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Armani Pre-Oscar Bash 2007

Giorgio Armani held his exclusive annual Armani Prive Pre-Oscars Fashion Show on Saturday night at supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle’s Green Acres estate in Beverly Hils, Calif.

Guests included: Katie Holmes (sans Tom Cruise), Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Clive Owen, George Clooney, Beyonce, Mischa Barton, Josh Hartnett, Penelope Cruz (with sister Monica Cruz), Ziyi Zhang, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Angie Harmon, Ioan Gruffudd (with fiancee Alice Evans), Helen Mirren, Mark Wahlberg, Adrien Brody, Sandra Oh, Jason Lewis, Joshua Jackson (with girlfriend Diane Kruger), and John Travolta (with wife Kelly Preston).

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  • Suzy

    some beautiful dresses

  • caxposed

    Such an improvement on Josh! He looks a whole lot better than the last post! Glad he ain’t wearing those dorky glasses.

  • Christopher

    Ooh, Cate Blanchett looks lovely!!

  • Yily

    Ziyi Zhang looks gorgeous! She’s so beautiful and her looks are very sophisticated with a touch of class and elegance thrown into the mix. She is indeed one of China’s most premier actress right now, next to Gong Li. I love what she’s wearing to Georgio Armani’s party. Ziyi Zhang definitely favors black because she’s often seen in black dresses on the red carpet. And Georgio Armani is one of her favorite designers of all time.

  • Capriciousdiva

    Leo & Josh are just sexy!

  • Erin

    Penelope was the smartest one there. Everyone always wears black and white when in Armani, she wore a coral and her pic jumps out at you.

    But overall everyone’s looking very put togther (obviously a few exceptions)

  • andré

    Beyonce, Zhang Zyhi(gorgeus), Penelope Cruz and Helen Mirren look rly good.

    Mischa Barton looks dead. She needs to eat vegetables and fruits, get a tan and get a darker hair color.

  • Spain


  • Spain

    Debo añadir que ORLY no esta al nivel que requiere seguir estando en la cima de popularidad que deseas es un FAKE¡¡Desde SPAIN no ganes plis

  • Sandbitch

    Another shocker frock for Katie Clueless. Her toes are hanging on for dear life in those shoes. Hurry up posh…she needs you! Tell her to get some tattoos as well.

    ps: I can’t speak spanish but I think Spain just called Penelope’s mother a hooker?

  • Sidney’s Girl

    I looooooooooooove Sidney Portier. He is the best, the very best.

  • Lee

    Wow. Katie Holmes looks stunning. and I love Penelope Cruz and Helen Miran too… they both look beautiful.. and Cate Blanchett-the real queen.

  • saleem raza

    inform me and update me with the latest activities of the movie stars

  • Who is Suri’s Daddy

    Josh Harnett, Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson. Oh my, we have the stage set for a Maury type who’s the baby daddy showdown.

    Maury – So Katie are you ready to find out who Suri’s daddy is?

    Katie – Sure.

    Maury – Do you have an idea who it might be?

    Katie – Sure

    Maury – Do you wanna tell us

    Katie – Sure


    Maury – Hmmmm, okay I guess we should open the envelope.

    Katie – Sure

    And the baby Daddy is – John Travolta?!!!

    Katie – Sure

    Josh Harnette – Oh hell naw! That’s my baby. She has my eyes and facial structure.

    Jonathan Jackson – Err….what am I doing here? You told me we were gonna talk about making Dawson’s Creek the movie but this time it would be Pacey’s Lagoon.

    Maury – Katie do you have anything to say?

    Katie – Sure.

    Maury – Well, go ahead.

    Katie – I had an amazing time. Paris is just amazing.

    Maury – Excuse me Katie but you’re not in Paris.

    Katie – I had an amazing time, Paris is Just amazing.

    Maury – Katie, you’re not in Paris…Oh look who has just come on stage. It’s Mr. Tom Cruise himself.

    Tom Cruise – I’m not staying, I’m here to do some minor adjustment.

    Maury – Okay, Mr. Cruise is behind Katie now. Is he adjusting her zipper? No, wait he seems to be opening a small compartment on Katie’s back. What the….? He’s yanking out wires and…and…Folks I don’t know what this is. I think he’s done…

    Katie – Thank you for inviting me on your show Maury. I had an Amazing time.

    Maury – Katie are you okay?

    Katie – Sure.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Everyone looks good, Beyonce looks great, George Looks Cool.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    My grandmother had such a crush on Sidney Portier, she still does> I remember being a child and listening to her talk about him over and over, I think she use to have dirty thoughts and dreams about him, [Eww] my grandmother was a perVert

    [Lmao] Sidney is looking good [no homo] I’m glad he’s still around.

  • strepsi

    Jason Lewis knows how to model! And he is terrific on Brothers & Sisters — watch it (no not shilling, I just love the show despite its crap timeslot and would LOVE to see it stay on…)

  • pipi

    Katie looks good, Helen Mirren is one hot woman and Cate’s dress is gorgeous.

  • rach

    Katie looks stunning. Certainly the most beautiful dress…

    And I have to say… those freaky anti-Tom are really scaring me. Talk about someone obsessed!!!

  • rach

    Katie looks stunning. She certainly has the most beautiful dress.

  • rachel

    katie looks radiant and happy. perhaps its because josh jackson is there ;)

  • jwelz

    Leo, josh, and joshua look hot! cant wait for tonight!

  • amy

    check out Channing Tatum’s shoes!

  • julie

    those are the most awful FAT LEGS i’ve ever seen, christ she loosed the body weight but not the chubby hands and chunky legs what an ALIEN she’s become

  • Ada

    MOni… A princessa!