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Jude Law's Film Work Honored

Jude Law's Film Work Honored

Jude Law received one of France’s top honors for his contribution to film on Thursday morning at the French Embassy in London, England.

French ambassador Gerard Errera awarded Jude, 34, with the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres medal and described Jude as “simply one of the most talented actors today”.

After receiving the medal, Jude thanked the ambassador for his “wonderful words” but was too stunned to say much: “I am speechless. My mum and dad have lived in France for 15 years so really it is a country I share as my home.”

Said Jude‘s father, Peter Law, after the ceremony: [We are] very, very proud. What is significant is that the French have recognized Jude in so many different facets. They seem to have a whole view of him as a man and that is what is so touching.”

Jude was recently honored with the Cesar film award for his impressive body of film work.

For more pictures of Jude receiving his medal, CLICK HERE!

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  • tanique33

    i was hoping you’d put these pics up. thanks.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    That hairline is receding fast. Boldness is coming soon, very very soon.

  • Joy Kennelly

    Hi Jared, Just found out about your site through someone who found my site and really like what you have. It’s not salicious, but newsy and also provides a different take on celebrities not usually heard or seen in Hollywood.

    Keep up the good work!


  • ????

    Why from the French ? Why a medal ? He won the war ? why not another medal from the Portugeuse ? This is all a mystery…

  • bless you

    Bless you Jared! You have no idea how happy i get when you post new Jude pictures !
    thanks !

  • bless you

    aww that’s so sweet he looks a bit teary eyed. aww thanks jared. Im happy to see Jude honored. He deserves it. i love his work so much.

  • liliana

    he looks giddy happy in that first photo ! this is great

  • Sandy

    thanks again and again – we can always count on you. I am so glad to see Jude
    get recognized for the good work he does and for the professional honor these
    awards denote. so refreshing to see someone lauded for what they do career wise than which bimbo they go out with. Whatever he chooses to do is alright with me as he always delivers an unforgettable performance and that is what the french realize. VIVE LA FRANCE and VIVE LE JUDE! (and vive le Jared for helping us enjoy.

  • miko-san

    thanks for the pics jared.

    He deserves it.
    Love Jude all the way.

  • Anon.

    Stellar, Jared!!! Thank you SO much for these. I think Jude is a genius, a really great actor. I decided that when I saw him in Road To Perdition. Always liked his work and thought he was interesting, but that movie convinced me he was more than just a pretty boy with decent acting chops. He’s really got a gift. I enjoy his work very much.

  • dolorescraeg

    oh jared….look what the french have done for jude. they’ve recognised not only the extraordinary gifts of this adonis but for the sweet, generousand kindly gentleman he is. how refreshing to bring this celebrity up to the niche where he belongs. not in some sleazy tabloid but on a level that speaks volumes for jude law. all who know him laud him for his absolute lack of ego and for his deep interest in other people. that said…he’s a hell of an actor and a beauty that definitely michaelangelo would have sculptured.

  • Kim

    Jude is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Thanks for posting this.

  • Purple Worm

    awwwww, good for him. Glad something productive has happened to him personally and professionally. And, hot damn, that man cleans up real good, huh? Glad he ditched the fake blonde thing he had goin’ on. Wish I could give him a hug & kiss for congratulations. Wonder how he celebrated & with whom? hmmm.

  • erica

    I love this. Jude being recognised for his work this well deserved. He is one of my favorite actor.

    Jude, you got the gift.

  • Guillermo

    In 2 years, he’s bald !

  • Sandy

    Stop with the bald already – if you can find it watch the Charlie rose interview with
    Jude just after he finished making ROAD TO PERDITION when he shaved his whole
    head so that the hair could grow back naturally. He looked absolutely gorgeous.
    His face hasn’t changed and although the hair is receeding it is receeding slowly and he will do what he has to when the time comes, if he wishes tio. You can’t run other peoples lives. He is perfectly capable of figuring out what he should do. On the other hand if you want to discuss whether he looks better as a blond or brun-ette you will find a real divergence of opinions. I like it both ways or any way because what i worry more about are the styles. I like it basically shorter and curlier than he is wearing it now, Even Gigolo Joe had two says of wearing his hair to satisfy his ladies.

