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Kate Winslet @ Oscars 2007

Kate Winslet in Valentino.

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  • Fattie

    Boring …

  • showgirl

    the dress is nice. but ugly colour.

  • tanique33

    LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

  • http://dvzvzdv Gundars

    maizing,,,,Sll the British actresses look amaizing

  • brazeneye

    I think she looks fabulous. Maybe because I am completely bias and I adore her, but I don’t see much bad about this.

  • me2

    You know they’ve planned a Toga party after this – and that all the French hairdresser were on strike tonight

  • Little Miss Hilton

    the Brits are definitely the ones who have it right — she is impeccable and she looks like she actually eats a meal not just scratch, sniff and barfs it

  • Lulu

    I like it! Color’s not my fav,but she pulls it off …

  • Loopy

    Love the simplisity of this dress…but who gave her that bag?!

  • Malinka

    I agree that she looks good. Nice, simple dress but not sure about the bag’s colour.

  • tatum

    LOVE IT the neckline is so flattering on her

  • Love

    Kate looks beautiful despite the dress

  • Shimmeringdew


  • kidi

    She’s gorgeous no matter what.

  • Papi

    She looks absolutely stunning and this is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t need tons of jewelry to pull off a gorgeous, simple look.

  • Izzie

    I think she looks glamorous in a simply stated way. But, she is one of my favorite actors, so I am biased also. Loved her since the Titanic and respect the choices she makes in her roles. Winning an Oscar certainly does open up choices as to the roles you are offered to do. She just seems real.

  • hunchback of notre dame

    she’s a handsome woman.

  • Charlotte

    Great dress, bad color. Still, she is always beauty and grace personified.

    Perfect body, too. Not too skeletal like Portia or Nicole, not too big like others. Lovely, womanly curves.

  • emily bronte

    Lumpy Lumpy Lumpy

  • UTK

    She doesn’t seem all weirded out like some of your Hollywood starlets. Everything about seems so real and down to earth. I would guess she is easy to get along with and comfortable to be around. She could wear a flour sack and people would still like her, how can you not. She is cool!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    #17 ~~~~ ITA

  • Gail Camacho

    Now this is a beautiful woman! All the skinny american celebrities, could learn a thing or two from Miss Winslet, Remember if yu’re looking for class, then it’s got to be a Brit or Canadian

  • Ann

    I noticed that only Kate Winslet got the most positive comments. I bet some people are envy about other’s skinny look. Anyway, Kate looks much healthier than other celebrities. And beautiful and charming as always. She’s just great.

  • Dr. Pink

    Wow, she can sure wear a dress. She always looks amazing on the red carpet. Always. Seriously, I don’t think there’s been anything she’s looked bad in for at least the past 4 years. How does she do it?

  • Kate

    Well, I loved her white dress at Golden Globes, but this… this shade of green is so not good, not on Kate, not on Beyonce. It makes them both look heavy. Like her hair and accessories, but not the make-up. Again – too pale. :(