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Sienna's Topless -- Surprise, Surprise

Sienna's Topless -- Surprise, Surprise

Sienna Miller, topless in all her glory, snuggled up to her new main man, musician Jamie Burke this past weekend in Tulum, Mexico.

Sienna, 25, and Jamie, 21, were all over each other. Jamie even whipped out his guitar and started serenading SiennaJude Law‘s ex. One onlooker said, “They were like a couple of lovestruck teenagers. They seem totally in love.”

The pair met at a party to celebrate her latest film Factory Girl at a New York hotel at the beginning of this month.

Jamie Burke has been romantically linked to the likes of Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, and er, Courtney Love.

Sienna flew back to Los Angeles yesterday and will be attending the Oscars this Sunday.

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  • anustin


  • AndrĂ©

    beautiful sienna! yaynesssss…adorable

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she has a chest like a boy.

  • LJ

    I just love it when some bystander sees two famous people practically fucking on a beach somewhere and says, “they look like they’re totally in love!” Please.

  • Ria

    They clearly know that they are being photographed. What a couple of losers. Sienna should take care – she looks used up and hard. I guess cavorting with a 20 year old raunchy guy is her idea of why people should take her seriously. How is she different from Lindsay and Paris again?

  • magnus

    Jesus fugface, have you ever seen a male naked?

    You’d have to be half way through hormone therapy to grow t*ts like those you crack addict.

    She’s hot. VERY hot.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [magnus] save yourself the trouble of typing my name, nothing will come from it. Sienna is the modern day Edie Sedgwick, famous for being famous. that and Jude Law. she might be cute every now and then. but she has no tits. she should keep those little things covered

    [magnus] take the meat out for mouth. you still have a little residue left from the last guy who **********ated on your face.

  • tori

    Sorry Jared, what’s the big deal??
    I’m not surprise…
    She loves doing naked people like u are getting shocked and ended with BIG news like this….

  • Nobody

    She’s a classless harlet. Ick.

  • Gussie



    Most European women sunbath topless. Only those from the southern Catholic countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal) are a bit more covered, as a rule. If you go to the south of France, for example, you won’t find many tops on. Sometimes you wish there were, almost all the grannies look better in a one piece swimsuit, but hey it’s their choice.

  • lilliani

    im just glad she’s leaving Jude alone. She was bringing him down it seemed. He is way too good for her. Getting together with her in the first place and staying with her so long was his worst mistake *me thinks* !

  • Rob

    I’m so sick of her tits.

  • Dirty Denise

    That hard-looking woman needs to get over herself.

  • JoliePitt

    omg, she’s purposely screaming for attention!

  • Marcheline

    Um…. is it just me, or have big yellow censor marks appeared on everyone else’s pictures of “Sienna Miller Topless”????

    What is with that? Even when I click on the pictures, all I get is a bigger version of the censored pic.

    WHAT UP?

    - M

  • canuckistani

    GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!! What is it with all of these young women in Hollywood??? They arrive on the scene, party like mad, become used up sluts, and don’t have the class to fade into obscurity to save the rest of us from being tortured by their tired presence. Lindsay, Mischa, Britney, Sienna, Paris, Nicole need to be put on an island somewhere cut off from the rest of us–I am so sick of these whores!

  • Joanna DeVoe

    Looks like a dream date to me. So romantic!

  • memo

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:
    February 22nd, 2007 at 10:36 am
    [magnus] save yourself the trouble of typing my name, nothing will come from it. Sienna is the modern day Edie Sedgwick

    —- you are way off. just because sieanna played her in a movie doesn’t make her the modern day ES. paris hilton or nicole richie fit more in that description.

    like her or not, sienna is an actress.

  • tallulah

    hi jared, im from mexico, thanks for writte it with X in place of J like the rest of the world!!

  • tanurin

    did she changed jude law for that piece pof crap? she must be crazy…!!

  • magnus

    fugface, just because you run your mouth doesn’t mean you run anything else.

    You’re a f*cking knob.

    You’re the modern day uber nobody and for your own sake you need to stfu. Every post you make is some Neanderthal grunt about “ugly” or “der”.

    Now you can throw in a little homophobia. That’ll win you some more friends around here. 8)

  • jj

    she tries too hard to look like kate moss

  • babyt

    I really cannot stand people who go topless on the beach for the whole world to see. I never liked and never will. She is so overrated and I cannot stand her. The only good thing she’s ever done is Jude Law but then again he has issues with cheating.

  • babyt

    I so agree jj. I never liked her and never will. I cannot stand people who go topless on the beach, it is so classless it is sickening. Then again it does show their character. She is overrated and so full of herself. I mean she isn’t a great actress, she doesn’t have the best taste in guys either, and she isn’t exactly beautiful. She’s just so plain to me.

  • shi

    she is so fricken slutty! u know that she is trying so hard to be sexy. get someone with breasts like angelina jolie and then i would say it is okay to go topless. don’t try and act like u got something when u don’t! COVER UP!

  • Ria

    She drops her clothes at the crop of a hat! Her non-existent tits are all over the place -magazines, movies, tabs. Very classy. NOT!

  • Ria

    Oh and I’m pretty sure they are “in love” since it was only a week ago during the BAFTA afterparty when she was flirting with a lot of guys and was making out with Brian Ferry’s son who was also 21 years old. She was seen dancing raunchily with him and snogging him till the wee hours of the morning.

    You got to hand it to these celebs. You break up and in a month you hook up with a new man. But this is Sienna oyu know? The one who dumped her live-in boyfriend of 2 years a week after meeting Jude?

  • samd

    she’s pretty but she’s a whore trying to grab attention..

  • smisfamewhorringagain

    THIS is a publicity stunt —
    read the article – she and her ex nico malleville are in cahoots to bring publicity to this new hotel -
    She is a fame whore!

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m just eternally grateful that jude dumped her. she doesn’t come close to him. she’s a celebrity for what?…for her relationship with jude. he just won the french oscar and hasn’t looked this happy in a long time. i thinkl he’s really happy he had the guts to call it quits.sienna i wish you luck in your quest for stardom but me thinks you’re going about it the wrong way. a little dignity might be in order.

  • asia

    I’m italian and topless is very normal here. Why the american people is always so scared by nudity???
    If for sienna is normal too I don’t see the problem.
    I think she’s hot and beautiful.

  • Pat Williams

    I liked your site.