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Wentworth Miller's Honkin' Nose

Wentworth Miller's Honkin' Nose

“I broke my nose in gym when a ball [hit me]. I took [a girl] to her debutante ball the next week wearing a tux and a big, honking bandage. Not the romantic night she had in mind.” — WENTWORTH MILLER on the silliest injury he’s ever had

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  • dpblu

    awwww, bless him!!!

  • pkharma

    awww, makes him even more likeable. hahaha. id still enjoy the night if its with him, honking bandage or not! heheh =)

  • ikho

    any news about Wenty brightens my day! Thanks again JJ!

  • babyt

    This is sad and cute at the same time. Who knows maybe it enhanced his looks a little? lol

  • Canadian Chick

    is that band-aid for real or is it photoshopped because its funny lol

  • meemee

    He kept his promise and still took his date to her debutante despite his injury, what a sweetheart :o)

  • Just Jared

    Canadian Chick, of course it’s my awesome Photoshop skillZZZZZZZZZ.

  • kate

    JJ please remove the Systemdoctor thing. I keep on getting redirect there and i can’t read your site. is really getting on my nerves!!!!

    Great WM update :) thanks

  • Bunny

    Sweet-point is she still went with him-big bangage and all. Shows grace and good manners on both sides. And something they can look back on the laugh about……….now.

  • ~Jade~

    Hehehee….. That band-aid is hilarious, Thanks for the giggle! He’s even smokin’ hot with a band-aid covering half his face….. now that’s what I call a gift!

  • wm4life

    i don’t understand am confused so he was at the gym and he broke his nose by some ball and the following week he went on a date “debutante????” with some girl???
    explanation plz someone. and wat is a debutante????

    thanks in advance!

  • Marleen

    He’s so cute!

  • http://jabe jabe

    I wonder if the GAP wants to pull their add with Wentworth….check Perez for the truth.

  • http://jabe jabe

    bad publicity for the GAP

  • Just Saying

    Perez is a loser, with a capital L

  • patty

    ha ha ha ha sweet!!This guy gets more and more sweet and dorkier everyday!!!! He’s so adorkable!!!!!!!!!

  • Raw

    Great pic JJ!! :)

  • Nunya

    why would Gap pull their Wenty ad? Come on – he’s the most beautiful man on the planet!

  • ikho

    oh puhleeze jabe. Perehizzle thinks everyone is gay. Wentworth Miller is a hot commodity…….. gay, straight or otherwise. GET REAL!

  • Marie Jo

    Oh pulease! You believe this story that he actually dated this girl or took her to the ball???

    I think his agent made the whole thing up!

    I am very sure he is straight, but i doubt he took any girl to any debutante ball – he seems so inexperienced!

  • Tiki

    Hello, Perez is the loser and he is so screwed. He keeps messin around in the wood and he will be out of business I don’t care how much traffic his site brings. He stole the pics of Aniston (who I don’t really care for but I don’t want to see her humiliated) and posted them on his site which was wrong. He is most assuredly a thief and if he is so crooked he is lying too. Just like this mysterious source he has that was Went’s boyfriend. But he won’t name the source, he names everyone else but can’t tell anyone this guys name because he says he’d kill him. If this person were real and he told Perez that info then he must not have cared if he told anyone or not so why hide the name to protect the not so innocent.

    If he isn’t afraid of lawsuits that will bankrupt him I don’t think he would care that some drama “queen” will kill him. Come on. The thing is that Perez has to accuse some straight folks of being gay only because if every gay actor came out then there would be no news and no one would go to his site (I don’t go to his site at ALL, I like JustJared thank you very much). So then his defense will always be that “he is pathetically closeted” or whatever. I also notice that Perez’s stories grow like Pinochio’s nose. First it was the t-mobile thing (of course no pics at a party with a bunch of camera phones, that makes total sense), then it’s I have a photo but Went’s people said they would sue (again nonsense because he couldn’t sue over a photo that someone took, he could only sue if the pic wasn’t him or if the pic was stolen like with what happened with Aniston), now it’s I have a friend (which is totally impossible because who would be friends with this loser) who dated him. Again where is the proof. And he goes, oh he’d kill me if I gave his name. It’s like yeah whatever. To the idiot box who said Go to Perez for the truth, keep telling yourself that and you will end up a sad pathetic, bankrupt, meth-head just like Perez with tacky hair color and cheap clothes and advertising an old version of yourself on manhunt.

  • Tiki

    Another thing, he said he wasn’t afraid of being sued yet he was afraid when Fox said that they would sue him. He contradicts himself at every turn. I’m so sick of mindless idiots believing everything this freak says.

  • Laura

    FOX should sue! This guy is a loser, and I saw Perez on E! True Hollywood Story about the paps, and he even looks like a pathetic loser! I just wish he’d grow up and leave Went alone like a normal human being!Just leave Wentworth alone!

  • tina

    I’d force him to take me out on a date even if he’s covered with bandage all over! :D

  • Jessie

    Please vote for Went again for the most attractive man on Hello again.
    Last time he won the weekly contest!

  • jasmine

    Why are you all commenting on wrothless Perez? Can we just comment on the article?

    That was sweet that he took his friend to the ball.

  • linda

    Tiki relax. Why are you writing so much about your hatred for Perez hilton, what does that have to do with this article on Went breaking his nose?

  • wenty!!

    dudes all of you chill who cares what perez hilton writes!!!
    lets all concentrate on becoming doctors so that if went break some other body part we can keep him in hospital and stay with him for the rest of our lives!! thats a great plan!! LOL

  • Tiki

    My post was in response to the person who said the Gap should drop him due to what Perez writes. Besides I don’t hate him and I never said I did. I just think his work gives gay men a bad name.

