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Britney Spears Leaves Rehab Again!

Britney Spears Leaves Rehab Again!

I am just rolling my eyes over here…

Entertainment Tonight was first on the scene with news that Britney Spears left Promises residential treatment center in Malibu, CA early this morning — less than 24 hours after checking into the facility.

This follows news of Britney staying less than one day at a rehab facility in Antigua on Friday.

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  • glamzilla

    Geez…where’s her family? Someone needs to be telling her to get the hell back in rehab before she ends up dead. Totally lost her sh*t.

  • Good Grief

    Good Grief, not again!

  • angelah

    oops she did it again

  • Kendra

    This is just plain silly now. Rehab has become a joke, instead of an option for people who need real help.

  • http://Bald-BritneySpears: Bald-BritneySpears :)

    There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just a publicity whore… how do ya’ll expect me to be on the cover of every magazine, new’s coverage and blog if my country-a$$ is in rehab??….come on people, ya’ll know I just shaved my head so my darl’in husband Kevin, can’t do a drug test on my hair, cause my hair gone ya’ll….shute I’m smart really!!….thinking “ahead” all the time…peace Britney.

  • LV

    I guess she isn’t taking this seriously again….

  • tanique

    it gets to the point, where you just can’t care anymore. if she gets better great, if not, it will be a shame. but it’s all so ridiculous at this point.

  • Pete

    Yip… She’s in the shitney now… That little teeny-weeny bit of respect I had left for her blew away a long time ago.

    I’m surprised to be saying this, but Lindsay Lohan looks like a saint alongside Britney.

  • sandy

    she really needs to stop this crap.

  • Capriciousdiva


  • dlisted sucks!

    I have no sympathy for her. Just her poor kids.

    I hope K-fed gets custody of those kids. This b-tch is nuts!

  • http://aol roselyn

    I dont think being there was helping her anyway with the media watching her every move. How do you suppose she will get better, i think she went there for some privacy but that isn’t working. I just hope that she will get help wether in rehab or not.

  • Team Kfed

    Kfed looks like the better parent right now.

  • realu2fan

    dude, how long til she pulls an Anna Nicole and ends up dead?

  • mari

    Probably couldn’t handle the withdrawal. Geez, what next?

  • heather

    are you not allowed to leave at all?? maybe she just went to see her kids or had an errand or something…has there been any word that she went back?

  • African Girl

    Lmoa…Jared, i wanna see a pix of you rolling your eyes. .

  • joelric

    Good luck Britney! Those places are crap ! you should meditate and eat healthily and learn to control yourself instead of letting others control you !!!! Isolate yourself love !!! Let the storm blow over and work on the inside !!! LEARN “NON ACTION”.

  • creativegirl

    as a mother, I can only be concerned for her kids now. They don’t deserve this, one can only hope that they are far away from her because she is either A) seriously ill and obviously a danger to herself and/or them or B) is so extremely selfish and self-centered that all she cares about right now is herself instead of those kids and doing right by them. I totally believe that her shaving her head is a reaction to a fight with KFed, it just shows how immature and completely out of control she really is.

    I remember a long time ago someone saying on some interview show (it may have even been Rosie or someone) saying how Britney lived in an alternate universe that was along the same lines as Michael Jackson’s. So much money, wealth, fame and there is no sense of reality because anyone or anything can be theirs, whenever they want. She is totally going to loose those boys, she shouldn’t be responsible for any other living thing right now when she can’t even be responsible for herself.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Wanna be seen
    Male groupies
    What you once despised
    James Dean
    John Belushi

    Blow your whole life
    Tryna live in the lights
    Heroins followin Marilyn
    Hoppin’ over the edge
    just like Janice Joplin

    River Phoenix
    Jimi Hendrix
    All of them ended by
    Thank God for Hollywood
    Sure you want this baby?

    Most addicted drug in the world
    Want the fame?
    Want the lights?
    Ha Ha Ha

  • lookwhaticando

    It’s really sad in this day and time a young women (With gobs and gobs of money to boot) can let some low life man ruin her life.

  • Patty

    She needs to be committed so she can not just check out whenever she wants. Or she will end up just like Anna Nicole Smith.

  • MEL

    I don’t think they testing your hair thing is the reason she shaved her head. Considering she left the hair at the place. I think she just needs the attention.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    You would think someone in a custody case would be controlling themselves a little better. Her public imagine is Garbage, Sanitation, Trash
    [White Trash to be exact]
    Everything she does publicly to embarrass herself, is going to get used against her in family court. I hope Fed-Ex gets the kids and spousal support.

    Watching This pathetic child’s life and career deteriorate at rapid speeds in front of our eyes is entertaining. Thanks to her everyone forgot about ANS. [The Original Reality TV Train Wreck]

  • nick

    I hope her behavior is not for publicity, if so, she is going about it the wrong way. Publicity should be good and help you. Otherwise, it can just blow-up in your face.

    At 25, Britney Spears is an adult. Unfortunately, her actions are not showing that she is sane and capable.

