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Beyonce & Shakira - "Beautiful Liar"

Beyonce & Shakira -

The hotness stops here!! Hip-shaking duo Beyonce and Shakira have teamed up for a one-time only collaboration called “Beautiful Liar.” check out Beyonce and Shakira‘s “Beautiful Liarmusic video below!

The new track “Beautiful Liar will be included in Beyonce’s re-release of her ‘B’Day’ album on April 6. The album will also include six Spanish language tunes.

Said Shakira of her Beautiful Liar twin, “Beyonce has a very good accent when she sings in Spanish and I think anything that she wants to do she will do just fine, because she is a very determined and focused woman and that is something to admire. She is a great artist.”

She added, “She is an amazing performer and also a sweet person and a very nice human being and I am so thrilled and thankful for her invitation. It was her idea to make me a part of her album and it has been wonderful.”

Beyonce & Shakira – “Beautiful Liar” Music Video
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153 Responses to “Beyonce & Shakira - "Beautiful Liar"”

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  1. 1
    Rose Says:

    I was forced to watch the video without sound, because I am at work. Did they even need to sing? I can only hope they sound as good as they look, which I will find out when I get home.

  2. 2
    Staffo Says:

    Wow, this song is awful! Really bad. Especially the part when they are saying their names, eghhh…

  3. 3
    hmm Says:

    The song sucks BUT the sure look good, I’ve always thought that they could be sisters (with Mariah Carey during her curly haired days) so I couldn’t even set them apart sometimes while I was watching the video. Too bad the song’s not better and the video wasn’t anything special either, but I guess their beauties makes all of it better…

  4. 4
    tanique33 Says:

    ok, so if the point is two pretty people in a video then great. the song is whack as hell. i guess expecting a good song was too much.

  5. 5
    Amy Says:

    Shaki and B look hot. Methinks that this song and video will be a hit. I actually like “Beautiful Liar” a LOT, and Beyonce does have a nice accent when singing in Spanish compared to many other singers. From what I’m hearing so far, the “B’Day” re-release is coming up smelling fresh.

  6. 6
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Jared, Thank You. God Blesss You!

    Those 2 have me speechless

  7. 7
    Luisa Says:

    Shakira you should are doing what you have been doing!! U dont need Beyonce! I think both of u don’t match!

  8. 8
    Jerine Says:

    it ok i had trouble tell them apart some times

  9. 9
    bdj Says:

    cute song and video. They need a remix of this song, a faster beat, more dancing and throw in wyclef.

  10. 10
    Vandagurl Says:

    I thought it was very sexy! and I am a huge fan of them both. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE RULE!

  11. 11
    Lily Says:

    They’re gorgeous and Omg, I couldn’t tell one from the other at the end when they were dancing together. I like the song, I do wish it had a faster beat, but I like it. :)

  12. 12
    chichi Says:

    years ago on data lounge, when it was still popular and free, I said Beyonce ripped Shakira off as far as stealing her look. This was when she first started wearing Shakira’ wigs and dancing like her. Well it started a war, till a few people who were familiar with Shakira (this was when she was mostly popular only with latinos) came to my defense to say that Shakira has been around for far longer than Destiny’s ex Child. I wish Shakira wasnt so sweet with everyone especially someone who so blatantly imitated her as far as her appearance and moves go.

  13. 13
    J Says:

    ok song…GREAT VIDEO! they are too hot!

  14. 14
    NO SURPRISE.... Says:

    For me, they´ve always looked like sisters, anda now it´s confirm….. it´s amazing how similar they are. By the way I dont like neither of them.. and the song is simply too plane

  15. 15
    Cheetah Says:

    I think that Beyonce asked Shakira to do the video because at the Grammy’s Shakira showed up Beyonce, everyone was talking about Shakira’s performance. I think B wanted to show the world and Shakira how she could also move her body!

  16. 16
    yara Says:

    the song sucks

  17. 17
    Viper Says:

    They are only known for their bodies, their vocals aren’t unique and teh message isn’t clear at all. I for one love the hips, an dunfortunately thats all I willl ever remeber them as. Not as singers, but goof hip shakers. sorry girls I see another flopin teh vocal department, but coodoes to the shaking of the hips, once again you demonstrate that it isnt the voice that a female singer requires but a good buttox and hips.

  18. 18
    kitty Says:

    Geez, there are so many haters in this world.
    for everyone who posts negative comments, I have a few questions for you.
    Are you perfect? Are you talented? Are you even remotely good looking?
    No?! Then shut up.

  19. 19
    shakira fan Says:

    Shakira dont need beyonce!

  20. 20
    Sirene Says:


    You dont even know who I am and I’m one of those people. You couldn’t be more wrong sweetie, I happen to be and an artist myself. My songs aren’t hip shaking infact mine are graffic and used for anti war rallies. My album has raised money for families of war victims in the Middle east I make no profits of it ALl the proceeds goto chartity organizations with aid too. So keep your attitude to yourself, I’m sick of people thinking that being sexy will get you anywhere I want regular people to know, they can make it too without compromizing their morals and principles. I would gladly send you a pic of myself if you think im an ugly envyious woman just talking crap.

  21. 21
    angie! Says:

    forget everyone else!! i love it!!! its hott!!! good song :)

    stop hating, do ur thing B & Shaki !!!! :D

  22. 22
    Brandon Says:


    Wow do u need a ladder to get on that high horse? If so do u also take on oxygen pack w/ u? I would think the elevation would might cause air sickness as u look down on everyone who isn’t living up to ur standards of what morals and principles should be.

  23. 23
    Aaliyonce Says:

    I liked the video. It was hard telling them apart at times. LOL! The original song with just Beyonce is better than this one. Their voices just don’t mix. I didn’t think Beyonce would be able to hang with Shakira in the hip rolling division, but she sure proved me wrong.

  24. 24
    io Says:

    For all those that keep saying people should stop hating on Beyonce: (that ended up a little convoluted…meh)

    The fact that most posts on Beyonce result in negative comments might have nothing to do with how talented or beautiful she is but how hard her team (and Beyonce, herself) are trying to get under people’s skin. It’s called overexposure. And if she was as talentented and smart as some of you say she is then she would take a break.

    That combined with her smug, cocky demeanor don’t exactly endear her to the public. I for one was a huge DC fan, do I like Beyonce now? Hell no. She’s so full of herself it makes me cringe. There’s a fine like between confident and arrogant.

  25. 25
    Fashion Police Says:

    One of the dresses Beyonce is wearing in this video is the same which L. Lohan wore already loooong time ago in some party. Naomi Campbell also wore the same dress recently in some party. So bad choice of outfit. Funny.

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