  • Purple Worm

    keep coming back for more….. you gotta love that shy smile! so sweet.

  • Luisa

    Beautiful!!!!!! I like very much his hair, but i prefer Jude BLOND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vive la France!!!!!

  • hayley

    i want judey blonde agen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smisfamewhorringagain

    i want him blonde too
    he looked good with blonde hair.

    Sienna is now denying she had any other romantic relationships apart from jude over the last three years
    what a skank! she lies like a rug

  • liliana

    Yeah Sienna is a real liar and im glad judes not with her anymore. I just saw a pic of her topless on a beach kissin some guy.

  • Daphne

    Thanks Jared for the timely photo updates. The Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres is a great honour well deserved. Congrats to my favourite actor ever.

    I am guessing the dark hair is for finishing up My Blueberry Nights. Shooting is supposed to start soon this month.

    He has had the same hairline since Cold Mountain.

  • Daphne

    The blonde hair was for Sleuth. His natural colour is dark.

  • Randi

    Five years ago he was one of the best looking guys ever. Now, his looks are fading fast…

  • Smackadocious

    He’s so chic

  • dulce myrita

    Congrats, JudeĀ” I’m really happy to see that his work is being recognized by such a double-honor: cesar and medal of arts & lettres, I think that he’s really surprised ’cause there is such atonishment expression on his face, like saying: all this is for me? Do I deserve it? YES, YOU DESERVE IT. WHO NEEDS AN OSCAR? YOU’VE ALREADY WON IT, IN ALL OUR HARTSĀ”

  • liliana

    yeah i saw him with the shaved bald head on Charlie Rose too. He was so adorable then and still is now. :-) And he is so talented.
    Yes, he won the oscar already in my heart too!

  • orange

    Congrats Jude!! You are a great actor and a great person..You deserved this medal and recognition that you received from France with your hard work. You deserve the best of everything.
    I am so happy and proud of you. I love you so much.
    Don’t worry about your hair receeding. It can be taken care of easily. This dark hair of yours also looks great.

  • Ria

    Whoever said his looks are fading fast is wrong. I saw him years ago when he was in LA filming AI and he looks good then but was more of a pretty boy. I saw him again years after and he has now matured and even looks better than before. Now he is a man and much better looking.

  • dolorescraeg

    someone above wrote that he is “breathtakingly gorgeous”. words can’t really describe jude law’s physical beauty. his inner beauty shines through and that’s what we see. the smile that can light up the heavens…the sweetness and boyishness. this man is a very unique creature. apparently the french know it and hopefully the rest of the world will catch on. he’s been acting professionally since he’s around 16…..he knew he had it in him. susan sarandon said “considering the way jude looks…. he doesn’t really have to be as talented and as good as he is.” but he is ms. sarandon….he is.

  • dolorescraeg

    one other thing…if i’ve said it a zillion times….i’ll say it again…jated merci beaucoup for always giving us the LAW of the land….jude

  • girl

    Hey Ria. YOu saw Jude in LA ?! Could you tell me about it ? cool
    I totally agree that Jude gets better with age btw. :-)

  • Ria

    I saw Jude with Sadie and his kids(Finlay, Raff and baby Iris)when he was in LA filming AI years ago. They were at the Santa Monica mall and were just walking around. He seemed a very good father, very attentive to the kids and playing with them and they were having such a good time. Sadie was pretty but a little bit standoffish. He was not that known then so nobody was giving them much notice – just a little family on an outing.

    I saw him again in LA a year ago, maybe he was here on business? Near the Sunset area, my friend and I just came from window shopping and he was just standing maybe waiting for a taxi. He is now heavier(he was too skinny before IMO)and his face is fuller but like I said better looking. He seemed to have matured both in looks and demeanor.

  • Daphne

    Ria, Thanks for posting about your Jude encounters (twice wow!!). Your impression of him and family is exactly what I see from the photos. He seems more of a mother and friend to his kids than Sadie is (she may be a perfectly good parent, just not as affectionate I guess).

    I have to ask this: How tall do you think he is? I’ve heard short, tall and everything in between. Nobody seems to know how tall he is. I am guessing 5’10″.

  • Ria

    I am guessing close to 5’10″ although he appears shorter. I would guess because he has a long torso and his legs are not long. If you have long legs you appear much taller.