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The Beckhams Get Their House Hunting On

The Beckhams Get Their House Hunting On

Victoria Beckham continues the family search for a suitable home in Los Angeles before heading over to the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood.

Vix (and maybe hubby David Beckham) is expected to get her party on later this weekend at pal Elton John‘s post-Oscars party on Sunday. Elton believes “They’ll definitely be there.” She’ll?

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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40 Responses to “The Beckhams Get Their House Hunting On”

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  1. 1
    kaiyan Says:

    WOW! she looks stunning!

  2. 2
    justin Says:

    i would most definatly do her!

  3. 3
    ~kellieannie~ Says:

    i sooooooooooooooooooooooo want those sunglasses!!!!!! anyone know what ones they are? and she looks cute & hot!

  4. 4
    Lulu Says:

    I don’t think David will be there

  5. 5
    jas Says:

    She looks great,

    THE SUNGLASSES ARE FROM HER COLLECTION, CALLED DVB. you can see more of her collection at her site

  6. 6
    Sandbitch Says:

    That’s a damn fine haircut, spoiled only by the scribble.

  7. 7
    ***cinderella*** Says:

    so the sunnies she has on are by her? wow! they look fabulous! i want them!!!!!!
    and i love that tattoo on her back!!!

  8. 8
    jas Says:

    I think that for the last few months she is only wearing sunglasses from her own collection. DVB

    Her tattoo on the back is saying something like ‘I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.

  9. 9
    yadda yadda Says:

    She’s orrible. Overrated. Too skinny and the constant pout is sooo pretentious… and she isn’t actually very pretty if you take a closer look – difficult cos the sunnies are always on….thank god.

  10. 10
    Sandbitch Says:

    ‘I am my beloved’s, and my beloved’s MONEY is mine.

    IMO, tattoos make women look trashy. They should consider that when they get old and scraggy and are sitting in a nursing home – it’s not gonna be a good look. The staff can’t tell the difference between a Posh and a well ridden bikers moll.

  11. 11
    sandra day o'connor Says:

    um, if you are old and in a nursing home, i think your look is the last thing on your mind. more like: why did my children abandon me, your only as infirm as you think you are, how come my bum always hurts when i wake up, why is the creepy intern in my room each time i wake up…

  12. 12
    Sandbitch Says:

    “um, if you are old and in a nursing home, i think your look is the last thing on your mind”.

    You’re right Sandra but it’s not what’s on your own mind coz your own mind is gone walkies by then. Your kids can’t look after you ’til you die no matter how much they love you or you’ve loved them. And when that happens, you don’t want a tat on yer bum or boobies so the dirrrty intern can take it as an invite. It gives the message (to all the wrong people) that you might like a bit ‘o’ pain and personally I ain’t taking no chances!!

  13. 13
    jeez Says:

    I find the previous posts offensive. If you are implying that the residents of nursing homes do not care or know how they look…well I got news for you. Older people don’t necessarily lose the pride in their appearance when they become ill, old, disabled.
    And all good carers want their patients/ clients to look well cared for and properly looked after. After all, carers take pride in their work too.

  14. 14
    shitstirrer Says:

    She is UK’s most wanted export…in other words…we were glad to see the back of this talentless famegal who hangs, literally, on everything her hubby does.
    Hope someone nicks her passport *fingers crossed*
    And to jeez…..if I ever come into your nursing home…..the Calvin Klein lippy ‘Peony’ is under my mattress….put it on me before the others see me in the mornings!

  15. 15
    dingdong Says:

    shitstirrer Says:

    February 25th, 2007 at 6:00 am
    She is UK’s most wanted export…in other words…we were glad to see the back of this talentless famegal who hangs, literally, on everything her hubby does.


    i really dont understand why the uk hates her so much and yet they are totally in love with that jordan slag! it says so much about your country!lol!

    oh and she was way more famous than her hubby when they got together. I suppose you brits are pleased now then though – you can focus all your love and attention on the delightful jordan!lol!

  16. 16
    shitstirrer Says:

    Oh, you can have Jordan too, but this thread is not about her. So shut the f*** up.
    If it wasn’t for us Brits, your president….aw sod it, you ain’t worth the effort or energy.

  17. 17
    Sandbitch Says:

    Stirrer, the Brits don’t love Jordan. She’s on page 3 so dirty ‘ol men will buy the paper. They don’t read it – they just toss over it.

    David Beckham was already way famous and filthy rich before Posh. If he wasn’t she’d be on the bones of her bum right now. Why else do you think she zero’d in?

  18. 18
    Sandbitch Says:

    Sorry Stirrer – that was meant for Dingdong, not you. Yanks don’t know jack about british soccer.

  19. 19
    UTK Says:

    She is married to David Beckhem and has been for years! They have a beautiful family and what seems like a strong marriage. She’s doing something right. You go girl! His wealth is just icing on the cake!

    What does fame or who was more famous have to do with the fact that they are together?

  20. 20
    shitstirrer Says:

    A shame about his affairs, isn’t it?

  21. 21
    UTK Says:

    They are still together aren’t they?

  22. 22
    Sandbitch Says:

    Stirrer, can’t blame the bloke – can’t be too much fun shagging a coat hanger.

    Dunno where UTK gets his/her info – Beckhem? LOL

  23. 23
    Claudia Says:

    Not all Brits actually dislike Victoria. A lot of girls and young women really admire her for her style and the fact that she was in one of the biggest girls bands ever seen – the Spice Girls.

    David was NOT as famous/more famous than her when they got together… his football career really took off AFTER he first started seeing Victoria.

    Some people just love to point out the negative about Victoria in everything, even if it’s all factually crap.

  24. 24
    hmmmmm Says:

    There’s nothing ‘girl power’ about a woman who hangs out her tits and has an eating disorder. And her as a fashion icon? hahahaha…I read the extracts from her book…..OMG..she doesn’t have a red carpet pose, never show tits and legs same time, don’t cover yourself in designer gear.
    Puleeze! She should read it.

  25. 25
    shitstirrer Says:

    Hey Sandbitch…you’re right. Can’t be fun, is that why he slept with Rebacca Loos?
    I loved the part of the revelations where Rebecca said that when she took Sticktoria’s kids out, she had to copnstantly correct their grammar. Thick as **** apparently.

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