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Matthew McConaughey is a Surfer Dude

Matthew McConaughey is a Surfer Dude

The PECtacular Matthew McConaughey struts his stuff while surfing at Surfers Paradise in Australia on Tuesday morning.

Matthew, 37, supposedly nabbed a role in a film called Surfer Dude (how appropriate). Filming is slated to begin early May 2007.

And just announced today, Jon Shestack Prods. has inked a two-year first-look deal with New Line Cinema, with The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past starring Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew will portray a bachelor who goes to his younger brother’s wedding and gets visited by the ghosts of his past girlfriends. The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is set for a Christmas 2008 release.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • tanique33

    oh holy hotpocket on a tuesday. damn.

  • Susan

    Lord have mercy! I’ve never really taken much notice of Matthew but WOW!

  • Capriciousdiva

    He’s just a poser

  • phoenixx

    Holy guacamole!!! he is effing hot!

  • Sweet83

    OMG! Now that’s the pick me up that I needed this Tuesday!

  • asdf

    Wow! He looks great. I don’t understand what the big fuss is over his arms. They look proportional to the rest of his body.

  • lw

    as long as he doesn’t open his mouth, he’s attractive.

  • squid

    yea his arms look proportional here. he’s hotter when wet, like clean or something.

  • sunny

    he is fun

  • bdj

    I see the beach tour is back on. First the summer Malibu tour, now the winter tour.
    I must say that chest of his is tight.

  • WTF

    Finally he’s looking clean.

  • george

    I just love that bathing suit! So festive!

  • karen

    He should get with Cameron Diaz, Surfin Couple

  • Pook

    Dear God. That is amazing. He’s so purty when he’s clean.

  • Annie

    My, my Jared… I thought you’d given up on keeping us updated on Matthew, but looks like you were just waiting for this… Muchas gracias!

  • shitstirrer

    PHWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOAR!! The pecs!!!!! WOW! Thanks Jared, yer brought a little tear to my eyes.

  • isabella

    OMG! Throw in those dimples and that southern accent and he’s like a god!

  • Daviesgravey

    Haha. She said, ‘Oh Holy Hotpocket on a Tuesday!!!”

    I heart Matthew.

  • kellyarmstro

    OMG, please tell me that the tattoo is not real!!!
    I hope that he did not ruin that perfect body of his with a mermaid tattoo!!!
    He is the sexiest thing ever, even if he doesn’t wear deodorant.
    Love, love, love him!

  • http://deleted he’s fun

    He’s looking sleeker – more like a surfer than a bodybuilder. Looks great. I like Matthew because he seems totally independent. He keeps himself occupied with sports and fun. He has hobbies. He’s not sitting around waiting for a woman to make his life perfect. He has a healthy outlook on life.

  • rightwingconspiracy

    The man is hotter every time I see him. He cleans up real good.

  • Sharon

    The tattoo is just a fake for the movie he’s doing at the moment, Fool’s Gold…

  • TinMan

    Good to see another goofyfoot in our midst.

  • Ella


  • luv

    I wished he stop doing these stupid movies. Has not done a good movie in years.

  • Harrison

    Is it just me or does Matthew look… I dunno, slimmer? … in this set than he has in past pictures?

    Maybe it’s just his hair pulled back versus a giant bush of head hair, but something makes me think he looks less buff here.

    Still hotttt though!

  • babyt

    he is beautiful ALL around… but I love his arms. :-[ lol

  • andrea

    He is totally fuckable. Wow.

  • junglegirljlt/Janet

    No wonder I missed this at 6:00am this morning, it wasn’t posted until after noon! You have me wondering about myself, Jared!

    Matthew’s next starring role will be as Steve Addington in Surfer, Dude — which is also a j.k. livin production. It starts production May 7, 2007.

  • angelah

    Whoa he utterly looks hot n these pics :roll:

  • Luke

    Steroids and growth hormone work. Just ask Matthew, he knows.

  • Ghouliet

    He looks like that at his age because he feeds on the souls of babies…it’s true…look it up. XD

  • Da Pexter

    Actually, I liked him better when he was beefier. He’s too cut now for my tastes.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Love a bad boy! Oh yeah!

  • Katy

    Does anyone know what brand those boardshorts are? Love them.

  • WickedOne

    What I wouldn’t do to be his surfboard!

