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Wentworth Miller is the (USB) Key

Wentworth Miller is the (USB) Key

Welcome back readers! Once again, let’s cut to the chase to “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty” for Prison Break episode “Wash.”


Firstly, Sucre and his clear joy over the “a packa llamas” or Alpacas for his future son! C-Note’s tearful goodbye to his wife was some of the finest acting I have seen from the actor this season. Kellerman saying hello and farewell to the sister he never knew, Kristine before making another entry in American history. Also his fabulous line about what doesn’t make a mother. Ouch, but very nice! Oh Kellerman how I heart you! Sara going with her instincts trusted Bruce, who bought her to the real Cooper Green. And just awesome teamwork on Sara and Lincoln’s part from stopping Michael! More on him later.


T-Bag gets another guy again and this time one who looks eerily like him and now he’s on his way to Bangkok! I guess he’s alright with funky surgery! And guess who he’s sharing a plane with? Bellick! He’s been assigned to another inmate in Mexico. Mahone’s been a pretty despicable guy so far this season and he redeemed himself slightly last week after he lost major points for having Haywire off himself, but going after C-Note via hanging? Even I have trouble stomaching that. Shame on you Alex! And give me a break writers! The one piece of evidence the boys find and it’s not usable in court?! And blackmail is the last option. Really?!


Michael proved that he’s not that stupid! (He’s been losing points in that department lately). His plan to have (pseudo) Cooper Green was surely his plan (sorry Linc!) go on a tailspin before meeting him face to face was definitely clever. And constantly questioning the increasingly irate man? And then knocking the guy out and beating him up when he didn’t answer the question correctly? Brains and brawns!

It is over next week? Who will get captured? Who will live? Who will die? Just 4 more episodes left this season. Stay tuned next week for “Sweet Caroline”!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Prison Break stills after the jump!

By the way, did anyone else notice when Michael was holding the paper with Cooper Green’s phone number, it wasn’t Wentworth Miller‘s hand?

(Written by geniass)
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  • Belle

    loved loved LOVED this episode!! rip c-note.. unless by some miraculous twist of fate he was too strong to die by hanging.. but i’m not holding my breathe.. can’t wait until next week!! thanks for the update =)

  • Belle

    oh and you forgot to mention the return (well, sort of) of LJ! good to know he’s safe!

  • Maldita

    thanks for the PB/Went update! c’ya C-Note.

  • Kristi

    Great show!! I love how they are bringing back Michaels genius abilities. Poor cnote, this guy cant catch a break. I hate Mahone!! Tbag is so bad, anyone who felt bad for him in the last episode I TOLD YOU SO!!! He is a sociopath!!! Score for Sucre, too bad it wont last too long!!

  • Andrea

    Tbag killed his father! Dont you remember in the flashbacks a guy that was in Tbags bedroom with him and who was touching tbags leg in an inappropriate way. well thats the same guy that tbag killed

  • tanique33

    ehh, i’m slowly losing interest again. cnote better be saved. sucre would be the last straw. im actually bored with t-bag. it’s too much. i find myself FF.

    we’ll see how the last 4 episodes go, to determine if ill watch next season.

  • Bunny

    Thanks Jared.
    Come on-let us hear what that conversion was. But another nail bitting episode with bodies everywhere. Now will Kellerman kill the president, the only hope left to the brothers? Will T-bag bag get lost or will Bellick notice it-it still in the same bag. AND Micheal turning himself in to Kim next week-Not GOOD idea. Poor C-Note, in that corner and a noose in his hand. Mahone put him there with the promise of taking care of his family. How much blood on his hands can he take?

  • Bettyb

    Hod do you know that’s not Went’s hand fro the nails? It does look a bit older than his and whiter.

  • ikho

    they have lots of splaining to do in the next 4 episodes….let’s hope they make it interesting for Season 3…………They are trying to make it 24 and it’s just one story! UGH! Thank G-d for Wentworth Miller!!!!!!!!

  • WM is one sexy man

    Noooooo not C-note, I thought his acting was out of this world in this episode, everything was right on, especially when he was talking to CeeCee about their daughter. I nearly shed a tear myself! And dang Kellermen needs a spanking after that “spit out of the crotch” comment, I nearly fell out of my chair when he said that. Bad Kellerman Bad. But it was sweet when he told his sister he loved her. But now he’s on his way to take out the president presumely. He’s one hot mess!!! Ugh, Ugh,Ugh, after all this time, and the key is useless, say it isn’t so!?!? and just when T-bag had me feeling a little sorry for him after last weeks epi, he goes and kills the nice doctor man.. he needs to be stopped.. Pronto! Note to Sara, um you have Michael in a hotel room, so why don’t you kick everyone else out for 15 minutes and take advantage of Michael, I mean he has taken advantage of you in the past, so fair’s fair, right? Go for it, woman! :lol: Your right, that’s not Wentworth’s hand in that picture holding the note, great observation skills on your part! Peace!

