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Fantasia Joins 'The Color Purple'

Fantasia Joins 'The Color Purple'

The rumors are true! American Idol Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino joins the Oprah Winfrey-produced musical The Color Purple.

Fantasia will take on the role of the central character named Celie, a young woman who is sexually abused by her father and impregnated by her father (who, she later discovers, is her stepfather).

She joins other American Idol veterans who have made their way onto Broadway including Constantine Maroulis in The Wedding Singer and Diana DeGarmo in Hairspray.

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  • kmillz

    I don’t see her playing celie….there are some real emotional parts for that character and i don’t know if she is a good enogh actress. i thought she would have been the club singer

  • Aleezah

    I am so pleased to hear this. Fantasia is fantastic. This young lady can really sing. I heard her on AI last night. She did not miss a note. She is a firecracker!!!!

  • vera

    I think she is the weakest AI ever. She screams 99% of the time. And she is nasty looking.

  • Rose

    Being a rape victim herself, she will not need to call upon too much acting ability. and she did play herself in her recent TV biopic which got good reviews. She may be earthy looking and overtly sexy/fleshy/voluptuous/sensual, but I don’t understand what nasty-looking means.

  • karin

    She is ugly and untalented. That whole group of AI after they got rid of Jennifer Hudson and Latoya sucked! Diana Digarmo and Fantasia were the two worst finalists ever.

    It’s not about her being fat, it’s about her nasty huge lips and her horrible voice with no range.

  • Nancy

    “It’s not about her being fat, it’s about her nasty huge lips and her horrible voice with no range”

    It’s so obvious how jealous of her your are. It must truly suck to be you ;-).

  • http://deleted sorry, but

    Good lady I’m sure and a great singer, but ghetto. Really ghetto! In my opinion, ghetto should not be American Idol. Neither should wh*res and prostitutes. Fantasia has the voice, but she does not have the “it” factor. She’s not really an attractive girl and most of America has forgotten her already. I bag on Kelly Clarkson too when she goes out looking like a bum with messy hair and no makeup. Uncalled for. An idol should be someone that people can admire in every way. They don’t have to be white and they can certainly have some “flavor,” but they should have that “something” special and present themselves in an honorable way.

  • Nancy

    What’s wrong with a ghetto? The implication of poverty? Is poverty a bad thing? Many successful people have come from the ghettos of Warsaw, New York, from the barrio, etc. It appears that you believe that ghetto means less than, not as good as. Well I don’t agree. Ms. Barrino is a fine person and a great singer. We have all witnessed the fine behavior of a certain blond socialite, who demonstrates the epitomy of what is considered ghetto behavior.
    Besides, Fantastasia has presented herself in an honorable, truthful and forthright way.

  • http://deleted sorry, but

    Paris Hilton is worse than ghetto. She’s trash. She has no excuse because she was privy to the good life, but she wasn’t raised to have integrity or good morals.

    I think you really know what I mean. Some people are from poor areas, but they carry themselves with a lot of class. Many people have said Fantasia is a great person. She is real, but she’s not refined in any way.

  • http://justjared bama

    Fantasia is an extremely talented singer. Her acting skills, based on her recent
    Lifetime movie, need a lot of work. I think she could do an acceptable job in the play if she works really hard. And, she is nowhere near fat! Just because we can not see bones jutting out from beneath her skin like so many of our most popular actresses, does not mean she is fat. We need to re-evaluate our opinions about beauty.

  • India

    i think Fantasia will do great in this play, te play has nothing to do with her appearance for thoose of you who are taling about that, it is a very emotional role for some people who have enured things of ta nature. And i am actually gladto say I am a proud supporter of Fantasia and ot a hater but God bless yall haters too because f it wasn’t for yal Fantasia would not ha ve Know that she was so good that people took the time to rite about her life and all her flawa llthat poves is that you must love because your paying such close attention to her

  • Sharonda

    It’s so obvious that Ms. Fantasia Barrino is an American Idol–she won season 3–uh exactly. Being an American Idol is not about acting a certain way off the camera, and doing any and everything off the screen. And its certainly not about being perfect, because if it was we wouldn’t have an idol. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone–thought so. I think the message that Fantasia was trying to get across is no matter where you came from, and no matter the heartache and mistakes in life you can still rise to the top, and that’s where she is headed. All of these names that I see in here bashing her–this is the only place I see them. She’s a very talented singer–she’s not ugly–and she’s certainly not fat. It’s her own style and image and her supporters love her that way. I wish her all the best as she rises to the top of her game. Love ya Tasia

  • Rita

    Some of the outlandish comments about Ms. Fantasia Barrino are uncalled for. They do not speak to her singing ability or to what it must have taken for her to have the courage to rise above her problems. The character of a person is judged by what obsticales they are able to overcome to reach the height of success. Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter and she has certainly made the most of what some would call extremely bad situations. Her daughter has a wonderful example of what it means to fall down and get back up. This takes COURAGE ! I admire her and routed for her when she was on American Idol and will continue to do so. I pray for her the best that life can offer.

  • Pam

    you know…….I pray for all those who speak so badly about thier own kind. We always want to point the finger at someone and judge them according to thier looks, features, and economic status…when the truth is….ALL OF US HAVE SOME GHETTO WAYS and many of us are not as rich as we claim. We want to walk around in the public like we wake up perfect, when in truth many of you are far from it. For those of you that read your Bible and know the story of the woman who was an adultress and was to be stoned….all the people were so quick to grab a stone and punish this woman because she made a mistake…..but Jesus said to them “You who is without sin…cast the first stone” Now I have read that story many times and in many different Bibles, but not one said that she was stoned…….WHY? because they alllllllllll realized that they have faults, have sinned and many were probably still in the midst of sin!! We must learn to build each other up not tear each other down. SO WHAT…..she is not skinny, SO WHAT…she has big lips, SO WHAT she has ghetto ways…..SO WHAT she may be out of range some times….SO WHAT…she screams…..half of you making all the negative comments would never have gotten to where she is now. The point is that she has overcome what so many of us are still living with. The movie the Color Purple is a movie about triumph, overcoming obstacles and realizing in the end that just because you dont look the part or have been dealt a bad hand in life does not mean that you can not or will not ever make something of yourself. It also proves another point……..In the Bible it says that “He will make your enemies your foot stool” The movies shows just how true this is……You guys better be careful how you treat people and what you say about people becuase I would never want to be anyones foot stool. *****To Fantasia….prayer changes alllll things….continue to stay prayed up….negativity is only one of your trials that you must endure to get to where GOD is taking you. Remember that he never gives you more than you can take. You are going to a different level and for every level there is a bigger devil. Don’t let the ones you left behind affect your future with negativity……Keep your head up and know that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could ask or think.

    ****To the ones reading this post….you are in my prayers as well****
    Quote of the day: When you point a finger….there is always three fingers pointing back at you!!!

  • dennis realh

    fantasia is totally nasty looking..she screams,she does NOT sing/.

    but oh yeah..i forgot..looking ghetto and screaming is the in thing. now
    how disgusting