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Beyonce - "Upgrade U" Music Video

Beyonce -

Beyonce debuted her second video of the day, “Upgrade U,” on BET’s 106 & Park. For a good part of the video Beyonce pretends to be Jay-Z and raps in his place. It’s pretty amusing. Beyonce later transforms in Jay-Z and then he does his thing.

I’m not a frequent viewer of BET but I saw my very first Popeye’s Fried Chicken commercial while watching 106 & Park. I LOVE ME SOME POPEYE’S! The fried chicken, the fries, the biscuits with jelly. Mmmmm.

Watch the Beyonce “Upgrade U” Music Video below!

Beyonce – “Upgrade U” Music Video (feat. Jay-Z)

Pictures include Beyonce in a killer Dereon camo zip-up mini-dress on TRL from earlier this afternoon, where she debuted the Beyonce & Shakira’s “Beautiful Liars” Music Video. For more pictures of Beyonce on TRL, CLICK HERE!

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  • tanique33

    um, what does it say when the best part of the video is her playing jay? if she never dances in a video again, i’d be ok. she needs to just have a fashion show, with her modeling and just move on. every video of hers ends up being some ridiculous thing. one viewing was more than enough.

  • Adam

    I like Beyonce, I think she’s a gorgeous young lady. The video is interesting, no doubt. However, I do think she is showing too much skin (albeit she does not look trashy while doing it). Maybe the concept of the video is just to erratic and “hard” for my taste. But as I said, Beyonce is beautiful.

  • io

    She’s so classy.

    hahah. Um, can I get an upgrade? This video-song combo blows.

  • tish


  • Aaliyonce

    I happen to like the video. It’s something that I’ve never seen from Beyonce. It was very creative, classy, and sexy. Kudos to Beyonce.

  • cynt

    Why are the ones who don’t like Beyonce are always the first ones to comment. It pretty funny to me that they say they are tired of her yet they wait until there is a post about her and jump on it with the quickness. SMH, its a damn same.

  • cynt

    shame not same.

  • Classia

    All Beyonce knows how to do is show her naked body. So tired of her and her illiterate boyfriend. I saw her on 106 n Park and her hips looked huge.

  • Andy R

    She vulgar & vile. Never original.

  • babyd0ll

    pure hotness. atleast she got her name on somebody’s tongue. keep watching, folks, you know you love it :)

  • candy

    I love it! Don’t hate on the girl beause you don’t have it like that.

  • candy

    because (sorry)

  • sfe

    Every video I watch on 106 features women that show way more skin than Beyonce. I agree with the person who said its always the people who say they don’t like Beyonce that are the first ones at the computer waiting to say something negative. They’ve been advertising that she’d be on 106 & TRL for a minute, my question is if you don’t want to see her why did you watch. I’ll tell you why, cause she ain’t your average chick, she’s baddest chick. Hate or love it!!!! Beyonce was looking hellagood.

  • Rebecca

    She’s ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of her songs sound the same and her video’s are tired! And how many songs do you have to have your boyfriend rapping on? She’s an arrogant diva that needs to get over herself. On her website she has a “time line” that list ALL of her accomplishments in chronological order. My guess is that she had that done to her webiste after she realized that she was in a movie with a woman that can act and sing better than her. Beyonce can’t act worth a shit, and her voice is terribly annoying. It’s an AQUIRED taste. And her CLOTHING LINE!!! GOOD LORD!!! IT’S HIDEOUS!!!!!

  • http://none Jai

    Beyonce shaking her ass and modeling as usual. NEXT!!!

  • bdj

    Slick video. Beyonce and JayZ make a nice duo. I love all their collaborations.

  • Katialise

    Her songs are becoming like “sean paul” to me. Gimme something NEW!

  • Sophie

    when she first came out wth her solo stuff she donned the whole black girl look with a big afro in ‘work it out’ but obviously that didn’t work so she totally made herself over with a white girl look cause that sells

  • Tired

    Beyonce is hott… but seriously we get it! All her videos are of her sashaying around showing her assets, I mean, let’s flaunt ‘em, but she’s gonna hit a threshold and everyone’s gonna get tired.

