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Stephanie Edwards is Dangerously in Love

Stephanie Edwards is Dangerously in Love

The most enjoyable American Idol performance of the night from the Top 10 girls was Stephanie Edwards’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love.”

Randy said is sounded “too much like Beyonce.” Paula and Simon both loved it! And I loved it, so there!

Did anyone else cringe and plug their ears when Antonella was “singing?” Wow, that was PAINFUL.

Watch American Idol‘s Stephanie Edwards perform “Dangerously in Love” below! Is she the next American Idol??

Pictured below in Row 1 (l-r): Stephanie Edwards, Melinda Doolittle, Sabrina Sloan, Antonella Barba, Gina Glocksen. Row 2 (l-r): Jordin Sparks, Alaina Alexander, LaKisha Jones, Leslie Hunt, Haley Scarnato.

Stephanie Edwards performs “Dangerously in Love” – American Idol, 2/28
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  • tanique33

    really, that was your favorite? i agreed with simon, dolittle did the best vocal job of the season. the other chick in the orange, she was good. she just needs a younger look, so does dolittle.

    i still like the 17 year old and the last girl, too.

    they can kick little miss internet pics off the show now. and the one who did buble, too. actually four of them can’t sing. any of them can go.

  • Amy

    She really did good tonight. So did Melinda, Sabrina and Jordin. Antonella is just awful, don’t know how she made it to hollywood.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Oh man. She made that song sound bad.

    I just hope they get rid of that smut Antonella Barba. I dont like any of the girls this season

  • Jules

    Antonella is horrible. That is the first time I have heard her sing and I was shocked how she has made it this far. Who is voting for her? The perverts that like her naked and sex pics.
    Melinda Doolittle was my fave. Only about half of the girls were great. The guys last night seemed more talented as a whole.

  • Mary

    Anthonella is the worst singer ever she has to go… :( the other I am no sure yet. :)

  • Bickfoa

    Go Gina!! She is by far the most unique and talented.

  • me

    That chick sounds alot like Beyonce.
    I don’t watch American Idol nor do I plan to…I only liked the 1st season…but I wanted to c if she really did sound like B. and she DOES!
    If you listen without watching you’d think it was her….interesting…..

    Quote from ‘One Tree Hill’: “Why do people watch ‘American Idol’?”

  • uefa

    Antonella is karaoke. And a prime example of someone that thinks the world owes her fame and fortune because of, to some, good looks. Cast her off, she’s embarrassing compared to 4 or 5 of the others.

    Prostitution or nude modelling is calling, after all, you paid good money for those things.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Doolittle Did It ~

  • John

    Melinda dolittle was so much better, why not give her the spotlight? Hello Jared, please clean your ears or something cuz a lot of your blogs here are biased! (next week, please dont post another chris richardson blog, cuz he sucked!)

    THIS YEAR IS THE FIGHT OF THE DIVAS!!!! Melinda vs. Lakisha! bring it on!!!

  • Amy

    I’m rooting for her because she’s from Savannah,

  • DoolittleFan CCornel

    Ummm. You asked:

    >>Antonella is just awful, don’t know how she made it to hollywood. >>

    Hun, that’s a loaded question. And I can’t help but take the bite. But my guess would be: On her knees !!!

    Obviously, because Ms. Antonella “Blowjob” Barba “is good looking,” which is what the judges seem to keep mentioning first during their critiques, because for some reason, they don’t want to hurt her feelings and tell her she’s not even in the same league with at least three of the girls IMO — particularly Melinda Doolittle, Lakeisha and Stephanie Edwards.

    I couldn’t stand seeing Antonella roll her eyes as she got her critique from Randy and Simon. And then when she had the nerve to shoot back at Simon that she was going to only take Paula’s comments to heart because he was “wrong about Jennifer Hudson and you’re wrong now.”

    I said to the TV, ‘Bitch, puleeze !! Honey, you’re not even in the same category or league as Jennifer Hudson. So stop it.’

    And I wanted, fully expected, Mr. Quick Quip Simon to shoot back: ‘Antoenellaaa, I know Jennifer Hudson. And now, Jen is a good friend of mine. But Antoenellaaa Baarbaaa, you are no Jennifer Hudson!’


    . . . A famous Lloyd Bentson-John Kennedy (Bentson-Dan Quayle debate) reference that I’m sure would have been lost on her anyway. Not only because of her youth, but because she doesn’t seem to bright. I mean, since she lets boys take pictures of her in the act of sex, and expects them not to show them to anyone, and then expects us to be stupid enough to believe it’s not her in the pics because she said so ! However, I do think it would have been a clever comeback for Simon, and it would have definitely entertained the audience.

    In any case, Jared, I totally disagree with your assesment of at least last night’s Girls Night performances on AI. It was definitely Melinda Doolittle’s night. Based on what she did, that jazzy rendition of “My Funny Valentine” that could rival the best like Anita Baker and Jill Scott, and Dianne Reeves, three of my faves, she’should win.

    Gotta say though that I’m scared that others will think Melinda has it in the bag and won’t bother to vote for the clear top three from last night because when I voted at least 30 times for Doolittle, LaKeisha and Stephanie each, I got through each time. And that makes me nervous. I wonder if Blowjob Barba’s fans kept her line busy in protest to the publication of those pics.

    Oh well. I often think this show is fixed anyway. So . . . we’ll just have to see the results of tonight’s results show. I can’t wait !

    – DoolittleFan CCornel

  • just me saying

    jj is a blogger. AND THIS IS HIS BLOG. so why shouldn’t he say what he wants to say?! if he feels that one is better than the other–it is his RIGHT. so don’t go on saying he’s biased and whatever.

    if you don’t like his choices, there’s a better way to say it. we’re all entitled to our own opinions.


  • bdj

    She was good, but she is no Beyonce. She needs to find her own identity, if she wants to win American Idol. All the other Idol winners, Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie have their own image and sound.

  • carmen

    Melinda Doolittle might be the next idol…

  • strepsi

    I agree with “Enjoyable” — you’re right on — it was. Melinda’s was the best though.

    The weird thing was all the talk about the girls being better than the guys – there are several very good guys, but the difference is actually 4 girls are AMAZING and the rest are GODAWFUL. I so wish when Ryan asked who has been a “precious little monster” Simon had answered Antonella…

    FINAL FOUR will be 2 white boys (Chris and Blake) and 2 black girls (Lakisha and Melinda)

  • tongt0ng

    no idea how antonella made it to hollywood at all. the girls are good, but i hop a guy wins this season.

  • Lorraine

    Where is Stephanie Today.
    She was just the BEST.
    We still listen to the music we downloaded,
    but would really like a CD of her.