    Kevin Federline may be a gold-digger but right now, he is looking to be the more responsible parent. If I were him, I would forget the alimony issue (since he gets $7-9M for his share of the sale of the home anyway) and focus on fast-tracking the custody agreement.

  • ceeusbeeus

    She should have stayed in Antigua – where the paps wouldn’t have had such easy access. That said, someone needs to comit her behind so that those kids have a slight chance of survival.

    Craig Ferguson is right – it’s not right or funny to pick on the vulnerable, but sheesh lady, get some blipping help already. This is like watching Robert Downy jr, or Anna Nicole. I’m not one who enjoys seeing train wrecks happening, and this is on mother of a train wreck.

  • Ashtray

    Leave her alone. I don’t know where people get off doing this. This woman hasn’t had it all that great. She, like most celebrities, suffers from Marie Antoinette syndrom. People saying this type of shit about her is what makes her life so hard. If people stopped trying to be cool by expressing senseless hatred the world would be a better place. Get a life and quit ragging on celebrities you’ll never meet. They’re people too.

  • lordy be

    When I look into my crystal ball, I can see that Britney is going nuts because she reads everything about herself. Major mistake for a girl who craves attention. Britney will be tossed around like the weather because everything her fans say determines how she sees herself.

  • Jeez

    I cant beleive she still has custody of her kids??? and ppl lose cutody of their kids over lesser offences? what makes the govt think a nutcase can be a good mom?

  • RAT

    Why exactly is anyone supposed to give a sh*t about this? It’s too bad that when she was shaving her head that the clippers didn’t accidentally slip and nick her jugular. Then we wouldn’t have to be dealing with this dumbass anymore. It’s pretty bad when Federline looks to be the responsible one.

    And I don’t want to hear any sh*t like “leave Britney alone, she’s a person too.” Forget that. She’s a dumbass that should never have been allowed to procreate. Because you know what, her stupidity is going to be passed to her kids and we’ll be dealing with this sh*t again 20 years from now. And I bet they’ll be even bigger dumbasses than she is. The sooner she falls off the face of the Earth the better off we’ll all be.

  • sultrydame

    Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck about her anymore.

    Stop seeking publicity, Brit. It’s getting annoying already. Stay home with the kids and work on yourself.

  • http://Bald-BritneySpears: Bald-BritneySpears :)

    Ya’ll I’m try’in to be good. Kevin has the kids and now they won’t let me see them. I just went to see my Attorney, cause they cut my credit cards off, now how am I supposed to buy my lunch?? bye ya’ll…..Britney.

  • ragin cajun

    WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN??????????????????

  • Hey Brit

    Must pry that ring off with an icepick. These desperate women (Whitney Houston too) just can’t face it that their man is gone and have to put something on that finger! Britney, you’re getting it all back, like I hoped you would. Yes, I want you to feel some of the pain you inflicted on your exe’s ex, Shar. I also hope your ex is feeling some of the pain now that he can no longer freely spend your moolah. Yes, he’s gotta watch those pennies now or go broke!

    After you have cried a few more tears, I want you to pull yourself together, learn from your mistakes and raise up two fine human beings. Do not go the Anna Nicole Smith way. I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy!

  • bdj

    Hopefully Brit Brit will get it together for the sake of her children.

  • Anita

    I am not a very good fan of hers but I feel that she is depressed . That is why she is acting like this. Hope she will get help and get her act together>

  • poor brit

    brit seems so depressed and i feel sorry for her & her children.

    though she’s an adult, she needs a mom. where is brit’s family when she desperately needs a shoulder to rely on?

    brit, don’t worry, you are the best entertainer in this century, you already proved it. sure there will be your fans who will buy your cd. your music will be aired on the radio and we will dance on your music.

