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Brad Pitt is "Just Awesome"

Brad Pitt is

The first review is in!

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is “a lyrical, brooding, atmospheric anti-Western that gave me the goose bumps numerous times throughout the 2 hour and 20 minute run time.”

And Brad Pitt‘s performance? AWESOME!

Brad Pitt plays Jesse James with cocky swagger and is just awesome. He owns the role, it’s like it was tailor made for him. Just watch the way the guy smokes his cigars and moves his head and eyes….methodical and unnerving.”

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is supposedly going to hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 14.

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  • jjoy

    wow….can’t wait to see this movie….

    thanks jared and audrey :)

  • baifan

    That’s great! Good for BP, i hope the movie does well. BtW, am i first?

  • Grace

    Your awesome to JJ!! Thanks for the new thread. I hope it does well for our Brad.:)

  • Jolie4ever

    HOT and AWESOME!!!

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. I am looking forward to seeing this Movie. I am a film lover and love films of different genres. I will add this this one to my must see list.

  • hope


  • truth

    Wishing Brad, Angie and kids the very best!

  • Kaka

    ooooooooooooooooooohn Brad

  • Holly

    I have been waiting for this movie for more than a year now. I’m glad that it’ll be worth the wait. Thanks!

  • LAM

    Thanks Jared I’ll look forward to see Brad’s Jesse.

  • Amy

    well that great Brad is a really good actor. Rock on BAMZS. :)

  • tabitha

    I can’t wait to see this film. I hope they don’t shorten the film after reading the review.

  • ivy

    FINALLY A SET DATE! I am really looking forward to seeing this film. :lol:

  • susie

    A new thread again! We are getting spoiled. Thanks JJ.

  • name

    Why are people always surprised by Brad Pitt’s acting. I’ve seen all his movies and he is a very talented actor…period.

  • kmillz

    Hehas alot of great movies coming out

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Jesse James was a grade [A] cocky cool bad a s s, Colin did him justice, I hope brad does the same. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this movie to come out.

  • susie

    Is that right? September 14th?

  • Lola #1

    kmillz Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 3:45 pm – flag comment
    Hehas alot of great movies coming out
    Which means more red carpet appearances at premieres and probably intereviews (from him this time)!

    I love the idea of an anti-Western btw.

  • Lola #1

    susie–I live in LA. No hail for us in LA when it rained (probably a good thing since we LA drivers get all so freaked out by any precipitation!)

  • susie

    Lola #1- I thought you were CA. It is amazing how freaked out people in CA get wgeb it rains. Never really understood why but the 405 is the LAST place I want to be when it does rain!

  • o

    He’s a decent actor.

  • Aiko

    Lola #1 Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 3:48 pm – flag comment


    This is from the other thread, but Lola #1, I’m actually Bisayan. ^^ But I can understand and speak Tagalog, just not very deep ones.

    Anyways, I hope AoJJbtCRF will come out soon. Can’t wait. ahhh…I want to go w/ a fellow Bamzser. Anyone here from Oahu? lol.

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thank you, Jared….Maybe this movie will earn Brad is Golden Glove and Oscar Statue. Can’t wait…

  • guli

    JJ you are the best!!!! Man, I can’t wait to see this movie.

    Susie —I’ll send you the pic from my younger sons bday dinner a few weeks ago, you’ll see the whole family :-) Give a few minutes to soak in this wonderful new thread :lol:

    Amaya-do you have nyla-bones for Jammy? those really help with teething…

  • Mrs. Smith

    A definite ‘Must See film!’ Not to mention all those premieres, interviews, oooooh, I can’t wait. This is a special movie also, in that BP and AJ were just getting into their lives together, settling into their lovely cabin in the woods outside of Calgary, after Angie had finished shooting TGS. I’m sure this movie must hold special memories for them too.

    Thanks Jared and Audrey, sorry, should have said that first.

  • T&L

    hopefully he’ll get nominated for an Oscar next year!

  • Mediterranean

    It will be really great if Angie and Brad get the Golden Globe and the Oscar next year together. 80th Oscar will not be forgotten forever then!

    Shiloh looked so beautiful in last photos. We have been waiting so long to see her so often.

  • suspicious_package

    I remember reading a very early review for the director’s cut a few weeks ago. It was a raving, glowing review. They couldn’t say enough great things about this film. Brad Pitt seems to be really growing as an artist.

  • guli

    Aiko– I don’t know if we chatted before, I just wanted to say hi and like your posts!

