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Brad Takes Shiloh to Work!

Brad Takes Shiloh to Work!

It’s Take Your Daughter To Work Day for the Pitts!

Brad Pitt took baby Shiloh, 10 months, to work with him on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (inset) on Thursday morning. Shiloh rode on good dad Brad‘s shoulders and met on tots on set! View pictures here.

Shiloh reallllllly looks like she wants a bite of that cookie here.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • briseis

    Wow, Jared, thank you thank you!!!

    Man, those pictures are to die for!!! He is so cute and so proud of Shiloh! Gosh, my heart is melting!!!!!

    Good evening to BAMZSers everywhere!

  • cheeky

    Brad and his precious baby!!!!!! Look at the LOVE in his eyes!!!!!

  • DevotedAJFan

    These pictures are so cute. Happy moments for father and daughter.

  • Meg

    Too Cute!!!

  • Lili

    OMG JARED. Thnks.
    They are just precious. OMG, Shiloh and Brad look so sweet.
    And shes wearing a dress, she looks so girly, awwww.
    The sweetest photos ever.

  • rosie

    Wow..i’m always lurking but I had to post. This is so precious. Back to lurking

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. You are the Man. BP was meant to be a dad. He is relishing the role of dad to Maddox, Zahara and little Shiloh. Shiloh is a female version of Brad. She is too cute. They should procreate again with those genes as well as adopt.
    This site is too addictive. Best wishes to BAMZS. Peace to all.

  • gia

    she’s so cute in that dress…

  • LMAO

    Shiloh looks just like her mom.

  • bdj

    Thanks for providing links to the pictures instead of stealing them like other blogs.

  • cute dress

    He he he! Grandma dressed her. Angelina will be pissed!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Wow. The top picture is the best. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie gave birth to the modern day Gerber baby – that’s for sure. She is priceless. Loving the dress! How professional for a day at work with Dad.

    So happy to see Brad’s life complete and full of joy, love, children, and all the precious things in life. This is clearly what he has been waiting for his entire life. The man could not be happier – it is very clear.

    Shiloh looks a lot like Brad but she has Angie’s lips, forehead adn it seems legs too. So she will be a future supermodel if she wants it. But given her upbringing, she just might be a Goodwill Ambassador instead.

    How awesome! What Academy Awards? Brad knows this is better than any red carpet any day.

  • lw

    nothing like a doting daddy and his baby girl.

  • g-girl

    Has anyone mentioned how much this kid looks just like John Voight!!! She really does. She looks like her Grandfather more than anyone. Even the shape of her round head and face. It’s too funny. She is so cute!

  • Jules

    Wow. That almost made me cry. Those pictures are precious. What a beautiful vision of a father and daughter relationship. BEAUTIFUL!

  • I’m lovin it!

    Abolutely adorable. Shiloh is a mini Brad with her mommy’s lips. The best of both parents. The picture of Brad sitting down on the grass and holding Shiloh is sooo precious. Daddy Bradley is sexy.

    I think they were just waiting for Shiloh to get a little older before they started taking her out. Now we’ve seen pictures of Angelina and Brad out with Shiloh and Zahara, Grandma Pitt with Maddox and Zahara and Shiloh.

    I bet the haters’ heads are exploding right now. teehee. I frickin love it!!!!

  • tanique33

    oh no no. STOP with the cuteness. i can’t even deal. his face in that second pic is too much. and the last one is just as bad. thanks for linking us.

  • tabitha

    Thanks, Jared. Shiloh looks so adorable.

  • dragonfly

    Yes, I posted on the other thread that it looked like Grandma Pitt has been shopping, haha!! Grandmas always have to dress the girls in ribbons and bows, they just can’t help themselves. Cute! I am sure Angie will be glad Jane is enjoying her grandchildren.

    Brad looks like a natural-born daddy. Angie’s got herself a keeper! (And I’m pretty sure she knows it!)

  • BCBG

    i cant stop staring at those pic.

    Brad is one proud papa.

  • Once in while

    OMG, just coming back to lurking, and I see these beautiful pictures, she is really the most beautiful cute baby, this time she looks like her father more except for her mouth.
    She is soooooooooooooo adorable.

  • tanique33

    haha i just saw the cookie pic. she’s all about the cookie.

  • BCBG

    did you guys see the picture when Shi is looking at the cookies???

  • Once in while

    Forget to thank you Jared.

  • KrUnG kRuNg

    ohmigod, baby Shi in a girly girly outfit loves it so cute n Papa Brad looks so proud ahhhhhh, ohmigod, i could just look at those pics 4evah so cute…

  • Fleasha

    cute dress Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 11:22 pm – flag comment
    He he he! Grandma dressed her. Angelina will be pissed!

