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Katie Holmes @ Oscars 2007

Katie Holmes (in Armani) attends the 2007 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons on Sunday night in West Hollywood, Calif.

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  • Janet

    Looks Great – Gorgeous Dress!!

  • olive

    second!!!she’s beautiful

  • Mediterranean

    Katie looks great but the dress yeakk

  • Sandbitch

    I thought KH gave birth to a little girl, not a boy.

  • bettylafea

    Why does Katie look like a female version of Tom now?

  • Mink

    Gorgeous dress, although a little ‘gappy’ at the top. ;) Overall I’d say this is a hit!

  • ploypaphat

    They look Great!
    Better than their wedding day xD

  • hunnybunny

    Apparently Armani has gone nuts with those crazy things in her hair (like on Beyonce’s red carpet dress). Do not like those. She’s a pretty girl but she’s still got some road to cover to catch Nic.

  • tanique33

    i LOVE this look. she looked great.

  • dmoss

    They look wonderful together and Katie looks GREAT!! So many haters…

  • dia

    Tom C forgot to wear his high heels LOL!!!

  • Mai

    She looks awesome!!!!!!!!!! Smokingl!!!!! She´s by far the most beautiful woman Tom has ever been with. Not only that but she´s nice and humble and sweet. She has a new fan in me.

  • Lee

    Katie’s looking HOT HOT HOT! Tom looks good too.. glad he got rid of his extra hair- AM I the only one who doesn’t give a shit about their hight- differences??

  • seattle

    katie holmes always like to show off ,,, she’s still a younger teenager ,, katie and tom there weird couple ,,,, its just that there not to be mean’t couple

  • Dancer

    I am so glad Tom got a hair cut. He looks so much better. Don’t like the dress on Katie, but it is a beautiful one.

  • kiti

    Father and daughter.

  • Eli

    Katie looks great!

  • gingeranny

    She’s beautiful.

  • emily santiago

    Katie looks sad & stilted, like a mannequin. Does she wear such high heels to further tower over hubby. She looks like she’s under his house arrest. How long can she keep this up?

  • Stella

    Katie looks stunning and happy. I love her dress. She and Tom look great together.

  • audrey horne

    what the freak is up with her shoulder/neck muscles???

  • Danile

    don’t like sorry!

  • Hohan

    She looks bad.She lokks like his doll…poor girl

  • Lalo

    The only actress in Hollywood who’s trying to look older than she is.

  • libraesque

    yiiiikes. the dress is beautiful, and she looks pretty, but sweet jesus, her bones are sticking out all over the place, not good. I heard she went out to two events last week and didn’t touch her food at all, only drank water.

  • Kelly

    Katie should wear shorter heals.

  • Layla

    Now this girl was definitely the belle of the ball. Everything, the hair, the dress, is just stunning.

  • jaromir

    audrey horne SAYS:
    February 26th, 2007 at 1:27 pm – flag comment

    what the freak is up with her shoulder/neck muscles???


    LOL I’ve never actually notice that……….lol……….yeah she does kinda look like a Cardassian.

  • tc4775

    i hate the way she slouches. like she is purposely trying to be shorter for tom’s sake. if she stood up straight and carried herself better i think she would look better. anyone agree?

  • Papi

    I love how she has the same beads in her hair from Beyonce’s sash. Nevertheless, it looks stunning on her. who gives a crap that she’s taller than him – she was a model. Same deal with Petra Nemcova & James Blunt.

  • julie

    I love how she has the same beads in her hair from Beyonce’s sash. Nevertheless, it looks stunning on her. who gives a **** that she’s taller than him – she was a model. Same deal with Petra Nemcova & James Blunt.

    what & who did she use to model cos i never heard or seen any pix that b/4 but i guess it’s another thing TC and his FANS have added to her CV

    talk about the ugliest dress and couple at the event for christ sakes it’s 2007 not 1988 everyone is going classy and chic not DALLAS everything about the dress from material to style is so bad and it looks so bad on her, shapless no personalty in front of cameras just standing there looking lifeless and uninteresting, she is starting to make ARMANI look like a bad designer i mean lately all you have to do is look at her and you won’t want to wear an ARMANI outfit

  • Emme

    The dress isn’t bad, but not as flattering on her as it should be. But the hair looks a little too high school prom-y.