    OK sep12 is my bday and a BIG one (please don’t ask) so Brad’s movie is going to be my huge bday present :lol: Psssst, don’t tell hubby please ;-)

  • Sofia

    Can’t wait to watch this film. I looove me some bad Brad.
    Kalifornia anyone?

  • Mediterranean

    Susie, was it you who asked me send the photo of my daughter last week? Sorry, I wrote your e-mail address but with my daughter, nothing stays where we leave :(

    Merhaba Guli, Bodrum icin hazir misin? Her yil boyle uzun mu kaliyorsun Turkiye’de? Sanirim Mart’tan Eylul’e kadar oradasin?

  • Andrómeda

    Hi friends…how are you?….Thanks JJ, can´t wait to see this movie.

    I really miss coming here everyday and talk to you people….

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Aiko…I’m from the P.I. live in FL..vacationed in Hawaii twice during my younger days…speaks tagalog….
    Forever BAMZS fan…crazy fanatic, my husband says. Nice to chat with you.

  • crybabyAniston

    I soooooo want to see this movie. I can’t wait for the release date so I can buy my ticket.

  • Lola #1

    Aiko Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 3:59 pm – flag comment
    Bisaya ka pero nasa Oahu ka? Nice :)

    Can’t see the AoJJbtCRF in Oahu with you sorry.

    Maybe susie and I can go see it together?

  • Sweet83

    I’m so looking forward to the AoJJ! I love BP in darker roles and you can’t get no darker than a bad a#@ from the old west.


    I’m fairly certain, Shi was conceived when Brad was shooting AOJJ. Grrr-OWL! :-) It was said, Brad and Ange kept the trailer rocking all day and all night. Then they moved into that quaint little cabin in the Canadian Wildies, remember? Probably got the deed done right in front of a roaring fire! They should have named Shiloh, ‘Alberta’ – LMAO….they could have called her ‘Bert,’ for short. Cuteness. LOL

  • Original Curious

    OMG – SEPTEMBER?!?!?!?!? That’s SOOOO far away! :cry:

    Thanks JJ for the good news on the movie.

  • guli

    Medi- maalesef, her sene o kadar uzun kalamiyarum cunku kizimin okulu basliyor. Oglanlar Universitede ama Rana halen lisede. Bu sene annem ve babam icin uzun kalacagim, cok ozledim ve cok yaslandilar baba 83 anne 74 yasinda. I’ll send you the pic as well.

    Susie does your email start with chalk, I don’t want to send it to someone else :-)

  • Amaya

    Guli, the pet store that I went to were OUT of Nyla-bones! I’m going to petco tomorrow to get the puppy teething keys and a few more toys. The nights have become a bit more easier…lol I think on his first night I was so out I said, “Quiet Jammy, mama’s drinkin’” :lol:

  • Question

    Does anyone have that article , I think is one from an old tabloid..where Brad is crying on the phone? I think he was on set of this movie.

  • guli

    Amaya— when you get the nyla-bone make sure to scrape it a bit (use a knife or something to make it a little worn and rough) since their gums itch alot while they are teething. Raw-hides aren’t good for pups, once they are older it’s OK. Trust me, Jammy will be fine :-)

  • bluemoon

    Does anyone have that article , I think is one from an old tabloid..where Brad is crying on the phone? I think he was on set of this movie.
    That was from L&S I remember cuz it was cheesy as hell lol I bet it’s on sammies site.

  • kiki

    Oh, this sounds promising! Most of the early reviews have been very good! At 2 hours and 20 minutes is still a long movie, but I hope they don’t butcher it, there are movies which require time and must be long to reach a certain effect (not boredom lol).

  • elloina

    Ooops let me try it again
    I found a female version of brad

  • elloina

    nevermind :(

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Deutsche saugen Esel.


    41, if you’re talking about the article I think – I scanned it all and put it on the Yahoo group. I don’t have the link anymore to the YG, it doesn’t even show up under ‘my groups,’ when I’m on Yahoo. So I can’t help you out. But I have the hard copy.

    The story was supposedly about Brad calling Angelina to “Tell Her He Couldn’t Live Without Her.” Great pics and a very sweet story for a change from the tabbies…it was in a publication called ‘Celebrity Living.’

  • African Girl

    Can’t wait to see this movie. I’ve never being a fan westerns but for BP….I’ll be there with bells on.

    Thanks Jared.