    There is nothing much to write about the story and pic (especially seeing the number of responses since it was posted) except to say that it is adorable and sweet.

  • -

    i think season 2 of prison break is more tragic than breaking his nose.

  • Softspoken

    AWWW!!! What a sweetheart!!!! Freakin gorgeous!!! Love you Wentworth!!!

    Well said Tiki!!

  • lina

    Yes season 2 of prison break sucks!

    I can’t believe they are actually thinking of a THIRD season!

  • not sure

    is this broken nose thing happened last week or so?
    does it mean he is seeing someone who is a debutant? (oh no, a debutant?)

    or happend several years ago when he was a school boy?

  • http://jabe jabe

    I love Perez….he’s not in denial…..this story is made up by Went’s publicist….Went’s a big fat liar.

  • liz

    4 d girl who didnt know wat a debutante is its basically another word 4 a prom. but why is it he wud suddenly tell that story and nothin else…. n someone shud seriously shut down perez s website its horrible wat he says bout went. its totally not fair to spread all these stupid rumours bout him but at least theres JJ to tell us all d good things bout went! very cute story bout his debutante..if only JJ could get us all a pic hmmm…make it so much better!!

  • Jessie

    Jared, if I try to get to your page I get redirected to
    and I don’t want to! I need to press the stop button after I reached your site or else I get this driver cleaning thing on my screen taking over your site.
    Please so something about it!

    Thanks :)

  • drop in the ocean

    he is still the most handsome man in hollywood even with the bandage on his nose:)

  • La├»la

    I get that errorsafe too, Jessie, it’s really getting on my nerves!!! Nearly as much as Tila Tequila and her horrible face on the right side of my screen!!!!!!!! Worst thing, I can’t properly enjoy all your comments… By the way, how was his absolutly beautiful nose before being broken??? More beautiful??? Any pics of it???

  • vera

    A debutante ball is not a prom. Most debutante balls are very elaborate “society” affairs. Depends on which debutante ball it was, who sponsored it, etc.

  • http://kala kala

    What a load of Crap…..I thought he wanted to keep his private live hidden….all gay-boys take girls to proms….till they get a chance to date boys.

  • not sure

    thanks for your explanation, liz & vera.
    but are you telling me that we can not tell whether this is current situation or not because the definition of debutant varies?
    your explanation do not match and it makes me confuse more as i am not a native english speaker.

    isn’t there any one who can read this article properly and kindly explain to me?
    thanks in advance :)

  • So You Know

    not sure SAYS:
    February 25th, 2007 at 7:48 pm – flag comment

    but are you telling me that we can not tell whether this is current situation or not because the definition of debutant varies?
    your explanation do not match and it makes me confuse more as i am not a native english speaker.
    He got hit in the nose in “GYM” class which would of been in the past, in his High School years… it is not a current situation, being that he is now 34 and well out of high school.

  • sexy

    he hot, a dork , n sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy as hell . BUt yo when reading this article it’s talking in pass tens … and A debutante (or deb) “(French word for “female beginner”) is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal presentation known as her “debut” or “coming out.” Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible for marriage, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle. This traditional event varies by region, but is typically referred to as a debutante ball.In the u.s A cotillion or debutante ball in the United States is a formal presentation of young ladies, debutantes, to polite society. Debutantes are usually recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of elite society.Wearing white gowns and satin or kid gloves, the debutantes stand in a receiving line, and then are introduced individually to the audience. The debutante is announced and then is walked around the stage, guided by her father who then presents her. Her younger male escort then joins her and escorts her away. Each debutante brings at least one escort, sometimes two. According to tradition, the escorts are dressed in white tie. Cotillions may be elaborate formal affairs and involve not only “debs” but junior debutantes, escorts and ushers, flower girls and pages as well. Every debutante must perform a curtsy. This gesture is made as the young woman is formally presented.Debutante balls exist in nearly every major city in the United States. They are often charity occasions, in which the parents of the young ladies, as well as all attending, must contribute a certain sum of money to the cause at hand. For a list of debutante balls in the United States, see Cotillion.In New Orleans, Louisiana, a debutante is usually presented during the world-famous Carnival season

  • http://Rachael Rachael

    Who cares about debutante’s ……he’s a big queen anyway.

  • WM is one sexy man

    I love me some Wentworth! Prison Break tonight, YAY!

  • http://sadie sadie

    Love PB but all this talk of WM being fuity is putting me off watching. It’s hard to picture him being cool and all that when you know all he’s looking for is a guy.

  • Chickapoo

    Sadie #46, Too bad you beleive all the rumors, read #21 and that should pretty much explain the person who is trying to spread this rumor, he’s not the most beleivable person (Pee-rez Hilton)! Prison Break is the Best and so is Wentworth Miller! I heart Went!

  • http://sadie sadie

    I used to think it was a rumor, but lately it been too much. I’m having trouble with the whole thing, I wish I’d never heard about it.

  • Chickapoo

    Sadie #48 Sorry you feel that way… your loss! I think Wentworth is too great of an actor to ignore just because of what some trashtalker says! That’s how rumors start – it only takes 1 person to say it and then it spreads like wildfire. I need actual proof before I will even consider beleiving it, I just won’t take Pee-rez’s word for it! Rock on Wentworth!

  • marymi

    aw come on jared! you should’ve used the picture of him in his other tux from last year’s people’s choice awards, instead of that pic from the director’s guild!! he looked cute then! :P