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Scarlett Fights the Good Fight

Scarlett Fights the Good Fight

Scarlett Johanasson skipped out of the Osacrs for good reason. She was on a 10-day stint through India and Sri Lanka, raising awareness about global poverty with international agency Oxfam!

Above is Scarlett, 22, visiting the children of the Oxfam-funded Dalit school in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. How cute are they!

Said Scarlett, who is currently in India: “I met a young girl, Gudiya, at a school for Dalit children, a community considered to be the lowest class. She was an amazing, bright young girl, full of ambition and attending the fifth grade. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said ‘a government official’. Every morning she rises at three a.m. to study and then complete the household chores before walking for half an hour to school. I asked her how she felt she would be able to raise her family and also hold a government position. She responded confidently, ‘I can manage.’ Her self-pride and drive to succeed was an obvious outcome from her schooling.”

CLICK HERE to find out what Scarlett had to say about Sri Lankan Tsunami survivor Bandawathi Maitipe and her son Asela Abeytunga.

Go, go, Team Scarlett!

(Image via Adrian Fisk/Oxfam)

Said Scarlett of Sri Lankan Tsunami survivor Bandawathi Maitipe and her son Asela Abeytunga: “The devastation both directly and indirectly as a result of the tsunami is overwhelming. A mother who had received aid money to finance her small business and was living with her 25 year-old-son had lost both her husband and younger son as well as their home and tailoring shop, the only source of income. After two years, they are still waiting to be housed, after a long struggle with a landlord from whom they’ve had rented the house for the past fifty years. Afterwards, I went to visit a rural fishing community which Oxfam had fully irrigated, allowing people to live safely in a government development. After hearing such a devastating case that morning, seeing this village thrive gave me a sense of hope and progress. It was an incredible opportunity to see the grass roots approach being taken by non-governmental organizations, such as Oxfam, towards reconstructing the lives of this devastated country.”

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  • bdj

    Good for her. It is nice to see young celebs doing something postitive instead of the usual partying, rehab, drugs etc. Scarlett seems to have her head on straight and her prorities in order.

  • QQQQ

    Great work SJ, keep it up… u are a GREAT example to young HW!!!!

  • Mikkey

    Good for her… The rest of Hollywierd’s young set should take notice and do something worth a damn for someone else and realize as AJ did when she became an ambassador, that there is more to life than just your own stupid Hollywood existence.

  • Liis

    This is so great! Shows that she has a good heart and unconditional care for people who are less fortunate than her. I started to like Scarlett even more. You Go Girl!!!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    That’s the sexi3st Apple Head in Hollywood.

    Poverty is a serious issue, I grew up in Inner City Poverty, wasn’t fun. [lol]
    Its nice to see, even with her not so positive imagine, she can do something of substance to bring awareness to a serious issue.

    I always thought Scarlett was just an unenlightened, super sexual, bobble head blond. I could have been mistaken.

  • michaka

    Oh gag I get sick and tired of these celebrities doing “charity ” for publicity. They don’t actually do anything except go and stand out in a field of poor people and get their picture taken. jolie started all this bull. I mean if Paris Hilton is doing this kind of stuff you can’t really take it seriously

  • anony

    kewl… way 2 go!!

  • Anon.

    I’m always happy when a high profile celebrity turns the media attention away from themselves to focus attention on something more important. The media is always going to stalk and hound celebrities. I applaud those celebrities who take the media on a different journey.

  • Oh No

    Team Scarlett?!?! Oh God No, not another team, You got the team Brangelina, team Aniston, now team Scarlett, who’s next? Teams are a bad idea, they constantly fight with each other and thrive off of it and it’s kinda weird and scary cause they can get so mean!

  • sara

    stop act u care of these people u just whore fuck uuuuuuuuu

  • Frenchy

    michaka SAYS:

    February 27th, 2007 at 2:10 pm – flag comment
    Oh gag I get sick and tired of these celebrities doing “charity ” for publicity. They don’t actually do anything except go and stand out in a field of poor people and get their picture taken. jolie started all this bull. I mean if Paris Hilton is doing this kind of stuff you can’t really take it seriously


    Why didn’t you mention Audrey Hepburn, hmm? Angelina is only 31. she did not invent volunteering and working for humanitarian causes.

    Yay for Scarlett. Isn’t she around the same age Angelina started getting involved in charity work? There’s nothing wrong with clean partying. You just need to have some sort of balance in life, not party 24/7.

  • amle

    I am a fan of Scarletts. She is showing a greater understanding of an area than Angelina ever has. If you listen to Angelina, she is very vague and scripted when she speaks of a region. Scarlett has worked for other charities. I am impressed with her knowledge.

  • James

    I hope she wrote a fat check too or else what’s the point, really? She isn’t helping by showing up.

  • malaya

    Good for her! If someones goes down to the trenches and get their hands dirty and spotlight on social issues, then I have no complains.

  • Jamie

    To Anon 8:

    It’s good if you are Scarlett fan and admires her charity work. It’s great!

    However, I don’t understand why you have to pull down Angelina with not a tenable argument. I don’t want to enter a long discussion about logical arguments with you. As I highly suspect that you are not fond of Scarlett, but intend to stir up negative emotions. In that case I prefer Michaka 6, who is at least direct. If Michaka is you, so better to comment as you did on 6.

  • stardust

    As long as that corrupt Samjawadi Party is in charge in Uttar Pradesh and that politician Amar Singh is minister of that state, Scarlett or anyone else won’t be able to change a damn thing. Those greedy A-holes running that state will make sure of that.

    Sorry, had to vent! but nice to see a celeb doing good. heh.

  • lurker opinion

    amle SAYS:

    You’re ignorance is profound. I’m sure Scarlet would be embrassed that you are a fan of hers.

    Congrats Scarlett for helping others.

  • James

    Scarlet is awesome, love her

  • angelah

    Way to go Scarlett!!

  • coalharbourqt

    I’ve always admired Scarlett’s film work and thought that she is head and shoulders above so many of the young actresses today in Hollywood. Now I admire her even more – going on a trip like this with Oxfam isn’t just about ‘standing in a field with poor people and getting a picture taken’ as one ignorant poster stated. It is about bringing awareness to a part of the world that others may not realize is having difficulties and it is also about her seeing firsthand and speaking with the local people to learn about what their difficulties are and what needs to be done to improve their quality of life. In turn, she can take what she has learned and share it with the movers and shakers that she encounters as a celebrity in North America, in the hopes of spreading awareness and motivating others to take action.

    Until you’ve travelled to a part of the world and seen the devastating and deplorable conditions that millions of people are living in, you can’t fully understand what it’s like and the impact that it has (I have). As long as celebrities such as Scarlett, Ryan Gosling, and Angelina continue to do their good work I will continue to support them at the box office.

  • coalharbourqt

    PS – Michaka – I have NEVER seen Parisite travel to a Third World Country and get involved in a ‘hands on’ way. The most I’ve ever seen her do is go stand beside a few hospital beds in North America or Europe, which really doesn’t compare. I don’t think Oxfam or the UN would even want to be associated with her. So the comparison is pretty lame – there just isn’t one.

  • Alexanderina

    Way to go SJ

  • Damn I’m Cute

    Finally, a pair of breasts with a heart somewhere inside.