  • Tired

    How the hell did she get nominated for a Golden Globe? My guess is her dad paid someone to get that nomination in . On top of this absurdity, she was nominated in “best actress”, while JHud was “best supporting actress”. insaaanity

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    I love all the negative comments Beyonce gets, It shows she’s doing her job. She stay on the grind pissing people off, no matter what she do, people get tight. Its amazing.
    She’s still # 1 over her peers..

    Good Video

  • SWoopa

    please delete the FRIED CHICKEN COMMENT…kinda offensive

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Classia Says:

    All Beyonce knows how to do is show her naked body. So tired of her and her illiterate boyfriend. I saw her on 106 n Park and her hips looked huge.


    [Lmaooo] Jay-Z is pretty rich for an “illiterate” guy. I bet the thousands of poverty stricken kids in Africa to whom Jay brought fresh water too are glad he’s illiterate.

    And that Beyonce “huge hips” thing was pathetic, couldnt you think of something more insulting.

  • tanique33

    get over it. i’d give her props if they were due. that was whack. did she reinvent the wheel while i wasn’t looking? yes, she’s cute. what does that have to do with me thinking the video is corny?

    if you like it, good for you. as far as i’m concerned it looks like every other video she does. and i commented, because i watched it. i know that might be a crazy concept. i didn’t know loving beyonce was the only reason to post.

  • Ryan

    Umm i think it waxs the best video of the year..beyonce is not being slutty at all..this is PURE entertainment so get over it!! BNone can be lijke HER EVER!!! No matter how much Ciara dance she cant be like her…i dont car what no one say this is the best yet!!

  • deiuwh

    haters haters haters… dont be mad cuz u dont look like her…hahaha! yeah she has her man in the video what???? they are hip hop royalty and they sound hell of good together… beyonce is on fiyah those both videos of her are hot she hot, her career is hot
    so haters go to the left to the left

  • tia

    I agree with #23… that popeyes comment was very racist… anyways cute video, beyonce is doing her thing… love jay coming out of nowhere like that in the vid especially since everyone keep saying they broke up. good job B!

  • lalala

    Beyonce is on fire! she looks absolutely gorgeous in both videos (Shakira looks amazing as well!). The higher someone climbs up the social/success ladder, the more people trying to bring them down. 2 Thumbs up for the video!

  • Jamie

    Beyonce and Jay-Z great collaboration as always. I love her. She’s an entertainer, always coming up with something fresh and keeping us interested. GO BEE! Your body is banging, hips,curves and all, men don’t like bones, they like to see shapes, shapes are beautiful.

  • Insider

    Damn her mother Tina dressed her for TRL again. A hot mess

  • dede

    Beyonce is the best entertainer of all time all these people on here saying they dont like her is just mad that when she do something she put her all into it she will never stop beyonce can sing dance and she has the looks who you know out there tat has this complete package. yall always talking about beyonce yall need to be talking about all of the wannabe beyonces like christina milian and ashanti none of them can sing let alone dance beyonce has sold over 100 million copies with dc3 and 30 million by herself she donot care what yall think because she got heres while yall sitting at yall computer broke as hell she is chillin so just remember beyonce got heres she is living out her dream so hush up and know and always say to yo self beyonce is the greateset of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll time!

  • HEND

    it’s the most beautiful video ever
    come on guys we all know that beyonce’s boyfriend jay z made all the amazing songs with her like bonnie , crazy in love’ deja vu, hollywood

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Upgrade U = Same old garbage! [phew]

  • SWoopa

    thanks 28…atleast someone else thought so

  • box

    i love this video.

  • Souhila

    I think Beyonce is really talented , but she’s just getting grosser and grosser ! C’mon B. you don’t need this !

