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Kate Moss @ NME Awards 2007

Kate Moss @ NME Awards 2007

The on-and-off again troublesome couple Kate Moss and Pete Doherty arrive at the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007 at the Hammersmith Palais on Thursday in London, England.

The NME Awards are an annual music awards show run by UK music magazine New Musical Express, highlighting indie music greats.

The Daily News claims Kate Moss‘ boyfriend may have fed a penguin a joint. Pete Doherty flicked a hand-rolled cigarette into a pen during the couple’s recent trip to a zoo in England and one of the penguins ate it as photographers clicked away.

For more pictures of Kate and Pete at the NME Awards, CLICK HERE!

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    2 coked up losers

  • http://deleted why?

    What does she see in him? To go from Depp to this?

  • louveciennes

    A greasy, stringy, coked-out mess as usual, I see.

  • Ex

    WOW,interesting that no one is mentioning how skeleton she looks,now that is skinny.Look at her knees!!!So not cool!

  • Guillermo

    He’s a fuckin crack-head… Badboys always get the chicks… keep smoking crack Pete !

  • UTK

    Just Gross

  • peepers

    Kate Moss was probably molested as a child or something tragic like that. She’s beautiful on the outside, but messed up on the inside. That’s why she’s a druggie who likes to date druggies.

  • In the future

    They’re like a bad car crash that you can’t look away from. I find it interesting that someone would comment about Kate going from Depp to this – well what do you think is going to happen if you have a drug addiction and don’t get your shit together? You’re going to sink lower and lower and your choice in partners will reflect this. I’m sure Depp is quite happy that he cleaned up, moved on, and has now found happiness and a great family life with Vanessa Paradis.

    Kate and Pete will probably never stay clean as long as they are together – they obviously enjoy using drugs together and that is one of their common bonds. I don’t think they know how to be healthy together. What a sad situation.

    I wonder why we never see Kate’s daughter? Is she still being cared for by Kate’s family? Is she a ‘crack baby’? Those are the questions I’d like answered.

  • gia

    #7 – right on. and that’s why she’s so tragically beautiful, untouchable, and sad.
    i love her

  • Fug Face Jolie

    Well at least Pete is creative and not a cookie cutter stud like most of Hollywood.

  • In the future

    I have to comment further (to # 7 and #9) and say that I hope you don’t think that being molested or otherwise having something traumatic happen to you as a child is an excuse for drug use. Plenty of people suffer horrible tragedies and don’t resort to drug use or use it as an excuse for poor behaviour (ie Oprah Winfrey).

    I don’t think that Kate has suffered anything that horrible – I actually think her drug use is tied in to her vanity as a model and her narcissism. The coke keeps her skinny, and thus marketable (does she not realize that she can achieve the same through healthy eating and exercise? But then she’d actually have to quit smoking and exercise of course). And now that Pete has written songs about her (What Katie Did and La Belle et le Bette) her fragile ego is wrapped up in being a rock star’s muse and the lifestyle that goes with it – and she can’t let go of it.

    Don’t fool yourselves that Kate’s drug addiction is the result of some deep tragedy – it’s the result of vanity and narcicissm, plain and simple. The tragedy is that she has a disease called addiction and she can’t seem to beat it.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Kate’s drug addiction is the result of a drug dealer!! any drug dealer!!

  • gia

    11: “Plenty of people suffer horrible tragedies and don’t resort to drug use or use it as an excuse for poor behaviour”

    See, what you’re missing is the beautiful fact that she never makes any excuses for her behavior, and that’s some of what fuels the fascination w/her.
    Got busted doing coke, heck, no hear-say or anything – actual pics, hard physical evidence. Never apologized. Never gave an excuse, or tried to buy people’s sympathy (Trump’s Miss America wailing on TV, anyone?). Incidentally, designers flung themselves at her feet immediately post-debacle, exactly b/c she never looked like she cared whether she’d still be ‘in’ or not, ‘wanted’ or forgotten. She’s just Kate – take it or leave it. Something about her seems to beg for protection, while at the same she remains defiant in the face of the world. She’s very special and – can you tell? – my one girl crush.

  • kae


  • jamilla

    She kind of looks like johnny depp’s partner Vanessa Paradis. Weird.

  • Marta

    toxic couple.I see bad end for both of them.

  • yea

    Almost all of Depp’s women look alike. After his wife, I think he prefers a certain “type.” Compare Paradis, Ryder and Moss.

  • juana

    kate looks gorgeous…and she does resemble vanessa
    pete looks awful as usual.

  • http://deleted Leslie

    Kate Moss is a tragic beauty. Her face has more character now than when she was younger.

  • cigarettes

    What’s wrong with her legs? It seems to me that high-heeled shoes are not too comfortable event for the princess of the fashion.
    And what does mean all that fuss about hand-rolled cigarette? (or joint)