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Kidman, Crowe @ Oprah's Oscar Special

Kidman, Crowe @ Oprah's Oscar Special

Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe appeared on camera together for the very first time. The Aussie pair interview each other at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Here’s a mini-transcript of their conversation together:

Russell: So, how’s Keith doing at the moment?
Nicole: Keith’s doing very well. Yeah. We’ve, I mean we’ve been through a lot. … We’ve dug really deep. Three months into our marriage we had to dig really deep. And that’s what we’re doing. And we’re in the process of doing it.
Russell: It’s very courageous of him to just pack up his toothbrush and go to rehab. He must have you at the very forefront of everything if he’s thinking to just do that.
Nicole: You’ll make me cry now so stop it!
Russell: No, seriously, I think you need to see it from that perspective.
Nicole: I do.
Russell: ‘Cause he’s a very, you know, he’s a proud man. He’s a very creative soul and for [him] to just go, “Right, I need to do this thing for the rest of my life to progress.” That’s pretty cool.
Nicole: It is.
Russell: Are you going to have a baby?
Nicole: I hope so.
Russell: Are you going to carry a baby?
Nicole: Would you stop it? This is really dangerous territory! Yes, I would hope so. Anything else you want to ask, Russell?
Russell: Well, I just want to see you walking around barefoot and pregnant.
Nicole: I’d like to see that, too.

Nicole won an Oscar in 2003 for The Hours. Russell took home the coveted statue in 2000 for his work in Gladiator.

Watch Part 1 of the Nicole Kidman-Russell Crowe interview below, Part 2 of the full interview is after the jump!

Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe interview each other
The Oprah Oscars Special 2007 – Part 1

Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe interview each other
The Oprah Oscars Special 2007 – Part 2
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  • tanique33

    i really loved this one too. i love russell, and his high pitched laugh. you got how good of friends they are. the baby talk was interesting.

  • Risso

    I adore these two. And the interview was just awesome. Julia and George were annoying as hell.

  • bc

    Thanks Jared. This was very enjoyable as well.

  • Dancer

    Thank you JJ – I just loved this interview. I think Nicole was trying to show the world that Russell isn’t all just “throwing telephones” at front desk guys–and that deep inside he is a nice guy. Loved how she talked about Bella and Connor–how both of them did.

  • showgirl

    hmm.. i cant yee the video. there is no link..

  • juan

    Wow, Nicole looks stunning. Such an elegant movie star.

  • Amanda

    They have such great chemistry. I really hope they do a movie together in the future.

  • Tobin

    Funny I usually love Julia and George and am real blah about Nicole and Russell, but their interview was so much better. Very geniune and sincere, like you can tell they were actually friends. George and Julia were trying way to hard to seem chummy.

  • Observer

    I agree with post #2, Risso. I only saw a little bit of JR interviewing GC and NK interviewing RC. The JR-GC interview was so extremely boring and shallow while the NK-RC was kind of full of depth. This RC-NK interview seems to be deep yet funny as the same time.

  • COGirl

    Gag me!! Nicole Kidman needs to STFU before her botoxed face breaks.

  • ISA

    I loved this interview!!! Sweet, true, honest.

    I love these two GREAT ACTORS – Nicole and Russell.

  • justine

    I love Nicole, I love Russell.

  • Observer

    #8. That’s the right word, one pair was very sincere and human, while the other was totally insincere and “full of themselves”, as if their mere appearance on TV should make people interested.

  • Tobin

    I don’t think George and Julia are full of themselves at all, but they just tried a little too hard i guess.

  • pingyponga

    Has Nicole have her upper lip done?

  • Observer

    #14. You maybe rights. :)

  • Love

    Nicole and Russel are wonderful together.

    true friendship.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Crowe = no swag

  • Gussie

    Russel is genuine and always gives a good interview.

    As for Nicole, I always liked her as an actress. She is a very good actress and was once a very beautiful and spontaneous woman.

    But she couldn’t let herself age naturally. Now she is so botoxed she lost all expression in her face. A wax dessicated doll. Also ten years with her cult nut former husband took their toll: now she is always guarded and comes out very predictable, image conscious… and boring.

    As for chemistry: they have none, obviously. Alas, the last time Nicole had chemistry with someone was in 1995. With Joaquin, in “To Die For”.

  • Mary

    great! great! great interview!
    I loved.
    Peace and love.

  • Andreia Pires

    I love Nicole soooooooooo much!! she’s really an amazing peson!!!! Gorgeous as always!! Love you baby Nic :)

  • penny

    they looked so cute and friendly together!
    In my opinion the are the best actors working today in Hollywood!

