bee

    She’s looks good to me. She’s preserved well over the years, but not really surprised people of color don’t age as bad:P

  • Kristin

    I can’t believe I am admitting to this but I watched the this episode of Tyra Banks Show. They had to add material to the bathing suit. But these pictures side by side the suit looks totally different. Different color and everything.

    I hate how Tyra tries to act like she is changing the face a beauty by protraying “every woman”, mean while America’s Next Top Model is looking for the stereotypical waif thin model.

    Pick a side Tyra. You can’t have it both ways!

  • Lori

    You can tell by the way the dots are lined up that it’s not the same bikini. Unless when she was thinner the dots layed differently but i’m pretty sure the older bikini had less dots around the chest area and the dots on the bottom half don’t match up either. Nice try though, but if you’re really going to say you can wear the same bikini 10 years later at least try and find the same one. The 2nd set of pics do look fierce. Her body looks flawless to me.

  • Jeffery D

    I hate to break it to all of you but every single picture you have ever seen on the cover of a magazine as been airbrushed. Some to a greater extent than others — but if you think a photograph can go to print and be put on newsstands as is, you are seriously misguided. All cover photos are airbrushed. Period.

  • Ann

    yes, but then they are mixed.
    Why should a mixed person be rather black than white, even if he/she looks white?
    That makes no sense.

  • Angelina

    her stomach is a little wider and her hair looks terrible and that is not the same bikini. I am pregnant now and i model and before i got pregnant which was a months ago, i had my first child 4 months before but after i has him i started to model again and i was so unhappy with my “fat” body and i decided not to go with airbrushing and be natrul and let people see the real me and what people look like wih out airbrushing, if i had went with that i would have been dissapointed in myself becuase that is not the real you. My ad for Guess Jeans came out natural and even though i didnt look perfocto i was happy because that me. Tyra had some mafor hair brushing. also she should have curved her stomoach like in the first one. Not just straight like that. The first one is def. hotter.

  • blackfriday1978

    I don’t mind she is fat or slim, I honestly think that she looks good either way. It is just so sad that she is agreeing to hide the real her with the airbrushing, and at the same time telling the world that she is okay with her body image. She is in serious denial…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    its NOT the same bikini, do people think she pulled the old bikini out of a draw somewhere. its a new bikini modeled after the original. that’s why its a different color and that’s why he dots are not in the same places. wouldn’t that be obvious?

    I think the picture would of sucked if she wore the same exact color bathing suit as before.

  • beyoncepits

    Lol, she’s such a fatty.

    Here piggy piggy!

  • magnus

    Exactly # 23

    If her eyes are naturally hazel she is not 100% African decent. She is famous for her contacts then. Unless she has two mixed race parents who carry one hazel allele (the type of gene determining eye colour) each. 100% black people always have 2 brown alleles.

    And fug face I think the word you’re looking for is drawer. If she’s supposed to duplicating the cover then she should be in the same suit. It’s not like a multi million dollar company couldn’t have it made.

    You’ll note who jumped on the race issue first. Way to go bigots.

  • Cha

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:
    February 20th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    When Tyra [black] takes pictures she gets airbrushed?!?
    But when a white person takes pics their gorgeous. Lmao.


    That’s not true at all. We saw Tyra, in a bathing suit, with Humungo thighs and cellulite and all. And now these pics come out? Obviously, there’s been lots of airbrushing. That’s not saying that she looks ugly. I think her body looks fantastic here. If only it were real.
    I’m an Angelina fan, as I take from your name that you are too, and we’ve seen pictures of Angelina that are completely airbrushed. She still looks good in them, but it’s kinda obvious that there has been work done to them.

    Black, White, air-brushing is air-brushing. :)

  • daisy

    I personally don’t care to hear Tyra speak, and I think she is a little retarded, but there is no denying that she is beautiful. Some of you people are truly ridiculous, blind, and probably ugly! I can saw with complete certainty that none of you would ever have the guts to take a picture, not once but twice, for national consumption.

    P.S. It is the same bathing suit with a little extra material on the side of her boobs, as well as extenders for the bottoms.

