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Beyonce @ Oscars 2007

Beyonce in mint green Armani Prive. I don’t know about that beaded sash thing — too much detail for such a pretty lady.

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  • Oscar Blogger

    Not feeling it.

  • Fattie

    I like it ! Beyonce finally learned how to dress in a non slutty way

  • showgirl

    she looks horrible. hate her.

  • me2

    It’s an improvment on my last toga party

  • Little Miss Hilton

    E totally got it right, wy do you need so much detail going on when you are that beautiful …someone needs to tell her not to try so hard

  • Lulu

    This dress doesn’t do her justice – she’s got a great figure though and I dig the slit …

  • tanique33

    another costume. can’t she just go elegant? damn.

  • http://dvzvzdv Gundars

    She definatly looks better than kirsten! she looks elegant,but not as elegan as helen ,,and alsow America watch out Victoria Beckham is going to be on the red carpet! we are so excited over hear in England

  • Jess

    Not good. So sad.

  • LaLa


    She needs to learn some new moves…

  • el

    she doesn’t do any better this time… no sence of style

  • geniass

    Nasty. That is all.

  • brazeneye

    I am just not liking it, and not liking that they are performing HER song (“Listen”), when tonight is truly Jennifer’s night. TSK TSK.

  • mae

    This girl can wear a gabbage bag and she’ll still be stunning. I like I like!

  • Loopy

    Too much detail going on… and not a fan of the slit, think she’s trying to be too sexy when she should be going for simple elagence.

  • hunnybunny

    Dress for pageant girl, Vanessa Manillo. blech! Silhouette yes. Details no.

  • HoyaChick

    katie holmes already wore this dress lol! I can’t believe her stylist let her wear something somene wore last month to a fashion show to the OSCARS!!

  • bdj

    Beyonce looks beautiful. I am not liking the dress, but the overall package looks good.

  • XsImi

    i like top part of the dress but i dont like that the dess is so open

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    absolutely gorgeous. I knew people would say something bad about her. they always do.

    pure fabulousness

  • Love

    Fug Face Maniston always has a comment about others… TYPICAL!!! Well anyhoo, The dress is a little bit of the same, who can blame her, with so many appearances!!! I like her thickness! Very sexy!!

  • Papi

    The slit is okay but when she’s got her friggin leg out there like a hoochie, it sluts up the outfit too much.

  • gg

    Beyonce is always going to look good…it seems here lately everyone wants to bring her down and pull her apart. No…I don’t like the slit…it’s way too long and shows too much leg. But she looks good, her hair and makeup are great.

  • gia

    w/hunnybunny on this one

  • Bee

    The dress makes her look fat. Too much detail!!! Will she ever get it???

  • hunchback of notre dame

    i hate those sausagey looking legs. oh, her mother is an idiot and should have her hands chopped off.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    IMO!!!! Bad bad bad~ like i said before Beyonce is a very attractive
    girl, so why does she try so hard, and always take it over the top??
    it makes her look cheap. IMO!!!!

  • andré

    Her face and specially hair are gorgeus here.

    But the dress…her legs are too muscled for this.

    The dress she wore when she sang was awesome!

  • sammy

    What??? I love the dress. It’s beautiful…and I think her legs look fine.

  • Cheetah

    I agree with Andre she shoud have worn the dress she sang in on the red carpet.
    .She looks like she just came up from the sea, somewhere where the coral is thick, she was trapped there and managed to free herself before the Oscars! Hair and make up was better this time. Her mom’s outfits are bringing her down!

  • Cheetah

    And why does she always wear those basket toe shoes? same as the sports Illustrated swimsuit party. They don’t match any of the dresses.

  • Léonce

    look you haters need to shut the fck up a bit!! Cus this girl is just perfect in everyway and thing she does!!
    Don’t hate her for what she has and you would never!! Go to hell!!

  • Whatchano

    Just unbeweavable!!

  • shari

    B is for Beyonce, B is for Beautiful.