  • yara

    i used to like beyonce. when she came out with solo stuff she brought fresh music. but right now is always the same. bootylicious videos showing that she has a nice hips, but we need some new stuff. she has a brilliant artist without a doubt but she is so over exposition and the song with shakira is boring. this one is so so but not the greatest.

  • conflikdiamond

    This is a little different for her playing the Jay role…however all of her videos do have the same premise with her looking beautiful, sexy, dancing…etc. (we’ve seen that enough already!) I would like to see a real, well thought, scripted video of her playing a different type of character or something in another setting. Maybe that will give her a little practice to gain some real acting skills. I am a Beyonce fan by the way…but it’s time to upgrade from the shallow waters…take me deeper please!

    And you weren’t very slick with the sly comment about Popeyes Fried Chicken on BET!

    I see you…

  • Jay

    I will say this, all the haters on here needs to have a seat because most of the things you guys are commenting on you have no clue on what you are talking about. I bet you that most of the haters are ugly ass black women that doesn’t have a sense of class. You tricks needs to watch and take lessons from a lady which B is classy LADY!! The girl is talented and all of you haters that are trying to take that from her is wrong. I guess you haters don’t know what talent is!!

  • William

    I’ll never quite understand why people denigrate and constantly put this girl down. What is the purpose. I understand if you do not like something, but you should be able to communicate it without dogging a person out. lets face it, everyone will not like everything but do you think beyonce truly cares about a few ignorant comments. Most people will love the video..just to see her and the opulence! Its all fun to see, it isn’t reality folks…it’s all entertainment!

  • BRockNYLA

    OMG that Popeyes shit was hilarious. I would probably be offended if it didn’t amuse me so much. It is always so funny/interesting when white folks have to step out of their comfort zone in to an enviorment where they aren’t the dominant element. They start “noticing” shit and seeing shit “for the first time”. Now, I never watch BET and I’ve seen a few POPEYES commercials, but never paid them any mind. I’m sure he only noticed them because he was watching BET. Either way that shit was funny.

  • Kayla Myesha.`


  • Anedra

    Loved the video and love Beyonce. HOWEVER, I’m not sure what Popeyes Fried Chicken has to do with anything. Borderline offensive…

  • Meeka

    It’s funny how haters always have something negative to say about the chick. I am not the big fan of Beyonce, but I do believe in giving credit were credit is DUE. Don’t hate cause you could never upgrade your man like that. Besides she is not naked in the video, I see if she was strutting a thong or some bootie shorts. Quick trying to tear down a successful black woman. At the end of the day B keep doing what you do. Pretty girls like us always give HATERS plenty to talk about and as long as HATERS talk you will know that somebody is always thinking about u!!!!!!!!

  • Jonise

    Ok did I just see her do one of Ciara’s Dance moves, I think she did. B needs to come original and UPGRADE her video

  • Lady V

    WOW! It’s amazing that there is so much negativity. A lot of people are quick to make these negative comments about Beyonce and her videos. Homegirl is the bomb and everyone knows it. But haters let me suggest to you that you keep the dictionary beside you and learn how to communicate without all the mistypes, it’s called proof reading.

  • JB

    Why can’t people like Classia can’t appreciate good music? She is so disrespectful, talking about all Beyonce does is shake her body and she went even further to say that Jay is illiterate. This message is for you BITCH! Get a life, as amatter of fact get a man, you know, somebody who can upgrade your sweet & sour chicken ass. This one smells like a hater people better yet like shit.

  • Bday the best

    this collabo is so hot, she is the best female artist of all time, mixing old styles with new things. shes hot

  • http://N/A monica

    BEYONCE video upgrade is just beautiful i personally love her aggressive attitude all of those haters keep on drink’n haterade cuz you can’t stop her BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caden01

    As usual, My girl Bee is putting it down. Anyone who can recognize food talent and a beautiful person, knows that Beyonce ain’t at the top for S**T!!!!! She can sing and she can act, she does a Great job at everything that she does. And for all the people who like to HATE, I say “KEEP IT UP!” That’s how u know you’re doing you’re job!!!!