  • WM is one sexy man

    I meant Kacee not CeeCee. I got it confused with DeeDee! all these cee’s and dee’s :)

  • Nunya

    I’d need more than 15 minutes in a hotel room with Wentworth! Damn!

  • WM is one sexy man

    lol @ Nunya.. Heck I’d settle for 5 minutes. :lol:

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    So now they have killed off almost everyone, none of the story lines are going anywhere, we already know everyone from first season is going to be bumped off. I’m sorry I just don’t understand how they can take a show that was really great and wreck it totally. Every episode has had nothing but death….man! I’m so over it!!. Aside from the eye-candy…Wentworth…..there’s nothing I like about this show.

  • marymi

    have you noticed when sara went to her dad’s grave, she tried to cover up her….real life condition is this the reason she won’t be seen for long or another short season. hiatus?


    Prison Break is the best and that episode last night was great. NO DOUBT. rip c-note

  • http://Jamie Jamie

    Kellerman going to kill President Renolds…. and then how will Linc and Michael prove his innocence. Sara and Michael hardly say 2 words to each other in this episode, when are they going to get it on!! I just don’t understan where this show is going. Can we have more WM please……

  • PatrickKelley

    C-Note pulls through somehow, I think. If he were really going to be killed, then at the end of this episode we would have seen his dead body hanging in his cell, because that’s the formula.

    Episode 4- We see Abruzzi fall dead in a hail of bullets
    Episode 7-We see Tweener fall dead from a hail of bullets from Mahone
    Episode 16-We see Haywires dead mangled body lying at Bellicks feet after Mahone convinced him to jump
    Episode 18-We see C-Note with the rope around his neck and then, the split second he jumps, the screen goes blank.

    So, of the four, which doesn’t fit the formula?

    Also, next episode, Bellick and Sucre join forces to trap T-Bag, who is having an issue with his lost luggage. I’m guessing Bellick agrees to let Sucre go and split the reward with him, with the intention of betraying him.

    Everybody seems to have forgotten Hector, by the way, but I look for him to throw a monkey wrench into the Bellick/Sucre alliance, in some way or another.

  • Kate

    The second season was actually good until the break (ep. 13, if I am not wrong). Afterwards…. hmmm, dissapointing I guess, but I still watch it. C-note is becoming really annoying, please, let there be less scenes with him in future (if he survives). Agree with other posters who suggested Went and Sara to get to business :) Let Lincoln for a long walk and have some fun! T-Bag has huuuge issues, but I kinda feel sorry for him. He had awful family and all this sexual harasment from his father is just so gross. He couldn’t be less maniac with that upbringing.
    p.s. If they gonna make the third season, what it will be about? Practically all characters are already dead :(

  • corona

    isn’t kellerman’s real name owen kravecki? why did his sister call him paul??? hahaha

  • http://jess jess

    Gosh what has happened to the show….I used to be obsessed with the show and waited every week for Monday to roll around, but now I barely remember the show is on….what a waste of 1 hour. Tbag story is repulsive, Cnot-who cares, LJ-Who?, Lincoln is Ugly, Sara’s dressed slopy and her hair’s a mess…if I were Michael I’d be running from her instead of the Company. Wentworth Miller sounds like he’s lost his voice, I know actor’s whisper to get you to pay attention but ENOUGH ALREADY, does he not have any other skills. This show has become a failure….I’m depressed each week.

  • angell cakes

    Corona, owen krevecki is pauls alias, paul kellerman is his real name

  • blah

    the show is totally biting it hard. i don’t understand why the networks can take something that was once good and completely destroy it, but they often do that. they need to take notes from the uk and make short series that people will remember and want more from. i don’t understand why c-note would take his life by choice, he had nothing to lose. oooo a threat from some guy in a suit who gave him a noose… i’m shivering in fear. the guy in no way would choose to end his life. and then there are the plots that are going nowhere with nothing happening. it’s just painfully drawn out every week and i find myself caring less what happens. at this point i say wrap it up quickly and cut your losses. you can put your eye candy on another show and just let this one die. please.

  • anonymous

    After Mahone hinted to Kim about his suspicion that burrows is innocent, I have a feeling Mahone will jump ship and help the brothers once he gets into the hotel. This is going in circles man! Hope the series ends at season 2. i really need some closure.

    I thought TBag was headed for bangkok? why’s he on his way to mexico now? wasn’t he supposed to transit at chicago?

  • http://jess jess

    You said it #23……I’m with they should cut their losses and end the show with a little dignity and self respect.

  • Carrie

    Wentworth Miller is amazing in Prison Break and the show is one of the best I have ever seen.