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Anderson Cooper & Jeff Corwin Hold Hands

Anderson Cooper & Jeff Corwin Hold Hands

Yes, they did!

Anderson Cooper made a guest appearance on yesterday’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien and shared about everything from offering Nicole Richie food to constipated sloths.

Anderson said, “I literally could not think of one thing to ask [Nicole Richie]. All I could think of was offering her food.”

For the next couple of months, CNN will have extensive reporting on deforestation, global warming, and population. Anderson, 39, accompanied wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin into the jungle one time to release a “really sweet” sloth back into the wild.

It doesn’t go exactly as planned, as the sloth starts to climb the tree but comes crashing down few seconds later. Anderson gets so startled, he jumps back and holds Jeff‘s hand. It’s the funniest thing ever.

The second funniest moment is when Anderson starts flailing his arms, mimicking the falling sloth. A very close second.

Watch the video below of Anderson Cooper and Jeff Corwin holding hands!

Dirka, dirka, dirka, dirka, dirka!

Anderson Cooper and Jeff Corwin Hold Hands
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anderson cooper jeff corwin hold hands 01
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anderson cooper jeff corwin hold hands 03
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  • anustin

    aniston and cox just out of the closet…..what about u anderson?

  • notanaddict

    ROFL I heart Jeff Corwin shows..can’t believe I’m reading about him on JJ.
    He’s not in the closet though, cos he’s married with a kid/ kids.

  • TiaBia

    I will say as a straight female that Anderson Cooper is quite handsome in person. I saw him at a play in NYC.

  • Just Jared

    TiaBia, which play was that?

  • TiaBia

    The one where the kid from Harry Potter is naked. Anderson was drooling.

  • Alicia

    lol, “dirka, dirka, dirka” :D

  • Just Jared

    Equus isn’t even in NYC!

  • TiaBia

    Umm…TiaBia @ 1:38 isn’t me, LOL. It was The Color Purple, and he was actually with a female…although that doesn’t mean they were couple.

  • Just Jared

    Oooh, nice. I’m going to see that next month with Fantastia. And I think Michelle Williams. And LaToya London.

    Too many ‘famous’ people in one show!

  • KC

    I like Anderson. I have had the worse crush on him ever since The Mole. :)…

  • Just Jared

    THE MOLE! That reminds me, I need to see that.

  • KT 22

    Handsome & debonair, but then he had to laugh. That was just goofy.

  • jeffy

    If anyone wants to quickly get to the Jeff Corwin part fast foward to 7:35.

  • Christianne

    I love Anderson. I can’t believe I missed this. Thanks.

  • jq

    He’ s good looking, smart and rich but so gay, oh, what a waste!

  • Mindy

    I am going to marry Anderson Cooper. I will never believe he’s gay unless I see the pictures or he admits it.

  • Matty

    Anderson has it all, gorgeous, funny and smart.

  • ally

    love conan, didn’t know anderson was this funny. that abt how he wanted to feed Nicole, so funny

  • Shahoney AS

    My two favorite men: Conan O’Brien and Anderson Cooper. They’re the smartest, funniest, and most handsome men in the world… in my eyes. I wish he and Conan would have a talk show together.

  • kikichanelconspiracy

    TiaBia – I second that. I was lucky enough to be at this taping, and he is even better looking in person. Very warm and funny, and kept making eye contact with people in the audience. They don’t show it on camera, but he waved and smiled to us as he walked off.

    For everyone who’s wondering – Conan’s awesome too. He came into the audience before the show, told a gawky teenage girl that she was adorable (aww!) and danced with a guy. He even sang a special song to the audience after the taping. A really fun time.

  • jeffsgurl

    Is Jeff Gay, omgsh, he cant be, jeff is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, how can he be gay,i met him, hes hotter in person. Lol, omgsh i love him so much, hes soo funny, lol, this thing is funny, i havent seen it yet, but hey hey, i will, HEY HEY YOU YOU I DONT LIKE UR GIRLFRIEND. lol kidding, anyway i love you Jeff.

  • Rachael

    I honestly don’t think he gay and if he doesn’t talk about his personal life doesn’t mean he gay unless you show me picture or him amitting it. Anyway he a smart, gorgeous, anyway awesome interview so funny. I laugh through most of it, love his cute little laugh. Anyway him grabbing Jeff hand mean absolutely nothing because he was startled by the Sloth and yet jump back and grab Corwin hand it ain’t like he was walking through the forest holding hand or like flirting he was just startle and grab him.

  • s

    ah hell, i watched the video recently, then tries to show it to a friend, and now its not working for the last couple of days, booooo

  • Anne

    If you look at the photo closing they are not holding hands, as Anderson’s hand is open and not even attached to Jeffs

  • Emily

    The video doesn’t seem to be showing up anymore. :(