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Clooney, Roberts @ Oprah Oscars Special

Clooney, Roberts @ Oprah Oscars Special

Oscar winners Julia Roberts and George Clooney interview each other at George‘s home in the Hollywood Hills during Oprah’s Oscar Special. The pair receive a surprise phone call from pal Brad Pitt and hilarity ensues. Here’s a mini-transcript of their conversation together:

Julia: George Clooney’s house. Hello?
Brad: Julia? Hey, it’s Brad. Listen, I was thinking I would avoid the line of questioning about the Oscars. You know, I would stick with the [People's] Sexiest Man Alive line of questioning. Who’s that [in the background]? Is that George?
George: Hey, hi!
Brad: Hey, how are you doing? We’ve just been talking about how great we thought it was that you were the two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner…and you know George, you’re a real inspiration, a real inspiration to us younger guys.
George: I just wanted you to know that I thought you looked great when you didn’t win at the Golden Globes.
Brad: Thank you, man. Thank you! And I think the plastic surgery is fantastic! You really cannot tell. You really can’t tell. Hey listen, while I’ve got you on the phone, I think the question America really wants to know and hear from you is what exactly are the responsibilities of wearing the crown of the Sexiest Man Alive?
George: Well, you did a pretty good job of tarnishing it for a long time and they thought they’d bring me in to clean it up again. I think I’m doing a really good job.

There are also completely false Internet rumors that George had plastic surgery. Lies, lies, lies! If you watch the interview below, you’ll know he was speaking in jest.

George won an Oscar in 2006 for Syriana. Julia took home the coveted statue in 2001 for her work in Erin Brockovich.

Watch Part 1 of the George Clooney-Julia Roberts interview below, Part 2 of the full interview is after the jump!

Julia Roberts and George Clooney interview each other
The Oprah Oscars Special 2007 – Part 1

Julia Roberts and George Clooney interview each other
The Oprah Oscars Special 2007 – Part 2
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138 Responses to “Clooney, Roberts @ Oprah Oscars Special”

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  1. 1
    pkharma Says:

    erks, i hope its just my computer, cos i dont see anything for me to watch?

  2. 2
    Just Jared Says:

    I hope so! It’s a Flash video player, so hopefully you have that installed.

  3. 3
    PHGA Says:

    Clooney, Pitt & Roberts have great chemistry together, it’s a shame Julia won’t be in Oceans 13.

  4. 4
    wachikuni Says:

    then thing was funny
    Julia had to pee and she locked herself in the bathroom
    it was funny

  5. 5
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Thank You Jared. Great Interview.

  6. 6
    tanique33 Says:

    this was a good special last night.

    i think julia does make a cameo in ocean’s 13. she was on set for a “visit” and they pretty much siad they wouldnt’ say anyway.

  7. 7
    amy Says:

    Oh thank you for putting the tape up Jared! I missed it this morning and my sister just got done telling me how funny it was. I was really bummed, until now!

  8. 8
    kiki Says:

    Thanks Jared for putting this up, I didn’t have a chance to watch it until now.

  9. 9
    ~Jade~ Says:

    Great interview, I was cracking up when George and Brad were going back and forth with each other, it was playfully funny!

  10. 10
    Lady G Says:

    Thanks, Jared.

    Brad and George are a riot!

  11. 11
    angelah Says:

    Thanks j@red for posting this nice and funny interview. Hopefully you’ll get to post part 2, pretty please..coz I missed the entire thang.

  12. 12
    angelah Says:

    Ooh I see part 2…THANX!

  13. 13
    info Says:

    part 2 is already posted.

  14. 14
    lookwhaticando Says:

    angelah Says:

    February 23rd, 2007 at 12:17 pm
    Thanks j@red for posting this nice and funny interview. Hopefully you’ll get to post part 2, pretty please..coz I missed the entire thang.

    To bad you missed it. It was really funny and sweet. George and Brad are really cool together.

  15. 15
    mel Says:

    I didn’t watch it. Last night was a crazy tv night. Grey’s anatomy, The OC finale, hockey, etc. Craziness people.

  16. 16
    angelah Says:

    lookwhaticando Says:
    I had class that night =( but thanks to the power of the internet I can see what I All 3 ‘em are cool like that! what a funny interview :lol:

  17. 17
    Langtry Says:

    I recognize that people have different ideas about what they find entertaining, but that interview had to be one of the most insipid things I’ve ever watched! Seriously, I was embarassed for Oprah that she’d thought this would be revealing or unique from the usual celebrity interview program.

    And what was with all the flunkies hanging around, including the one who had to helop Julia into her coat while George was BBQ-ing? Was her question so in need of her concentration that she could climb into her coat by herself? That moment was really revealing, tho: it should the extent to which neither could quite do this thing without an entourage of “helpers”.

    Again, embarassing and amateur.

  18. 18
    jeez Says:

    Thank God I live in UK….if I had to watch crap on TV like this, I would invest in a good radio. Bloody rubbish! Best if these idiots stuck to acting, they have nothing of value to say.

  19. 19
    New Jennifer Says:

    This is what plastic surgery can do to your face!,,20012423_2,00.html

    Aniston really looks so different not, I think her nose job had disorted her face, her smile is different, overall, she looks uglier!!! Sorry dont want to be mean, but really Cox looks a lot more beautiful than her now.

    And wow, both are really media manipulator, look at the tight hug, lesbo rumors anyone. Their dirt episode is coming soon! Just cant stand her!!!!!! She seems so desperate nowadays!!!!!

  20. 20
    about Aniston Says:

    Jennifer Aniston looks the same to me. What are you talking about? What distorted look?

  21. 21
    tanique33 Says:

    seriously? what does jennifer aniston have to do with a george clooney julia interview?

  22. 22
    hello Says:

    jeez Says:

    lmao and yet you dragged you a s s here to post?

  23. 23
    Estelle Says:

    Thanks JJ for the link to the video. I saw it last night, they were so funny together and love it when Brad called in as well.

    JR is truly the American Sweetheart, she is just glowing and beautiful. Congratz on her pregnancy, great news.

    GC, ok AG, he’s charming, goodness, he can charms a bad mood pregnant lady into laughing hysterically and giggling through out the interview one minute and almost make her cry in the next…..gotta give it to him. This man is ALL MAN AG. ;)

  24. 24
    jeez Says:

    well, hello….I was told what a crap interview that was and this site is showing it. If you have a problem with me looking at this site you can sod off. I have an opinion just like anyone. Oh, and I don’t drag my ass here.

  25. 25
    julia Says:

    jeez Says:

    Sod off…

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