  • Oh my stars

    audrey horne SAYS:
    February 26th, 2007 at 1:27 pm – flag comment

    what the freak is up with her shoulder/neck muscles???

    I think it’s the start of a hunchback.

  • libraesque

    PAPI, no one cared/commented when Cruise and Kidman were together re: the height difference, you know why, because there WAS a height difference.

    Everyone knows KH is 5’9 and TC is 5’7, yet miraculously, even when she’s in 3 inch heels now, they’re the same height
    It’s pathetic, THAT’S WHY people comment on it

  • A girl

    Katie is one of the most gorgeus actresses of our generation. She always looks beautiful and classy, and last night was no exception. Tom and Katie are a beautiful couple, and it’s too bad most people are buried too deep in their jealousy and hate, to realize that.

  • Jacklyn

    Only one word . Beautiful.

  • Lori

    Why does Katie have part of Beyonce’s dress strap on her head???

  • dean

    This is the story of the over-confident Professor Higgins (Tom Cruise) and his experiment that attempts to transform a cockney girl, Eliza Doolittle (Katie Holmes), into a proper-speaking lady who will be accepted by the upper classes as one of their own.

  • Dale Baines

    Damn, she looked good last night! I don’t think she deserves half crap she gets from the media. Sure, she looks and acts different nowadays from when she was in Dawson’s Creek, but who can blame her? Girl married UP, even if her hubby is a bit of an oddball, but then again, who in Hollywood isn’t? And Tom Cruise is still Tom Cruise. She can do waaaay worse than him.

  • gurl

    james blunt is soooooooooooo ugly it hurts!!

  • Li

    I wore that same dress to my senior prom in 1991. Okay, it was more “champagne” than “rose” but it’s that dress. Had it made for $110. Of course, it’s never good to knock on Armani, but when she carries herself like a timid 12th-grader, it’s hard not to draw that high school prom analogy. She’s no Nicole, that’s for sure.


    I don’t mind them at all. But Tom needs to stop thinking he can turn himself and Katie into ‘Brangelina 2,’ it won’t happen TC, not in this lifetime. Katie can lose weight, you can lose weight, Katie can have a bit of work done, Katie can wear her hair up…it just will. not. happen. ever. That said, they look nice…about the shoulder and neck muscles – yeah, vaguely line backerish…but not everyone can have a delicate swan like neck like Angelina. :-)

  • Sandbitch

    pic #3 – where did her boobs go?

  • Juno

    Naaahhh….. am not impressed at all. And on the 3rd pic where Tom is holding her, I swear you can drop apples and oranges in that gap. I don’t even know how this dress stays up. :/

  • joanne santiago

    Comeon, she looks emaciated & sad, like the life has been sucked out of her. She looks like she has aged, no vitality, she is empty & pathetic. $$$$ is not the answer.

  • WTF

    “Why does Katie have part of Beyonce’s dress strap on her head???”

    Yeah. That. Were they leftovers and Kat(i)e saw them and said “oooo pretty” clapping her hands?

    Zombie bride with dead eyes.

  • sammy

    She looks unhappy. …either that or she’s gonna pass out from not eating… besides, I think she’s forcing that smile. I truly believe she’s not happy.

  • julie

    correct me if i’m wrong but the#11 pic the one with her head down and eyes closed is it me or does anyone also feel she’s trying to do a NICOLE KIDMAN POSE just an observatin

  • Envy

    Why all the comparisons? To Brangelina, to Nicole K? WTF! At least Tom C didn’t marry a junkie like Nicole did! I think all her fans are just p*ssed off because Nikki got the short end of the stick! And all you Brangelina fans should be ashamed of yourselves for acting like grade school children! I know Brad and Angie would be ashamed of you if they could read the garbage you post! Grow up!

  • gia

    Some people just sleep/breathe Brangelina – so it’s natural they compare anything to them. Look – Katie Holmes/TC! Oh, they’re no Brangelina! Look! A stick of butter! Oh, not everyone can be Brangelina! Whatevs. Keep the discussion on the matter at hand – ridiculous. Brad and Ange are the sh*t for sure, but come on.

    KH did look unbelievable, but they do look stupid together b/c of the height diff.