  • Elizabeth

    Amazing! HIGH TIDE SURFER DUDE. Thank the the lord Almighty TRES GORGEOUS Mattew McConaughey is starring in the upcomingmovie of the decade” Surfer dude”. It’s raining men, surfers and dream actors all in one movie.
    No pun Intended, but those are the men real women prefer. I love his style, and we’ll let’s not be distasteful about his beautiful and starved body. Body like that aren’t buffed overnight, it takes massive training, discipline and like no eating. Give the poor guy some credit; he works hard and plays hard. As for the critics or non-fans; “I could kill you all!”
    A new song from legendary” Iggy Pop” ( punk/rock section). Meaning, the critics are so jealous they’re going to get what they deserve. A Royal smackdown, and possible day in court if you write another bad mention.
    He’s the Kurt Douglas of the 21 st century. Remember the Co-star in the Wedding Planner starring Jennfier Lopez. That’s him dollface; A Royal Tiger growing up all PISSED up in hollywood. Who’s loves yah Baby!xoxoxo

  • Elizabeth

    He deserves more credit and awardsf or all the charity work he is involved in; much too humble. He looks starved, yet absolutely great.
    No other actors are as hard working, striving or intelligent. Lately, I heard he was also writing an working on his own script. Very sharp, very sharp. When mother nature made good making men, she thought of him and said here’s a lovely bello for the girls to dream about. God Bless Mattew and may all his movies turn out swell!!! See yah later alligators..

    FYI: I hope he dumps that dumbell Camilla, he has bad taste in women; maybe he has self-esteem issues. I heard she smells like cat nip. xoxox

  • Elizabeth

    NO HE IS NOT ON STERIOIDS. Perhaps you are if you know how to describe them. If you ever attend a gym or beach, or leave your home or basement you’ll notice a place called the GNC and Vitamin Shoppe where weight loss
    drinks and supplments are available. As for Bodybuilders mind your business on what their on, which is mostly an amino acid, maximum protein and lots of Vitamin D of which you probably haven’t taken in a century.
    All you have to do is hire (1.) A qualified Trainer,(2.) Join a full time gym, (3.) Go out dancing every night and ” Get jiggy”. Over all, mentally disturbed critics talk through your asses and are fudging about a Masters degree or even Photograpghy certificate.

    Let’s face it he’s hot, amazing and wonderful, except for his taste in wome so far. IT’S RAINING MENM IT’S RAINING HOT STUDS LIKE WOODY AND MATTEW. WELCOME TO MIAMI DARLINGS! All drink on Penelope– CALIENTE1

  • Elizabeth

    No way, he looks Brilliant! No way to Camerion diaz, she’s a weirdo, he needs a superdiva, nice, soft and non-judgemental. He’s aura states he is mostly sensitive, charming and unique. Maybe a music type or plus model, a real women who could charm his pants off and give him some puppies. All these neophites are like a bad rash, bad in the brain, and hard to tolerate. They suck ,I’m telling yah he deserves a whole lotta better.

    Hope they clone him, he’s rebel baby! Rebel Yell Mattew, get as pissed off as you like but not in the neighborhood. LOL

    Just freestyling while I can get away with it. I LOVE THAT DARLING OF MVOIE STAR. Meow, meow

  • Elizabeth

    Why, what’s wrong with the hip tatto;it’s LA isn’t? Anyone who doesn’t take a chance once in a while is a total bore. Hello, surfing, liberal, freedom, independence.” WAKE UP TIME FOR FREEDOM BABY”. REBEL YELL DARLING,REBEL YELL HOTSTUFF. Good luck and best wishes on his up and coming STARSTRUCK MOVIE. God bless them. It’s LOW TIDE in penn state, and
    high sky tide in Honalulu!!

    Just joking about the girlfriend thing, I hate women and LOVE to antagonize them.Besides, he ain’t a lamebrain that SWEETHING. He should be the next man of mystery,in otherwords Oceans Fourteen or Oceans the sequel. Amazing, I knew he was an awesome thespian but right now he is running the league. They better start advertising the movies everywhere, promotions and billboards or the fans might miss it. Hello Advertisers, get a clue!!

  • Ben

    wow another stereotypical surfing movie, ive seen him surf and he sucks. if in the movie hes doing cutties and floaters than ill just be appalled