  • Lara

    I don’t care if Nic has or not botox.I continue thinking she is the most beautiful woman in the world.
    I don’t like Russel as a person, but he is an excelent actor.

  • Sarah

    Nicole seems like a nice lady. Russell never comes across as genuine and his interviews are allmost allways painful to watch. This was no exception.

  • anon

    I’m so impressed with both of their lines of questioning. They both came across as thoughtful, intelligent and caring. Very cool.

  • David

    I love Nicole!!!!!

  • David


  • Liz

    I loved the interview.
    Russell not genuine ? He’s the most straight-forward,painfully honest actor in Hollywood. Which is why he isn’t flavour of the month in some circles.
    As for “painful” , I’ve seen him on Oprah,Leno (repeatedly),with Diane Sawyer,on Martha….many times. He’s a very funny bloke.
    I wish the interview had been longer.

  • maxine

    I think they’re both very classy, talented people but I wish Nicole lost this breathless baby voice. She’s obviously an intelligent woman but tries so hard to be flirtatious and sexy, it’s a bit odd. I can see why Danielle was rumored not to be so fond of her. I think like many sexually insecure women she needs to feel like she can “seduce” any man, hence the oddly breathless manner. I’m sure there is nothing to it, it’s just a habit but she’s getting too old for it. I won’t even mention the botox. Russell comes across as very genuine and caring guy. Interesting interview.

  • Stella

    Thanks for posting Jared. I love Russell. This interview made me like Nicole more. She didn’t come off as so delicate and on the verge of crying. Their interview was very intimate and showed how close they were.

  • GP

    I think it is wonderful how they have always been there for each other. Loyalty between friends is an awesome thing. I think Russell is one of the most real people out there. I love Nicole she is sweet, shy and very beautiful.

  • marry

    Nic and Russel are my favorite actors so this interview was a dream to me.
    I love the way Nicole talkes, she is so sweet and genuine.
    Russeç seemed like her a lot!

  • Louise Parker

    Wonderful!!!!This is my favorite of the three.
    I think Kidman give a wonderful interviewer, and Russel suprised me for positive.
    They have many things in common: close friends, beautiful, australia, talented, pure, shy….

  • Lenny putel

    To me this was the best interview, JR and GC dissapointed me, i think Julia tried so hard to be funny, but i became strange and odd!
    Nicole is perfect in black and Russel is a genuine gentleman!

  • Juno

    I love the interview. Seems like two friends trying to know each other better, and being honest with each other. Both are good actors, but regardless of what others say, I find Necole very beautiful inside out. Everyone makes mistakes in our choices in life, but she not only did a hell of a job to stay dignified during and after her divorce with TC, but she is doing her best to preserve the one she has now. I wish Necole and Keith the best of luck and the perseverance to protect their love.

  • Rose

    Why must these people constantly trot out their private lives in front of the world and then cry foul when the papprazzi and the rags continue the interest? They can’t have it both ways. Go get pregnant for God’s sake but keep quite about it.

  • Susie

    I really enjoyed this iinterview. I tought that Russell is a fantastic interviewer and Nic was shy and sweet. I think this is a great friendship and I hope that in the future they can do a fantastic movie together. Nic has moved on and is trying to make the most of her new life. She is also a very good actress and I think she is only going to do better and more inspiring things with her life. Go Nic!!!!

  • Juno

    Susie Says:

    What the hell are you doing here then??? Apparently you are interested, hypocrite!!!

  • Juno

    Sorry Susie. The reply on 38 was meant for 36 Rose Says:

  • Lisa Van

    Nicole sounds retarded and Russell is just simply amazing and just goes along with her desperate need to be liked by him. Danielle Spencer is a very lucky woman to have such a regular guy like Russell who loves her very much and has absoluley nothing for awkward Nicole. She kept touching his foot and made the comment they should be on screen more, well she can only hope. She is just so pathetic. It was interesting to watch, I just cringed watching her speak to him. She sounds insincere the way her accent changes and in the way she says things.

  • Shellsey

    I really enjoy watching these two interviews by Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, they are both very funny and sweetly nervous with interviewing each other. Surely with an observing eye you can enjoy the many human qualities they both vulnerably expose about themselves during the interview with each other especially since they have been friends for a very long time. Congratulations and great work Russell and Nicole. I have never seen Nicole so confident, outgoing, assertive, shy, funny, and emotional in one interview. Hopefully we will see them in a movie together one day.
    Kind regards from Sydney Australia.

  • Channa

    The video is no longer here, it’s told?
    Were can I watch the whole interview at this moment?