  • valerie claiborne

    I am from the Fresno, I knew some of Kevin’s and they very nice people family so I don’t think for a minute that he wouldn’t be. With everything she has done in the last 24 hours let alone the last days. She needs help that is so true I have her in my prayers. I know that she might have tried drugs while with Kevin but as she wanted us to know she is a big girl now, it was her choice. She has spent less than 24 hours in the place most of that that was spent on paper work but how many meetings did she attend in that period of time ? One maybe two. She nutted up and everyone took notice again, she was on the front page of most tabloids. How many times has Kevin hit front page anything except is resent Super Bowl whatever he did had to explain he wasn’t disrespecting the every day worker. Trust me when I said he’s probably right many people have to work 2 job’s. Most have at least one that deals with fast food in Fresno area, and on top of that they go to school, so they don’t have to work as hard. As far as her staying over night in the rehabilitation center she had no place to go, remember she only had part of the numbers and no ID they didn’t want the responsible and they refused her service. That’s when she threw yet another fit “No body wants me, No body wants me” so she caved in an went back to rehab she needed a place to lie down. The reason she was out so early is because they have a wake up call and you can’t lie up in bed you are taught to get up stay up in the morning. This is something she should have been doing since before those babies were born, it wouldn’t be a bad trait for her to master. Did anyone else realize she was carrying a gold card when she exited the last hotel, just wondering out loud if she is using hers or one of her staff’s ? By now it has to be us *vs* them kinda in her eyes. Her eye’s are beautiful to bad they are going to be working over time not because of the drug’s but her attempt on putting trial back because she is not in a good place, when the judge says he feel’s that Brittany needs to find time and report into court because the boys are going home with Kevin. He has been really good to her lately, he could have and maybe should have stepped up before this. He was knew this was her first love outside of Justin, he gave her time to do her thing then she pushed to far someone has to say STOP and he has by asking for a up dated custody agreement. She should have seen this coming she isn’t seen with her kid’s at all and when she has been its been for a short matter of time. How would we know look at the last couple of days she doesn’t know how to fly under the radar she is everywhere. The same would go for her and their children, if she were out there with them. Yes I think whoever took her cards and ID should admit her take over everything till she can do it herself. If they can take away her cards then they have some authority about her business matters, because this could end up real nasty and a lot of people are going to be slinging some mud. And so it will begin the bashing of Kevin, who a lot of people that support and love him here in the Fresno area. At this point he really has no choice she forced his hand, if he didn’t he would be as much at fault as she is. At this point and time he is taking the high road deciding to be a dad to these twp boys, I know I have heard what a bad parent and husband but who’s camp did that come from not the help they said he was a caring dad. In this story I am afraid there are going to be a lot of staff on trial as well, because these guys are depended cheap help and the turn over is increased by crazy antic’s of employer. I wish it would get better for the babies but I don’t see it playing out in any matter that would be more than ugly. Ok well with that said I will say good night for now.

  • help britney

    ok, how can be k-fed more responsible parent, when he was not caring for the kids the whole 2 years they were together and now he is also NOT with the kids, but the depressed britney???????????

    stupid people, stop bashing woman, that was destroyed by this man how just used her and her money

    why is it, when men are living their adultery and carelessness and women finaly give up on them, that women get the shaft and critics??????

    and all the symptoms of depressive behavior – is it not enough for her – NO she cant help herself now, because all this is NOT consciouss – the synapsis in brain are going crazy after burnout, and now it is more important, that she gets healthy again – only healthy mother can care about her children – unhappy, depressed, burnout person is on automatic mode – its a border between sane and insane – and this fight we see now is going on in britney – the relationship with K-fed and K-fed himself destroyed ALL her selfrespect and selfconscioussness

    and now he is the hero???????????

  • Kirsti

    i feel sorry 4 er. every1 seems 2 av a go at er wen shes dun nufin but try 2 be a gud mum 2 er kids!!!!!

  • RAT

    Kirsti Says:
    February 22nd, 2007 at 7:56 am

    i feel sorry 4 er. every1 seems 2 av a go at er wen shes dun nufin but try 2 be a gud mum 2 er kids!!!!!

    What the f*ck language is that? It sure as f*ck isn’t English. Learn how to spell f*ckwit!

    Yeah, Britney sure is trying to be good mom to her kids. She’s done all the things a mother of two kids should do. Going out partying all the time, getting drunk, doing drugs, flashing her crotch for all to see. She should be mother of the year! A great example for all aspiring mothers out there.

  • none of your bissness

    it depends reallt though she has had alot of stresses i think she just needs a friend was a little insane though but noone knows the real reson why only she does and i bet she loves her kids like every other mum does and who ever creative girl is if ur a mother then you should no how much love a parent gives to there children and there could be a number of reasons why she did what she did and she needs someone to talk to about whats going through her mind maybe shes fed up of noone giving her privacy because i would hate my kids not having privacy!! maybe she wants to just be left alone so maybe you people need to think about what your saying and understand the fully story instead of saying things about someone when you dont no the truth. Give her a break.

  • oh poor britney

    Kevin Fed is no hero, but Britney Spears chose HIM!!! She had the money and the fame and she is the one who picked the dirtbag in the first place. She brought it all on herself. She divorced that other guy, who probably was better husband material.

    Britney was stupid. Period. Her picking K-fed is a reflection of how she really feels about herself. Now, she has to deal with her mistakes. Boo-hoo!

  • Dru Detwiler

    This is so crazy! hehe. anyway, go to my website and leave me a note in my guestbook. it’s fun. my site fucking rocks!

  • Dru Detwiler


  • durkadurk

    she is such a slut…i used to love her but now…sick i think shes a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!



  • http://xanga unowhoitb

    yo brit brit lost mans i anit no forturne teler a wat not but baby got it bad she aint cool man have you seen her head i feel bad for chick and stuff man so i keep it BALLIIN and hollar later at stuff like this yo peace put homies

  • http://xanga unowhoitb

    yo brit brit lost mans i anit no forturne teler a wat not but baby got it bad she aint cool man have you seen her head i feel bad for chick and stuff man so i keep it BALLIIN and hollar later at stuff like this yo peace put homies

  • http://xanga unowhoitb

    yo wat it is its me yo boy an yall no about brit brit she losing it she used to a fine mother f *@!#$% but then she was trin 2 hard now look wat she gon n did man yo ill talk to yalls later and call me at

    1 330 kiss my a @# thx hav a horrible day