    I think you may be right about that.
    Notice how Shiloh’s facial expressions matches those of her mother’s? I always thought she looked more Brad, only with Angelina’s lips, but it seems that the older Shi gets, the more she looks like her mom.

  • Jessica

    Shiloh looks so pretty in that dress. Too cute. Brad makes one fine Dad. He was so meant to be a father and now Angelina made that possible.

  • bluemoon

    The cookie pic is freaking adorable

  • surabhi

    AHHH, I really needed that. I am so happy & relaxed now. That is toooooo cute for words.

  • Missouri Fan

    i so loving the pics, can’t stop looking at it!!

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

    Hi briseis , you’re number 1, congrats!! Which one do you think I should pick as my desk top background?

  • surabhi

    Looks like brad is has his eyes on it too…lol.

  • dragonfly

    g-girl Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 11:25 pm – flag comment
    Has anyone mentioned how much this kid looks just like John Voight!!! She really does. She looks like her Grandfather more than anyone. Even the shape of her round head and face. It’s too funny. She is so cute!


    Sometimes she looks sooooo much like Brad, and other times she looks like Angie. Shiloh does appear to have Jon’s chin cleft, but Angie has it slightly as well. Angie favors her father a great deal, so naturally, Shiloh has inherited some Voight features. No shame in that, as JV apparently has some pretty damn good genes. Look what Angie got. I’d love to have gotten a dose for myself, actually, if it meant I could have a chance at looking anything like Angie, for sure. I really should be pissed with my mother for not having an affair with Jon Voight….. maybe I should call her up and tell her that right now, lol!

  • Missouri Fan

    BCBG Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 11:30 pm – flag comment
    did you guys see the picture when Shi is looking at the cookies???
    Yes!! so cute !

  • lurker opinion

    I can’t believe these pictures were not purchased. The first picture would make a great cover shot.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pics. OMFG how adorable and cute is Shi, beautiful pictures, daddy and his little girl, just love it. And I love the way that Shi is eyeing that cookie, so cute lol

  • BCBG

    dragonfly -

    i always laugh when i see your post

    Missouri Fan-

    such adorable babies. i cant help but keep staring at them

  • kidi



    And to the people who are going to say “I bet Angie is going to be pissed to see Shiloh with Grandma Pitt or that Shiloh is wearing a dress and Angie is going to be mad”————- you can STFU!

    You were probably the same people who said

    - I bet Angie never gets pregnant
    - I bet Angie and Brad are just a fling
    - I bet Brad’s parents will never love Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh
    - I bet Brad’s going to take Shiloh after the delivery and leave
    - I bet Brad’s career will go down the drain

    BLAH, BLAH BLAH. If I were you, I quit making these bets and stop gambling on your predictions cause you have been wrong all along. And the fans that you call Brangiloonies, have had almost all of things they said would happen come true. Give it up.

    Brad’s parents love the kids. Brad and Angelina are still together and he’s working on a movie with David Fincher. You couldn’t be more wrong with your predictions if you tried, that I can bet on and I’d probably be right.

  • lurker

    I hope has one pic tomorrow.

  • BeeLoved

    Jared :) Thanks!
    Woooow…. i just love Brad looks sooo proud of Shiloh.
    Awwww i love the inquisite look on Shiloh. ;)
    And she look such a pretty little girl in that white frock. :)

  • NaNa

    Shi is super cute and she is really into the cookie.

  • gia

    really sad; you just know these pics have just got to be another stab in the heart for JA… he looks so, so in love w/his adorableness mizz cutie.

  • kk1

    Oh, that pix of Brad and Shiloh with her little eyes fastened on that cookie is priceless. He looks so damm happy and proud of his baby girl. Brad is totally a natural born father.

    His facial expressions in these pixs remind me of the pixs in Paris where he and Mad were in the mud playing with cars and they were both so happy.

  • Original Curious

    I’m verklempt. Thank you Jared. You really ARE the BEST.

  • cal girl

    How adorable!!! Brad is such a doting father and Shiloh is just beautiful, look at that proud papa… just so sweet thanks for sharing these!!

  • bluemoon
  • KrUnG kRuNg

    the pic where Brad had baby Shi on his shoulders is now my new wallpaper, loves it, so cute……

  • phoenixx

    shi is just so adorable!!!! and brad…the look of love…he looks genuinely happy and content..

  • Missouri Fan

    bluemoon Says:

    March 1st, 2007 at 11:48 pm – flag comment
    HQ !


    many many thanks bluemoon!!


  • Mary

    Only moly what that H…. Those pictures are a billion dollar pictures…. …..Thank you thank you Jared..

    I can not say with words… He looks so adorable with his little girl with that little dress. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute…..

    I am going to sleep with a big smile on my face…. Those pictures are more than cute….they are great. :D :D :D I love all the family…. He is a proud dady…
    :) :) I remember when he took Zahara to work too. so cute.