  • muah

    She has clearly lost a lot of weight since that fat photo was taken on that beach. Which begs the question, why go on and on about how you are so not fat and get all preachy about everything if she went and (probably) crash dieted to lost the weight that fast…

  • Alix

    Like fine wine; it just gets better with time.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I’ve seen tons of white women on this site and even tho we all know that most to [all] photos get airbrushed for some reason people never seen to bring it up. which is completely cool with me. but as soon as Tyra a black women has a photo on here the first thing that’s said is its airbrushed, and photoshopped.

    I’m sure half of those statements was made cause people were bored. but everyone can tell she isn’t fat, photoshopped or not. black females catch way to much slack. theres something wrong when Britney Spears gets more love than Tyra Banks does.

  • Shauna

    Tyra still looks great. Ten years is a long damn time! Good for her for having the courage to even attempt this. My only gripe is her hair. She looks like she has acute swimmer’s hair, complete with the chlorine discolouration and the burned out, stringy ends. :(

  • dina#

    for somoene who “doesn’t have to live up to that standard”, she sure is trying to show everyone that she still got it, pleaasse

  • thea

    woah there! airbrushed to the maximum! but she still looks good :)

  • Sara

    tyra Bank is beautiful and a good person from what she seems and to be honest i dont care if she is fat ,skinny or ugly whatever she is i like her for her personality and people who are saying that tyra only puts skinny girls through ANTM is so not true almost 3 cycles they had a plus size woman even if they didnt make it in top5 but still tyra supports plus size woman, tyra support both ways of beauty plus size and size 0 woman !!!!

  • does it matter who I am?

    Thank god for photoshop otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to pull off this stunt! She just has to face it….she will never look like she did on the first cover….unless maybe she starts hitting the gym and eating less.

  • esther

    ok so EVERY magazine photo goes through a lot of photoshopping regardless of what ethnicity you are. Make up can only go such a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of photoshop, haven’t you seen that dove commercial? And it might be the same suit just in a different size, which would be reason why the dots don’t line up the same way.

  • pleasestop

    Nice airbrush. She looks nothing like that now. Get over yourself piggy banks.

  • malibumom

    Just for the record=All of us are 100% African descent! Some of our ancestors moved to other places and adapted. And if that offends you then let’s just be honest-WE ARE ALL ONE RACE-HUMAN-There are issues on both sides and lest we forget, black or white-as long as we are american we have some ppl who hate us more than we hate each other-so much so, that they will die trying to kill us!

  • ( | )

    tyra, no one cares whether you’re fat or skinny, so please stop trying to justify your weight gain. point being, no one really cares about you.

  • magnus

    Hey 41…

    That’s just a theory.

    Sorry honey but there’s not distinctive proof that everyone came from Africa. I know they may have taught that to you in school but it’s just a theory. Sure there are fossils. But that’s it. If you really go by that logic the first fish to breath air was found on Ellesmere Island. Are we all from there then?

    So preach elsewhere. Just for the record.

  • http://deleted this is true

    It’s tough being a beautiful woman, no matter what race or color you are. It’s hard being idolized and cherished, and then one day all of that is gone. I’ve noticed that the most beautiful famous women leave the public eye once their youthful appearance begins to wane. It’s just hard to face the facts.

  • Venusia

    Maybe it’s just the quality of the scan, but that purple space between her breasts looks very odd and distracting.

  • MD


  • Bam

    Look closely – I say NOSE JOB. Perhaps she had a deviated septum as well; although she sleeps alone just like Aniston does, so who cares if she snores.

  • me

    why is she not wet in the new one????? she has no more abs.

  • kaire

    O for crying out loud! The cover photo has been airbrushed so much I don’t think we can even call it a photo anymore. Her skin looks plastic.
    I agree with everyone who says that she should either stick to her ‘fat and proud’ story or just stop lying and pretending to be a hero to all plus sized girls. I don’t think she looks bad now but if she had her photos altered so much then she obviously isn’t very happy with her body, and that makes everything that she says not only annoying but also hypocritical.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    You can’t please everyone!!! and who wants to??
    Tyra do your thing baby.. lol (all the way to the bank) hahaha

    Haters Unite!!!