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Sienna Miller's Fashion Line Called "2812"

Sienna Miller's Fashion Line Called

Sienna Miller sat down with the ladies from The View earlier this week and revealed that her own fashion line is named after her birthday, 2812. (Her birthday is Dec. 28, if you’re slow.) 2812 will be making its debut later this year in July.

Sienna always reveals she doesn’t have her own stylist and dresses herself. “I get it really wrong,” she says. “A lot!”

Watch the interview below and check out stores in July for Sienna Miller‘s fashion line 2812!

Sienna MillerThe View, 2/19
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  • jason

    am i the only one who finds this girl annoying, classless and loud? who the hell would want to dress like that?

    plus…factory girl was horrible i want my $9 back!

    ok end rant

    we share birthdays…as well as denzel washington!

  • amy

    NO, you are not the only one! She gets to me too, I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like her at all! Plus, the bitch is American not English. SHE WAS BORN IN AMERICA! She’s mentioned that several times; yet now all of a sudden she’s English. Go back to England, ’cause we don’t want you here!

  • babyt

    ditto!!^^ I think you two took the words right out of my mouth. And I never liked her taste in clothes either…I think she’s tacky and gaudy.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Edie Sedgwick on the view [cool]

    I wish she would actually do some good work. factory girl suck big time. receiving a lot of press for absolute nothing can hurt a career. she might want to get into fashion and leave acting alone. cause her partying and fashion gets her way more attention.

  • Ms Katie

    ever since she showed us her titties on the beach i’ve lost all interest and respect for this chick..hopefully factory girl can kill that

  • heehee

    I think since her movie, factory girl, tanked at the box office, only made 1.3 mil she’s already promoting her fashion line cause her movie career sank faster then rosie ate donuts.

  • Gussie

    Wow, this show is so very hen-ish.

  • prison break fanatic

    why are females always hatin on other females who successful this is why men never respect women. when are guys going to learn to stop hating

  • smisfamewhorringagain

    I find her awful too, there are alot of women actors i have respectd for she is not one of them

    Click on the link above – the latest photos of her with jamie burke are a publicity stunt —
    she and her ex nico malleville are in cahoots to bring publicity to this new hotel -
    She is a fame whore!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Everytime I pass this thread my eyes get caught on her hair, and its starting to annoy the hell outta me. [lmao]

  • Impeach Bush

    I don’t like her either. With her hard looking ass.

  • macheath

    1) I think she’s adorable, and Factory Girl is an okay film, but she was brilliant. I think everyone knew it wasn’t going to be a blockbuster, but why does no one seem to understand that making films isn’t just about making money? Sometimes, it’s actually about–gasp!–making good work!

    2) Stop bitching about her topless beach romp. She’s European. She’s not the only woman to have done it, and she won’t be the last.

    3) I think it’s spelled twenty8twelve or something and not 2812.

  • macheath

    Also, she may have been born in America, but that doesn’t make her an American when she grew up in England, has an English accent, was raised in the English culture and is an English citizen. Just because Wentworth Miller was born in England doesn’t make him any more English than I am!

  • Cyndi

    I hear ya ‘Prison break fanatic’ if you can’t have a life worth gossiping about, next best thing is 2 hate on others in the public eye. Kinda funny how being topless makes her suddenly tacky, does that mean Catherine Zeta Jones, Penoleope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow and the likes are slutty by going topless while in their own private beaches?

    Sienna isn’t my cup of tea in so far as her acting goes, but she’s a fashionista and an interesting personality and have along way 2 prove her acting ability.

  • Mery

    Her hair is horrible. And her face seemed she’s cryint.
    This girl cry very much.

    I haven’t problem with topless. I think Sienna lost her brain a lot time.

  • sherkthethird

    Sienna HASN’T GROWN UP AT ALL. I hope people don’t think she represents english girls! Her dad and her mum are wealthy! She was born into money. I don’t think this girl has struggled at all. Sure she can hold her own in the film industry but she has never been a struggling actress. Her dad is very rich. I think she is very young in the head. Jude law loves young girls (the nanny was delciously young) so I am not surprised he went with her.

  • strepsi

    She will make it in Hollywood — you have to be hard, massively ambitious, and have brass b*lls. Zeta Jones and Aniston have the same ambitious qualities, but look at the difference — Zeta married the actor/producer and lives discreetly; Aniston sometimes flounders with her efforts (the most funny one was her ex-roomie telling that Aniston’s advice was to come of “f**kable” in auditions) — but Sienna’s the most obvious. She wants it bad — she IS tackily loud about it — and doesn’t care who gets in her way.

    Yeah, and I can’t get over that Shirley-Temple-turning-tricks hairdo either….

  • *Pillina*

    GO SIENNA!!!!! She gorgeous…and stop bitching about her topless beach romp ’cause in Europe 70% of women do that!! Plus she has an incredible and unique fashion sense that makes her stand up…I can’t wait 4 twent8twelve